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Datto Hosts Its Largest European Conference to Date for Managed Service Providers

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 25 ottobre 2019

(DattoCon) Datto, Inc., the leading global provider of IT solutions delivered through managed service providers (MSPs) kicked off DattoCon19 in Paris with a message of support and investment for the developing European MSP community. The company’s fifth annual European partner conference attracted more than 850 MSPs from 26 countries ranging from France to the Faroe Islands to Finland–making it the largest DattoCon ever held in Europe. According to Canalys, there has been a 25 percent increase each year in SMB spend on managed services from IT providers between 2016 to 2018. The 70 percent increase in attendance from last year’s conference reflects this growth and underscores the desire for more MSP education, networking, best practices, and solutions within the European channel.
To meet the demands of the European SMB market, the company continues to hire senior leaders and team members in Europe with a special focus on success teams that enable new MSP partners to realize the potential reach and revenue of the technologies, while staying efficient as they grow. Datto now has nearly 300 employees in eight offices across UK/Ireland, DACH, Nordic, and Benelux regions, and continues to hire aggressively. Datto recently added a new data center in Munich, Germany and is expanding its offices in Copenhagen for a larger presence in the Nordic region.

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Four Providers of Expense Management Software Named IDC Innovators

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 1 ottobre 2019

International Data Corporation (IDC) today published a new IDC Innovators report profiling four companies competing in the developing market segments of expense management technology. The four companies are Divvy, Fyle, Pleo, and XpenseOne. Travel and expense (T&E) management applications provide travel, expense, and invoice management services that work alongside enterprise resource planning (ERP), human resources, and accounting systems to create a single, connected process for managing an organization’s spend. While the software enables employees to input expenses for approval through a desktop, browser, or mobile application, employees have come to expect consumer-grade interfaces for their enterprise tools and often experience difficulties interacting with expense systems, navigating the internal travel booking and reporting processes, and tracking expenses in real time. Meanwhile, expense managers have an equally difficult job managing, validating, and analyzing corporate spend. The best practices within the expense management process must improve the experience for both the employee and expense managers. “The user experience will be a key differentiator for expense management software providers. There must be exploration of and investment in technologies like chatbots, optical character recognition, and machine learning that help streamline and simplify the expense management process. Doing so will free up time so employees can focus on work that brings more value to their organization,” said Kevin M. Permenter, research manager, Enterprise Applications at IDC.

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Unisyn Provides First Cybersecurity Training Session

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 14 luglio 2019

Unisyn Voting Solutions, Inc. (Unisyn) is proud to announce that on June 19, 2019, Unisyn provided the initial rollout of its Cybersecurity Training Program for the Jackson County Board of Election Commissioners (JCBE). This full day event was attended by the entire staff of the JCBE, and was hosted at their office in Independence, Missouri.
“Unisyn Voting Solutions provided the staff of the Jackson County Election Board with invaluable, in-depth cybersecurity training. This first of its kind approach is indicative of the dedication Unisyn Voting Solutions makes to ensure their customers are prepared for any cybersecurity threat,” said Tammy Brown, Director of the Jackson County Board of Election Commissioners.This Cybersecurity Training Program offered by Unisyn is a one-day course designed to provide a high-level overview of the current state of cybersecurity threats to State and local election infrastructures, as well as presenting best practices to mitigate those threats. In addition, the course educates the training audience on how the Unisyn OpenElect® system is designed to meet these threats and to maximize security.The JCBE was the first jurisdiction to take advantage of this new training service from Unisyn. The ultimate goal is to provide training for all authorized Unisyn Sales Representative organizations and all of Unisyn’s OpenElect users. This proactive stance to ensure that all of Unisyn’s Sales Representative organizations and its OpenElect users are knowledgeable of cybersecurity related issues is yet another reason why Unisyn has become an industry leader in cybersecurity.

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ControlExpert came out on top when competing with 7 providers on automatic image recognition

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 9 marzo 2019

Germany Langenfeld. Together with HDI companies from Germany, Italy and Turkey, Warta has been working in Warsaw since mid-2018 on the explicit goal to use artificial intelligence in 60% of all motor claims. To achieve this and to speed up the claim settlement process significantly, the above mentioned companies rely on ControlExpert, the digitalization expert from Langenfeld. During the first project phase, they trained an AI-model to recognize car parts in photos of the damage. ControlExpert’s algorithms enable damaged parts and the extent of damage to be recognized, making it possible to assess whether a part should be repaired or replaced. The amount of repair costs are determined after this information is entered into a calculation system. Insurers, as well as drivers, profit from the use of image recognition technology in the calculation process, since automatic image recognition saves time – increasing the productivity of car appraisers. Dispensing with creating cost estimates enables approvals for repair shops to be issued faster. The quality level is increased because the vehicle identification number or registration number is recognized automatically in the claims file and does not have to be entered manually. Automated image recognition takes the load off the insurance teams so that they have more time for drivers or to handle more complex claims. Warta intends to realize the project this year already. Results from artificial intelligence during the first test phase will still be checked manually, then the insurer’s claim settlement process will be switched over to the new process. Thanks to ControlExpert’s technology-competence in the field of artificial intelligence and their sound process and industry experience, they were easily able to come out top against 7 providers of image recognition technologies. Dr. Andreas Witte, Head of Research and Development at the company from Langenfeld, says: “We have already been working on automatic image recognition for more than 10 years and are pleased when the results of our research can be put into practice, which means that we contribute to the satisfaction of all parties involved in the claims process.“ ControlExpert is recreating old processes and is always looking for ways to usefully integrate the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence for example, into existing processes. The ControlExpert team has been working on the digitalization of the claims process for more than 17 years now. Furthermore: digitalization makes up part of the company’s DNA. ControlExpert is pursuing a vision: car drivers worldwide should have their claims settled fairly the same day. Every year ControlExpert handles more than 9 million appraisals, cost estimates, invoices and maintenance documents – and that partly fully automated. At 16 locations, on 4 continents, the service provider has a range of products which have been individually adapted to suit local requirements of the countries.ControlExpert standardizes the findings from a total of more than 50 million processed operations in data bases. This knowledge is supplemented by manufacturer data as well as the know-how of more than 350 car experts. In addition, with an in-house research and development department, ControlExpert is pushing approaches which will revolutionize the current claims process. Research focuses on artificial intelligence, deep learning, automatic image recognition and telematics.

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Mall of America Selects Jibestream as New Indoor Mapping Provider

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 7 marzo 2019

Jibestream, the premier indoor mapping platform provider, announced today that Mall of America (MOA), the largest shopping and entertainment destination in North America, is leveraging the Jibestream platform to power and manage their indoor maps.
Jibestream was selected to remap the 5.6 million square foot facility for use in the mall’s mobile app, web directory, and onsite directory kiosks. With Jibestream’s digital maps, MOA offers visitors exceptional experiences including the ability to quickly locate and navigate to their destination with landmark based directions. The Jibestream platform also empowers administrators to independently implement map adjustments in real-time, saving them valuable time while ensuring visitors are getting the most accurate and relevant information across all platforms.“Jibestream is a robust platform that gives developers the flexibility to create and maintain tailored map-enabled solutions using our web-based CMS, APIs and SDKs. Our technology agnostic architecture provides interoperability with third-party systems and data, making it possible for clients like MOA to leverage their existing infrastructure,” said Dave Johnson, Vice President of Sales at Jibestream. “Not only does this create a truly connected environment, it ensures that our clients are able to maximize their existing investment.” “It quickly became apparent that the Jibestream platform offered amazing flexibility and ability to integrate with our own systems to save us time and effort in updating our multiple layers of maps,” said Patrick Wand, Senior IT Project Manager at Mall of America. “Our maps are constantly changing, therefore having a platform that allows us to link directly with our tenant API will be a game changer. Having Jibestream as a partner will allow us to think more outside the box of traditional guest-facing applications and bring dynamic mapping to some of our internal facing applications.”
MOA has transformed the shopping experience into an experiential destination for its 40 million annual visitors. Their continuing commitment to innovation has put them at the forefront of digital technology.

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PartnerSolutions Goes Live With SmartCare Managed Care Providing Administrative Services For Ohio Providers

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 30 giugno 2018

Streamline Healthcare Solutions and PartnerSolutions reached an exciting milestone by going live with Streamline’s SmartCare™ Managed Care Organization (MCO) application. By implementing SmartCare, PartnerSolutions now has a system that consolidates and manages services for 67 agencies across 15 counties, processing over 500,000 claims a year.
“SmartCare MCO offers us the opportunity to replace our legacy system with a secure, web-based solution that will expand and grow with our business needs as physical and behavioral health continue to be integrated in Ohio and nationwide. More than just enrolling members and paying claims, SmartCareMCO allows us to be the cornerstone of a flexible, comprehensive system to manage and report on the care for the 120,000 Ohioans served,” said Jennifer McIntosh, Director of PartnerSolutions.”The PartnerSolutions team has been great to work with and has represented a true partnership during the implementation process. We are honored to have them as one of our Ohio partners,” said Javed Husain, Co-CEO Streamline Healthcare Solutions. “Our goal is to provide organizations like PartnerSolutions a comprehensive application that continues to meet their needs of complying with regulatory changes in Ohio and also providing a technology platform for their future growth.”

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Oscuramento per i blog antigovernativi

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 19 maggio 2010

Di Rosario  Amico Roxas. Il Senato ha approvato il cosiddetto pacchetto sicurezza (D.d..L. 733) tra gli altri con un emendamento del senatore Gianpiero D’Alia (UDC) identificato dall’articolo 50-bis: /Repressione di attività di apologia o istigazione a delinquere compiuta a mezzo internet; la prossima settimana Il testo approderà alla Camera diventando l’articolo nr. 60. Il senatore Gianpiero D’Alia (UDC) non fa parte della maggioranza al Governo ma la maggioranza parlamentare che ci governa lo approva senza riserve. In pratica, in base a questo emendamento, se un qualunque cittadino dovesse invitare attraverso un blog a disobbedire (o a criticare?) ad una legge che ritiene ingiusta, i /providers/ dovranno bloccare il blog. Questo provvedimento può far oscurare un sito ovunque si trovi, anche se all’estero; il Ministro dell’Interno, in seguito a comunicazione dell’autorità giudiziaria, può infatti disporre con proprio decreto l’interruzione della attività del blogger, ordinando ai fornitori di connettività alla rete internet di utilizzare gli appositi strumenti di filtraggio necessari a tal fine. L’attività di filtraggio imposta dovrebbe avvenire entro il termine di 24 ore; la violazione di tale obbligo comporta per i provider una sanzione amministrativa pecuniaria da euro 50.000 a euro 250.000. Per i blogger è invece previsto il carcere da 1 a 5 anni per l’istigazione a delinquere e per l’apologia di reato oltre ad una pena ulteriore da 6 mesi a 5 anni per l’istigazione alla disobbedienza delle leggi di ordine pubblico o all’odio fra le classi sociali. Con questa legge verrebbero immediatamente ripuliti i motori di ricerca da tutti i link scomodi per la Casta! In pratica il potere si sta dotando delle armi necessarie per bloccare in Italia Facebook, Youtube e *tutti i blog* che al momento rappresentano in Italia l’unica informazione non condizionata e/o censurata. Da notare, in proposito, che l’Italia è l’unico Paese al mondo dove Mediaset ha citato YouTube per danni chiedendo 500 milioni euro di risarcimento. Quindi il Governo interviene per l’ennesima volta, in una materia che, del tutto incidentalmente, vede coinvolta un’impresa del Presidente del Consiglio, in un conflitto giudiziario e d’interessi. Dopo la proposta di legge Cassinelli e l’istituzione di una commissione contro la pirateria digitale e multimediale che tra poco meno di 60 giorni dovrà presentare al Parlamento un testo di legge su questa materia, questo emendamento al “pacchetto sicurezza” di fatto rende esplicito il progetto del Governo di /normalizzare/ con leggi di repressione internet e tutto il sistema di relazioni e informazioni sempre più capillari che non si riesce a dominare. Arriviamo così che, mentre negli USA Obama ha vinto le elezioni grazie ad internet, in Italia il governo si ispira, per quanto riguarda la libertà di stampa, alla Cina e alla Birmania. E la censura, di fatto, sembra già in atto considerato che gli unici media che hanno fatto rimbalzare questa notizia sono stati il blog Beppe Grillo e la rivista specializzata Punto Informatico. (Rosario Amico Roxas)

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