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Brookstone Partners Prepares Recapitalization Strategy to Rescue Platinum Power’s Projects

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 29 marzo 2019

Brookstone Partners, Platinum Power’s reference shareholder, learned through the press that during Platinum Power’s Extraordinary General Meeting (“EGM”) on February 5, 2019, decisions other than those on the agenda were taken. These decisions would concern the appointment of new directors of the company and the retention of Omar Belmamoun as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.Brookstone Partners contends that, “if such information is correct, this decision would be contrary to the company’s legal and statutory provisions. As a reminder, the EGM does not and cannot be competent to appoint the Company’s Board of Directors. Any change to the agenda of the meeting must be done by unanimity.” In light of these factors, Brookstone Partners will seek the annulment of all decisions of this EGM other than those related to the continued operation of Platinum Power, which Brookstone Partners approves.Brookstone Partners believes that the announcement does not reflect Platinum Power’s current situation, and the new Board of Directors thus constituted would be invalid.
Brookstone claims that “reappointing Mr. Belmamoun as CEO is a wrong-headed decision, which we oppose as a matter of principle.” Although surrounded by a dedicated and very high-quality team, there is mounting evidence that he has committed too many egregious management errors, which have led the company to the current situation. Brookstone Partners also disapproves that this EGM did not address recapitalization solutions.As a majority investor, Brookstone Partners hopes to work with all shareholders, including minority shareholders, who have always demonstrated a strong willingness and determination to address the difficult situations that Platinum Power has faced to date, in order to find a viable, serious, and credible solution to move forward.This intention to work for the development of Platinum Power and its projects is not new to Brookstone Partners. As the largest investor in terms of equity with 43.67% of Platinum Power and in terms of shareholder current accounts with nearly 80% of shareholder debt, Brookstone Partners has consistently supported Platinum Power since the company’s inception, and more specifically from August 2016 to May 2018, by helping to finance all the company’s expenses over this period. This support only ceased when Mr. Belmamoun decided to refuse the recapitalization plan. Brookstone Partners reaffirms its willingness to implement a recapitalization plan, conditional on the removal of Mr. Omar Belmamoun from the company’s management.Brookstone Partners believes his obstinacy to remain CEO, while refusing the recapitalization plan, creates a prejudicial situation for the company, solely for the purpose of serving Mr. Belmamoun’s personal interests.

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Immigrants: rescue, reception, integration

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 19 giugno 2018

On the immigration issue we played a dirty game that in a few years has cost us uncontrolled arrivals for hundreds of thousands of people and tens of billions euros practically thrown to the wind. If we find ourselves in a country that is loyal to the rules we should open a parliamentary inquiry to ascertain responsibilities and identify the guilty by strictly prosecuting them civilly, criminally and patrimonially. There are so many disasters that we are obliged to witness, and we have not failed to transform Italy into the largest refugee camp in Europe with the indifference of the Community authorities if not their connivance. But the most serious aspect is still another and here we really talk about the cynicism of that part of the political class that embarked on this adventure not having prepared in due time adequate instruments of reception and integration. And today the joke is added to the bad news. The same authors of this collapse allow themselves to be scandalized if we close the ports as if they did not know that the responsibility derives from having put the country in disarray by creating crumbling reception facilities away light years from a minimum reception and encouraging the exploitation of a manpower with jobs in black and forcing them to live in the slums without assistance and depriving them of all rights. In the end they are tearing their clothes and accusing the current rulers of racism. But where were they when thousands of immigrants disembarked along the Italian coast, especially in Sicily, and allowed these poor people to be ghettoized and exploited in an indecent manner? (Riccardo Alfonso)

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Nato warship makes dramatic rescue

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 22 maggio 2010

London: The crew from NATO Flagship HMS Chatham made a dramatic rescue of 23 seamen from a merchant vessel off the coast of Somalia.  The Royal Navy warship had been busy patrolling the sea area approximately 80 miles west of Socotra as part of NATO’s counter-piracy operation ‘Ocean Shield’ when the drama began early morning Thursday 20 May.  HMS Chatham’s Bridge team received a distress call from the Master of MV Dubai Moon, who said that his ship was caught in a tropical storm 90 miles south west of Socotra and struggling to make headway in extremely rough seas and high winds.  The warship immediately made best speed towards the merchantman.  As HMS Chatham made her way into the storm, the weather worsened into a tropical cyclone and the situation onboard Dubai Moon became even more perilous.  Listing heavily, with her cargo of vehicles crashing around the deck, she drifted ever closer to a small island off the coast.  It was only due to the tireless efforts of the Master that she avoided running aground.
The Master and HMS Chatham’s Commanding Officer, Commander Simon Huntingdon Royal Navy, spoke throughout the night trying to determine the best way to save the vessel.  At daybreak on Friday 21 May Dubai Moon dropped her anchors in an attempt to hold her position as by now she was getting ever closer to another, larger island, Jazirat Samhah.   Whilst her anchors did not take permanent hold, they prevented her from running aground onto a reef, which she cleared by less than 1000 yards before being pushed offshore by the wind.  As the day wore on the weather improved slightly, presenting HMS Chatham with an opportunity to rescue the crew. In very challenging conditions, the warship launched her Lynx helicopter and, in an operation which lasted for over 3 hours, the 23 seamen were winched by helicopter to safety from the MV Dubai Moon.  The relieved seamen were given hot drinks and blankets when they landed onboard HMS Chatham.  After the rescue, Hassan Madar the Ethiopian Master of the MV Dubai Moon said “Normally we operate close to the coast, but we had to go far out to sea to avoid pirates.  That meant we could not find shelter from the storm.  If we had not been rescued by the Royal Navy and NATO we would have died with my ship.  They were the only people to respond to our distress call; we owe them our lives.”
NATO has contributed to the international counter piracy effort off the Horn of Africa since December 2008.  The mission has expanded from escorting UN and World Food Programme Shipping under Operation Allied Provider and protecting merchant traffic in the Gulf of Aden under Operation Allied Protector.  In addition to these activities and as part of the latest mission, Operation Ocean Shield, NATO is working with other international bodies to help develop capacity of countries in the region to tackle piracy on their own.

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Haiti’s quake: a woman out from the rubble

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 22 gennaio 2010

A second woman was rescued by the Caritas team from the ruins of Port-au-Prince’s Cathedral. Earlier, a Caritas organized Search and Rescue team has pulled a woman out from the rubble of Haiti’s quake. It took two hours to pull Enu Zizi from the rubble. She was in pain but ok. Cancun Mexico Rescue Brigade and the South African Relief Team have been working with Caritas for the past week. “The rescue of Zizi has been the best thing  in the team we have experienced. It is the first time we have saved somebody´s life after such a long time after the quake. The team has got an energy boost new and we are heading out to do more work as there is still hope,” said Ahmed Bham,leader of the South African Relief Team. The identity of the second woman is not yet know. She was about 60 years old. Sadly, the team also found the body of the Vicar General Mons Charles Benoit. They found his body, with his hands around a reliquary with a wafer inside. Mexican doctors with Caritas along with Cuban doctors are taking care of survivors at the Cathedral. People are arriving with serious wounds in advanced degrees of decomposition. The doctors have been carrying out amputations to save lives. (rescue)

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