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Resettlement of refugees from third countries to the EU

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 15 novembre 2016

Female refugeesThe proposal for a new law setting up an EU Resettlement Framework will be debated at a hearing in the Civil Liberties Committee on Monday afternoon 15.00-17.00. MEPs will be presented with a study on resettlement programmes across member states and statements on the proposal by the UN refugee agency UNHCR, International Organisation for Migration, IOM, and NGOs.The aim of the Commission’s proposal, presented on 13 July 2016, is to provide a unified procedure for resettlement across the EU by establishing a common set of standard procedures for the selection and treatment of resettlement candidates, and set broad geographical priorities from where the resettlement will take place. Member states will still be able to decide how many people will be resettled each year. The Commission proposes to provide €10,000 from the EU Budget for each person resettled. The proposal is part of the Commission’s strategy for an European Agenda on Migration communicated on 13 May 2015. Parliament’s rapporteur is Malin Björk (GUE-NGL, SV). A delegation from the Civil Liberties Committee in September visited Lebanon on a fact finding mission in relation to the Committee’s legislative work on the Resettlement Framework.

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Refugee resettlement to Hungary

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 3 marzo 2010

March 2010 in Budapest brought together  representatives of the Hungarian government, the UN refugee agency UNHCR, civil society organisations and other EU member states. The debate was the last in a series of debates on refugee resettlement, which the Churches Commission for Migrants in Europe (CCME) organised in 2009-10 with partners across the EU.  The debate, which was co-organised by the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, took place in a setting largely influenced by the recent discussions on an EU resettlement programme, in particular the respective proposals currently debated in the European Parliament.  The round table debate in particular looked at the interplay of national policies and EU cooperation in selection, reception and integration of resettled refugees. Representatives of Sweden and Belgium shared insights on national resettlement programmes and underlined the  importance which resettlement had and has in their recent and upcoming EU presidency.  Considerable attention was devoted to taking stock of the particular situation of newer EU  member states engaging in resettlement: representatives of the Czech and the Romanian government reported about the resettlement programmes, which their countries had started in the last two years. While Hungarian government representatives expressed doubt that Hungary would commit to a resettlement programme prior to the general election taking place in April,  participants underlined the usefulness of such regional exchange, which would provide for “important lessons to be learnt”

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Commitment of Romania to refugee resettlement

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 2 Maggio 2009

Brussels CCME- 174 Rue Joseph II  Debate in Bucharest applauds new Romanian involvement in global refugee protection governmental representatives, embassies, MEPs, representatives of the UN refugee agency UNHCR and civil society organisations in Bucharest.  The debate was the first of a series of debates on refugee resettlement, which the Churches Commission for Migrants in Europe (CCME) is organising in 2009 with partners across the EU. The debates are taking place in anticipation of a common EU resettlement scheme which the  European Commission is expected to propose in July this year. The debate in Bucharest took stock of the preparations of Romanian governmental agencies as well as civil society for the arrival of the first 40 resettled refugees expected to take place later this year.  Representatives of the Romanian Migration Office and Romanian NGOs underlined the intention to cooperate closely on the emerging resettlement programme. In a case study, representatives of Czech governmental and non-governmental organisations reported about their respective  experiences as the first post-communist country to establish a resettlement programme.  The European dimension of the Romanian resettlement programme was underlined by the  contribution of Daciana Sarbu, Romanian member of the European Parliaments Committee on Justice and Home Affairs. Ms Sarbu in her contribution also underlined the need for more informed debate: “so far there is only little expertise on resettlement. This debate could not be more timely”.
The Churches Commission for Migrants in Europe (CCME) is since 2004 actively promoting resettlement as an additional tool for refugee protection in Europe.

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