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An unsuspected economic engine: Marine Protected Areas

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 20 novembre 2018

Marine protected areas (MPAs) are set to cover more of the maritime space. Both the UN and the EU require that countries set aside sufficient areas of their seas for biodiversity conservation.But is this yet another cost for people making a living from the sea? Quite the contrary. A brand-new Commission study finds that marine protected areas can generate unforeseen, but tangible economic benefits.Even though scientific evidence is scarce, anecdotal evidence is abundant, including statements by blue businesses themselves. It all points to a profusion of new jobs and new business opportunities around MPAs.Fisheries and tourism are indeed rich with such positive examples – and with success stories, in fact, which hinge on the very existence of the local protected area to begin with. But the study also found examples of business benefits for sectors like aquaculture, blue biotechnology and even passenger shipping. Not to mention, of course, the jobs generated by the MPA itself: for its daily management, for scientific monitoring and for consulting with engineering companies to restore coastal and marine habitats.Through ten case studies, the new study reveals a wide spectrum of benefits for the local economic operators and communities, sometimes backed up by precise econometric data. What’s more, it uncovers practical real-life ‘tips and tricks’ on how to enforce, how to fund and how to govern an MPA and really make it work for itself and for the community.Funded by the European Commission, the new study on “Economic Benefits of Marine Protected Areas and Spatial Protection Measures”, provides valuable lessons and ideas for anyone involved in MPAs and will undoubtedly raise awareness and acceptance of marine protected areas.Follow us this week on Twitter @EU_MARE and Facebook @EUMaritimeFish for daily success stories!

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Cifor questions protected area effectiveness

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 1 ottobre 2011

Will forests, like this one on San Juan Island...

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CIFOR, one of the world’s leading forestry institutions, has questioned the effectiveness of strictly protected areas in preserving forest cover. In so doing, it has returned to a common-sense approach to forest use at odds with the world’s environmental campaign groups. The journal piece, authored by long-serving CIFOR researcher Terry Sunderland, questions the ‘fortress conservation’ approach to forest cover. He draws on evidence recently published by Mexico-based forest scientists that compares strict conservation areas with ‘multiple use’ forest areas, where local communities manage a variety of interests, including commercial exploitation, agriculture and watershed management. The effectiveness measure was simple: forest cover change. The study found that strict protected areas were less effective at maintaining forest cover than areas where locals were able to make their own economic decisions on land use. Key to this was the national government management of protected forest areas. In tropical countries this is often marked by a lack of funding for adequate forest protection. The paper therefore questions the argument of many campaign organisations that argue conservation areas somehow improve livelihoods. The findings follow those argued by World Growth in a paper that was released in Jakarta at the beginning of 2011. The World Growth paper drew on research from a range of studies that found that strict protected areas were often ineffective, particularly in countries with high population growth and ineffective tenure arrangements. The introduction of REDD into developing countries, and pressure to introduce or extend moratoria on forest developments needs to be examined in a similar light. What the new research presents – and which has also been argued by World Growth – is that a blanket ‘no deforestation’ approach as advocated by groups such as Greenpeace will simply not work. Unless economic development is taken care of, deforestation will continue unchecked.

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