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Renewable fuels can replace up to 70% of Russian crude oil imports by 2030

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 23 marzo 2022

Berlin. Whether it’s refueling or heating, the current situation clearly shows the war in Ukraine is also affecting energy supplies in Germany. The rising energy and fuel costs are already threatening the existence of many. But how can the European energy dilemma of high energy import dependency from Russia on the one hand and ambitious climate targets on the other be overcome in the current crisis? What role do hydrogen and renewable fuels play in this?On the one hand, a secure and affordable energy supply must be guaranteed, and on the other hand, the energy sector must become environmentally friendly in order to achieve the set climate targets. Currently, about 60% of the European energy demand is covered by imported fossil fuels and 15% by renewable energies. Thus, we are far away from an environmentally friendly, climate-neutral and stable self-sufficiency in energy. In a detailed paper, the eFuel Alliance has outlined possible solutions to address this dilemma. For example, a global view plays an important role – especially in the expansion of renewable energies. Reserves of fossil fuels are largely concentrated in a few regions of the world, which increases dependence on individual countries. The potential of renewable energies, on the other hand, is much more diversely distributed. However, renewable electricity is difficult to store and transport over long distances. Therefore, conversion into chemical energy carriers such as eFuels is necessary to utilize the global potential. eFuels can be produced where climatic and geographic conditions allow low-cost production and where there is no competition for use. The effectiveness of wind turbines in Patagonia and in Germany, for example, differs by a factor of four. Ralf Diemer the managing director of the eFuel Alliance adds, “If the build-up of eFuels production starts now, the first quantities of climate-neutral fuels will be available as early as 2025 and at affordable prices. However, the necessary policy framework to enable eFuel production on an industrial scale is still lacking. The eFuel Alliance has already made policy proposals that meet the sustainability criteria of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED).

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Swisspower Renewables AG acquisisce in Italia altre cinque centrali idroelettriche

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 29 novembre 2019

Swisspower Renewables AG, importante società elvetica nel campo delle energie rinnovabili, ha acquistato altre cinque centrali idroelettriche in Italia portando il suo portfolio a 39 proprietà e diventando uno dei maggiori produttori esteri di energia idroelettrica in Italia.
Con questa operazione Swisspower Renewables AG ha rilevato il 100% delle azioni delle società italiane di energia idroelettrica Tecnowatt e 3Hydro, diventando quindi proprietaria di altre tre centrali idroelettriche nella provincia di Sondrio e due centrali in Basilicata. Complessivamente le centrali acquistate avranno una potenza di circa 12 megawatt (MW) e produrranno circa 32 gigawattora (GWh) di elettricità all’anno.Dopo la recente operazione conclusasi a luglio 2019 in cui la Swisspower Renewables aveva acquisito il 50 percento delle azioni societarie di Energia Ambiente affermando ancora di più la propria presenza nel nostro paese, oggi la produzione annuale di energia elettrica proveniente da fonti idriche prodotta dalla società svizzera raggiungerà circa 242 GWh, a cui si aggiungono altri 400 GWh provenienti da fonti eoliche prodotti dai 26 parchi eolici situati tra Italia e Germania. “Con questa nuova acquisizione, stiamo perseguendo risolutamente la nostra strategia di focalizzazione sull’energia idroelettrica e l’eolico on-shore in Italia e Germania – afferma Felix Meier, CEO di Swisspower Renewables AG -. In futuro prevediamo ulteriori acquisizioni. Allo stesso tempo, la società subentrerà gradualmente nella gestione e nella manutenzione delle proprie centrali idroelettriche in Italia che fino a questo momento erano affidati a fornitori terzi. Gestendo i nostri impianti attraverso la nostra società, possiamo sfruttare le sinergie, approfondire il nostro know-how degli impianti e ridurre i costi operativi”.Con la produzione di energia rinnovabile, Swisspower Renewables contribuisce alla realizzazione del «Master Plan 2050» che in Svizzera ha l’obiettivo di ridurre drasticamente le emissioni di CO2 entro il 2050 permettendo alle municipalizzate svizzere di fornire ai propri clienti solo energia prodotta da fonti rinnovabili e senza emissioni di CO2. Swisspower Renewables sta portando avanti l’espansione all’estero acquisendo centrali di energia rinnovabile che al momento non sono presenti in Svizzera. Al fine di garantire anche in futuro la sicurezza dell’approvvigionamento nel paese, è indispensabile produrre contemporaneamente più energia rinnovabile utilizzando anche le fonti provenienti dalla Germania.Azionisti di Swisspower Renewables AG:Services Industriels de Genève • Eniwa AG • Stadtwerk Winterthur • StWZ Energie AG • ewb Natur Energie AG • Energie Thun AG • Regionalwerke Holding AG Baden • Technische Betriebe Weinfelden AG • SH POWER • SWL Energie AG • Technische Betriebe Kreuzlingen • UBS Clean Energy Infrastructure Switzerland 2

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Energy Atlas 2018 reveals 100% renewable energy is viable now

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 27 aprile 2018

Technology now available makes a 100% renewable energy system viable, according to an ‘Energy Atlas’ published today by Friends of the Earth Europe, the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, the European Renewable Energies Federation (EREF), and the Green European Foundation.The new report – a unique and comprehensive summary of facts and graphics on renewable energy in Europe, with country-by-country data – exposes the dramatic advance of renewable energy and the future shape of energy in Europe. The expert authors reveal that:Technology now available makes a 100% renewable energy system viable – with today’s smart energy storage, sector connections, and demand response tools helping to overcome the longstanding renewable energy challenge of variable supply;Cities and ‘energy citizens’ are at the vanguard of Europe’s energy transition – which is seeing Europe’s energy shift to greater democratisation and decentralisation. Close to 1,000 local leaders are committed to carbon neutral cities by mid-century, and 42% of renewables in Germany are owned by citizens and cooperatives;An economic transformation is taking place, with more Europeans now employed in well-paying and secure jobs in the renewables sector than are employed in the coal industry;European level cooperation and interconnectivity aids the energy transition across the continent – however, more action is needed for Europe to reclaim its position as a world leader in renewables, having fallen behind China, the US, Japan and Brazil.
The launch comes as EU energy ministers, MEPs and EU Energy Commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete reach a crunch point in negotiations on the next generation of energy legislation – talks that will be decisive for Europe’s energy transition going into one of the last-chance decades for climate change action.

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