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Japan’s coal renaissance poses serious risks to businesses and investors

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 29 Mag 2018

Tokyo, Japan Japan’s current coal-fired power policies and plans would result in carbon pollution between now and 2050 almost three times what is consistent with the Paris Agreement, risking stranded assets and loss of competitiveness for Japanese investors, says a new report by Climate Analytics, in collaboration with the Renewable Energy Institute of Japan.Unlike most developed countries, Japan plans to increase its coal-fired power capacity, and its banks are financing coal developments in other countries, especially in South East Asia, in contradiction of the deep emissions reductions required to curb climate change. Japan already has 45 Gigawatts of operating coal-fired generation capacity and plans to add about 18GW of new coal, of which 5GW are already under construction.The report evaluates whether Japan’s energy policies and long-term targets are compatible with meeting the objectives of the Paris Agreement, and what this means for policymaking and investors.In Japan – the sixth largest global greenhouse gas emitter – electricity generation is responsible for around 40% of its GHG emissions. In 2016, more than half of these came from coal (about 20% of total emissions), making it a major contributor to climate change.“To be in line with the Paris Agreement, developed countries need to phase out coal from their energy systems by 2030, yet Japan appears to be going in the opposite direction,” says lead author Paola Yanguas Parra from Climate Analytics. “If Japan’s emissions trajectory from its current energy and investment plans for coal were to continue, it would overshoot its Paris Agreement emissions budget for coal in the electricity sector by 292% by 2050. It’s clear from our analysis that Japan’s primary focus for achieving its national commitments – and the Paris Agreement goals – should be to urgently address emissions from coal.”Japan’s Paris pledge is inadequate in meeting the Paris Agreement goals, foreseeing a 26% share of coal but only a 22-24% share of renewables by 2030. It also includes a 20-22% share of nuclear, which has been challenged by other studies that suggest a more realistic share is a maximum of 10%.“The Fukushima disaster revealed that Japan’s climate policy to rely on nuclear power was a failure – nor will efficiency standards for coal bring the necessary emissions reductions. Japan needs a much higher renewable energy target, and increasing numbers of companies are demanding renewable energy,” said Yuri Okubo, of the Renewable Energy Institute.

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Nasce renaissance per il rinascimento della medicina estetica

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 18 gennaio 2017

medicina-estetica“Renaissance rappresenta il presente ed il futuro dell’eccellenza laser italiana – afferma l’Ing. Paolo Salvadeo, Direttore Generale di El.En. SpA a cui DEKA e Quanta System appartengono. Ispirati dagli stessi valori del Rinascimento fiorentino, il nostro obiettivo è diventare artefici di una potente rinascita attraverso sistemi laser d’avanguardia, con cui migliorare la qualità di vita delle persone, creando al contempo opportunità, nuovi posti di lavoro ed un circolo virtuoso per dare spinta, anche partendo dal nostro settore, al rilancio economico del paese. Per farlo abbiamo unito le forze sul campo, i migliori prodotti di entrambe le aziende, mettendo a fuoco l’esperienza trentennale di due importanti realtà leader nella progettazione, produzione e commercializzazione di laser per applicazioni nei settori medicale ed estetico. DEKA e Quanta System, dopo aver conquistato separatamente importanti fette di mercato, hanno deciso di unirsi e dare vita ad un colosso con cui conquistare una vera leadership sul mercato italiano”. Il direttore commerciale di Renaissance, Lapo Cirri, ha dichiarato, al lancio del nuovo progetto, avvenuto il 16 gennaio a Firenze: “Siamo orgogliosissimi di questa operazione. Renaissance è una risposta fortissima a una precisa domanda che si è manifestata negli ultimi anni da parte del mercato. La tendenza in corso vede infatti crescere sempre di più la spesa degli italiani per la cura di sé.Secondo i più recenti dati di Cosmetica Italia, nel 2015 gli italiani hanno speso oltre 9,7 miliardi di euro in prodotti per la bellezza. Un trend confermato anche dal fatto che l’Italia è il settimo paese al mondo per numero di trattamenti medico-estetici effettuati con apparecchiature elettromedicali: secondo l’International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Isaps nel 2015 sono stati eseguiti quasi 280 mila trattamenti di Medicina Estetica contro 139 mila interventi di chirurgia estetica”. Termina Cirri affermando: “Renaissance è un’opportunità unica che vogliamo sfruttare ora, più che mai, creando forti sinergie all’interno di El.En., un gruppo che tra le altre cose, oggi capitalizza circa 450 Milioni di Euro”.
DEKA nasce nel 1991 come spin-off della società El.En. affermandosi subito tra le aziende leader nella progettazione, produzione e nella commercializzazione di laser per applicazioni dermatologiche, di medicina estetica e chirurgiche (anche in campo oncologico).
Quanta System è un’azienda nata nel 1985, con sede a Samarate (Va). Dal 2004, appartenente al gruppo El.En., Quanta è tra le prime aziende al mondo nella produzione di laser e piattaforme fotoniche uniche per tre settori scientifici: medicina estetica, chirurgia e arte. Negli ultimi 20 anni si è affermata come leader nello sviluppo e nella produzione di una vasta gamma di sistemi Laser per la Dermatologia, la Medicina Estetica e la Chirurgia.

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Renaissance Lecture Series

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 10 giugno 2010

Toronto Sunday, June 13th, 2010; 2-3 pm.  Bata Shoe Museum – 327 Bloor Street West The Bata Shoe Museum Presents Renaissance Lecture Series Lost Girls: Sex and Death in Renaissance Florence Illustrated talk by Prof. Nicholas Terpstra, Dept. of History, University of Toronto $14 per person; Free for Bata Shoe Museum members and faculty/students at the  Centre for Renaissance and Reformation Studies,University of Toront In 1554, dozens of Florentine women pooled their resources and opened an orphanage which quickly became the largest girl’s shelter in Florence. Within weeks of opening, girls in the home were dying by the dozens. Prof. Terpstra will examine these events and attempt to recreate this world where girls lived and died in Renaissance Florence.

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Contract to sell Technologies

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 15 agosto 2009

Alzenau, Germany NUKEM GmbH, Alzenau, has signed a contract to sell its subsidiary company NUKEM Technologies GmbH to the Russian Atomstroyexport. NUKEM Technologies is active worldwide in engineering, management of radioactive waste and decommissioning nuclear facilities, and with these activities is an outstanding match for the portfolio of Atomstroyexport. he management of NUKEM GmbH is certain that it has selected a viable and strategic future investor for its subsidiary. CFO Dirk Martens said, “Atomstroyexport offers our colleagues in the engineering business the chance to further develop their activities and markets. So jobs at NUKEM Technologies are secured and can be expanded in connection with the global renaissance of nuclear energy.” NUKEM GmbH will concentrate on its core business in future. Together with its American subsidiary, NUKEM GmbH is one of the world’s largest providers of nuclear fuel services. Atomstroyexport belongs to the Russian nuclear holding Rosatom and employs a workforce of around 1,200. The enterprise is one of the world leaders in nuclear power plant construction. Closing is expected to be by the end of 2009; it has been agreed that contract details will not be disclosed.

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Robert Stone: Polka Fever

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 28 luglio 2009

stoneLondon until 20/9/2009 Battersea Park Pump House Gallery Pump House Gallery continues its commitment to providing emerging artists their first significant London solo show with the presentation of Robert Stone’s curiously titled exhibition ‘Polka Fever’. Stone’s paintings, executed with a distinctive and eccentric painterly technique, weave whimsical scenarios – strange protagonists and their foolish displays of flamboyance are frozen in moments of time. An eclectic range of references and influences converge in Stone’s artistic practice from high end fashion, F. Scott Fitzgerald to Bryan Ferry as well as nods to painters such as Henri Rousseau and his primitive style, the vignettes of Edward Burra and the early renaissance Italian painters Fra Filippo Lippi and Giovanni di Paolo. These references emerge in the most peculiar of subject matter – fashionably clad characters parachuting, a gorilla being stood up on a blind date, women stranded on lake of floating pool tables and a gentlemen burning all his worldly belongings in a bath. Robert Stone was born in London in 1981. He graduated with a Masters from Slade School of Fine Art in 2005 and was selected for the Bloomberg New Contemporaries. He also took part in the artist residency project ‘Take Over’ at Pump House Gallery in 2007. Since then he has painted for intense periods of time, working primarily in Berlin and Zurich. Stone has work in private and museum collections in UK, Germany, Italy, United States and Tasmania. (stone)

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Tullio Lombardo An Antiquity of Imagination

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 6 luglio 2009

imaginationWashington until 1/11/2009 National Gallery of Art  4th Street and Constitution Avenue curated by Alison Luchs  In the first exhibition dedicated to Venetian Renaissance sculptor Tullio Lombardo (c. 1455-1532), his romantic approach to portraiture is revealed in four of his greatest marble carvings, which are joined by eight related works from his closest circle. On view at the National Gallery of Art’s Italian galleries in the West Building from July 4 through November 1, 2009, An Antiquity of Imagination: Tullio Lombardo and Venetian High Renaissance Sculpture celebrates the artist’s pioneering talent.  The exhibition is sponsored by The Exhibition Circle of the National Gallery of Art. A fully illustrated exhibition catalogue includes scholarly essays by Luchs; Adriana Augusti, director of the Galleria Giorgio Franchetti alla Ca’ d’Oro, Venice; Matteo Ceriana, deputy director of the Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan; Sarah Blake McHam, professor of art history at Rutgers University; Debra Pincus, independent scholar; and Alessandra Sarchi, research project manager at the Fondazione Federico Zeri, Università di Bologna. Published with Yale University Press, the catalogue is 160 pages with 62 color and 23 black-and-white illustrations and will be available in July 2009 from the Gallery Shops for $60 (hardcover).
Tullio and his younger brother Antonio, both gifted sculptors, worked with their father Pietro Lombardo in the family firm, a leading force in architecture and sculpture in Venice well into the 16th century. While traditional demand for sculpture in Renaissance Venice centered on projects for churches, public monuments, and architectural decoration, Tullio created new forms of private art.  The exhibition presents other close-up bust-length images, in relief and in the round, that display Tullio’s sensuous and expressive qualities. They include his own soulful, curly haired Relief Bust of a Youth (c.1505) as well as Simone Bianco’s Bust of a Woman (c.1515/1520), in a pleated gown that falls suggestively open, and Antonio Minello’s Grieving Heroine (1520s), a delicate miniature bust with elaborately bound and loosened hair winding over her bare shoulders.  (imagination)

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Migrazione artistica

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 8 Mag 2009

migrazione artisticaBologna 11-13 maggio 2009, Casa Saraceni (Sala Assemblee, via Farini 15  Convegno Internazionale di Studi Crocevia e capitale della migrazione artistica: forestieri a Bologna e bolognesi nel mondo  (secc. XV- XVI)  Il progetto di ricerca Crocevia e capitale della migrazione artistica: forestieri a Bologna e bolognesi nel mondo (secc. XV- XVIII) è sostenuto dalla Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio in Bologna in collaborazione con l’École Pratique des Hautes Études, Paris, Direction d’étude d’Histoire de l’art de la Renaissance. La prima sezione del convegno darà ampio spazio al ruolo chiave di Bologna come crocevia di scambi internazionale, all’indagine della mentalità che ha permeato il milieu culturale cittadino e della flessibilità dei suoi protagonisti, interrogandosi sulla questione, ancora aperta, di una presunta “bolognesità”. In questa cornice si rivela essenziale l’analisi del clima intellettuale a Bologna e in particolare dello Studium cittadino (la struttura universitaria, i metodi didattici, i maestri, gli studenti iscritti, l’attività editoriale). Assume un ruolo di primo piano anche lo studio delle Scienze naturali affrontato con una metodologia sistematica, che potrebbe avere influito su altre materie e discipline (Aldrovandi, Jacopo Ligozzi), così come l’interesse per l’anatomia. Ulteriori approfondimenti verteranno sull’indagine dell’ambiente umanistico ed artistico, investigato nei suoi risvolti antiquariali e sull’importante ruolo assunto dall’incisione. Un argomento di straordinario interesse è quello dello studio della prospettiva, affrontato anche da artisti e studiosi stranieri. In tale contesto non ci si potrà esimere dall’affrontare le biografie di alcuni protagonisti. Circa il ruolo giocato dagli artisti bolognesi in Europa, in questi ultimi anni l’attenzione è stata rivolta prevalentemente alla Francia, come testimoniano le recenti mostre Primatice, maitre de Fontainbleau, a cura di Dominique Cordellier (Paris, 2004, Bologna 2005) e Nicolò dell’Abate, a cura di Sylvie Béguin e Francesca Piccinini (Modena 2005) e la monografia Francesco Primaticcio architetto a cura di Sabine Frommel con la collaborazione di Flaminia Bardati (Milano 2005); nelle successive sezioni del Convegno verrà dunque privilegiato lo studio di artisti europei attivi a Bologna e l’indagine sui bolognesi in Europa e in Russia. (migrazione artistica)

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