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Parliament condemns all forms of racism, hate and violence and calls for action

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 24 giugno 2020

There is no place for racism and discrimination in our societies, say MEPs, asking the EU to take a strong and decisive stand against racism, violence and injustice.In a resolution adopted on Friday with 493 votes to 104 and 67 abstentions, the Parliament “strongly condemns the appalling death of George Floyd” in the US, as well as similar killings elsewhere in the world. MEPs call on the US authorities to address structural racism and inequalities, criticise the police crackdowns on peaceful protesters and journalists and President Trump’s threat to deploy the army as well as his “inflammatory rhetoric”.
The Chamber supports the recent massive protests around the world against racism and discrimination and condemns “white supremacism in all its forms”. MEPs denounce the “episodes of looting, arson, vandalism and destruction of public and private property caused by some violent demonstrators” demanding at the same time that “the disproportionate use of force and racist tendencies in law enforcement” be publicly denounced whenever and wherever they occur.Use of force by law enforcement authorities should always be “lawful, proportionate, necessary and the last resort”, MEPs stress, insisting that “excessive use of force against crowds contravenes the principle of proportionality”. The EP underlines that cases of police brutality and abuse should not go unpunished and that citizens have the right to record scenes of police violence to use as evidence.
The text calls for the EU and its member states to end racial and ethnic profiling in criminal law enforcement, counter-terrorism measures and immigration controls. New technologies in this field must not discriminate against racial and ethnic minorities, it adds.Police and law enforcement authorities must have “an exemplary record on anti-racism and anti-discrimination” and should strengthen training in this regard, MEPs say, calling also for more diversity within police forces.The EU institutions and the member states should officially acknowledge past injustices and crimes against humanity committed against black people, people of colour and Roma, according to Parliament, which declares slavery a crime against humanity.Combating discrimination in all areas must be an EU priority, say MEPs, who urge the Council to “immediately conclude the negotiations on the Horizontal Directive on non-discrimination”, blocked by EU countries since the Commission proposed it in 2008.Freedom of speech does not protect racism and xenophobia. The resolution underlines that racist and xenophobic speech is not covered by freedom of expression. MEPs regret that extremist and xenophobic political forces worldwide increasingly resort to the “distortion of historical, statistical and scientific facts and employ symbolism and rhetoric that echo aspects of totalitarian propaganda, including racism, anti-Semitism and hatred towards minorities”.

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Stop racism and discrimination against Afro-European people in the EU, urge MEPs

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 13 dicembre 2018

The EU and the national authorities should develop anti-racism policies, covering the fields of education, housing, health, criminal justice, political participation and migration, Civil Liberties MEPs say in a resolution adopted on Monday with 29 votes to 1 and 1 abstention.They urge the European Commission and EU countries to acknowledge the racism, discrimination and xenophobia suffered by Afro-Europeans, and to offer them adequate protection against these inequalities.The text voices concern over the rise in Afrophobic attacks registered in the EU in recent years. It calls on the Commission to include a focus on people of African descent in current funding programmes and in the next multiannual financial framework (2021-2027).The Committee underlines the importance of EU countries effectively responding to hate crime, and ensuring that hate crimes against Afro-European people are adequately investigated, prosecuted and sanctioned.MEPs denounce the increasing vulnerability of people of African descent in police custody, pointing to numerous violent incidents and deaths while in custody. They also note the frequent use of racial and ethnic profiling in criminal law enforcement, counter-terrorism measures and immigration control, and urge member states to end this practice.
The resolution encourages EU institutions and countries to follow the example of the member states that have taken steps forward redress for past injustices and crimes against humanity. These historic crimes, perpetrated in the context of European colonialism, still have negative consequences for African descent people in the present, MEPs claim.They suggest the EU and member states to carry out reparations such as offering public apologies and the restitution of stolen artefacts to their countries of origin. The Committee also calls on EU countries to declassify their colonial archives, as well as to present a comprehensive perspective on colonialism and slavery in the educational curricula.

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How Would The World’s Millennials Combat Racism?

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 22 ottobre 2017

racismNew York, NY United States. A recent study by Pew concludes that over 58% of Americans believe racism is a “big problem” in society. H. Richard Milner, a noted researcher and expert on race and education at the University of Pittsburgh says that, “education is the key to addressing inequity and racism in society,” and if we are not, “working in education to combat racism, we are complicit in maintaining inequity and the status quo.” Are educators prepared and willing to take this on? C.M. Rubin (Founder of CMRubinWorld) opened up the conversation on racism and the role of education with Millennials around the globe. Harmony Siganporia notes, “Any nation that can stomach the principle of caste, which is the most brutal ‘classification’ of human beings based on birth anywhere in the world, cannot help but differentiate, and differentiate repeatedly, on the basis of every parameter society can construct in a desperate and insular bid to separate ‘us’ from ‘them.’” Dominique Dryding believes that until educational institutions, “take the lived experiences of their student bodies seriously and recognize that racism does not only include name calling and physical exclusion, racism in schools and universities will not end.” Guest blogger Salathia Carr writes, “Judgment is very easy to make when you’re not living that way. But, if we force discussions about inequality from the very first history class we take, you cannot avoid it.”
The Millennial Bloggers are based all over the world. They are innovators in entrepreneurship, journalism, education, entertainment, health and wellbeing and academic scholarship. They are Alusine Barrie, Sajia Darwish, James Kernochan, Kamna Kathuria, Jacob Deleon Navarrete, Reetta Heiskanen, Shay Wright, Isadora Baum, Wilson Carter III, Francisco Hernandez, Erin Farley, Dominique Alyssa Dryding, Harry Glass, Harmony Siganporia and Bonnie Chiu. The mission of CMRubinWorld is to ask the important questions, share the most innovative ideas and ultimately be a bridge builder between the past and the future of learning.

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Statement from SEIU’s Henry on police shootings

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 8 luglio 2016

washingtonWASHINGTON In response to police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota, SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry issued the following statement:“I am shocked and dismayed by the police shootings that have taken the lives of Black men in Louisiana and Minnesota over the past two days.“SEIU members’ thoughts and prayers are with the families of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, and our members in Louisiana and Minnesota are joining in the local responses in Baton Rouge and the Twin Cities.“But we know thoughts, prayers and protests are no longer enough. We need to hear that Black Lives Matter, not just from protesters but from our elected officials, and together we must take action to end structural racism in America.“The use of excessive force by police officers against Black people is a national problem that must be addressed by our nation’s leaders. America won’t succeed if we don’t prioritize dismantling structural racism and ending anti-Black racism.“It is important that we take care of one another during this difficult time. The psychological trauma of the continuous attacks on Black people affects our emotional and physical well-being, individually and collectively. When we see our brothers and sisters attacked, our own sense of safety and security is also attacked. “May everyone involved in these tragedies find justice and peace.”

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Racism, discrimination, intolerance and extremism: Learning from experiences in Greece and Hungary

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 20 dicembre 2013

Anti-Racist Action banner from Art Against Racism

Anti-Racist Action banner from Art Against Racism (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Racism, discrimination, extremism and intolerance currently pose a great challenge for the European Union. In a new report, the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights examines the responses of two Member States, taking these countries as case studies to demonstrate the need for more targeted and effective measures to combat these phenomena throughout the EU. The report ends by proposing a number of steps to improve the situation.Today’s publication, a thematic situation report, also addresses a phenomenon currently unique to Greece and Hungary. This is the significant parliamentary presence of political parties standing for and promoting an extremist ideology that particularly targets irregular migrants (in Greece) and the Roma and Jews (in Hungary), and which are either themselves or have links to paramilitary organisations committing racially motivated acts of violence. The EU and its Member States already have strong legislation in place to fight racism, intolerance and extremism. However, greater efforts are needed to ensure effective implementation. In addition, more needs to be done, particularly at local level, to foster social cohesion and increase trust in the police and other law enforcement authorities.The overall aim of this report is to provide a better understanding of the barriers to combating racism and intolerance, and fulfilling fundamental rights throughout the EU. The proposals contained in the final section of the report are therefore relevant for all Member States when developing their own strategies for combating racist discrimination and violence, as well as the emergence of extremist ideologies on the political scene.

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