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The brutal reality of dealing with China

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 22 marzo 2021

Our cover this week asks an epoch-defining question: how should the free world best secure prosperity, lower the risk of war and protect freedom as China rises? The parable of Hong Kong defies those looking for a simple answer. Even as China has slapped down democracy there, the territory is enjoying a financial boom. The same pattern is to be found on the mainland: repression in the Western region of Xinjiang last year goes alongside $163bn of fresh multinational investment and $900bn of cumulative foreign flows into China’s capital markets. Some counsel full Western disengagement from China, in an attempt to isolate it and force it to change. Such a price might be worth paying if an embargo were likely to succeed. But there are many reasons to think that the West cannot just penalise the Chinese Communist Party out of power. We look at how to make engagement work. Zanny Minton Beddoes Editor-In-Chief The Economist

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Virtusa Improves Field Force Worker Efficiency with Augmented Reality and AI

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 9 dicembre 2019

SOUTHBOROUGH, Mass., (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) Virtusa Corporation (NASDAQ GS:VRTU), a global provider of digital strategy, digital engineering, and IT services and solutions that help clients change and disrupt markets through innovation engineering, today announced new capabilities, including augmented reality (AR) based test and diagnostic capabilities to improve the efficiency of field force workers and help them improve customer service while reducing average handling time.Traditional Communications Service Providers (CSPs), wireless providers, internet, cable, and satellite operators, along with other managed service providers, typically have a large contractor-based field force that must be trained to diagnose and make repairs using a massive portfolio of products and equipment. Virtusa’s Smart Field Force Management Platform addresses these issues by helping technicians quickly locate problems with minimal training. Using AI, the platform provides guided resolution paths for frequently encountered issues. The application is able to automatically co-relate and initiate diagnostic tests based on the type of issues reported. Using machine learning, the system is being trained to recognize 20,000 different devices. This allows field engineers to diagnose problems with minimal training. Automated job closure notes allow better capturing of issue resolution in the field, which in turn enables better analytics for the product teams to improve product performance and capability over time. Using the new Virtusa Smart Field Force Management Platform, CSPs can expect: More Efficient Workforce – Using route optimization and remote test and diagnostic capabilities to reduce field operations by 60 percent, while delivering 30 percent improvement in service engineer efficiency by identifying the main fault location and common faults.

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Christie’s to Offer Marina Abramović’s Mixed Reality Work ‘The Life’

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 24 novembre 2019

London – Christie’s will offer Marina Abramović’s seminal performance piece The Life – the world’s first Mixed Reality artwork – as a major highlight of its Frieze Week 2020 auction programme. Coinciding with Abramović’s show at London’s Royal Academy of Arts, which is also the first time a woman has been selected for the main galleries in the institution’s 250+ year history, The Life is expected to be the first work of its kind to be presented at auction and is offered by Tin Drum, inc. in association with Abramović LLC. A ground-breaking fusion of art and technology, The Life was premiered at London’s Serpentine Gallery in February 2019. The 19-minute performance offers an intimate digital encounter with Abramović herself, experienced via wearable spatial computing devices. A hologram of the artist appears, proceeding to pace around a roped off five-metre circle before evaporating into thin air. Unlike Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality allows the other visitors and gallery space to remain visible at the same time, creating a unique interactive experience. Abramović’s pioneering use of this evolving technology reflects her longstanding interest in the limitations of the human body and mind: an enquiry that, since the 1970s, has given rise to one of the world’s greatest performance art practices. An international tour of the artwork will be announced by Christie’s in early 2020.Katharine Arnold, Co-Head, Post-War and Contemporary Art, Christie’s Europe: “We are thrilled to offer The Life by Marina Abramović as a key highlight of the Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Auction during London’s Frieze Week. Abramović has long been considered a ground-breaking artist whose performances push boundaries and this is expected to be the first Mixed Reality artwork to come up for auction. Following an international tour in 2020, visitors to our King Street galleries will have the opportunity to experience, via wearable spatial computing devices, the artist walking in and around them virtually. The presentation will coincide with Abramović’s show at the Royal Academy of Arts.”Marina Abramović was recently interviewed by Christie’s Magazine about The Life where she stated that the theme of the work is immortality: “because you are there, preserved forever,” she says. Director of The Life, Todd Eckert, adds that “A hundred years beyond when anybody who ever knew [Marina] is alive, there will be people that will see her walk into the room and will feel that sense of connection, of human experience”.Eckert is the founder of Tin Drum, inc., the Mixed Reality production team behind The Life. Tim Drum, inc. specialises in using “volumetric photography of real people to create presentations of performance.” For The Life, Abramović was filmed with 32 cameras against a green screen, creating an authentic representation of the human form in motion. This process is currently only possible in a few studios worldwide.Todd Eckert gave a keynote speech to delegates at Christie’s Art + Tech Summit, held in Hong Kong on the morning of 21 November 2019.

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How Might Virtual Reality Address the Problem of Global Racism?

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 20 giugno 2019

NEW YORK (PRWEB) 1,000 Cut Journey was premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival as a VR project that highlights the social realities of racism. In this VR project, the viewer becomes Michael Sterling, a black man, encountering racism as a young child, adolescent, and young adult. In a new interview with C.M. Rubin, Founder of CMRubinWorld, Jeremy Bailenson, the film’s co-producer, says, “In creating virtual experiences we can increase empathy for others, encourage helping behaviors, improve communication strategies, and enhance education.”
1,000 Cut Journey is a collaboration between the Virtual Human Interaction Lab at Stanford University and the Cogburn Research Group at Columbia University, headed by Dr. Courtney Cogburn, who studies racism. Bailenson believes the key to success in changing behavior is ensuring the user gets an immersive virtual experience. “We feel that these types of experiences are important to focus on as VR permeates society. Never before in history could we allow anyone to instantly step into the shoes of someone else.”
Jeremy Bailenson is the co-producer of the film 1,000 Cut Journey, a professor at Stanford University, and the co-founder of the Virtual Human Interaction Lab at Stanford. He is also the author of Experience on Demand: What Virtual Reality Is, How It Works, and What It Can Do. CMRubinWorld’s award-winning series, The Global Search for Education, brings together distinguished thought leaders in education and innovation from around the world to explore the key learning issues faced by most nations. The series has become a highly visible platform for global discourse on 21st century learning, offering a diverse range of innovative ideas which are presented by the series founder, C. M. Rubin, together with the world’s leading thinkers. For more information on CMRubinWorld (by David Wine)

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Presentazione di: Reality – Siamo tutti protagonisti

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 26 Maggio 2019

Roma Venerdì 31 maggio Ore 12.00 Sala A Viale Mazzini, 14 Conferenza stampa per la presentazione di: Realiti – Siamo tutti protagonisti Condotto da Enrico LucciIdeato da
Umberto Alezio in collaborazione con Rai2 Un format originale, prodotto da Rai2 in collaborazione con Fremantle Il primo Truman show dell’informazione targato Rai2.
Un conduttore pazzo che si è autoconvinto di condurre un reality che nessuno gli ha mai chiesto di condurre e inconsapevoli concorrenti, che non hanno mai chiesto di partecipare ad un reality. Interverranno: Carlo Freccero – Direttore di Rai2 Enrico Lucci Umberto Alezio Asia Argento Luché Aurelio Picca In onda su Rai2 da mercoledì 5 giugno ore 21.20

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Wundervu Extends Partnership with NBC Universal and SYFY, Putting New York Comic Con into Virtual Reality

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 7 ottobre 2018

Wundervu, Pixvana’s XR production studio specializing in high-resolution, immersive experiences, today announced that it has extended its partnership with NBC Universal and will produce a series of entertaining VR experiences for SYFY WIRE that will allow guests to explore the floor of the New York Comic Con (October 4-7) in 180 or 360 degrees. Earlier this year, Wundervu shot and produced similar virtual reality experiences in partnership with NBC Universal for the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2), the Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC) in Seattle, and the San Diego Comic Con, which got nearly a million views.Past Wundervu VR experiences of Comic Con have provided viewers with the opportunity to “wander” conventions, so people near and far are able to escape reality and immerse themselves in pop culture – whether they attended the event live or not. With high video completion rates and social sharing metrics, these early projects inspired the next wave of Comic Con engagement, providing fans with inside access.For the New York City Comic Con, the largest pop culture event on the East Coast, Wundervu will provide a unique way to engage and experience the event. The production company will be creating three hosted VR episodes, each offering challenges and contests that encourage viewers across the globe to look around and engage with the event in ways not possible until now.“Virtual Reality enables passionate endemic audiences, like the SYFY WIRE fan base, to experience ‘being there’ and being part of the fun, and the networks and sponsors are starting to notice,” said Rachel Lanham, General Manager of Wundervu. “There’s no other medium that envelops the viewer and builds lasting memories quite like VR.” “VR allows us to reach audiences in a dynamic and truly authentic way,” said Matthew Chiavelli, SVP, Digital, for SYFY. “Together with SYFY WIRE’s four livestreams and with the production magic of Wundervu, we’re able to put people at New York Comic Con and other fan events that they might not have had the opportunity to experience otherwise. Helping people to share the experience of events like these in a virtual way is incredibly powerful.”

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Meta to Showcase Its Augmented Reality Technology at China-Israel Investment Summit

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 26 giugno 2018

Meta Company, a pioneer in the augmented reality (AR) field, announced today that it will present its AR technology at the 4th China-Israel Investment Summit in Zhuhai, China, on July 2 and 3. The summit is the largest dedicated technological innovation investment event between the two countries, intended to expand mutual cooperation in technology, commerce and trade.
Meta has strong connections with both countries. Meron Gribetz, CEO and founder of Meta, was born and raised in Israel and served in an elite intelligence unit in the Israel Defense Forces; the company currently conducts product and market research in the province. The company has extremely strong relationships with China-based businesses, ranging from key investors Tencent and Lenovo to working partnerships with Huajin International, Huafa Group and Infinity PE.
Meta will demonstrate what is the most immersive AR technology on the market today. Meta delivers technology that feels like a natural extension of the human body, enabling individuals to use their hands to create and interact with holograms that can be shared with others in the same room or thousands of miles away.“We welcome the opportunity to present our AR technology at the China-Israel Investment Summit, and demonstrate the state of the art for innovative technologies that the investment community is seeking,” said Gribetz. “With our roots in Israel, strong financial ties to China, and our US-based product development team, Meta is in a unique cross-national position to understand and develop solutions that will expand the global market for our solution, which promises to revolutionize business and personal productivity.”For more information about the 4th China-Israel Investment Summit, visit the summit’s website at:

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Labor market is a result of a simple reality

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 6 Maggio 2018

NEW YORK,/PRNewswire/ The US labor market continues to tighten, although job growth in April was 164,000, a little below expectations. The unemployment rate dropped to 3.9 percent in April, one of the lowest rates in recent history. The broader measure of labor underutilization U-6 declined to 7.8 percent, the lowest rate since 2001.The tightening labor market is a result of a simple reality: when the working age population is barely growing, even moderate job growth is enough to significantly tighten the labor market. Based on present data, there is no reason to believe that this trend will stop anytime soon, meaning a much tighter labor market a year from now.Despite the tightening labor market, the average hourly earnings measure is not accelerating much, though the more reliable Employment Cost Index, released last week, has been accelerating more visibly, especially among blue collar workers.Overall, with solid economic and job growth, a strong labor market, and an inflation rate that is about to surpass the Fed’s target, there is nothing to hold back the Fed from continuing on its present path towards full interest rate normalization.

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Reality de Antonio Tagliarini y Daria Deflorian

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 31 gennaio 2018

Danza e Arte en AcciónSantiago de Compostela 4 febbraio 20.30 horas Gaias Center Museum Santiago de Compostela En el ámbito del Festival Escenas do Cambio – Festival de Inverno de Teatro, Danza e Arte en Acción, el Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Madrid colabora con la Fundación Cidade da Cultura de Galicia y la Xunta de Galicia en la presentación del espectáculo “Reality” de Antonio Tagliarini y Daria Deflorian.
Cuando estos dos artistas italianos descubren el libro reportaje de Mariusz Szczygieł titulado Gottland no pueden creerlo. El libro narra la historia de una mujer polaca, Janina Turek, que durante más de cincuenta años ha escrito en un cuaderno absolutamente todas las cosas que le han sucedido en su vida cotidiana. Llamadas hechas y recibidas (38196), dónde y a quién ha dicho buenos días (23397), cuántas citas ha tenido (1922), cuántos regalos ha hecho, a quién y de qué tipo (5817) y otros muchos datos aparentemente inútiles. Todo esto contenido en 748 cuadernos encontrados a su muerte y de los que nadie sabía nada. Esta vida les sirve a los artistas para pensar el arte, el dolor, la política y el mundo de hoy. En la escena, a veces, se producen milagros. El encuentro de Daría Deflorian y Antonio Tagliarini es uno de esos milagros. Entre ambos, han creado un lenguaje en el límite de lo escénico y lo coreográfico, con piezas sutiles y políticas, llenas de poesía, de fantasía y de un humor único e irrepetible. (foto: Danza e Arte en Acción)

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How technology is helping make UK to US expansion a reality

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 27 settembre 2015

forbes magazineIf you don’t think digital is creating exponential leaps for businesses of all sizes, think again. Just see some of these amazing digital facts that SAP’s Dan Wellers pointed out in a recent Forbes column.This year Airbnb will become the largest hotel chain in the world (after launching in 2008), with more than 850,000 rooms, and without owning any hotels. From 2012 to 2014, Uber consumed a whopping 65% of San Francisco’s taxi business.In 2000, it took $5,000,000 to launch an Internet startup. Today the cost is less than $5,000.
Even a decade ago, if we had told you 2/3 of San Francisco’s cabs would be operated by private car owners, you’d be skeptical. If we told you the largest hotel chain of 2015 wouldn’t own any brick and mortar locations, you’d think we were losing our minds entirely. Digital technologies are not only growing at an exponential rate, but they’re making previously unattainable opportunities more accessible than ever before. Things that were out of reach for your small or mid-sized business just a few years ago are now attainable and affordable, making expansion a very realistic option. At the outset of 2015, Zubin Mowlavi, entrepreneur and CEO of our partner agency Lucid Fusion, explained why he felt 2015 was “THE YEAR” for UK businesses to put their US expansion in motion.
Advertising is a great way to get eyeballs on your company, but the ultimate goal is to close the sale. Depending on your product or service, you can enter the US market with little or no sales team by selling online. According to a 2014-2015 independent study by the Centre for Retail Research, the US is a prime market for online and mobile retail, with online sales in the US expected to reach $306.0 bn (€224.0 bn) in 2014—vastly exceeding the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Italy, Poland, and Spain’s expected combined total of £111.2 bn (€155.3 bn or $212.8 bn) for the same period! Additionally, mobile shopping is expected to represent 19.9% of online retail in the US With this heightened appetite for online sales, the US serves as a great market to enter without requiring the commitment and associated costs of a physical footprint.
Whether it’s researching prospective customers, pricing, market size, or the competition, there’s a lot of information that is required to make the leap to launching or advancing a company in a new market. Big data is getting bigger. Never before have we had so much information readily available to us at our fingertips. With a prevalence of data and studies available immediately online, companies can quickly and effectively answer key questions about the market ecosystem without having to physically interview people or conduct studies. This data is instantly available not only to reference, but also to test and validate against your particular company’s offerings. With platforms like Google Adwords, you can easily identify the best consumer for your product or service.
Social media now matters more than ever, and that’s great news for companies who want to expand virtually. With Americans spending more time on social networks than any other activity, and 93% of businesses and marketers using social media, brands now have the ability to reach out to customers directly through these channels to stay at the top of their field. It is no longer a question of “if” social media can help boost a brand’s visibility and ROI, but now, “what hashtag will generate the most engagement?” and “how long will it take to get verified?”2015 has already brought great export opportunities in digital technology that will make it much easier for mid-market UK businesses to export to the US and beyond. The increasing popularity of mobile tech, social media, and e-commerce marketing represents a shift in how all businesses reach customers and make sales.
Ben is a contributing author at Spark Magazine, the premier digital resource for information on how small and mid-sized businesses can successfully expand from the UK to the US. He is the Chief Technology Officer at Lucid Fusion, a digital marketing agency in Irvine, California. When he’s not busy building beautiful technology products, you can find him racing cars, or hoarding unnecessary amounts of flavored gum.

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Student debt reality check needed

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 12 agosto 2015

studentFor many young people in Britain today, the decision to go to university is one of the biggest choices they will ever make. This is without necessarily taking proper account of the debt that going into higher education could give them, as students and parents underestimate the costs of a university education.
In our latest study in partnership with the AIC, we found that parents seriously misjudge the total debt that university will leave many students in, believing that their child’s student debt will be £17,965 on average, well below the figure given by the Institute of Fiscal Studies last year that put the figure at £44,000. Although students in full-time education currently have a more realistic idea, their estimation of £30,348 worth of debt is still low. The students who gave an estimated figure of debt think it will take 15 years on average to pay back, and just over a third (35%) think it will take longer than 20 years. The financial effect on parents and students
The cost of a university education has had an effect on the lives of both students and their parents. Two thirds of parents plan to help their children financially through university, including the possibility of downsizing the family home (9%) or using their cash savings (22%). The effect on students has been no less considerable, with 37% of students that have considered dropping out of university altogether citing financial reasons for doing so. And despite the assumption that ‘uni life’ means living on or around campus, a fifth (21%) of students have lived or currently live with their parents during term time for financial reason, increasing to 36% amongst Londoners.

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Twelve people so far have walked on the moon; only four have ever rowed from North America to Hawaii

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 8 giugno 2014

vessel39-year old Brit, Daryl Farmer from East Grinstead, West Sussex, will set off in his boat, ‘Bojangles’ on a 2,400 mile single-handed row from Monterey in California to Honolulu through one of the most dangerous oceans in the world. He is competing in the Great Pacific Race, a challenge organised by legendary British rower, Chris Martin, which will see 13 boats in total try and complete the journey in solo, pairs and fours teams. International singer, song writer, TV presenter, reality TV star, and New York Coffee Club owner, Peter Andre, whose Foundation will benefit from funds raised by Rowing4Reefs, has even rowed a short distance in ‘Bojangles’ himself. See Peter Andre Channel footage of Peter and Daryl here and Serendipity played a part in Daryl and Peter’s mutual support of each other. In 2013, on the first Mother’s Day after losing his mother to kidney cancer, Daryl was in an aquatic supplies shop when the Australian star just happened to walk in. They got talking, Daryl ended up installing his fish tank for him, and the two became friends. So when Peter subsequently set up his foundation in memory of his own brother, Daryl’s choice of charity was clear. Peter Andre, speaking about Daryl’s challenge, said: “I just want to say that I think he is doing an amazing thing by rowing solo across the Pacific Ocean to raise funds for my Foundation and Cancer Research UK. This cause has now become dear to my heart so I support him all the way.” Daryl is facing the prospect of up to 90 days or more rowing day and night with short sleep breaks in-between and with only his mascot, ‘Jerry the mouse’ and ‘Wilson’, a football with face (a la Castaway) donated to him by a well meaning friend to give him someone else to talk to. Daryl will mostly be rowing naked as he has been advised that this is the best way to avoid chafing and salt sores. As a committed ocean conservationist who has protested regularly against shark finning, whaling and the dolphin slaughters in Japan, and who shares many people’s concerns about ocean pollution, he is also using the race to raise funds for marine conservation organisation, Earthrace Conservation. Daryl and ‘Bojangles’ will be at the mercy of notoriously variable Pacific weather and ocean conditions varying from flat calm to huge storms, as well as the potential hazard of meeting much larger cargo vessels, cruise liners and a variety of large marine animals also crossing the Pacific at the same time. Whilst the route will be followed by support boats, should anything go wrong, the nearest help may be several days away. >From Monterey where he is in final preparations for the race, Daryl said, “I’m hoping the biggest challenge was getting to the start line after my boat was held up at US Customs until today. After all that stress, I think I deserve some plain sailing from here to Hawaii. I’m looking forward to getting out on the ocean now and can’t wait to start. I expect to see lots of incredible marine life out there including some sharks with any luck, and whilst I’m definitely expecting the unexpected, I feel very ready to take on the Pacific whatever it decides to throw at me.”Daryl was inspired to take on this amazing endurance challenge by hearing stories from other adventurers like single-handed rower Roz Savage MBE (who is one of the race organisers), and James Cracknell, OBE. Rob Hamill from New Zealand, another of the world’s legendary rowers, said: “Doing the race solo is a fantastic endeavour, one that will challenge Darryl to his very core. The success of his campaign will not only depend on his preparation but, more importantly, his ability to cope under the most extreme pressure, to be able to respond accordingly and to have the resolve to carry on no matter what difficulties he might face. And, apart from the self-development aspect that will come with this experience, his purpose in raising funds for Earthrace is admirable.”Pete Bethune, founder of Earthrace Conservation and current world powerboat speed record holder for circumnavigating the globe, said: “What Daryl is taking on is jaw-droppingly brave. I not only had a bigger boat with engines, but also three other people. To do this on your own under your own power and through such dangerous waters will be a true test of courage, strength and determination but I have absolutely no doubts that he will be saying ‘aloha’ to everyone very soon in Hawaii”.


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Berlusconi alias “un povero ricco”

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 25 febbraio 2011

“Era fantastico Renato Pozzetto quando nel 1983 interpretò il film “Un povero ricco”. La storia in cui il protagonista ha intenzione di capire come si comporterebbe nel caso in cui povero lo diventasse davvero. Dal 1983 sono trascorsi quasi 30 anni e siamo nell’era dei reality, quindi la nostra proposta è questa rileggiamo la sceneggiatura di “Un povero ricco”, la trasformiamo in reality e realizziamo il sogno del nostro presidente del consiglio, facciamogli fare per un mese il carabiniere, o il poliziotto, o il finanziere, o il vigile del fuoco (quello che vuole, tanto sappiamo che, con il rispetto per i colleghi carabinieri, le stesse parole le avrebbe ripetute davanti a qualunque divisa…). Facciamolo arrivare al 27 del mese quando andando in banca troverà che il suo stipendio arriva a 1.300 euro e che tutti quegli straordinari che ha fatto, non sono serviti a nulla perché di soldi per pagarli non ce ne saranno”!   Franco Maccari, Segretario Generale del COISP, il Sindacato Indipendente di Polizia, commenta così le parole che il Presidente del Consiglio ha pronunciato davanti ai cadetti della Scuola ufficiali dei carabinieri durante il discorso che il presidente del Consiglio ha tenuto in occasione dell’inaugurazione dell’anno accademico in corso. “Neanche vogliamo commentare la demagogia di circostanza usata da Berlusconi, né tanto meno vogliamo fare la parte di coloro i quali distruggono i sogni di ragazzi che si preparano ad affrontare una carriera nobilissima indossando una divisa. Però non ci stiamo – continua Maccari – non ci stiamo a sentire il maggiore rappresentante del Governo raccontare frottole anche ai giovani. Non ci stiamo ad ascoltare le solite bugie, ripetute come un mantra. Questo non è un Governo vicino alle Forze dell’Ordine e i disastri che sta combinando purtroppo ricadranno anche su quei giovani che Berlusconi voleva ammaliare, ma che in realtà ha solo preso in giro” . “Fanno bene i giovani a voler indossare una divisa, qualunque essa sia – conclude il Segretario Generale del Coisp – ma, Presidente, l’accademia allievi non è il set di un reality o di una fiction, lei non stava parlando a qualche sgallettata in cerca di una popolarità limitata nel tempo, lei stava parlando a uomini che si stanno formando per essere Servitori di un Stato che, ora più che mai, non li sta tutelando. Lei ancora una volta ha confuso la realtà con la fantasia. Basta bugie, vada nelle caserme, nelle questure e invece di raccontare bugie faccia un atto di umiltà chieda scusa alle Forze dell’Ordine per averle costretto all’oblio ed all’Italia intera per non aver investito in sicurezza e legalità”

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Una laurea in cinque giorni

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 1 ottobre 2010

C’e’ un sito Internet che promette una laurea in cinque giorni! Incredibile ma veritiera sfrontatezza di una presunta società di consulenza, Sky Trade con altrettanta presunta sede a Zurigo-Svizzera e uffici secondari a Londra, New York e Ningbo-Cina, societa’ che dice di essere proprietaria di quel sito dal 1997. La notizia di per se’ non e’ eclatante, ma fa riflettere -e molto- la lettera che ci ha inviato la signora Marina di Taranto: specchio di un’Italia tutt’altro che minore, alimentata da una cultura e una pratica basate su successo e affermazione dell’apparire; cultura di reality show, a cui si accede dopo code chilometriche in tutta Italia per la selezione, code in cui se chiedi ai ragazzi cosa vogliono fare da grandi, ti senti anche rispondere “la velina o il parlamentare”!
Il sito promette una laurea in cinque giorni dietro versamento  anticipato di una certa cifra, cosi’ presentandola: Oggi puoi ottenere senza mai mettere piede in un’aula o fare corsi, ma solo in base alla tua esperienza Una Laurea. Nessun bisogno di tenere esami di ammissione, nessun bisogno di studiare. Ricevi una laurea per quello che già sai! Conseguire una laurea o anche un dottorato di ricerca senza aprire un solo libro. (fonte aduc)

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Colpo grosso al reality show

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Dal 28 agosto Alacrán edizioni regala al pubblico una nuova occasione per apprezzare la genialità dell’autore newyorkese Donald Edwin Edmund Westlake: esce Get Real – Colpo grosso al reality show, ultimo inedito romanzo della serie che segue le divertenti gesta di John Dortmunder, ladro geniale e sfortunato. Nell’ultimo capitolo della saga più celebre di Westlake, John Dortmunder e la sua banda di professionali e sfigatissimi ladri vengono ingaggiati da una casa di produzione per partecipare a un reality incentrato sulle loro attività criminali. La domanda sorge spontanea: riusciranno i nostri eroi a portare a termine l’impresa senza farsi arrestare, nonostante quello che fanno sia continuamente spiato dalle telecamere?  In un crescendo di inganni e colpi di scena si scoprirà che i veri criminali non sono sempre quelli inseguiti dalla polizia…
Oltre 100 opere in carriera, tre volte vincitore dell’Edgar Allan Poe Award, insignito nel 1993 del titolo di Grand Master dall’associazione Mystery Writers of America. Una nomination all’Oscar per la sceneggiatura di Rischiose abitudini di Stephen Frears, una quindicina di film tratti dai suoi romanzi (tra cui La pietra che scotta con Robert Redford e Payback con Mel Gibson) tradotti in venti paesi. Questi sono solo alcuni dei tasselli che hanno caratterizzato l’incredibile vita professionale di Donald E. Westlake, il maestro del noir scomparso il 31 dicembre del 2008.
Donald Edwin Edmund Westlake Nato a Brooklyn il 12 luglio 1933 e scomparso presso San Tacho (Messico) la notte del 31 dicembre 2008, è considerato uno dei più grandi autori di mystery di tutti i tempi, maestro nell’introdurre l’elemento umoristico nelle trame poliziesche. Nella maggior parte dei romanzi firmati con il suo vero nome ha raccontato le gesta del ladro John Dortmunder e della sua banda. Get Real – Colpo grosso al reality show è la loro ultima avventura. (donald)

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Fundamental rights protection

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“Every second EU citizen ranks the protection of fundamental rights as the most important value to be defended” said FRA Director Morten Kjaerum to the European Parliament today. “The Treaty of Lisbon paves the way for a more fundamental rights-oriented process of law making. Positive initiatives have been developed in many Member States in 2009 to ensure that fundamental rights are protected. However, in these difficult economic times, the EU must guarantee more than ever that there is no rollback on fundamental rights protection. In particular, EU Member States need to ensure that bodies set up to protect and promote fundamental rights are really able to do so in practice, thereby making fundamental rights a reality for everyone in the EU.”  The FRA 2010 Annual Report provides concrete and comparative data on the situation on the ground in the 27 EU Member States. It also provides advice to the EU institutions and Member States, based on the evidence found.  The Agency’s surveys and studies undertaken in 2009 in particular show that many equality bodies, national human rights institutions and data protection authorities lack resources, are not independent enough, and often have very weak mandates. Many separated asylum-seeking children disappear whilst their case is being processed. LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual) persons suffer discrimination in areas of everyday life, such as at work or in bars. Racism continues to be a part of everyday life for many immigrants and minorities living in the EU, and the majority of EU Member States do not keep official records of racist crime.
The Report also collects examples of good practices that Member States can build on to improve fundamental rights protection in their respective country. For example, the law was changed in Scotland (UK) so that if an offence is committed because of a prejudice based on a person’s sexual orientation or transgender identity, this must now be taken into account in sentencing. This is the first European provision specifically tackling transgender hate crimes. Another example is the case of Hungary, where the Prime Minister announced a government plan to offer 200 positions to experts of Roma origin in public administration from January 2010. More good practice examples can be found in the media memo.

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Valorizzare i giovani talenti

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“Con questo progetto vogliamo creare una vetrina e una rete per far conoscere il più possibile le qualità dei tantissimi talenti italiani>>. Sono queste le parole con cui Carmelo Lentino, consigliere del Forum Nazionale dei Giovani con delega alla cultura, presenta il nuovo progetto “YouthTalent” promosso in tutto il territorio per valorizzare i tanti giovani che si vogliono affacciare nel panorama della cultura e dello spettacolo. L’iniziativa ha già ottenuto il patrocinio del Mi nistro della Gioventù, on. Giorgia Meloni. <<Non è il solito progetto per individuare giovani ai quali promettere tutto e poi – continua Lentino – non offrire nulla in cambio .Il nostro non è né un reality, né qualcosa di simile.Vogliamo mettere a disposizione il nostro network, per far emergere e “mostrare” i talenti italiani in tutti i settori: arte, cinema, danza, fotografia, grafica, musica, scrittura e teatro. Il tutto nasce in seno al Forum Nazionale dei Giovani, l’unica piattaforma italiana di rappresentanza giovanile, che garantisce, attraverso le quasi 80 organizzazioni che vi appartengono, una rappresentanza di oltre 4 milioni di giovani>>. <<Per avviare questo progetto – prosegue l’esponente del Forum Nazionale dei Giovani – abbiamo realizzato il sito attraverso il quale i ragazzi avranno la possibilità di mettersi in contatto con noi ed iniziare questa nuova ed importante avv entura. Il nostro Paese ha bisogno di nuovi talenti, e il nostro impegno concreto sarà quello di essere un canale importante per far conoscere le tante specialità che contraddistinguono i giovani d’oggi, specialità spesso non viste o ascoltate>>. <<Il talento – conclude Lentino – è saper esprimere quello che gli altri non riescono ad esprimere. E noi questo cerchiamo>>.

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Francesco Zefferino: Uncover reality

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Genova fino al 15/5/2010 Via Garibaldi, 7 Lomellino artecontemporanea La mostra presenta una selezione antologica di circa 20 opere, oli su tela di grande formato, di Francesco Zefferino. La pittura di Zefferino attinge da internet come unica fonte iconografica, tutte le sue immagini sono tratte da questo immenso contenitore di memoria collettiva che secondo l’artista alimenta un vero e proprio delirio di ubiquità di massa.  Le opere in mostra alla Galleria Lomellino Arte Contemporanea appartengono alle serie piu’ conosciute dell’artista: ritraggono scene di vita metropolitana, scene di quotidiana attesa lungo i percorsi che portano le persone, anonimi personaggi di un dramma che non ha trama, nei luoghi di lavoro, a casa, in ospedale, incontro alla morte o alla vita.  Zefferino usa l’iperrealismo di una pittura nitida e fotografica per fissare un istante fuggevole, un momento infinitesimale.  Il suo post-realismo gioca sulla non convenzionalità di una ritrattistica che aspira a sondare le pieghe nascoste del soggetto, ma usa il soggetto come una cavia da laboratorio per sondare le pieghe nascoste della pittura. (da una sintesi di Nicola Davide Angerame)
Francesco Zefferino e’ nato a Bari nel 1969. Vive e lavora ad Acquaviva delle Fonti.Dopo aver conseguito la maturità artistica frequenta la Facoltà di Architettura al Politecnico di Bari. (zefferino)

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Global business summit

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London/ Zurich/ New York. 3 – 5 June 2010. Innovative business leaders, CEOs, senior policy makers and NGOs from around the world will gather in Zermatt, Switzerland for the inaugural Zermatt Summit  It is the first annual business summit of its kind – which will be dedicated to placing the spotlight on the ‘human face of globalisation’ in the current economic crisis.  The turmoil in the global economy has left key decision-makers facing challenges on a myriad of fronts, which has implications for every stakeholder.  Most of them acknowledge that the current economic models are not working and that urgent action is required to change it.  Many feel that placing a band-aid such as further regulation does not tackle the real root of the problem.  Having witnessed the biggest corporate and financial collapses in history, many believe that we now need to encourage the next generation of business leaders to operate under a new and ethical mandate.  This is why it is critical that we influence the hearts and minds of key decision-makers who are responsible for formulating policy in business and government towards responsible leadership, in order to restore stability and identify new opportunities for growth in the world markets.  Business leaders with a strong set of values and principles, can inspire new behaviours and cultures and drive sustainable change.   The main objective of the Zermatt Summit is to formulate a roadmap and focus on three areas :-to revisit the corporate raison d’être of the firm  -to integrate leadership and ethics -to make corporate statesmanship a reality

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Concorso per una giornata da vip

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Roma 27 settembre 2009, con orario di inizio alle 12.00, presso il Soratte Outlet Shopping, si svolgera’ la sessione di provini per aggiudicarsi l’accesso diretto alla selezioni finali della prossima edizione del Grande Fratello che quest’anno compie 10 anni. Gli aspiranti partecipanti al reality più gettonato del palinsesto italiano avranno a disposizione, presso la cittadella dello shopping a nord di Roma, uno spazio allestito dedicato dove poter dare il meglio di se’ davanti alla telecamera e dimostrare di avere tutte le carte in regola per essere ammessi direttamente alla selezione conclusiva che si terra’ a Roma.  Tutti coloro che parteciperanno alla selezione del 27 settembre presso il Soratte Outlet Shopping, parteciperanno anche al concorso “Una giornata da VIP” compilando una cartolina ed imbucandola direttamente nell’urna dedicata. Il vincitore (o vincitrice) di questo concorso potra’ trascorrere un’intera giornata da vero VIP che si concludera’ con un posto riservato in studio per seguire dal vivo la prima puntata del Grande Fratello 10. Il premio finale prevede, infatti, anche accoglienza e arrivo in hotel super lusso di Roma, mattinata in una beauty farm, pranzo in un ristorante di alto livello, servizio fotografico realizzato da un professionista e aperitivo in un locale alla moda.  Soratte Outlet Shopping, aperto tutti i giorni, si trova all’uscita Ponzano Romano-Soratte dell’autostrada A1, in localita’ Sant’Oreste a nord di Roma. Per ulteriori informazioni: tel 0761.56541; oppure il sito

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