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Nonprofit CureDuchenne Launches Biobank to Fuel Research for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 15 ottobre 2019

CureDuchenne, a global leader in research, patient care, and innovation in improving and extending the lives of those living with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (Duchenne), announced today it has initiated the development of a biobank for Duchenne. The CureDuchenne Biobank is dedicated to empowering Duchenne research and the search for a cure for Duchenne that is independent and accessible to all researchers.In partnership with Dr. Tahseen Mozaffar of the University of California, Irvine (UCI) for strategic development and implementation, and with RUDER Infinite Biologics (RUCDR), the world’s largest university-based biorepository, for biobanking services, the CureDuchenne Biobank plans to begin sample collecting immediately at CureDuchenne Cares events around the country.“CureDuchenne is committed to supporting projects that could lead to a cure for Duchenne. But with limited resources to conduct research, scientists at academic institutions, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies are not able to conduct the work necessary to find a cure for every child with Duchenne,” said Debra Miller, founder and CEO, CureDuchenne. “To fill that gap, it’s important to provide researchers with free and unrestricted access to the cell lines they need for Duchenne research,” Miller added. “Advances in precision medicine rely on open access biobanks with human biological specimens for analysis with the latest technologies long after the time of their collection,” said Dr. Andrew Brooks, chief operating officer, RUDCR Infinite Biologics. “We are thrilled to add Duchenne to the growing list of biobanks to help cure genetic diseases like Duchenne,” Dr. Brooks added.Minimally invasive blood and skin tissue samples will be requested on a voluntary basis from patients and, if possible, from their unaffected immediate blood relatives (parents, siblings or adult children) who may be interested in supporting scientific studies. To help ensure that Duchenne patients from all population groups can potentially benefit from the research, Duchenne patients from diverse age ranges, ambulatory status, genetic mutations and racial, cultural and socioeconomic groups are strongly encouraged to participate in this initiative.By donating specimen to the dedicated CureDuchenne Biobank, families will: enable the development of patient cell lines specialized to their child’s gene mutation that can be used by any researcher to develop customized treatments; contribute to genetic studies to understand how any of the mutations in the body affect disease progression and response to therapies; and contribute to research investigating how to harness the immune response to allow for more effective treatment.The proposed CureDuchenne Biobank board will consist of experts in biorepositories and registries, technology transfer, genetics, neuromuscular disease, immunology and ethical, legal and social issues. Dr. Tahseen Mozaffar and Dr. Armando Villalta, assistant professor, Department of Physiology & Biophysics, UCI School of Medicine are leading the CureDuchenne Biobank board. Together with CureDuchenne executives, the governing board will determine access to the CureDuchenne Biobank collection. Deidentified data and samples will be released to approved researchers in Duchenne.

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Update on the research operations of the Bourbon Rhode crew

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 8 ottobre 2019

Several vessels have continued to survey the search area today, with no results for the past 4 days. The CROSS has decided to make the search operation evolve. It will regularly disseminate messages to vessels in the shipwreck zone and ask them to carry out adapted watch.”BOURBON and all its employees are in mourning today and I would like to reiterate our sincere condolences and our full support to the families and loved ones of the victims. We are working in close cooperation with the various stakeholders to understand the facts and circumstances of this tragedy. Finally, we thank the entire maritime community for its many signs of solidarity, so precious in these difficult times. I would like to reiterate our heartfelt thanks to the CROSS teams, the crews of the French Navy and the commercial vessels involved in search operations,” BOURBON Corporation CEO Gael Bodénès declared.
Among the market leaders in marine services for offshore oil & gas, BOURBON offers the most demanding oil & gas companies a wide range of marine services, both surface and sub-surface, for offshore oil & gas fields and wind farms. These extensive services rely on a broad range of the latest-generation vessels and the expertise of more than 8,200 skilled employees. Through its 31 operating subsidiaries the group provides local services as close as possible to customers and their operations throughout the world, of the highest standards of service and safety.

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8th Annual Research Conference

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 1 ottobre 2019

OptionMetrics, an options database and analytics provider for international institutional investors and academic researchers, is announcing Dean Curnutt, Founder and CEO of Macro Risk Advisors, will keynote its 8th Annual Research Conference (ORC2019), Monday, October 28, at Fordham University, New York City. To provide perspective on the current market, Curnutt will provide a retrospective look at some of the largest blow-ups in the derivatives market, what happened, and why, in his talk, “Steroids, Credit Growth and the Derivatives Blow Up Hall of Fame.”Under Curnutt’s leadership, Macro Risk Advisors has become the highest ranked boutique in the Tabb Group Survey of Option Research providers and offers in-depth global market risk analysis and transaction execution services. Curnutt formerly was managing director and head of equity sales-trading at Banc of America Securities. A recognized expert on risk and cross-asset volatility, he frequently appears on Bloomberg TV to share his views on markets and has delivered keynote presentations at the CBOE Risk Management Conference. Curnutt was named a “Rising Star of Hedge Funds” by Institutional Investor. He is an adjunct professor of finance and a member of the Board of Governors at St. John’s University.

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Cancer Research Project Funded by Massachusetts Life Sciences Center Grant

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 13 settembre 2019

Digital Health Impact – Aimed at offering more effective drugs at a lower cost to cancer patients turning to photomedicine as an alternative to chemotherapy, a grant from the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center (MLSC) will have chemical and data scientists working side by side at the Lopez Lab of Boston’s Northeastern University and the Cambridge facilities of Kebotix, an artificial intelligence technology company for new chemicals and materials.
“What makes this grant different from many others is it’s bringing industry and academics closer together, while importing top data scientists to Massachusetts to work on today’s most pressing life science problems,” said Dr. Steven Lopez, assistant professor of chemistry at Northeastern University.The project was among several announced today at Digital Health Impact 2019, a summit hosted by the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council that explores how life sciences companies may capitalize on the power of data and digital technologies in transforming drug development, discovery and patient care.Lopez’s research team uses high-throughput quantum mechanical computation to identify next-generation organic materials for applications in renewable energy and photomedicine. The results of these computations are open-access via Lopez’s website ( Partnering with Kebotix and its self-driving lab, the world’s first for materials discovery powered by machine learning algorithms for decision making and robots for synthesis and characterization, the Lopez Lab is expected to drastically accelerate development of multicolor chromophores used in cancer surgery and light-activated therapy.The partnership provides Northeastern University access to Kebotix’s autonomous lab capabilities and the team’s expertise in machine learning of materials properties.

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“Global Clinical Research Services – Procurement Market Intelligence Report”

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 13 settembre 2019

The spend momentum for this market is attributed to the increase in R&D expenditure to cater to the pressing requirement for new drugs and devices in emerging countries such as India, China, Brazil, and Argentina. Prevalence of chronic diseases and the aging demography will create demand for newer and better drugs in these countries.This report provides actionable insights to improve source-to-contract cycle performance in the Global Clinical Research Services Market. It helps sourcing professionals formulate better category strategies, enhance savings, understand supplier and market challenges, and implement sourcing best practices.
The report provides up-to-date information about market shifts and potential risks, as well as in-depth knowledge of products and services, which can help in planning and in executing category management activities. It focuses on the cost-saving aspects of procurement and on providing insights that can lead to optimization of category spend.

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Global Central Nervous System Diseases Drug Delivery Research Report 2019

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 15 agosto 2019

The “Drug Delivery in Central Nervous System Diseases – Technologies, Markets & Companies” report from Jain PharmaBiotech has been added to Research AndMarkets. com’s offering. The delivery of drugs to central nervous system (CNS) is a challenge in the treatment of neurological disorders. Drugs may be administered directly into the CNS or administered systematically (e.g., by intravenous injection) for targeted action in the CNS. The major challenge to CNS drug delivery is the blood-brain barrier (BBB), which limits the access of drugs to the brain substance.Advances in understanding of the cell biology of the BBB have opened new avenues and possibilities for improved drug delivery to the CNS. Several carrier or transport systems, enzymes, and receptors that control the penetration of molecules have been identified in the BBB endothelium. Receptor-mediated transcytosis can transport peptides and proteins across the BBB. Methods are available to assess the BBB permeability of drugs at the discovery stage to avoid development of drugs that fail to reach their target site of action in the CNS.Various strategies that have been used for manipulating the blood-brain barrier for drug delivery to the brain include osmotic and chemical opening of the blood-brain barrier as well as the use of transport/carrier systems. Other strategies for drug delivery to the brain involve bypassing the BBB. Various pharmacological agents have been used to open the BBB and direct invasive methods can introduce therapeutic agents into the brain substance.It is important to consider not only the net delivery of the agent to the CNS, but also the ability of the agent to access the relevant target site within the CNS. Various routes of administration as well as conjugations of drugs, e.g., with liposomes and nanoparticles, are considered. Some routes of direct administration to the brain are non-invasive such as transnasal route whereas others involve entry into the CNS by devices and needles such as in case of intrathecal and intracerebroventricular delivery.
Systemic therapy by oral and parenteral routes is considered along with sustained and controlled release to optimize the CNS action of drugs. Among the three main approaches to drug delivery to the CNS – systemic administration, injection into CSF pathways, and direct injection into the brain – the greatest developments is anticipated to occur in the area of targeted delivery by systemic administration.Many of the new developments in the treatment of neurological disorders will be biological therapies and these will require innovative methods for delivery. Cell, gene and antisense therapies are not only innovative treatments for CNS disorders but also involve sophisticated delivery methods. RNA interference (RNAi) as a form of antisense therapy is also described.The role of drug delivery is depicted in the background of various therapies for neurological diseases including drugs in development and the role of special delivery preparations. Pain is included as it is considered to be a neurological disorder. A special chapter is devoted to drug delivery for brain tumors. Cell and gene therapies will play an important role in the treatment of neurological disorders in the future.The method of delivery of a drug to the CNS has an impact on the drug’s commercial potential. The market for CNS drug delivery technologies is directly linked to the CNS drug market. Values are calculated for the total CNS market and the share of drug delivery technologies. Starting with the market values for the year 2017, projections are made to the years 2023 and 2028.The markets values are tabulated according to therapeutic areas, technologies and geographical areas. Unmet needs for further development in CNS drug delivery technologies are identified according to the important methods of delivery of therapeutic substances to the CNS. Finally suggestions are made for strategies to expand CNS delivery markets. Besides development of new products, these include application of innovative methods of delivery to older drugs to improve their action and extend their patent life.

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Telix Pharmaceuticals and German Cancer Research Center

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 6 agosto 2019

MELBOURNE, Australia and HEIDELBERG, Germany (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) Telix Pharmaceuticals Limited (ASX.TLX) (“Telix”, the “Company”), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of diagnostic and therapeutic products based on targeted radiopharmaceuticals or “molecularly-targeted radiation” (MTR) has today announced that it has entered into a collaboration agreement with the German Cancer Research Center (Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum or DKFZ) in the field of image-guided surgery for prostate cancer.
Researchers at DKFZ and Heidelberg University Clinic have developed a next-generation radiotracer based on 68Ga-PSMA-11 (currently under development by Telix as TLX591-CDx, marketed as illumetTM in the United States) that incorporates a fluorophore (a fluorescing agent) in addition to the ability to molecularly-target radiation for imaging with Positron Emission Tomography (PET). The result is a technology that can simultaneously image prostate cancer with PET as well as provide intra-operative surgical guidance through fluorescence (optical) imaging. Image-guided (fluorescence) imaging is a standard embedded feature of modern robotic surgery platforms (e.g. the Firefly® imaging system as part of the da Vinci® surgical robotics system by Intuitive Surgical), extensively used in urologic surgery worldwide.Under the terms of the collaboration, Telix will collaborate with DKFZ and affiliated researchers to conduct the necessary translational research studies to evaluate the technology in the surgical setting. The agreement includes a fully negotiated, exclusive option to license the technology for commercial development. The principal investigator at DKFZ, Dr. Ann-Christin Baranski, and who is also a scientist of the German Cancer Consortium (DKTK, partner location Freiburg) and the department of Nuclear Medicine (University Hospital Freiburg) added, “Our colleagues at Telix have made tremendous progress in commercializing PSMA-11 PET imaging, a technology that was originally developed here at DKFZ. To this end, Telix we feel Telix is an appropriate commercial partner for this novel technology and we look forward to working with the Telix team to evaluate the impact of this technology in patients in the near future.”

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Columbia Threadneedle Investments annuncia la nomina di un nuovo Senior Research Director

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 30 luglio 2019

Columbia Threadneedle Investments (Columbia Threadneedle), uno dei principali gruppi di risparmio gestito a livello globale, consolida ulteriormente il suo team di Investment Solutions globale con l’ingresso di Stuart Jarvis in qualità di Senior Research Director. Stuart, che sarà basato a Londra e riporterà a Lorenzo Garcia, responsabile EMEA e APAC Investment Solutions, vanta oltre 20 anni di primaria esperienza nella analisi attuariale e degli investimenti.Stuart negli ultimi 15 anni ha lavorato presso BlackRock, dove nell’ultimo periodo è arrivato a essere Managing Director del Portfolio Research Group all’interno della unit BlackRock Investment Institute. Prima ancora è stato responsabile della divisione di allocazione di portafogli e ricerca legata alle varie ipotesi di scenari dei mercati finanziari, nonché della modellizzazione di soluzioni personalizzate per piani pensionistici, banche centrali e fondi sovrani. Prima di questi ruoli, Stuart ha dato un importante valore aggiunto nella creazione, all’interno di BlackRock, della Unit di Liability Driven Investments. Ha iniziato il suo percorso professionale presso Hewitt Bacon & Woodrow (ora Aon Hewitt) in qualità di consulente in materia di fondi pensione. È membro dell’Institute of Actuaries e ha conseguito più lauree in matematica presso l’Università di Cambridge e l’Università di Oxford. È un esperto pluri-riconosciuto nel campo della modellistica stocastica e dell’asset allocation.Il team Global Investment Solutions di Columbia Threadneedle si occupa in particolare di tutte le attività di ricerca, progettazione e realizzazione di soluzioni di investimento personalizzate per tutti quei clienti che possono così avvantaggiarsi di una esperienza molto ampia di gestione degli investimenti attivi e di una consolidata capacità di ricerca multi-manager. Il Gruppo è riconosciuto, infatti, per avere una eccellente expertise nella costruzione di soluzioni altamente personalizzate e rivolte a clienti istituzionali.Lorenzo Garcia, Responsabile Investment Solutions EMEA e APAC di Columbia Threadneedle Investments commenta così la nuova nomina: “Il business di Investment Solutions è una semrpe più consolidata eccellenza di Columbia Threadneedle a livello globale. I clienti hanno costantemente bisogno di soluzioni di investimento cucite su misura in base alle proprie specifiche esigenze. L’ingresso di Stuart nel nostro team e la sua grande esperienza porteranno un sicuro valore aggiunto utile a consolidare ulteriormente la nostra attività di modellizzazione di asset-liability e ci aiuteranno a fornire soluzioni avanzate e sempre più personalizzate per risolvere le esigenze anche più complesse dei nostri clienti”

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World-Class Research Center Opens in Palo Alto

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 10 luglio 2019

NTT Research, Inc. (“NTT Research”), a subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (TYO:9432, “NTT”), today announced it has commenced operations as a global effort that will be directed by world-class scientists in Palo Alto, CA. The three areas of initial focus will be quantum computing; cryptography and information security; and medical and health informatics. A grand opening ceremony, hosted by NTT President and CEO Jun Sawada, will take place today Monday, July 8, at Rosewood Sand Hill in Menlo Park.
NTT Fellow Tatsuaki Okamoto to be appointed director of NTT CIS Laboratories, Cryptography & Information Security. Dr. Okamoto is an internationally acclaimed cryptography scientist, recognized for his work in third-generation cryptosystems and the promotion of a trustworthy digital society. He has also held positions at NTT Yokosuka Electrical Communication Labs, the University of Tokyo, the University of Waterloo (Canada), AT&T Bell Labs, Tsukuba University and Kyoto University.
Professor Hitonobu Tomoike to be appointed director of NTT MEI Laboratories, Medical Health Informatics. Professor Tomoike conducts research into precision medicine, based on bio-sensors and analytics. He is an Advisor to and former Director of the Sakakibara Heart Institute and Fellow of the American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association. He has also held positions at UCSD, Kyushu University, Yamagata University, and the National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center (Osaka).
In addition to hiring outstanding researchers in each of these fields, NTT Research will foster collaborations with top research institutions, engage in joint research projects, and host visiting scholars and post-doctoral fellows. Among its first Distinguished Scientists is cryptographer Brent Waters, a professor at the University of Texas at Austin and recipient of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Computer and Communications Security (CCS) Test-of-Time and Grace Hopper Awards. The center opens today with a team of 15 researchers, a number which is expected to grow to 50 over the next few years.
The formal launch of NTT Research will occur at a grand opening ceremony today, July 8, from 3:00 – 6:30 p.m. PDT, at Rosewood Sand Hill, a hotel and retreat in Menlo Park. Mr. Sawada will host the event, which will include a media briefing, opening reception, keynotes by NTT Research scientists, exhibits, and a performance by the internationally renowned violinist Ryu Goto (Physics B.A., Harvard).
The longer-term plans for NTT Research include expansion. After launching and staffing up in Silicon Valley, home to the largest number of papers submitted in the fields of quantum computing, cryptography and medical informatics, NTT Research expects to open additional offices in Boston, Munich, Israel and London. Through these global laboratories, NTT will build a world-class network of scientists engaged in fundamental and high-impact research.

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Global Credit Specialist CIFC Completes Initial UK Research Team Hires

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 3 luglio 2019

Global credit specialist CIFC, which launched a European office in London last year, has completed the first phase of its UK research team recruitment with the appointment of its fourth analyst.Senior Analyst Rinse Terpstra has joined from Chenavari Investment Managers where he worked as a senior investment analyst focusing on CLOs. He has more than 12 years of leveraged loan and high yield credit experience in Western and Central Eastern Europe as well as Turkey.Analyst Zoltan Paller has joined from UBS where he focused on leveraged finance and direct lending opportunities in the EMEA region. Prior to UBS, he held positions in the Corporate Credit team of Morgan Stanley in Budapest and Fitch in London.
Analyst Max Elliott-Taylor has joined from Investcorp Credit Management in London where he was an associate in the credit research team investing in leveraged loans and high yield bonds for five years.Analyst Alessandro Garello Cantoni has joined from Bank of America Merrill Lynch where he worked for five years focusing on Italian and Iberian markets and later leveraged finance origination in the EMEA region.Their hires follow the recruitment last year of Managing Directors Joshua Hughes and Dan Robinson to open the London office and start building out the team.

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Japan’s new molecular oncology clinical research

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 20 giugno 2019

QIAGEN (NYSE: QGEN; Frankfurt Prime Standard: QIA) today announced that its QIAGEN Clinical Insight (QCI) offering was selected by the National Cancer Center of Japan, as part of the Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s precision medicine program, for the analysis, interpretation and reporting of molecular oncology and oncogenetic screening of cancer patients to contribute to the identification of targeted therapy treatment and clinical trial options.Japan’s Center for Cancer Genomics and Advanced Therapeutics (C-CAT), a unit within the National Cancer Center (NCC) of Japan, will use QIAGEN’s QCI platform including expert curated evidence knowledge bases, bioinformatics software and data center infrastructure to support the C-CAT’s molecular profiling services for core and cooperative hospitals of the country’s cancer genomic medicine program. QIAGEN has established an in-country data center in Tokyo, compliant with Japanese data security and privacy regulations, to support this national program.QCI is a cloud-based clinical decision support software platform used to generate actionable insights from next-generation sequencing (NGS) data. QCI leverages QIAGEN’s expert manually curated evidence knowledge base that includes more than 10 million biomedical findings and thereby be far represents the world’s largest commercial database of curated evidence data on somatic and inherited genetic variants. QCI-Interpret minimizes the complexity and cost of determining the significance of NGS data and automates guidelines for clinical actionability from leading oncology and pathology organizations.

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Research reveals lack of common language in value transformation of U.S. health care

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 19 giugno 2019

Today’s U.S. health policy initiatives, including those from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, are aiming to derive more value from the health care dollar. This involves a shift from reimbursement based on volume to reimbursement based on the value of care delivered.With this shift comes a new set of terms being used across the industry, like value-based care and population health. Yet these terms have been found to hold different meanings for different stakeholders, and that has a variety of consequences for health care professionals, health care policymakers, patients, and payers, to name a few.
Humana Inc. (NYSE: HUM), one of the nation’s leading health and well-being companies, and Penn Medicine, set out to find consensus on three terms. Through the use of a Delphi research method that convenes a panel of experts to arrive at a group opinion or decision, lead researcher Marilyn Schapira, MD, MPH, led the panel through multiple rounds of surveys to achieve broadly applicable definitions for three terms: value-based care, value-based payment, and population health.After more than six months, the Delphi panel reached consensus on the term value-based payment but, after three rounds of ratings, was unable to arrive at a consensus definition for value-based care and population health, though distinct areas of agreement and disagreement were made clear. These findings were presented June 3 at the AcademyHealth Annual Research meeting.

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Marine Genetic Resources: Bridging policy, law, science and research and development

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 29 Mag 2019

Over 65% of the biomass in the ocean is made of plankton. Marine microbes bring services to our ecosystem and their genetic diversity is remarkable. Moreover, marine genetic resources (MGR) have enormous potential in fields such as pharmaceutical, bioremediation, cosmetics, nutraceutical, or biomedical innovation.
MGR in areas beyond national jurisdiction are not regulated. Therefore, the European Commission organised an international workshop on “Marine genetic Resources in areas beyond national jurisdiction: bridging policy, law, science and research and development” on the 21st and 22nd of May in Brussels.Negotiators of the international treaty on marine biodiversity beyond national jurisdiction (BBNJ), top scientists, legal experts and representatives from the private sector and the civil society came together to better understand the scientific process related to the discovery, analysis and use of marine genetic resources (MGR) from areas beyond national jurisdiction, the high seas and the Area. In total, 90 participants from 32 countries. The workshop was an opportunity to bridge the world of the policy makers with the scientific community, legal experts and the private sector, for a better understanding of the scientific process related to the discovery, analysis and use of marine genetic resources (MGR) from areas beyond national jurisdiction, the high seas and its seabed.Participants had the opportunity to discuss important technical aspects related to: the sampling of MGR; their scientific analysis; their storing in collection; the transformation of samples into digital scientific information; examples of applied research; Legal issues , such as intellectual property rights (IPRs) were also high on the agenda.Molecular biologists described how DNA is extracted and transformed into digital data, which then needs to be curated before being analysed.The scientific community stressed the importance of having open access to data, as this is the foundation of scientific investigation. Oceanographers gave an overview of the technologies employed for sampling the deep sea and explained how difficult and costly it is to organise cruises in the high seas. International cooperation is therefore essential and there are plenty of good examples to follow. BBNJ negotiations is a political priority for the European Union. João AGUIAR MACHADO, Director General of DG MARE, stressed the importance in engaging with the scientific community and the private sector, with the support of the civil society organizations, in the ongoing negotiations.
The President of the BBNJ intergovernmental conference (IGC) at the UN, Rena Lee, underlined the need to base the negotiations on solid scientific knowledge and to look for practical solutions, through a pragmatic approach.

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The new website of IDOS Research and Study Centre

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 9 Mag 2019

From today the new website of IDOS Research and Study Centre, entirely renewed in its layout, contents and functions, is online. The website has been implemented thanks to the technical support of Lai Momo cooperative association, which for many years has been collaborating with IDOS to realize and promote the annual socio-statistical report on immigration in Italy, Dossier Statistico Immigrazione – Statistical Dossier
on Immigration, together with other publications and events. On the new website ( everyone can find not only detailed information on all
events promoted by IDOS or where IDOS is called to intervene (meetings, conferences, seminars, courses, interviews and other training and/or sensitization activities), but also news and updates useful for operators and researchers, original reports edited by IDOS network of local researchers, press releases, socio-statistical tables and summaries, videos, graphics (all things that can be downloaded or pressed) concerning studies and publications annually edited by IDOS. What’s absolute new is that for the first time everyone can buy online all IDOS publications, both in paper format and – at a lower price – in digital format (pdf), through a fast, easy and sure online system of payment and invoice. In particolar, for every main annual report (Dossier Statistico Immigrazione – Statistical Dossier on Immigration, Osservatorio Romano sulle Migrazioni – Roman Observatory on Migrations, Rapporto Immigrazione e Imprenditoria – Report on Immigration and Entrepreneurship, etc.), it’s available for sale both the entire book and – separately purchasable in electronic format only – every single thematic chapter and the final addendum of statistical tables. Many other monographic publications, periodically edited by IDOS in collaboration with – or for commission of – some private or institutional bodies, are also available in addiction to such a rich archive of annual reports.

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Research and innovation for the global community

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 8 Mag 2019

For 70 years now, the researchers at the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in Germany have been asking the right questions and finding answers – in the form of solutions that improve society and directly benefit the economy. This year marks an anniversary in the U.S., too: the establishment of Fraunhofer USA as a legally independent Fraunhofer affiliate 25 years ago. This non-profit organization was founded in 1994 to conduct applied research and development for customers from industry and from the federal and state governments in the U.S. With a history of more than 15 years now, the collaboration with Michigan State University (MSU) is a prime example of the continued success of this transatlantic research alliance.
25 years of Fraunhofer USA – 15 years of cooperation with Michigan State University (f.l.t.r.): Prof. Thomas Schuelke, President Fraunhofer USA, Prof. Leo Kempel, Dean of MSU College of Engineering, Prof. Reimund Neugebauer, President of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Satish Udpa, President of the MSU, Prof. Endrik Wilhelm, Chairman Fraunhofer USA, Prof. John Papapolymerou, MSU-Chair Electrical and Computer Engineering, Pär Malmhagen member of the Senate of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.
The success of the close collaboration between MSU and the Fraunhofer USA Center for Coatings and Diamond Technologies USA CCD is typical of the transatlantic research alliance. This collaboration between the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Fraunhofer USA, MSU and the Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology IWS in Dresden dates back more than 15 years and has resulted, for instance, in the development of process and system technologies for manufacturing high-quality diamond materials for applications in power and high-frequency electronics.
Fraunhofer USA CCD conducts research projects focusing particularly on coating technologies, carbon materials and 3D printing technologies, with a total project volume of USD 2.8 million per year. With industrial revenues accounting for 43 per cent of this figure, Fraunhofer USA CCD is thus also a prime example of the success of the Fraunhofer model abroad.
During his visit to the United States to mark the 25-year anniversary of Fraunhofer USA, Prof. Neugebauer was awarded an honorary doctorate from MSU in acknowledgment of his contributions to application-oriented research and to the transatlantic research alliance. Prof. Neugebauer thus joins the ranks of many others who have been awarded this honorary MSU degree for their outstanding work in research or the management of public organizations, including automotive pioneer Henry Ford, Apple co-founder Stephen Wozniak, and former U.S. presidents Harry Truman and Bill Clinton.

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CWT Research: Two-Thirds of Travelers Pick Window Over Aisle; 52% Prefer Missed Flight Over Lost Luggage

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Minneapolis. Research by CWT, the B2B4E travel management platform, shows that two-thirds of business travelers prefer window seats over aisle seats. That rises to 71% in Asia Pacific, and falls to 59% in the Americas, with the Europeans in the middle at 65% window over aisle.Globally, a narrow majority of business travelers would prefer to miss their flight rather than be separated from their luggage – with travelers from the Americas showing the strongest preference at 54%, European travelers at 52%, and travelers from Asia Pacific split down the middle.When it comes to ground transportation, 54% of travelers still prefer traditional taxis over ridesharing services like Lyft or Uber. But there are strong regional differences. In Europe, a full 69% Europeans prefer taxis – almost exactly the reverse of American travelers, 63% of whom prefer rideshare services. Asia Pacific travelers are more evenly split, with 56% preferring taxis.
“These findings provide fascinating and sometimes counter-intuitive insights into how global business travelers approach their journeys,” said Niklas Andreen, Executive VP and Chief Traveler Experience Officer at CWT. “We see significant differences between regions – for example, in Asia, people are more likely to want a window seat, whereas in markets like the US, the view is less of a draw.”CWT’s research also shows that travelers are generally happy to share their travel preferences with both apps and travel industry staff – globally nine out of ten (89%) of travelers are “extremely or “somewhat” willing to do so. That applies equally to business travel and leisure travel, suggesting that travelers make little distinction between the two, at least when it comes to sharing information on their personal preferences.The data show that, overall, European travelers are least willing to share data: 14% of Europeans are “not willing” to share their preferences either with apps or people while traveling for business. That rises to 17% when traveling for leisure. Travelers from the Americas or Asia Pacific are much less likely to refuse to share their preferences, especially when traveling for leisure.

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New Absolute Research Reveals That Endpoint Security Tools Fail, Reliably and Predictably

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Absolute (TSX: ABT), the leader in endpoint resilience, today revealed that endpoint security tools and agents fail, reliably and predictably, based on findings from its new 2019 Global Endpoint Security Trends Report. From there, every additional security tool only amplifies complexity and increases the probability of failure and decay, in turn, exposing the dangers of equating IT security spending with security and risk maturity. The study analyzed data from six million devices and one billion change events over the course of a year.The endpoint has quickly become valuable real estate for security tools and controls, as traditional network perimeters have given way to cloud-based models in support of the digital workforce. Global security spending is forecast to reach $128 billion by 2020 with endpoint security spend comprising 24 percent of that total(1), and yet, over 70 percent of breaches originate on the endpoint. The complexity of endpoint device controls creates a false sense of security among organizations while, in reality, causing security gaps and significant risks due to regular and reliable tool failure. Staggering findings on endpoint security degradation include:
42 percent of all endpoints are unprotected at any given time. Two percent of endpoint agents fail per week, meaning 100 percent of endpoint security tools eventually fail – no tool is immune28 percent of all endpoints are unprotected by anti-malware with 21 percent of these endpoints unprotected due to outdated or broken agents and 7 percent due to missing agents 100 percent of devices will have failed encryption controls at least once within one year. Almost 1 in 5 devices become unreachable due to client management tool failures Client patch management agents fail around 50 percent more often than encryption agents As cybercrime threatens to cost the world $6 billion annually in damages by 2021, organizations need to address these issues. IT and security teams must be able to better understand what is happening on their devices and respond to suspicious events to reduce security failures. Organizations should analyze the tools already in use to identify blind spots or opportunities to strengthen their defenses before adding more security controls.
The “2019 Endpoint Security Trends” report analyzes data compiled over the course of a year by Absolute’s security research team. The devices represent data from 12,000 anonymized organizations across North America and Europe, and a third-party research organization was commissioned to conduct in-depth, exploratory interviews with senior executives from Fortune 500 companies to offer context to the findings.

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Company Profile for ABI Research

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ABI Research provides strategic guidance for visionaries needing market foresight on the most compelling transformative technologies, which reshape workforces, identify holes in a market, create new business models and drive new revenue streams. ABI’s own research visionaries take stances early on those technologies, publishing groundbreaking studies often years ahead of other technology advisory firms. ABI analysts deliver their conclusions and recommendations in easily and quickly absorbed formats to ensure proper context. Our analysts strategically guide visionaries to take action now and inspire their business to realize a bigger picture. For more information about subscribing to ABI’s Research Services as well as Industrial and Custom Solutions, visionaries can contact us at +1.516.624.2500 in the Americas, +44.203.326.0140 in Europe, +65.6592.0290 in Asia-Pacific or visit

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“Research Report on Paper and Paperboard Import in China, 2019-2023”

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Based on this research, the demand for paper and paperboard imports in China will continue to grow from 2019 to 2023.The major driving forces include the lower average price of imports than domestic counterparts and the sluggish growth in domestic production of paper and paperboard resulting from the shortage of raw materials and the upward costs of labor, land, energy resources and other production factors.
According to this analysis, with the development of China’s economy and the improvement of living standards, the per capita consumption of paper and paperboard shows an upward trend. Meanwhile, China’s net annual population growth is between 8 million and 10 million, which leads to an increasing demand for paper and paperboard in China and promotes the development of China’s papermaking industry.However, the papermaking industry is dependent on forest resources which are scarce in China. As China tightens its environmental protection policies and the forest coverage rate decreases, the fiber materials for papermaking are in increasingly short supply. Besides, the labor costs in the Chinese manufacturing sector keeps rising. Therefore, China needs to import a large quantity of paper and paperboard to cover the shortage of domestic capacity.
The Chinese government has set no administrative barriers against paper and paperboard import, e.g. making paper and paperboard exclusive to state-owned enterprises, or introducing import quota administration for paper and paperboard. But import tariffs vary greatly among China’s paper and paperboard imports. For instance, the MFN rate and general rate on the commodity that has the heaviest tax burden is respectively 35% and 100%. The import tariffs on newsprint, kraft paper, etc. are lower with the lowest MFN rate being 2%.
According to this analysis, the import volume of paper and paperboard in China is rising in recent years. It reached 6.27 million tons in 2018, increasing by 122.3% as compared to 2014. And the import value reached USD 5.53 billion, increasing by 54% as compared to 2014.
The reasons for the growing paper and paperboard imports mainly include: (1) The price of imported paper and paperboard is lower than that of domestic counterparts; and (2) the quality of imported paper and paperboard is better than that of domestic counterparts. But market trends vary greatly among China’s paper and paperboard imports.Overall, product segments that have great price differences with domestic counterpart see faster growth. For example, with the development of Intermedia, the sales volume of newspaper, magazines and other print media is decreasing in China, which brings down the demand for newsprint. However, the import volume of newsprint in China grew by 860% from 2014 to 2018 because the price of imported newsprint was far lower than that of domestic newsprint.In recent years, the demand for liner board keeps rising with the rapid development of the e-commerce and logistics industries. As the import price differed little from the domestic market price, the import volume of liner board in China grew by only 65.10% from 2013 to 2017.

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Cutting-Edge Option Care Research Presented at NHIA Finds Home IV Antibiotic Method Can Affect Adherence, Cost

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New research by Option Care Enterprises, Inc. (“Option Care”), the nation’s leading provider of home and alternate site infusion therapy services, suggests the method of antibiotic intravenous (IV) administration can improve patient compliance while decreasing costs. The study1 was presented today at the National Home Infusion Association (NHIA) Annual Conference and is a finalist for the “Outstanding Abstract Achievement Award.”
The researchers analyzed patient compliance by comparing four techniques for antibiotic self-administration and determined ease of providing therapy was a significant factor. They concluded patients were significantly more likely to comply with therapy if they used the elastomeric pump or IV push than if they used the gravity/mini bag or electronic pump. Additionally, in many cases IV push and elastomeric pump are less costly.“There’s a common perception that the gravity/mini bag is the least expensive method, but our research shows not only are IV push and elastomeric pump often more cost-effective, but patients find them easier to use, decreasing the likelihood that they will skip doses, which can lead to failed therapy and hospital readmission,” said Julie Wurdeman, PharmD, an Option Care infusion pharmacist and primary author of the study. “Our findings have implications for helping establish the most appropriate method of administration and underscore the value of collaboration among patients and the care team.”
The type of IV antibiotic therapy typically is chosen by the pharmacist in collaboration with the physician and determined by several factors including the medication, frequency of therapy (typically one to three times a day), rate of infusion as well as provider preference, patient lifestyle and age. The research suggests that patient compliance and cost should be factored into the equation.Researchers studied treatment compliance in 688 Option Care home infusion patients who were treated between October 2017 and October 2018 and who missed one or more doses of IV antibiotics. They found the percentage of doses missed by technique was: 2.6 percent elastomeric pump, 2.7 percent IV push, 5 percent mini bag and 8.6 percent electronic pump.There is a wide variation between methods in the cost of administration (factoring in equipment, compounding and patient education, but not medication), including a 209 percent difference between the least-expensive, IV push, and the most-expensive, electronic pump. The cost varies depending on the number of times per day and the rate at which the antibiotic is provided, as well as whether equipment can be reused and other factors.In home antibiotic therapy, the patient infuses the medication through a catheter (placed by a nurse in a vein, usually in the hand or arm).

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