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‘Red Shoes Living,’ by Top-Rated Speaker and Executive Advisor Lonnie Mayne

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 25 luglio 2019

Beginning July 30, every leader, executive and champion in life can learn the principles keynote speaker, former technology executive and executive coach Lonnie Mayne has used to propel record results and remarkable lives. “Red Shoes Living” is Mayne’s premier book and unveils his five-step philosophy and straightforward framework for optimal performance and meaningful living. The book is available in Kindle format today with hard cover available July 30.Since childhood, Lonnie Mayne has been laying the foundation for the principles that embody Red Shoes Living in a way that respects all others as people first and employees, customers or representatives of any ethnicity or role in the socio-economic community second. More recently, as a mergers & acquisitions pro and technology executive, Lonnie used his philosophy to guide global CX leader InMoment to significant growth in more than 100 countries in a 10-year period. In every challenging experience he has asked himself: “How can I turn the ‘noise’ down and develop the full potential of our people and our organization?” In a nutshell, Red Shoes Living wakes people up in a way that is personally meaningful to every single employee and raises performance to never seen before levels at work as well as helping them to live more meaningful lives as they carry the framework forward. In early 2017, Lonnie took a giant step forward by moving beyond his organization to take his philosophy and process to the rest of the world. The result is Red Shoes Living—a five-step framework that is now available for everyone in hardcopy and e-Book format.
Inspired by Lonnie’s keynotes and executive leadership workshops, organizations of all sizes are adopting the award-winning Red Shoes Living philosophy and straightforward framework to develop high performance and sustainable leadership models, standout customer experiences and to build highly engaged and meaningful cultures that empower the people within to do their best work and live their best lives.Beyond the business arena, the philosophy is getting people excited in a way that carries beyond business leadership to make them wildly impactful in every part of their lives.

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