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Recent News from the Green Movement

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 19 maggio 2012

Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior arrives in Bali f...

Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior arrives in Bali for the UN climate conference (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few months ago we covered the Rainbow Warrior III’s east coast voyage against America’s poor. Greenpeace’s James Turner has a short blog about that Rainbow Warrior III trip, highlighting the organization’s history of using its destroyers to wreak havoc on the developing world, before questioning whether “Greenpeace still needs its ships?” From a trade perspective, it goes without saying that the developing world would welcome such a move, especially when you consider that Gr eenpeace has used its ships in Papua New Guinea to prevent them from trading. But because the Rainbow Warrior III is fueled by “bunker” oil, one of the “dirtiest fuels in the world,” even the greens should be pressuring Greenpeace to stop using its ships. Alas, this has never been about the environment…We all know that the last thing groups like Greenpeace wants for the developing world are cheap sources of energy to help reduce poverty and create jobs. They made this all too clear in the Philippines recently. But now greens in Portland, Oregon, spearheaded by Robert Kennedy Jr. are protesting against measures to create domestic jobs by shipping “coal from Montana and Wyoming to Asia through Northwest ports.” We all know that when Kennedy isn’t campaigning against the deve loping world or energy for poor Americans, he’s lobbying on behalf of his friends for billions of dollars in “green energy” loans from the Obama administration. Shows where the greens’ priorities lie, right? The developing world? American jobs? Or securing taxpayer dollars for friends in high places? We’ll let you answer that one.
Having pulled out of the moribund Kyoto Treaty late last year, the greens have certainly placed a price on the Canadian government’s head. Groups like WWF, Greenpeace and the Sierra Club have criticized the government’s omnibus budget bill which includes provisions to “speed up the environmental review process for major projects” and rewrite the country’s Environmental Assessment Act. But as the governing Conservatives have pointed out, the main priority for the electorate is to ensure that Canada has a regulatory regime conducive to job creation, not one that allows politicized ideologues to stymie investment through arbitrary green regulations. Throug h dismissing the threats of the greens, the Canadian government will continue to create more jobs, something we could only hope for down here. By its geographic location, the fisheries sector is crucial for the well-being of people in Gambia. Figures indicate that as much as 12 percent of Gambia’s gross domestic product is derived from the country’s crucial fisheries sector. However, it looks like this beacon of economic success has attracted the preying eyes of WWF and USAID. Both organizations have announced one of their infamous partnerships to teach people in Gambia about “sustainably manage and develop the fisheries sector.” Without going into WWF’s scandalous recent record in Africa, this partnership is nothing about sustainability, but all about telling Gambians who have fished for decades that, according to an NGO, they don’t know what they’re doing. It’s NGO backed poverty at its worst, funded by you the taxpayer.

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Greenpeace’s Battleship Bombards Brazil

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 10 aprile 2012

Wonder where Greenpeace’s battleship ‘The Rainbow Warrior III’ is right now? Brazil apparently. Like a lost Battlestar Galactica, the Rainbow Warrior III is coasting without a cause up the Amazon in order to highlight various threats facing the rainforest, including “logging, cattle ranching, soya plantations and of co urse climate change.” The Greens are seeking to collect some “1.4 million signatures from Brazilians at home and abroad for a law to end Amazon destruction.” Unfortunately, as ever, facts are proving to be stubborn things for Greenpeace. According to figures published by the George Soros-backed Climate Policy Initiative (CPI), deforestation in Brazil has actually plummeted by some 70 percent. Rather than protesting against deforestation in Brazil, Greenpeace should be praising successive governments for implementing policy measures that both encourage economic growth and respect conservation projects. But this is all too familiar. Even when far-left groups are acknowledging the Brazilian government’s success in mitigating deforestation, Greenpeace still has to raise the alarm and warn of an impending crisis. This is because Greenpeace lives – and fundraises – off crises. If anything this proves that these kinds of fundamental decisions are best made by sovereign governments, not unaccountable – and fundamentalist – non-government organizations. Brazilians must finally take a stand against Greenpeace and warn them that their economic well-being will not be sacrificed so that radical environmentalists can raise money and subject more people in the developing world to abject economic misery. We clearly have two competing visions in Brazil. Only one guarantees the sustainability and economic prosperity that Brazilians have become used to.(by Consumers Alliance for Global Prosperity)
The Consumers Alliance for Global Prosperity educates, empowers and mobilizes people to stand up against Green injustice. As an action-oriented alliance of advocacy groups that promotes economic growth and pro-consumer policies around the world, the Consumers Alliance works to counter the costly collaboration between environmentalists, the corporate sector, trade unions and others.

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