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Agreement reached on the 2021-2027 EU regional and cohesion funding

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 11 dicembre 2020

On Tuesday, a provisional agreement was reached on the future regional and cohesion funds, aimed at strengthening the EU’s economic, social and territorial cohesion.According to the provisional deal agreed by Parliament and Council’s negotiators, a significant part of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), which is by far the largest public EU fund, will be spent on smart growth and the green economy.EU countries will be able to choose between complying either at national or at regional level with the required minimum resources, allocated for each of these objectives. The thresholds are set as follows:Countries/regions: Minimum % of resources for “smarter Europe” Minimum % of resources for “greener Europe” Group 1 countries / more developed regions (GNI ratio equal to or above 100% of EU average) Group 2 countries / transition regions (GNI ratio between 75%-100% of EU average) Group 3 countries / less developed regions (GNI ratio below 75% of EU average) The Cohesion Fund (CF) will continue to focus on investment in environmental and transport infrastructure.The decommissioning or construction of nuclear power stations, activities linked to tobacco products, airport infrastructure (except for outermost regions), fossil fuels investments, among others, will be excluded from EU regional funding. An exception is made for natural gas projects that replace coal-based heating systems, retrofit gas infrastructure to allow the use of renewable and low carbon gases, as well as public procurement of clean vehicles. A maximum of between 0.2% and 1.55% of national ERDF and CF resources may be directed to such investments (these thresholds do not include investments in clean vehicles), according to criteria linked to GNI levels and dependence on fossil fuels. Moreover, projects that include natural gas investments must be approved by 31 December 2025 at the latest in order to receive funding. – More support for cities: at least 8% of the ERDF resources at national level earmarked for sustainable urban development and the creation of the “European Urban Initiative”; – Specific measures for outermost regions, islands and depopulated areas; – Respect of environmental, climate and biodiversity objectives, as well as circular economy principles; – Increased focus on research and innovation, including the creation of an “Interregional Innovation Investments Instrument”.

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2020 UfM Regional Stakeholder Conference on Blue Economy

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 7 febbraio 2020

The UfM Regional Stakeholder Conference on Blue Economy on 10 and 11 March 2020 will take place at the Palau de Pedralbes, in Barcelona (Spain). The UfM Regional Stakeholders Conference on Blue Economy is a key step on the way to the 2020 UfM Ministerial Conference on Blue Economy, scheduled for the 2nd July in Malta.The Stakeholder Conference is meant to offer the possibility to consult with a wide range of relevant actors on priority themes identified by the countries to feed the joint post 2020 Blue Economy agenda; promote dialogue and exchange of experiences on common areas of work; keep stock of the progress of the activities at regional level; and maintain a high participatory approach to ensure stakeholders involvement in pulling together capacities, mandates and resources. The conference will be structured along parallel thematic workshops/sessions. The WestMED Hackathons will be organized back-to-back to this conference.

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Regional security in the Middle East: exchange of views with Adel Al Jubeir

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 21 gennaio 2020

Bruxelles Tuesday 21 January, 17.45 – 18.30 CET European Parliament’s Antall building, room 2Q2. Saudi Arabia’s Minister of State for Foreign Relations Adel Al Jubeir will address MEPs in the Foreign Affairs Committee.His intervention will be followed by an exchange of views with Members of the Committee. The discussions are expected to focus on the latest political developments in the Middle East, sparked by increased tensions between Iran and the US, as well as other current challenges in the region.Mr Al-Jubeir, a career diplomat, assumed his current office in December 2018 and has previously served as his country’s foreign minister and ambassador to the United States.

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Regional Social Scoreboard

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 17 settembre 2019

Measuring social progress at regional level is crucial to ensure that European, national and regional investments support the EU’s social objectives. This is why the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) produced the first ever Regional Social Scoreboard, showing most EU regions have made progress between 2014-2018, though there are significant regional differences found in the EU.Since 2018, the European Commission has been monitoring social progress across the Member States using a Social Scoreboard covering 12 policy areas including unemployment, education, childcare, healthcare and digital skills. However, the CoR – EU’s assembly of local and regional leaders – raised concern that the Commission’s Scoreboard only provides data at the national level. Using Eurostat data, it subsequently launched the Regional Social Scoreboard to measure social progress in the EU’s regions. According to the Regional Social Scoreboard, the overall trend between 2014 and 2018 is positive: over 80% of EU regions have made improvement on social progress. At the same time, considerable differences exist within individual Member States, for instance between Italy’s northern and southern regions, a trend also observed in the Regional Innovation Scoreboard published earlier this year by the European Commission. Key findings:
The available Eurostat data allows covering 8 of the 12 policy areas of the European Commission’s Social Scoreboard at regional (NUTS 2) level with some adjustments. From this basis, the CoR has created a Regional Social Scoreboard that leads to the following conclusions:
– Early leavers from education and training: Prague leads the way. While the early dropout rate from education in the EU has fallen since 2010 from 13.9% to 10.6% in 2018, the regional data reveals significant disparities between regions: for example, the Czech Republic has an average of 6.2%, but that number fluctuates between 2.7% in Prague to 17.1 % in Northwest. Similarly, in Spain the national average is 21.5% but that number varies from 6.9% in Basque Country to 29.5 % in Melilla.
– Gender gap: no region where more women work than men. In 2018 there were no region in the EU where women’s employment rate exceeded that of men’s. The regions that saw the largest improvement in reducing the gender employment gap between 2014 and 2018 were Övre Norrland in Sweden (from 2.2% points in 2014 to 0.5% in 2018, corresponding to a 77.27% decrease in the gap), Haute-Normandie in France (63.83% decrease) and Brandenburg in Germany (62.22% decrease).
– People at risk of poverty or social exclusion: huge disparities in Italy. Though there is no accurate data available for all EU regions, there was an overall improvement though regional disparities still exist: in Italy, social exclusion in Bolzano was 8.5% in comparison to Sicily which stood at 52.1%.
– Young people neither in employment nor in training or education (NEETs): increases in the UK. Significant disparities exist between regions, with Dutch regions having the lowest percentages (Utrecht, 3.2%). While the highest for 2018 is found in Guyane, France ( 33.1%), followed by regions in Southern Italy (Sicily 31.5 %), the regions that witnessed the biggest rise in their NEET rates are primarily located in the United Kingdom (for example, North Eastern Scotland from 7.7% to 12%).
– Employment rate: top performers in Scandinavia. Huge disparities exist (from 40.8% in Mayotte, France, to 85.7% in Stockholm, Sweden). Regions in Southern Italy and overseas regions of France have the lowest levels of employment, Scandinavian regions the highest. Spanish and Hungarian regions showed the highest increases in the last four years.
– Unemployment rate: Greece still recovering from the crisis. With a handful of exceptions, all European regions have improved in the last four years, with the largest improvements being evident in regions in Eastern and non-euro area countries. Greek and Spanish regions have the highest unemployment rates in continental Europe (Western Macedonia peaking at 27%), German and Czech regions the lowest.
– Long-term unemployment: major regional disparities whilst Poland shows biggest improvement. Huge disparities in the levels of long-term unemployment (0.3% low to 28.7% high). Regions in Greece are the weakest performers, areas in the Czech Republic, Poland and the United Kingdom the strongest. Polish regions have shown the biggest improvement in the last four years.
– Life expectancy at birth: Spanish and Italian regions lead the ranking. This indicator is the only one in the field of healthcare for which regional data is available. Life expectancy is highest in Spanish and Italian regions (reaching 85.1 years in the Community of Madrid), whereas Bulgarian regions have the lowest life expectancy (73.5 in North-western Bulgaria).
The report classifies the 281 NUTS 2 regions in four categories, measuring their progress between 2014 and 2018 (it covers seven of the above mentioned 8 indicators, excluding “people at risk of poverty or social exclusion” due to the fragmentation of data):
· Strongly improving regions in which 7 indicators over these years have been positive (38 regions; 7 of them in the UK, 5 in Italy, 4 in the Netherlands, 3 in Germany, Poland and Spain each)
· Moderately improving regions in which between 5 and 6 indicators are positive (188 regions)
· Stagnating regions in which 3-4 indicators are positive (47 regions)
· Declining regions in which only 1-2 indicators are positive (5 regions, among them Aquitaine and Mayotte in France, Gießen in Germany and North Eastern Scotland in UK).

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Fortinet nomina la nuova Regional Vice President per la regione EMEA

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 15 marzo 2018

Fortinet® (NASDAQ: FTNT), leader mondiale nelle soluzioni di cybersicurezza integrate e automatizzate, ha nominato Lizzie Cohen-Laloum nuova Regional Vice President Southern Europe a capo delle Business Practice Carrier/MSSP per la regione EMEA, riportando direttamente a Yann Pradelle, Vice President Continental Europe. In qualità di senior executive dalla comprovata esperienza nello sviluppo del business e delle attività commerciali, Lizzie unirà le sue forze al team del regional management per guidare la crescita di Fortinet e l’espansione delle quote di mercato in tutta la regione. “Mi fa molto piacere avere Lizzie con noi. La sua esperienza nei segmenti di mercato enterprise e carrier telco, oltre alla solida conoscenza del settore, saranno risorse fondamentali per aiutarci a rafforzare la posizione di leadership di Fortinet in EMEA ed essere considerati come consulenti di sicurezza. Sono fiducioso che Lizzie ci aiuterà a raggiungere gli obiettivi di crescita prefissati per il 2018 e oltre”, ha commentato Yann Pradelle. Lizzie entra a far parte del team Fortinet da F5, dove ha trascorso 15 anni e ha ricoperto una serie di ruoli di leadership nelle vendite, inizialmente come Sales Director Southern Europe e in seguito come Senior Vice President of Sales EMEA. Prima di F5, Lizzie ha lavorato per 10 anni in Nortel Networks con il ruolo di International Sales Director, dove si è concentrata sull’integrazione dei prodotti di telecomunicazione enterprise dell’azienda sviluppati a livello regionale a coinvolgimento delle vendite del canale globale di Nortel. Commentando la sua nomina, Lizzie ha dichiarato: “Sono davvero entusiasta di entrare in Fortinet, che considero uno dei più innovativi fornitori globali di network security sul mercato. Il mio ruolo consiste nello sfruttare questo successo per accrescere ulteriormente la nostra quota di mercato attraverso un focus enterprise per perseguire la crescita nel segmento Carrier/MSSP, oltre a sviluppare partnership con gli attori chiave del settore. Sono convinta che Fortinet seguirà un percorso di grande successo e non vedo l’ora di affrontare le nuove sfide e opportunità future.”

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10th Regional Seapower Symposium

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 19 ottobre 2015

veneziaVenezia Dal 21 al 23 ottobre 2015 la Marina Militare ospiterà nella rinnovata Sala Squadratori dell’Arsenale di Venezia il 10th Regional Seapower Symposium, Forum Marittimo internazionale al quale parteciperanno circa 50 Capi delle Marine Militari del Mediterraneo, del Mar Nero e di altre Marine oltre a molteplici organizzazioni internazionali che hanno ruoli rilevanti nello stesso ambito.Il Simposio – evento biennale giunto alla sua decima edizione – si concentra sulla Sicurezza dei Mari nell’area del “Mediterraneo Allargato” per fornire risposte adeguate alle nuove sfide che, originate o provenienti dal mare, portano i loro effetti sulla sicurezza e sul benessere di tutti.Dialogo e cooperazione sono la chiave per sviluppare la necessaria fiducia reciproca tra le diverse nazioni che cooperano, grazie alle loro Marine, nelle comuni strategie di sicurezza per affrontare il terrorismo internazionale, la pirateria, l’immigrazione illegale ed l’inquinamento dell’ambiente marino.Per la prima volta, il Simposio si terrà nella Sala Squadratori “Tezon dei Squadradori del 1778”, luogo di grande valore storico e simbolico per la marineria veneziana, oggetto di un profondo e accurato lavoro di restauro da parte della Marina, in stretta collaborazione con la “Soprintendenza Belle Arti e Paesaggio per Venezia e Laguna”, che ha riportato a rinnovato splendore la più grande sala d’europa senza colonne, nel pieno rispetto della struttura originale e dei vincoli architettonici.

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New global and regional population estimates and projections presented by the United Nations

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 28 luglio 2015

Onu palaceNew York Wednesday, 29 July 2015, 11:00 a.m. EDT S-237, UN Headquarters. Press briefing by Mr. John Wilmoth, Director, Population Division, United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA), Mr. François Pelletier, Chief, Population Estimates and Projections Section, Population Division, UN DESA and Moderator: Ms. Francyne Harrigan, Chief, Development Section, UN Department of Public Information presenting the latest population estimates and projections: “World Population Prospects: The 2015 Revision”. The report published by the UN Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs provides a comprehensive review of worldwide demographic trends and future prospects. This information is essential to understand the progress achieved by the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and to guide policies aimed at achieving the new sustainable development agenda. Data presented incudes new estimates and projections for the world’s population from 1950 to the end of the century, along with new figures for country populations, and new estimates and projections for fertility, life expectancy, and net migration at global, regional and country levels.

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World Jewish Congress urges Greek party to withdraw candidate after anti-Semitic outburst

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 7 febbraio 2014

new yorkNEW YORK – The World Jewish Congress today called on the Greek party Syriza to withdraw a candidate for a regional governorship who made anti-Semitic statements about Greece’s Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras, and the country’s new public broadcasting channel NERIT.“Syriza should withdraw the candidacy of Theodoros Karypidis for governor of Western Macedonia because his hateful anti-Semitic conspiracy theories can have no place in public discourse in the world’s oldest democracy,” said WJC President Ronald S. Lauder. “We join Greece’s Jewish communities in calling for Karypidis’s removal from the Syriza list and from the party. Unfortunately, anti-Semitic outbursts such as this are not the reserve of extreme-right parties.”Syriza, a radical left-wing party, is the main opposition party in Greece. On his Facebook page, Karypidis alleged that NERIT, an acronym, is derived from the Hebrew word for candle, “ner,” which he linked to the Jewish festival of Hanukkah, which commemorates the struggle of the Maccabees against the Greeks. “Samaras is lighting the candles in the seven branched candelabra of the Jews and lighting Greece on fire after his visit to the Thessaloniki Synagogue,” Karypidis wrote, according to a Jewish Telegraphic Agency report. “He is organizing a new Hanukkah against the Greeks.”The synagogue visit to which Karypidis referred was an appearance Samaras made with WJC and Greek Jewish leaders at Thessaloniki’s historic Monastiriotes Synagogue in March 2013, at a ceremony commemorating the 1943 deportation of 50,000 of the city’s Jews to the Nazi death camps. It was the first such visit a Greek prime minister had made in the last 100 years.The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece (KIS), a WJC affiliate, issued a statement that said: “We hope that the leadership of Syriza, which is a significant democratic party, will take all the necessary measures so that those who express views that incite racial hatred, intolerance, and anti-Semitism, remain on the margins of Greek society. It is our common duty to safeguard the principles of democracy, freedom and religious tolerance in the 2014 Greece, against those who serve the forces of darkness and anti-Semitic stereotypes. We hope that the party of Syriza will continue to strictly follow the policy against racism and anti-Semitism which is adopted by all democratic parties in Greece and in Europe.”

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