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Boom di investimenti nel I semestre 2019 nel real estate alberghiero

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 12 settembre 2019

Crif con 2 miliardi di euro, rappresenta il 42% degli investimenti immobiliari in Italia. Oltre la metà degli investimenti alberghieri in Italia proviene dall’estero e, di questa, un quarto è di origine extraeuropea. Per quanto riguarda la loro destinazione, circa la metà è concentrata su Roma, seguita a distanza da Milano, Venezia e Firenze. Inoltre, l’Italia, con i suoi 33 mila alberghi (malgrado una flessione del -2,4% fra il 2009 ed il 2018) e 1,1 milioni di camere (+1,4% nei 10 anni considerati), possiede il più grande portafoglio ricettivo in sede europea, seguita da Germania e Spagna, collocandosi in terza posizione assoluta a livello mondiale. Di questi, circa la metà è costituita da hotel a 3 tre stelle, che sono rimasti sostanzialmente invariati negli ultimi 10 anni, mentre, ancorché si tratti di una quota minoritaria, si registra un incremento superiore al 20% per gli hotel a 4 stelle e al 50% per quelli a 5 stelle. Infine, l’indagine ha analizzato il valore medio degli alberghi, evidenziando che il dato medio più elevato si registra a Milano, con quasi 20 milioni di €, seguita da Firenze, con 17 milioni, e da Roma, con 11 milioni. Il valore medio per camera nelle grandi città d’arte (calcolato come rapporto fra il valore medio complessivo delle strutture alberghiere e il numero delle camere presenti) a Venezia e a Firenze risulta pressoché di pari entità (rispettivamente con 227.000 e 224.000 €). Seguono Roma, con 180.000 €, e Milano, con 163.000 €.

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Principal Real Estate Income Fund

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 2 giugno 2019

The Principal Real Estate Income Fund (NYSE:PGZ) announces the sources of a distribution paid on May 31, 2019 of $0.11 per share to shareholders of record at the close of business on May 17, 2019, pursuant to the Fund’s managed distribution plan. This press release is issued as required by an exemptive order granted to the Fund by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and includes the notice below sent to shareholders regarding the source of the distribution.
The following table sets forth the estimated amount of the sources of distribution for purposes of Section 19 of the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended, and the related rules adopted thereunder. In accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (“GAAP”), the Fund estimates the following percentages, of the total distribution amount per share, attributable to (i) current and prior fiscal year net investment income, (ii) net realized short-term capital gain, (iii) net realized long-term capital gain and (iv) return of capital or other capital source as a percentage of the total distribution amount. These percentages are disclosed for the current distribution as well as the fiscal year-to-date cumulative distribution amount per share for the Fund.

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Catylist Unveils Commercial Exchange, National Real Estate Marketplace

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 16 Mag 2019

Catylist, the leading commercial real estate (CRE) technology provider, announces the launch of Commercial Exchange – a national commercial real estate marketplace where users can search sale and lease availabilities sourced directly from brokers in Catylist’s network of 50+ local commercial real estate platforms in markets across the country. Unlike national listing aggregators, Commercial Exchange focuses on the quality and timeliness of the information and includes only listings that have been recently verified.
Through a strategic partnership with Moody’s Analytics, each property listed on Commercial Exchange includes a Commercial Location Score, which allows CRE investors, lenders and developers to evaluate each parcel’s suitability and potential across the five major commercial property asset classes (office, retail, multi-family housing, industrial and hotel). Each numeric score takes into account component factors for the location including business vitality, economic prosperity, amenity, spatial demand, transportation and safety.
Commercial Exchange is free for the public to search and is optimized to connect searchers directly with listing agents. With a $99 a month subscription, CRE professionals can post an unlimited number of listings and get access to additional data, such as sales comparables with no contracts or minimum user requirements.“Our goal with Commercial Exchange was to create a marketplace with reliable data and easy-to-use features that’s truly accessible to all, whether you’re a commercial real estate broker, an investor, or a tenant searching for available space,” said Catylist CIO Allen Benson. “There are a number of national CRE search engines out there, but none that provide accurate and timely information without a costly subscription. We created Commercial Exchange to fill that gap.”

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Real Estate Express Released its Inaugural Real Estate Income Guide

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 26 agosto 2018

Real Estate Express, the national leader in online pre-licensing real estate education, today announced the immediate availability of the results from a comprehensive national survey of more than 1,000 active real estate agents. The report reveals that real estate professionals are highly satisfied with their career and market outlook. Specific details of income potential by various categories including age, years of experience and brokerage type are provided in the report.The survey found that agents who invest in their education and stay up-to-date on industry trends and best practices earn approximately 2.5 times the income of agents who are complacent. The survey also unveiled that when it comes to career satisfaction agents are 28 percent more satisfied than American workers in non-real estate professions. Additionally, agents are optimistic about their career, with 80 percent of agents and 85 percent of brokers indicating that the future looks bright. The real estate survey also discovered that, while a wage gap between male and female agents exists, it is six percent less than non-real estate professions.
“The highest earners in this field share many commonalities,” said Tom Davidson, General Manager of Real Estate Express. “Networking, marketing, an in-depth understanding of client needs, the ability to customize listings, participate in ongoing education, and have a specific area of expertise are attributes the top earners share. This report is great reading for anyone in the field of real estate or who may be thinking about starting a career in this fast-growing market.”“This is a great career with virtually unlimited income potential,” said Elaine Price at Price Realty Group. “The combination of flexible hours, a strong economy, access to online continuing education courses and the ability to help people find their dream homes make real estate an ideal profession. Real Estate Express courses have been extremely beneficial to my career, which includes buying and selling residential properties in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.”
The report also unveiled that more than 50 percent of agents changed brokerage firms in their career and more than 80 percent of brokerage firms are hiring in 2018. However, less than 18 percent of brokerage firms offer benefits. This is further complicated by the fact that great agents are in high demand, especially those who exhibit superior client experience, possess a deep understanding of their local market, can embrace new technologies and stay current on best practices.

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Real Estate Express Announces Strategic Acquisition of Allied Real Estate Schools

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 30 giugno 2018

Real Estate Express, the national leader in online pre-licensing real estate education, today announced that the company has acquired Allied Schools, the market leader of online real estate education in California.“The acquisition of Allied Schools allows us to combine our interactive online learning experience with Allied’s market expertise to offer aspiring agents quality education backed by industry-leading pass rates,” said Tom Davidson, General Manager, Real Estate Education, Colibri Group. “With Allied’s strong presence in California and focus on real estate licensing, it is a perfect fit for Real Estate Express.”Real Estate Express, along with McKissock and The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, is part of the family of brands under Colibri Group, an online education company that provides learning solutions to licensed professionals.Headquartered in Laguna Beach, California, Allied Schools has been changing lives and fueling dreams for 26 years. The company serves the pre-licensing and continuing education (CE) markets across real estate, appraisal and mortgage lending professions with online-based education. “We look forward to providing Allied customers the same great service they’ve grown to expect,” continued Davidson, “as well as our enhanced service offerings, including Live Q&A, Smart Bites learning methodology, and a Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee.”

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CREDI indicates an improving credit market

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 11 aprile 2018

In the April issue of the Catella Real Estate Debt Indicator (CREDI), the Main index increases from 50.3 to 50.5, which is the second consecutive quarter where the Main index is above 50.0.
“In this year’s first CREDI survey, the credit market continues to improve as the Main index increases from 50.3 to 50.5. This is the second consecutive quarter where the CREDI survey indicates an improving credit market, which has not happened since the autumn of 2015. Reduced credit margins and increased access to credit are important reasons for the improved credit climate,” says Martin Malhotra, Project Manager at Catella.“We are seeing a strong interest in centrally located office properties in large cities, especially in Stockholm, while it is becoming increasingly difficult to sell properties in secondary locations. We are expecting to see an increased yield gap between properties in A, B and C locations,” says Arvid Lindqvist, Head of Research at Catella.“Furthermore, we are seeing a continued interest in bonds among property companies. In 2017, property companies listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Main Market increased their volume of bonds by 80 per cent, from SEK 51 billion to SEK 91 billion. In the spring of 2018, we also had the first new issue of property-related preference shares on Nasdaq Stockholm Main Market since May 2016, as NP3 issued preference shares of approximately SEK 288 million,” Martin Malhotra concludes.The twenty-second edition of the Catella Real Estate Debt Indicator (CREDI) is attached and can also be downloaded from CREDI consists of two parts: one is an index based on a survey of listed property companies and active banks, and the other a set of indices based on publicly available data. CREDI also includes an analysis of preference shares and an overview of the property market.

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Catella: Positive outlook for German real estate markets in 2018

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 23 gennaio 2018

catella10Rising rents, falling vacancy rates, residential climbing to third-strongest asset class, retail under pressure.The latest overview of the 2018 German rental and investment markets from Catella Research shows that the economic situation is supporting the positive trend.The nation is in a very good position economically, with a recent correction of the GDP growth forecast to 2.2% by 2019. The boom is becoming more dynamic due to very good consumer conditions and higher exports rates. Expected wage agreements in the coming quarters lead us to believe that the consumption rate in Germany will be at a very high level for the seventh year in a row.For the next four quarters, Catella Research expects a similarly high uptake of office space, even though the strong focus on CBDs until now is shifting towards outskirts/arterial roads/development areas.We expect:
– A significant decline in vacancies due to strong take-up and refurbishment (including repurposing for residential use).
– A slight increase of prime rents in the new-build/first-time occupancy segment (+1.5%) for 2018.
– Excellent economic growth will be apparent in existing properties, where average rents will increase by approximately 2.5% for new contracts or extensions (after refurbishment).
– A slight decrease in transaction volume due to extended due diligence, a shift towards portfolios, and foreign investors causing significant internationalisation of the market.
– By mid-2018 yields will sink to approximately 3.25% in the top 7 markets because of the increasingly competitive position, premium mark-ups for trophy buildings and portfolios becoming the norm.“No question. The socio-economic signs for 2018 could not be better; the quantifiable risks are included in this,” says Dr. Thomas Beyerle, Head of Group Research at Catella. He continues, “No significant interest rate increase is currently expected, but instead an increasingly competitive market in which the quality of the properties is slightly declining. The boom in residential investments will sustain throughout 2018. By the end of the year, retail could lose its traditional second spot in turnover rankings to the residential segment,” Beyerle predicts.Investments in retail properties will come under strong pressure, and Beyerle expects a price correction. Investors are increasingly seeing short-term leases, even in prime locations, and are faced with structurally decreasing footfall, a lack of innovation, and underestimation of consumer digitalisation.

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Catella: Strategic Real Estate Allocation survey shows new real estate vehicles emerging

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 8 dicembre 2017

catella LichtenbergIn the latest Catella Market Tracker, “Strategic Real Estate Allocation – on its way into new product dimensions?”, the top100 multi-asset managers in Germany were asked what strategic real estate allocation course they will set over the coming months in the on-going real estate boom.The survey of the top 100 multi-asset managers revealed the following:
– 57% of the asset managers surveyed expect an appearance of real estate ETFs on the German market in 2019–2022, while only 13% do not expect a positioning of this product.
– Real estate secondaries and real estate multi-manager funds seem to be a particular future investment option. Of those surveyed, 20 % would invest 4–6 % in real estate secondaries, 7.7 % in multi-manager funds.
– Private equity investments would also profit from an adjustment if key interest rates rise, and would take an additional 10% share of investor allocation. The yield expectation is beyond 10%.
– Exchange traded funds experience an adjustment of 5 % in asset allocation, and could record an average yield of 3 %.“Tactical aspects continue to be expressed in the presented sentiment analysis, especially expansion towards the vehicles of real estate secondaries, and ETFs in the past 20 months seem to be more than a vision,” says Dr. Thomas Beyerle, Head of Group Research, regarding the results of the survey. “An attack on specialist funds does not seem to be happening here,” adds Beyerle. In the coming years, Catella Research therefore expects an increase in the market volume of alternative real estate products, even if only by a very low degree. Greater acceptance of the real-estate-based financial products of multi-asset managers with yield expectations quite a bit “beyond the 5” is shown.The complete Market Tracker is available at

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Catella: Risk evaluation reveals good investment opportunities in Europe

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 9 novembre 2017

catella10In the latest Catella Market Tracker “Commercial Real Estate Investments in Europe – Risk Evaluation in Times of Boom and Uncertainty”, an analysis of 28 European real estate locations shows a good basis for long-term yield generation based on the common risk key indicators – risk/yield, volatility and Sharpe ratio.The analysis of 28 European locations in an office and retail portfolio shows an average total return of 7.95% at the end of 2017.The top-5 performers are Dublin (12.1 %), Lyon (10.4 %), Stockholm (10.2 %), Paris (9.9 %), Barcelona (9.8 %) and Marseilles (9.8 %).
The bottom-6 performers include five German cities: Frankfurt (5.6 %), Hamburg (5.6 %), Cologne (5.7 %), Berlin (5.8 %) and Munich (6.5 %). The sextet is completed by Helsinki, with a historical annual total return of 5.9 %.For average volatility or standard deviation, the following picture emerges:The five German cities (Cologne: 5.0 %, Hamburg: 5.7 %, Frankfurt: 6.8 %, Munich: 7.1 %) and Helsinki (6.2 %) – as underperformers – record the lowest levels of relative volatility.
Three of the five riskiest cities are found among the top-5 performers: Dublin (21.2 %), Barcelona (12.9 %) and Paris (12.1 %).When applying the Sharpe ratio – a measure that takes into account both value growth and volatility – the strongest values are attributable to Brussels (1.13), Amsterdam (1.06) and Lille (1.01).Large-scale investors still believe that major cities are a must-have investment that ought to account for a substantial proportion of their portfolio. “With a view to traditional risk theory and the current conditions on the market, however, this maxim should be viewed with a certain degree of scepticism,” says Dr. Thomas Beyerle, Head of Group Research at Catella. A resulting “naïve” investment using the popular but simplified ABBA strategy is consequentially not an investment recommendation.

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Appuntamento di spicco del real estate italiano

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 23 ottobre 2017

porta nuova milanoMilano. Tutto il real estate italiano a convegno, il 30 novembre e il primo dicembre a Milano per l’edizione 2017 dei “Real Estate Awards”.Un appuntamento classico, entrato di diritto nel calendario dei principali eventi italiani del mondo immobiliare, che prevede un mix di convegni, tavole rotonde, premiazioni e momenti conviviali.Si parte il 30 novembre alle 14 con una tavola rotonda moderata da Gerardo Paterna, blogger e consulente immobiliare, e Diego Caponigro, CEO di, patrocinatore dei Real Estate Awards.Alle 16 un’altra tavola rotonda.A seguire, alle 18, le premiazioni vere e proprie che assegneranno gli Oscar dell’immobiliare italiano.
Il giorno seguente, dalle 9, una serie di keynote con i protagonisti del marketing e della consulenza (anche motivazionale) immobiliare italiana: si parte con Rudy Bandiera, che focalizzerà il proprio intervento sull’importanza del Personal Branding. Poi Fabrizio Cotza, il cosiddetto “formatore sovversivo”, fautore di un nuovo approccio alla gestione aziendale.Veronica Gentili (Glisco) parlerà di Facebook e dei social media come strumenti di marketing per il real estate.
Altri nomi in programma: Tiziano Benvenuti (“The great Listing Agent”), Mirko Saini (“Linkedin per il settore immobiliare”) e Alessio Beltrami (“Content Marketing Italia”).All’evento parteciperanno le più importanti organizzazioni italiane nel campo immobiliare:,, Gabetti, ProfessioneCasa, Grimaldi, Intesa San Paolo Casa, ReMax Italia, Replat,, Coldwell Banker, SoloAffitti, Agim, OPISAS, SoloCase, CambioCasa, WeAgentz, FRIMM, Agent Pricing, GESTIMM, GETRIX e altre in arrivo… “A Real Estate Awards la nostra intenzione è proprio quella di fare il punto sulla situazione dell’immobiliare in Italia – dichiara Diego Caponigro, Presidente OID e CEO di – individuando i trend del momento per poi focalizzarci sul futuro del mercato. Il panel degli speaker è molto ricco, ci sono tantissime eccellenze italiane e internazionali. A corollario premieremo chi maggiormente, tra gli operatori, le organizzazioni e i professionisti, si è distinto durante il 2017”.

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Catella launches “Catella Modernes Wohnen” open-ended mutual real estate fund for small-scale, affordable living

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 21 agosto 2017

catellaThe team of Catella Real Estate AG has launched “Catella Modernes Wohnen” – an open-ended mutual real estate fund. The fund invests in small-scale, and thus affordable, accommodation with a focus on one and two person households in German conurbations.
Over 75% of households in Germany are one and two person households, but one room apartments account for only 3% of Germany’s housing stock; if 2-3-room apartments are included, the share is 30%. The average residential unit size of 95 m² realised in new construction is not in line with demand. The new fund will invest in small-scale and therefore affordable housing development that meets demand. In addition to students, the target group also includes the huge group of commuters, young professionals and above all senior citizens.“We are talking about approximately 10-12 million households looking for affordable housing in urban areas. That doesn’t work on 80-100 m², but has to be realised on 20-50 m² to keep overall rents at reasonable levels. Catella Modernes Wohnen aims to provide affordable living space to the largest group of users of residential accommodation – Germany’s rising number of one- and two-person households.” says Michael Keune, Portfolio Manager at Catella.The fund has made its first investment of EUR 25 million in an apartment building in Mainz, situated within walking of the city’s main railway station. Scheduled for completion in September, the property has 77 single and 65 double apartments. The building is part of a micro-living complex with additional services and student apartments also acquired by Catella managed funds. In total, Catella has thus invested in around 900 apartments for students, young professionals and commuters at the Mombacher Strasse location in Mainz.Further projects for micro living, student accommodation, housing for senior citizens and temporary accommodation (boarding houses) are already in the due diligence phase. The fund’s target volume is around EUR 500 million, with an overall target return based on the BVI method of 3.5-4.5% p.a.Catella Real Estate AG is the investment managment company of Catella AB, with 600 employees in 13 countries across Europe. Catella Real Estate AG has 70 employees and manages 19 opend-ended and special funds with 3.2 billion EUR assets under management.

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Catella launches the first Swedish real estate fund listed on Nasdaq Stockholm

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 29 aprile 2017

Timo-NurminenCatella’s Property Investment Management unit is launching Property Income 2017, an alternative investment fund that will invest in investment properties with stable cash flows and high dividend capacity. The fund’s AIF manager is Plain Capital Asset Management Sverige AB, and the fund’s depositary is SEB. The listing on Nasdaq Stockholm is scheduled for the end of May. “Real estate values vary over time, while the cash flows of leased properties are stable. The fund’s strategy is therefore to own property over an extended period, to maintain rigorous cost control and to regularly distribute a large proportion of its income. This means that stable cash flow will be the dominant part of the total returns, thus creating security,” says Timo Nurminen, Head of Property Investment Management at Catella
Employees from Catella’s Property Investment Management unit will be included on the investment committee at the AIF manager that evaluates the fund’s investments. Investment decisions will be taken by the AIF manager. The fund’s board consists of its chairman, Timo Nurminen from Catella’s Property Investment Management unit, plus two independent members, Christer Wachtmeister and Henrik Steinbrecher.“The Property Income fund is breaking new ground and will be the first alternative investment fund focused on the Swedish real estate market to be listed on Nasdaq Stockholm’s new AIF list. The fund’s investment strategy is also well suited to the current market, with a high valuation on the stock market and low interest rates on bonds,” says Arvid Lindqvist, Head of Research at Catella.The first investment that will be evaluated by the fund is a portfolio of defensive retail property, tenanted primarily by food stores such as ICA, Coop and Hemköp, and by Systembolaget liquor stores.“This type of real estate has strong cash flows and thus stable and good dividend capacity for its owners. It is also a segment that has seen institutional focus in recent years, and the fund is now also giving smaller institutions and other investors an opportunity for exposure to defensive retail property,” says Martin Malhotra, Project Manager at Catella’s Corporate Finance unit.The life of the fund is planned to be 10 years. The fund has a cost-effective structure and aims to pay dividends from July 2018 corresponding to 6–8 percent per year, with these distributions planned to take place quarterly. The fund’s total return target is 9–11 percent per year. For more information please go to, where the prospectus and other information are available. (photo: Timo-Nurminen)

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Catella exclusive advisor in sale of one of the largest real estate companies in Denmark for DKK 4.3 billon

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 26 aprile 2017

Jesper Bo HansenCatella acted as exclusive financial advisor to the board of HD Ejendomme in the sale of the DKK 4.3 billion real estate company to funds managed by NIAM HD Ejendomme has agreed on terms with NIAM to divest all shares in the company. Simultaneously with the acquisition NIAM will inject new equity and recapitalize the company. Financial terms of the transaction are not being disclosed.NIAM is a strong owner with substantial experience on the Nordic real estate markets and the deal will enable HD Ejendomme to grow its portfolio under management with a focus on residential properties in Denmark.“This was a unique opportunity for us to acquire a large notably residential portfolio and a well-functioning management platform. We expect to utilize it as a platform for further investments and have a pipeline of potential acquisitions lined up,” says Kristian Krogh, Senior Director and Head of Denmark at NIAM.HD Ejendomme is one of the largest real estate companies in Denmark. It owns and operates approximately 2,000 residential and 375 commercial units across Denmark and employs some 85 people with headquarter in Odense. In 2014, the former CEO of Financial Stability Mr. Lars Jensen was appointed as chairman of HD Ejendomme to steer the company out of the financial crisis.“I am pleased that the assignment I took on is now solved. All the creditors will get their money back and those who continue to finance the company will continue under the new and recapitalized ownership,” say Lars Jensen, Chairman of HD Ejendomme.“We appreciate the trust and the mandate awarded to Catella by the board of HD Ejendomme. Catella is well positioned for this kind of highly complex mandate in line with our position being the link between property and finance,” says Jesper Bo Hansen, Head of Corporate Finance at Catella. (photo: Jesper Bo Hansen)

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CREDI: Real estate companies increasingly upbeat about the credit market

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 16 marzo 2017

“This year’s first CREDI survey once again shows an improvement in the CREDI Main Index, from 44.4 to 46.5. This is the best outcome since September 2015, strongly driven by a more positive perception of the credit market among listed real estate companies. It also shows that the perceptions of banks and property companies have diverged. This indicates that banks have become more selective in their lending to small and new borrowers,” says catella Lichtenberg, Project Manager at Catella. “We are seeing a clear correlation between real estate companies’ perceptions of the credit market and the performance of equity markets, with the latter being a leading indicator. We are likely to see continued improvement in the CREDI Main Index over the coming six months. The required yield has risen in the transaction market, which is probably because buyers and sellers are increasingly meeting in secondary locations. Most big companies are streamlining their portfolios and focusing on large metropolitan areas, making it possible for players that want to enter the market to bid for properties in secondary locations without facing too much competition,” says Arvid Lindqvist, Head of Research at Catella. “After equity prices rose in the third quarter the stocks of the listed property companies fell back significantly in the fourth which, when combined with continued rises in book values, has now almost entirely eliminated the stock market premium to net assets for real estate companies. However, we are now seeing greater interest in real estate companies’ bonds. Bonds had a record year in 2016, and these now account for almost 16 percent of property companies’ interest-bearing debt,” concludes Martin Malhotra.
The eighteenth edition of the Catella Real Estate Debt Indicator (CREDI) is attached and can also be downloaded from CREDI consists of two parts: one is an index based on a survey of listed property companies and active banks, and the other a set of indices based on publicly available data. Read more about the methodology at This edition also includes an analysis of preference shares and an overview of the property market.

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COIMA Real Estate Forum: attesi nel 2016 in Italia oltre 8 miliardi di euro

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 29 ottobre 2016

Italian Real estate
fondazione CatellaCOIMA SGR – società indipendente leader nella gestione patrimoniale di fondi di investimento immobiliare per conto di investitori istituzionali italiani e internazionali – ha organizzato oggi la quinta edizione del COIMA Real Estate Forum, evento annuale – ormai punto di riferimento per il settore immobiliare – dedicato ad approfondire gli scenari economici sia a livello domestico che internazionale. Si stima che possano essere oltre 8 miliardi di euro gli investimenti nel Real Estate italiano attesi per il 2016 provenienti da capitali internazionali, con una importante crescita del 13% sul trimestre appena chiuso rispetto al medesimo periodo del 2015. In apertura dei lavori l’economista Komal Sri-Kumar, presidente Sri-Kumar Global Strategies, ha evidenziato una serie di priorità per il nostro Paese; la necessità di: accelerare il ritmo di crescita economica, ridurre il livello di disoccupazione, rafforzare il settore bancario, gestire l’emergenza immigrazione. In tale contesto, il mercato italiano secondo le analisi illustrate da Gabriele Bonfiglioli, Managing Director di COIMA, si conferma guidato da una grande ricerca di prodotti di qualità, con un vacancy che in città è del 10,7%, ma che si riduce a meno del 2% sugli edifici in Classe A.
A livello di nuove opportunità, suscita interesse l’area degli scali ferroviari milanesi, in grado di liberare potenzialmente più di 1,2 milioni di mq, mentre – a livello nazionale – rappresenta una prossima sfida la gestione degli asset iscritti nei bilanci delle Banche, il cui valore supera i 15 miliardi di euro.
Nel corso della giornata di lavori, è stato infine lanciato un sondaggio sottoposto agli investitori coima-real-estate1presenti in sala, per ascoltare il parere degli operatori di mercato in merito ad alcune importanti tematiche: la maggior parte dei partecipanti (55%) vede un mercato immobiliare in crescita; mentre le condizioni principali per il mercato sono la stabilità legislativa (33%), trasparenza e finanziamenti (19%); Europa periferica (in particolare Milano, Madrid e Dublino) sono le regioni che per il 51% degli investitori offriranno i maggiori rendimenti, seguiti da Asia Nord Centro Europa (Londra, Parigi, Francoforte e Monaco) e Americhe; uffici a reddito prime sono la tipologia immobiliare che prevarrà nell’ambito di una strategia di investimento (38%), seguito dal retail (26%); risposte simili si sono registrate nel cambio di allocazione immobiliare per i prossimi 12 mesi, secondo il 43% degli investitori rimarrà stabile, mentre per il 42% sarà in crescita del 5%; alla domanda su quale sarà il prossimo trend nell’immobiliare, i due settori principali sono stati turismo (35%) e residenziale per i giovani professionisti (33%), seguiti da co-working e settore medico. Le ultime due domande si sono focalizzate sullo scenario economico nazionale, che viene visto debole ma in ripresa dalla maggioranza degli investitori (64%) e – in tale contesto – è fondamentale l’appuntamento del prossimo referendum, che viene considerato importante per il 58% degli investitori. (foto: coima real estate)

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Catella: Property sector benefits from Brexit-effect

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 22 settembre 2016

catellaStockholm. In the September edition of the Swedish “Catella Real Estate Debt Indicator”, the property sector does not appear to have suffered from the Brexit vote. The property companies’ loan-to-value has increased while their average interest rate has fallen, and listed property companies have outperformed the stock market. However, although the CREDI Main index increased from 41.0 to 42.5, the property debt financing market is still in contraction.“The second quarter of 2016 was characterized by the unexpected Brexit vote and subsequent volatility, which had a positive effect on the financing climate for the property companies. Increased risk tolerance and a search for returns have resulted in a newfound interest in corporate bonds and the launch of new types of securities. Overall, the stock market does not appear to have been affected by the Brexit vote, and the property sector has benefited from continued low market interest rates,” says Martin Malhotra, Project Manager at Catella. “We are seeing a development where the expectations of additional central bank stimulus in Europe and Japan is boosting the equity markets, but we are about to reach an inflection point. Historically, property yields have been pushed down by high GDP growth and a lowered repo rate. As GDP growth is declining and the repo rate has bottomed out, we expect to see higher property yields stoccolmain secondary locations and smaller cities,” says Arvid Lindqvist, Head of Research at Catella.The average loan-to-value of property companies listed on Nasdaq OMX Nordic Main Market has increased to 54.7 per cent, while the average interest rate continues to fall and is currently at 2.6 per cent. In addition, the CREDI Current Situation index has increased by 6.5 index points to 41.9, bouncing back from its all-time low in June. However, the CREDI survey also shows that property companies and banks still believe that the property debt financing market is in contraction.“The most significant change in the latest survey is that credit margins have stabilized, as opposed to the June survey where a large share of respondents reported increased credit margins. This stabilization has almost single-handedly improved the CREDI Main index, and we are headed towards a more stabilized property debt financing market overall,” Martin Malhotra concludes. The sixteenth edition of the Catella Real Estate Debt Indicator (CREDI) is attached and can also be downloaded from CREDI consists of two parts: one is an index based on a survey of listed property companies and active banks, and the other a set of indices based on publicly available data. Read more about the methodology at Catella is listed on First North Premier on Nasdaq Stockholm. Read more at

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Real Estate USA: vendite in diminuzione e prezzi in aumento

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home salesNonostante le alte temperature di luglio, le vendite immobiliari si sono “raffreddate” dopo giugno. Le vendite di luglio sono crollate in ben 49 delle 53 città americane analizzate dell’8,8% a luglio e del 13,1% da giugno. Negli ultimi sette anni, la media della diminuzione da giugno a luglio è stata di 8,2%. Il prezzo di vendita mediano è calato leggermente da giugno a $225.000, più basso del 3% rispetto a giugno e del 16,6% rispetto all’anno scorso. Nel frattempo, i giorni medi sul mercato sono scesi a 53, un giorno in meno rispetto alla media registrata a giugno e quattro giorni in meno rispetto all’anno scorso. “Dopo un aumento delle vendite immobiliari in giugno, è piuttosto comune che nel mese di luglio vengano registrate delle diminuzioni. Questo è uno scenario che vediamo spesso a livello nazionale. Certamente un mese non fa la differenza e abbiamo davanti a noi ancora un paio di mesi di stagione nella quale la vendita di case è ottima. Inoltre è importante fare attenzione, di anno in anno, all’aumento moderato dei prezzi il quale è in linea con le medie storiche”, dichiara Dave Liniger, RE/MAX AD, Presidente del consiglio di amministrazione e Co-fondatore.“Unatransazioni concluse delle cose più importanti per i clienti è capire come viene “regionalizzato” il mercato immobiliare. Coloro sulla costa ovest sono stati felici delle loro alte valutazioni immobiliari, ma i possessori di case nel nord est e mid ovest sono stati sorpresi dai bassi valori degli immobili. Se i venditori di case tenessero un occhio sulle vendite locali, avrebbero meno sorprese negative nel momento della vendita e non rimarrebbero delusi dalle basse stime” ha aggiunto Bob Walters, Chief Economist Quicken Loans.Nelle 53 aree metropolitane coinvolte nell’indagine condotta da RE/MAX a luglio, il numero degli immobili venduti è sceso dell’8,8% rispetto allo scorso anno, ed è stato inoltre del 13,1% minore rispetto al mese di giugno. Negli ultimi sette anni, la media del calo da giugno a luglio è stata di 8,2%. Nonostante il trend, quattro aree analizzate hanno registrato vendite maggiori rispetto all’anno scorso, tra cui Providence, RI +3,7%, Boise, ID +2,1%, Raleigh-Durham, NC prezzo mediano di vendita+1,4%, e Albuquerque, NM +0,2%.
A luglio, il prezzo mediano di vendita degli immobili venduti nelle 53 aree analizzate è stato di $225.000, minore dell’1,3% rispetto a giugno e maggiore del 4,7% rispetto al prezzo mediano del mese di luglio 2015. Luglio è stato il 53esimo mese consecutivo senza un calo del prezzo mediano dall’anno scorso.
A luglio la media dei giorni sul mercato delle case vendute è stata di 53 giorni, un giorno in meno rispetto alla media di 54 registrata a giugno 2016 e giugno 2015. Giugno e diventa il 40esimo mese consecutivo con una media di circa 80 giorni sul mercato.
offerta case in venditaNei quattro mercati con la più bassa offerta di immobili, Seattle, Denver, San Francisco e Omaha, i giorni sul mercato sono stati rispettivamente 21, 23, 24 e 24. Quelli più alti invece, si sono registrati ad Augusta, ME con 130 (142 in meno rispetto a giugno) e a Des Moines, IA con 90. I giorni sul mercato sono il numero medio di giorni che intercorre dalla presa dell’incarico alla firma del contratto.Il numero degli immobili in vendita a maggio è stato del 3,0% inferiore rispetto a giugno e del 16,6% inferiore rispetto ad luglio 2015. Basata sul tasso di immobili in vendita a luglio, l’offerta mensile di immobili è stata di 3.5, dato più o meno identico all’anno scorso (3.2) e al mese di giugno di quest’anno (3.9). Un’offerta di immobili a 6.0 rappresenta un mercato in equilibrio tra acquirenti e venditori. Il numero delle città con un’offerta inferiore a 2.0 è cresciuta in modo significante. Si sono registrate 5 metropoli sotto il 2.0 che dovrebbero rimanere stabili, in diminuzione dagli 8 di giugno. In queste città troviamo Denver, CO 1.4, Seattle, WA 1.4, San Francisco, CA 1.5, Portland, OR 1.8 e Omaha, NE 1.9. (foto: home sales, transazioni concluse, prezzo mediano di vendita, offerta case in vendita)

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Catella: Banks and corporates agree – access to financing has worsened

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catella real estateIn the June edition of the Swedish “Catella Real Estate Debt Indicator”, banks and corporates are in agreement on the current financing climate. Unfortunately, the consensus is that access to financing in the property sector has worsened over the past three months, with the Current Situation index falling to an all-time low of 35.4. As such, the property debt financing market is still in contraction.“Our most recent CREDI survey shows that the views of lenders and borrowers are much more in line with one another, compared to the March survey. The Main index has seen a relatively small decrease of 0.2 points to 41.0. However, the components that make up the Main index have seen rather significant ups and downs. The Current Situation index has fallen to an all-time low of 35.4, while the Expectation index has increased to 46.7. This means that although the market has experienced a worsened financing climate, there is a belief that the worst part is over,” says Martin Malhotra, Project Manager at Catella. The Current Situation index fell by 5.6 points to 35.4, which is the lowest point since the CREDI surveys began in May 2012. The historically low figure is partly caused by increasing credit margins over the past three months, something that both banks and corporates agree on. In contrast, the Expectation index increased from 41.4 to 46.7, its highest point since September 2015.“During the first quarter of 2016, Sweden has had a historically strong growth rate of 4.2 per cent, driven by household consumption and investments. However, global economic growth is expected to remain weak during the coming year, as is the Swedish stock market. Catella believes that the property market will be affected by worsened access to debt financing, as observed in the CREDI survey. As a result, we will see increasing yields for properties in secondary locations,” says Arvid Lindqvist, Head of Research at Catella.
The fifteenth edition of the Catella Real Estate Debt Indicator (CREDI) is attached and can also be downloaded from CREDI consists of two parts: one is an index based on a survey of listed property companies and active banks, and the other a set of indices based on publicly available data. Read more about the methodology at This edition also includes an analysis of preferred shares and an overview of the property market. (foto: catella real estate)

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Experts Point to Strength and Resiliency of Miami Real Estate Market

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 27 Mag 2016

miamiMIAMI — After eight years of record or near-record residential sales, the Miami real estate market is normalizing with steady growth, various prominent local market experts said during a recent MIAMI Association of REALTORS® (MIAMI) event.The fast-sales growth of Miami mid-market properties, the continued high-percentage of all-cash buyers, preconstruction condo inventory in the rapidly-growing Downtown Miami area and South Florida’s overall population and job increases are boosting the market, experts said during the recent Real State of the Miami Market event at the Biltmore Hotel.Edgardo Defortuna, the president of Fortune International Realty, applauded MIAMI for hosting the event in the wake of several unbalanced and inaccurate media articles.“One thing that affects our market the most is perception because eventually perception becomes reality,” Defortuna said. “We need to change the perception. We need to combat the negative headlines because the reality of our market is completely different. When people say Miami (preconstruction condo) developers are reducing their cash deposit requirements from 50 to 30 percent; it’s taken totally out of context. These buildings are reducing deposit schedules because they don’t need the money anymore. They are already 80, 90 percent sold and close to completion.”
Single-family homes priced between $200,000 and $600,000 saw a 5.8 percent year-over-year increase in April, growing from 685 to 725. The sector represented 63.0 percent of total Miami single-family home sales in April 2016.Existing condos priced between $150,000 and $300,000 saw a 2.7 percent-rise in sales in April, increasing from 485 transactions to 498. This sector represented 39.2 percent of total existing Miami condo home sales in April 2016.
Miami bargain prices compared to other world-class cities and the lack of available land are also key factors in today’s market, experts said.A 120-square meter condo in Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Miami Beach cost $149,900 on average, according to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). Prices for the same condo in London ($960,840), Hong Kong ($776,280), and New York ($1.6 million) are at least five times higher.The lack of Miami-Dade County available land means the value of local single-family homes will rise and more residents will purchase multifamily units.
Most Miami preconstruction condo developers require a 50-percent cash deposit on new units. The deposit is not only one of the highest in the United States but is significantly higher than the 20 percent required during the last real estate cycle. The large all-cash deposits are a strong sign home buyers are committed and invested in the Miami market.The majority of new construction is happening in Downtown Miami, and developers are being cautious not to overbuild. About 85 percent of condos under construction in Downtown Miami are sold, according to Integra Realty Resources and the Miami Downtown Development Authority. Downtown Miami has about 7,200 units under construction, a 61.2 percent smaller inventory than the 18,500 units under construction in 2006.About 78 percent of new construction Downtown Miami units closed all cash in 2015. About 64 percent of all resale inventory closed all cash in 2015.While noting preconstruction sales have normalized compared to the previous record-activity, Graziano believes developers are taking a break and doing site plans before announcing future plans. The overall percentage of all-cash buyers (48.6 percent) remains double the national average. In hot submarkets such as Brickell in Downtown Miami, the all-cash percentage is 82 percent.
South Florida’s growing population will continue to fuel more home sales, experts said. The Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach metro area recently became the eighth-most populous region in the U.S., eclipsing 6 million residents for the first time, according to new U.S. Census Bureau data. South Florida gained almost 500,000 new residents in the past five years.Another strong indicator for housing is job growth. The number of employed Miami-Dade County residents increased 2 percent, growing from 2.13 million residents in 2013 to 2.18 million in 2014. The percentage of Miami-Dade residents earning more than $75,000 a year increased 4.1 percent in the same time period. The local population is also getting more educated, a key factor in a growing economy. The share of Miami-Dade residents with graduate degrees increased 7.5 percent from 2013 to 2014. The population has seen a 12 to 17 percent growth in associate, bachelor and graduate degrees.Downtown Miami is the epicenter for population and wage growth in South Florida. Downtown has grown from 40,466 residents in 2000 to 80,000 today, according to the Miami Downtown Development Authority. Brickell has seen the largest increase, growing from 12,904 residents in 2000 to 32,489 today.
The remainder of the 2016 will see fewer sales than last year and pricing will be hard to predict, Graziano said. Waterfront properties or other unique projects will outperform. The pricing for properties below $1 million will remain strong but inventory expansion should be watched.The overall average pricing remains strong in South Florida. Sellers should expect to see more competition as buyers become more selective. South Florida’s economic growth and population increases will play key roles in the direction of 2016 residential pricing.

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Colombia Tops All Global Searches for South Florida Real Estate in March

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 13 Mag 2016

miami1MIAMI —Colombia leads all foreign countries in searching online for South Florida real estate, according to new data from the MIAMI Association of REALTORS® (MIAMI). The South American nation finished as the top international country using MIAMI’s search portal,, in March 2016. Colombia has now led the rankings for four consecutive months.
Venezuela and the United Kingdom finished second and third, respectively. It is the United Kingdom’s highest finish in the monthly MIAMI property search statistics. Home buyers in the United Kingdom — comprised of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland — are attracted by South Florida’s weather, world-class amenities and diversified economy.
“South Florida offers everything an international home buyer wants,” said Mark Sadek, the 2016 MIAMI Chairman of the Board. “Miami is an affordable world-class city with arts and culture, a thriving downtown, a diverse economy and a budding mass transit system. International home buyers have long searched, bought and invested in Miami real estate and will continue to do so.”
Colombian home buyers tied with Argentinians in purchasing the third-most Miami real estate among foreign countries, according to the 2015 Profile of International Home Buyers in Miami Association of Realtors Business Areas. Colombia registered 10 percent of all foreign South Florida transactions, according to the survey conducted by MIAMI and the National Association of REALTORS. Only Venezuelan (13 percent) and Brazilian (12 percent) buyers purchased more.Colombians moving to South Florida are often upper-middle-class families who want to enjoy their prosperity earned in their homeland as professionals and entrepreneurs. Colombians spend the second-most on South Florida property among foreign buyers. The $516,000 average purchase price of Colombians tied with Argentina and only trailed Brazil ($766,000), according to the 2015 survey.
The United Kingdom, which boasts the 22nd largest population in the world with 64.1 million residents, had never finished among the top-three foreign countries searching for Miami real estate. In March 2016, the UK improved for February’s seventh-place finish to No. 3. United Kingdom home buyers are no stranger to Miami real estate transactions. The UK had the eighth-most South Florida real estate transactions (2 percent) among foreign countries in 2015.

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