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Identifying Innovative Pricing Opportunities for a Retail Banking Client

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 29 luglio 2019

Infiniti Research, a leading market intelligence solutions provider, has recently announced the completion of their latest price analysis for a retail banking client. During the course of this engagement, the experts at Infiniti Research helped the client to understand where they fell behind in terms of their existing pricing strategies and helped them to attractively align the prices of existing products and services. Also, the study discusses in detail the approach undertaken by the experts at Infiniti Research to help the client create targeted promotions for different customer segments.Although most of the modern banking companies have invested heavily in efforts to improve customer experience, some of them tend to overlook ways to innovate their pricing strategies in order to attract different customer segments. Over the past couple of years, a few players in retail banking have made strategic pricing a core discipline and have consequently established a dominant presence in the industry.

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GIA Organises Retail Sales Associate Training Programme for Malabar Gold & Diamonds in Dubai

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 24 luglio 2019

To help retail sales staff communicate effectively, GIA Dubai recently organised retail sales associate training programmes for Malabar Gold & Diamonds at their stores in Dubai, UAE. Since 2018, GIA Dubai has trained more than 200 staff of Malabar Gold & Diamonds in Dubai and Bahrain.The training programme includes information about GIA, the 4Cs (Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight) of Diamond Quality, the International Diamond Grading System™ and GIA diamond grading reports. It also covers GIA’s Retail Support Program – including the Retailer Lookup, 4Cs app, as well as numerous point-of-sale material.
Nirupa Bhatt, Managing Director of GIA India and Middle East, said, “For consumers, the experience of buying jewellery is special. As a part of its mission to ensure public trust in gems and jewellery, GIA Dubai organises these training programmes to help retail staff confidently educate consumers about diamonds, gemstones and GIA reports. We appreciate the trust placed by Malabar Gold & Diamonds for the opportunity to train their staff and share knowledge.”Abdul Salam KP, Group Executive Director of Malabar Gold and Diamonds, said, “Continuous learning and development is endorsed by Malabar Gold & Diamonds across all its businesses and stakeholders. GIA’s support has helped our retail team gain valuable knowledge, be well-informed and, more importantly, increased their confidence in engaging with customers. We thank GIA Dubai for providing extensive information on diamonds, GIA reports and GIA’s Retail Support Program in this training programme.”

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Trax and LenzTech join forces to digitize the physical world of retail at scale and speed of China

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 5 giugno 2019

Trax, the world’s leading provider of computer vision and analytics solutions for the retail industry, and LenzTech, China’s leading retail AI and Big Data service platform, are joining forces to provide Chinese Consumer Packaged Goods companies (CPGs) with greater visibility into store conditions for better in-store execution, promotion optimization and merchandising strategies. The merger combines Trax’s best-in-class technologies with LenzTech’s in-market expertise in AI and crowdsourcing to ‘digitize’ China’s physical world of retail.Trax provides in-store execution solutions, market measurement and consulting services for CPG brands and retailers by leveraging its cutting-edge computer vision, machine learning and IOT platform – which turns photos of retail shelves into granular, actionable shelf and store-level insights. Top brands and retailers leverage Trax in over 50 countries, to drive execution excellence and increase sales and market share.
LenzTech the market leader in AI powered, crowdsourcing services in China, leverages its 800,000 userbase to perform tasks like taking images of a store shelf. With 50,000 monthly active users, LenzTech covers over 1000 cities including all counties and most townships across China.With their combined platforms, Trax and LenzTech intend to put the power of AI into the hands of consumers across China. This will uniquely serve global and local brands for better auditing efficiency and enhanced insights across all store formats at unprecedented speed and scale.

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Functional Remedies Expands Hemp Oil Distribution Into Natural Health and Beauty Retail

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 3 Mag 2019

Functional Remedies, the only vertically-integrated hemp oil company, announced an expansion of its flagship product line into Pharmaca, a modern natural health and beauty chain retailer with 29 locations throughout the U.S. Functional Remedies lipid-infused hemp oil will initially be sold in 12 stores located in Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington and then Illinois shortly thereafter. Functional Remedies will also expand into California stores contingent on the passing of AB 228, which would effectively legalize the use of industrial hemp or cannabinoids in food, beverage or cosmetics.“In pursuit of our mission to bring lives into balance on a global scale, Functional Remedies is aggressively expanding our distribution into new and novel channels, including natural beauty and health, organic and athletics,” said Functional Remedies CMO Tony Tomassini. “Pharmaca has continually worked to build consumer trust with natural products, and we are excited to include our highly-efficacious hemp oil on their shelves for customers looking for better health and wellness.”Pharmaca will carry all seven SKUs of Functional Remedies’ flagship product line, including the 50mg, 25mg and 10mg capsules, 1000mg, 500mg and 250mg tinctures and 500mg salve. Functional Remedies also announced that in-store sales growth overall year-over-year in Lucky’s Market, an organic supermarket chain with locations across 10 states, is 137 percent and ranked fifth overall in growth year-over-year.“Pharmaca is proud to launch Functional Remedies’ proprietary lipid-infused, full-spectrum hemp oil in our Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington locations,” said Pharmaca Co-founder and VP of Integrative Medicine Don L. Summerfield. “Pharmaca has spent the last 20 years providing customers with the tools they need to manage their own health, and we are excited to add Functional Remedies into the diverse mix of options we offer.”Functional Remedies’ presence in Pharmaca and other major retailers represents an aggressive push toward increased distribution and preparation for future partnerships with other mass retailers such as CVS, Walgreens and many others who have announced their intent to carry CBD and hemp oil products.

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Retail Employment Dropped in March but Overall Job Gains Point to Economic Growth

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 8 aprile 2019

Retail industry employment in March was down by 11,700 jobs seasonally adjusted from February and down 47,400 jobs unadjusted year-over-year, the Labor Department said today. The retail numbers, which exclude restaurants, came as the nation saw a monthly gain of 196,000 jobs overall.
“Consumer confidence and consumer spending were down earlier in the year, so the retail numbers likely reflect merchants’ hesitancy to add to payrolls under those conditions,” Kleinhenz said. “But it’s important to remember that the economy historically slows down in the first quarter. And there have been record numbers of retail job openings – more openings than retailers can fill – so the tough hiring market is also a factor.”March’s retail job numbers followed a revised loss of 18,500 jobs in February from January. Retail’s three-month moving average as of March showed a decline of 4,400 jobs.March saw month-over-month gains of 2,700 jobs at sporting goods stores, 2,500 at furniture and home furnishing stores and 2,200 at auto parts stores. But those were offset by losses of 7,700 at health and personal care stores, 7,200 at general merchandise stores and 3,000 at clothing and clothing accessory stores.Economy-wide, average hourly earnings in March were up 4 cents over February to $27.70, a year-over-year increase of 3.2 percent that builds on a 10-cent gain seen in February. The Labor Department said unemployment remained at 3.8 percent, unchanged from February. The 196,000-job overall gain in March was nearly 10 times the 20,000-job gain originally reported for February, which was revised today to 33,000.Retail job numbers reported by the Labor Department do not provide an accurate picture of the industry because they count only employees who work in stores while excluding retail workers in other parts of the business such as corporate headquarters, distribution centers, call centers and innovation labs.

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Call for Speakers Open for 2019 Retail Cyber Intelligence Summit

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 26 marzo 2019

The Retail & Hospitality Information Sharing and Analysis Center (RH-ISAC) today announced that the call for speakers is now open for its Retail Cyber Intelligence Summit taking place September 24-25, 2019 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Denver, Colorado.
This unique event is tailored for strategic leaders and cybersecurity practitioners from both physical and online retailers, gaming properties, grocers, hotels, restaurants, consumer product manufacturers and cybersecurity industry partners. The conference offers the opportunity to exchange ideas among peers through collaborative discussions and practical cybersecurity talks. This year’s conference theme is “Protect as One.”Interested speakers are invited to propose a session that covers a wide range of subject matter, including best practice discussions, current threats or cybersecurity challenges, game-changing technologies, or other top of mind issues for cybersecurity professionals.

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10 finalisti dell’acceleratore Magic Wand Retail Revolution

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 7 marzo 2019

Milano. Dal consulente sartoriale del “Made in Italy”, allo shopping virtuale grazie alla simulazione 3D; dagli assistenti vocali e chatbot intelligenti che danno suggerimenti ai clienti, agli strumenti tecnologici che analizzano i comportamenti e i gusti delle persone; dal “commesso virtuale”, alla piattaforma contro lo spreco che verifica in tempo reale l’integrità di prodotti alimentari nella catena di distribuzione.Sono alcuni dei prodotti e servizi innovativi sviluppati dalle 10 startup finaliste di “Magic Wand Retail Revolution”: il primo programma di accelerazione in Italia dedicato al settore retail lanciato da Digital Magics con i partner Auchan Retail Italia, Cisco, Do different, Nava Design, Nexi, RDS 100% GRANDI SUCCESSI, SisalPay e UBI Banca.Fra le oltre 70 idee, inviate su, sono stati selezionati i 10 progetti che hanno accesso alla prima fase dell’acceleratore con oltre 300 ore di formazione qualificata e advisoring. L’attività di formazione è a cura della divisione della Digital Magics Startup University.
Le startup finaliste, che hanno ricevuto i primi 5.000 Euro, sono: Dilium, Disignum, ELIGO, ELSE Corp, Impossible Minds, InTribe, Optimist, Predixit, Scratch&Screen e Wenda.
“Magic Wand Retail Revolution” ha come obiettivo accelerare le migliori startup italiane, in grado di competere a livello globale, per innovare il settore del retail, migliorare l’esperienza dei clienti e creare il negozio del futuro, connesso e omnicanale, con le tecnologie più evolute.Dopo aver valutato le performance rispetto agli obiettivi di crescita delle 10 finaliste, saranno scelte le 6 startup che concluderanno “Magic Wand Retail Revolution”. Digital Magics e i partner Auchan Retail Italia, Cisco, Do different, Nava Design, Nexi, RDS 100% GRANDI SUCCESSI, SisalPay e UBI Banca offriranno durante il programma di 6 mesi supporto economico, condivisione delle esperienze, advisorship e sviluppo internazionale del business.Le 6 startup vincitrici di “Magic Wand Retail Revolution” riceveranno 15.000 Euro e un percorso di incubazione in Digital Magics del valore di 75.000 Euro, entrando a far parte della squadra del più importante incubatore di startup digitali “Made in Italy” attivo su tutto il territorio italiano.Saranno inoltre protagoniste di eventi dedicati a Londra e a Milano per presentare i loro modelli innovativi e scalabili ai più importanti investitori, business angel, venture capitalist italiani e internazionali.Alla fine del programma le 6 startup di “Magic Wand Retail Revolution” apriranno un round di investimento e Digital Magics parteciperà, investendo fino a 150.000 Euro in ogni startup. In partnership con 200 Crowd, piattaforma di equity crowdfunding, sarà costituito un veicolo d’investimento per raccogliere fino a 150.000 Euro da investire nel round di ciascuna startup. (fonte:

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Adyen, le 5 tendenze che domineranno il retail nel 2019

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 31 gennaio 2019

Da Philippe De Passorio, Country Manager di Adyen Italia.Ogni nuovo anno porta con sé nuovi cambiamenti nel mondo del commercio al dettaglio. La tecnologia sta spingendo i confini delle modalità d’acquisto. Da internet al mobile commerce per passare al commercio conversazionale, fino alla tecnologia wearable: qualsiasi dispositivo connesso o social network rappresenta infatti un potenziale canale di vendita. D’altra parte, anche i luoghi di vendita tradizionale si stanno evolvendo, diventando delle vere e proprie experience.
Quindi, in un mondo in cui tutto può essere un negozio e un negozio può trasformarsi in qualsiasi cosa, come si dovranno comportare i retailer nell’accogliere i clienti che sempre di più mettono il fattore “esperienza” al di sopra di tutto? Philippe De Passorio, Country Manager di Adyen Italia, introduce le cinque tendenze tecnologiche che interesseranno il settore del retail e che vedremo protagoniste nel 2019.
1. Nel corso del 2019, i marchi non vedranno più le vendite all’interno del negozio in competizione con l’ecommerce, ma le due diverse modalità verranno considerate come un unico canale unificato. “I vantaggi dell’unified commerce arrivano dal comprendere l’importanza che i dati sui pagamenti assumono nel generare nuove entrate. Il consolidamento dei dati sui pagamenti provenienti dai diversi canali consente infatti ai retailer di creare un quadro completo della loro clientela e di comprendere a fondo le preferenze dei clienti più fidelizzati, il valore medio delle transazioni e la frequenza degli acquisti, in modo da personalizzare in maniera sempre più pertinente offerte o programmi di acquisto”, racconta Philippe De Passorio.
2. Migliorare l’esperienza d’acquisto rappresenterà un nodo fondamentale per far sì che i rivenditori possano differenziarsi dalla concorrenza. Ecco tre aree di sviluppo legate alla tecnologia che inizieranno ad emergere nel corso di quest’anno:
Smart device Si è parlato molto del potenziale di trasformazione della vendita al dettaglio di assistenti domestici come Amazon Echo o Apple’s HomePod. Nel 2019, entreranno in gioco anche nuove opportunità create da altri dispositivi come televisori e game console. Ad esempio, un cliente potrebbe guardare la TV, vedere un annuncio di un prodotto e acquistarlo immediatamente con un click del telecomando. Meno code in negozio Le code rappresentano per molti utenti uno dei principali ostacoli per completare l’acquisto. Grazie alla tecnologia, i negozianti potranno però creare un legame continuo tra negozi online e negozi fisici, permettendo di avviare transazioni su una piattaforma e finirle su un’altra, effettuare resi in negozio, prenotare online e pagare in-store o utilizzare direttamente il cellulare per completare l’acquisto nel negozio fisico, con il conseguente vantaggio di ridurre l’attesa di pagamento alla cassa.
La tecnologia wearable I prodotti wearable continueranno sempre più a semplificare il processo di vendita e a creare nuove esperienze per i clienti, in particolare nei settori dell’ospitalità e dell’intrattenimento “Potremo vedere clienti di un bar o di un resort pagare con un semplice dispositivo al polso, senza bisogno di un telefono o di una carta di credito”, spiega De Passorio.
3. L’importanza dei metodi di pagamento locali In un mercato sempre più globale, i commercianti dovranno guardare oltre il mercato interno e aggiungere metodi di pagamento locali se vorranno espandere il proprio business. I retailer dovranno garantire che i metodi di pagamento offerti sia online che offline siano ottimizzati per i loro clienti in qualsiasi luogo, riconoscendo il valore di offrire un’esperienza di pagamento familiare ai turisti di tutto il mondo. “I metodi di pagamento tipici dei turisti cinesi e i portafogli elettronici basati sul codice QR, saranno in cima alla lista delle priorità”, afferma de Passorio.
4. La seconda fase della direttiva Europea PSD2 offrirà nuove opportunità di innovazione Il 2018 è stato l’anno del GDPR. Nel 2019 entrerà in vigore la seconda fase della PSD2, una nuova direttiva a cui i fornitori di servizi di pagamento e gli esercenti dovranno adeguarsi. Il settore del commercio al dettaglio dovrebbe considerare questa come un’opportunità, in quanto le nuove API potranno aiutare i commercianti a comprendere meglio i loro clienti e ad offrire loro nuove customer journeys.
5. Le frodi saranno più facili da evitare I dati di Adyen indicano che le frodi continuano a crescere: 6 rivenditori su 10 hanno dichiarato lo scorso anno di aver rilevato un aumento delle attività fraudolente. Poiché le prime versioni del 3DS (3D-secure) non si sono rivelate di facile utilizzo o implementazione, molti commercianti hanno rinunciato a questa tecnologia di sicurezza. “Con la nuova versione di 3DS che Adyen integra nella sua piattaforma di pagamento, i commercianti saranno in grado di migliorare la sicurezza e prevenire le frodi”, spiega de Passorio. “Grazie alle nuove API create a seguito dell’entrata in vigore del PSD2, i fornitori di servizi di pagamento potranno eseguire controlli antifrode durante il completamento del processo d’acquisto, creando un’esperienza di pagamento semplificata e senza interruzioni.” conclude Philippe De Passorio

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Legal & General Investment Management avvia il proprio business retail in Italia

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 9 dicembre 2018

Londra – Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM) avvia il proprio business retail sul mercato italiano e fornirà agli investitori l’accesso a un’ampia gamma di soluzioni di investimento che comprende ETF, SICAV e strumenti ICAV conformi ai Regolamenti OICVM.
Giancarlo Sandrin, analista finanziario certificato (CFA), è stato nominato Country Head Italia per i mercati Wholesale & Retail con il compito di sovrintendere alla costituzione del business wholesale, e sarà supportato da una funzione di vendita con sede a Londra dedicata ai clienti italiani di Legal & General IM. Sarà basato a Milano, in un ufficio di recente apertura, e riporterà a Simon Hynes, Head of Retail EMEA Distribution.Sandrin proviene da BlackRock, dove è stato responsabile dei clienti dell’asset management per il business italiano di iShares. In precedenza, ha ricoperto ruoli di responsabilità presso il ramo di asset management di HSBC Investments France e presso MTS, il mercato leader in Europa per l’attività di trading nel reddito fisso.Simon Hynes ha commentato: “Abbiamo registrato un crescente interesse da parte degli investitori di tutta Europa per la nostra gamma di soluzioni di investimento e l’apertura di un ufficio locale in Italia è stato il naturale passo successivo nei nostri piani di espansione. Giancarlo sarà una risorsa fondamentale, che va ad aggiungersi al team della società, grazie alla sua profonda conoscenza del mercato europeo degli investimenti retail e la sua vasta esperienza. Costruire il nostro business nel settore degli ETF in Italia è per noi una priorità e, dato il suo background, Giancarlo dispone di tutte le competenze per guidare questo percorso di crescita”.Honor Solomon, Head of Retail, EMEA di Legal & General IM, ha aggiunto: “La nomina di Giancarlo in Italia è un passo fondamentale nel nostro piano di lungo termine per ampliare la presenza della società in Europa. Negli ultimi tre anni abbiamo costantemente esteso la nostra offerta di prodotti per gli investitori europei e siamo entusiasti di avere Giancarlo alla guida del nostro ingresso nel mercato italiano wholesale”.Sandrin ha dichiarato: “Grazie alla sua solida reputazione, Legal & General Investment Management è perfettamente posizionata per espandersi nel settore wholesale italiano. La sua costante attenzione agli investimenti di lungo periodo, inoltre, avrà grande risonanza in questo mercato. Sono entusiasta di poter guidare l’impegno della società nel settore retail in Italia e non vedo l’ora di lavorare a stretto contatto con Simon e il team nel momento in cui la società inizia questa ulteriore fase di crescita”. La nomina di Sandrin è l’ultima di una serie di nomine senior per Legal & General IM in Europa, dopo quelle di Philipp Graf von Königsmarck come Head of Wholesale Sales, Germany a maggio 2018 e James Crossley come Head of UK Retail Sales ad agosto 2018.

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Online Sales to Drive Half of Retail Growth in Western Europe

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 3 agosto 2018

Over the next five years, online sales will drive almost half of retail growth in Western Europe. Italy and Spain will see the fastest online sales growth.By 2023, 21% of non-grocery retail sales will be online, up from 13% in 2017. Grocery will be one of the fastest-growing online retail categories.This promising outlook emerges from a new forecast released today by Forrester. The analysis details growth for 22 product categories across 17 countries in Western Europe, with historical online category sales going back to 2002.“We are seeing an increasing consumer confidence that is driving retail sales growth,” says Principal Analyst Michael O’Grady. “In 2017, the European Union economy grew at its fastest pace in a decade. Western European retail sales will grow by 2.8% in 2018. In addition to the consumer confidence, employment rates haven’t been seen so high since the 2008 banking crisis. As expected, online is playing an ever-increasing role in the mix.”Online-only retailers grew their sales faster than the online retail market as they drive much of their sales from marketplaces.“Marketplaces help consumers to research and buy products but also provide payment and fulfilment services to retailers to allow them to expand both domestically and internationally,” explains Mr O’Grady. “Amazon continues to grow faster that the online retail markets across much of Western Europe. We are also seeing AliExpress grow its presence in Europe, most notably in Spain and Italy.”
Forrester expects that more and more retailers will partner with and sell through marketplaces in the future as the boundaries between physical retail stores and marketplaces start to blur.
Meanwhile, many brick-and-mortar retailers, notably in the UK, saw online sales grow and offline sales contract. One-third of UK non-grocery retailing will be online by 2023.To talk to our analysts to understand where the retail market is going, and which strategies companies should put in place to drive revenue growth, please contact Chiara Carella, Public Relations Europe,

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Online Retail Space is Heating Up

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 3 Mag 2018

With the cost of living putting serious financial strain on Australians, consumers are becoming increasingly savvy when it comes to finding the best bang for their buck, with Australian online cash back site, Cashrewards, making it even easier for Aussies to save and get money back on their everyday purchases.Whilst Cashrewards continues to be the leader in this space, accounting for a staggering 2% of national online spend and having given over $35 million in cash back to its 365,000 plus members, the arrival of offshore competitor ShopBack is imminent and one that Cashrewards CEO and founder, Andrew Clarke, openly welcomes.With their 1,200 retail partners (hundreds more than any other rewards site), 60+ Australian-based employees, deep understanding of what their fellow Aussies want and home-based contact centres, Cashrewards looks at new entrants as an opportunity to bring further awareness to the category to help ensure all Australians are shopping smart and capitalising on the amazing deals that are available to them. “From our point of view, a new arrival will help grow the category and educate the market, which can only be a good thing for us and for Australian consumers. We’re playing in a large space here and there’s room for plenty of growth into it which is what we’re planning to do, so to us it’s a case of ‘bring it on’,” says Andrew Clarke.He continues, “Our customers like our home-based model, our retailers like it and it delivers a competitive edge when it comes to the higher trust Australian consumers demand. We’re right here, on the ground, 100% accessible and are the only cashback site worldwide that has a cashback guarantee, making certain that our customers get their cashback.”With time-poor consumers increasingly turning to online for their purchases, Aussie owned and run Cashrewards offers consumers the cheapest way to shop online in Australia, across categories including groceries, fashion, telco, utilities, insurance, FMCG and everything in between.As Andrew Clarke notes, “Australian consumers, particularly millennials, are shopping smart and know they have the ability to save money on their purchases. They never want to pay full price and Cashrewards offers the solution for that. We just take the research and hard work to find those savings out of the equation for them.”Additionally, consumers are becoming more aware of the added value of shopping online, such as rewards programs, shipping deals and exclusive offers, etc. Cashrewards rewards its members everyday and this month is taking it even further for its 4th birthday, offering daily cashback increases and daily deals from major retailers. Cashrewards is also giving away thousands of dollars in cash prizes and “birthday presents” each week through their social media and email channels.

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Cutting-Edge Array of Self-Serve Automation from Apex Helps Retail Build Business

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 16 gennaio 2018

CustomersNational Retail Federation (NRF) Show attendees are getting a first-hand view of the latest order pick-up and fulfillment solutions from Apex Supply Chain Technologies®. The world’s leading provider of self-serve automation, Apex is demonstrating its full-range of innovative retail technology at #NRF2018, and showing how brands including Fanatics, Delaware North, Carolina Panthers and Casey’s General Store use Apex to automate retail processes, including buy online pick up in store (BOPIS) and mobile device management.“For a truly seamless shopping experience, it must be effortless for the time-starved customer to buy and for retail operations to fulfill,” says Kent Savage, founder and CEO of Apex. “From the store into the warehouse, self-serve automation is being applied by some of the world’s leading retail brands to improve key processes.”Apex solutions are known for decreasing costs while increasing productivity by eliminating low-value, manual tasks. More and more, this technology is proving critical to retailers, restaurants and foodservice in making the customer experience and operations truly seamless.Orders Increase 26% with Self-Serve, Automated Order Pick-Up. Retailers and restaurants are automating order pick-up with Apex AnyWhere™ lockers so customers can skip the line when picking up their purchases. Automating this process also brings customers into the store, helping increase orders by as much as 26 percent according to Deloitte. For retailers, it gives their customers more fast and convenient options in how they buy, pick-up and return purchases without adding staff. Restaurants and foodservice brands rely on the AnyWhere Flow-Thru lockers. The lockers’ two-sided design creates an efficient workflow for preparing orders. This ensures stores can handle the additional demand created by popular mobile order apps. (photo: Customers)

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Privacy, utenti più sicuri sui siti web che espongono il marchio di qualità

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 23 novembre 2017

computer-securityE’ un verdetto preoccupante, quello emesso dal Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN) al termine di un’indagine internazionale condotta da ventiquattro Autorità per la protezione dei dati personali, tra le quali anche il Garante italiano:la ricerca, svolta su 455 siti web ed app di vari settori come viaggi, sanità, banche, social media, giochi d’azzardo, e retail, ha infatti evidenziato che solo il 35% delle informative sulla privacy menziona l’adozione di misure di sicurezza a protezione delle informazioni personali degli utenti, e il 67% dei siti e della applicazioni omette di specificare in quale parte del mondo vanno a finire i dati, mentre il 51% non chiarisce se e con chi questi vengono condivisi. Non solo le Autorità hanno rilevato policy spesso generiche e talvolta imprecise con riferimenti normativi obsoleti, ma a quasi metà degli utenti (44%) non vengono neanche comunicate le modalità di accesso per l’esercizio dei loro diritti.Benché lo scenario attuale delinei un web sempre più simile ad una giungla piena di insidie mettendo a rischio la fiducia degli utenti che si avvalgono della rete per socializzare e fare shopping online, arrivano però buone notizie grazie al marchio di qualità “Privacy Ok”, uno strumento che aiuterà gli utenti a valutare rapidamente il livello di conformità ad uno specifico codice di condotta e ai princìpi generali della normativa in materia di privacy di siti e app, come spiega Nicola Bernardi, presidente di Federprivacy”Per contribuire ad un clima di fiducia che favorisca lo sviluppo del mercato digitale, le aziende virtuose che operano in modo trasparente e lecito hanno ora l’opportunità di ottenere un marchio di qualità ed esporlo sui propri siti web ed app per dare evidenza che hanno aderito al nostro codice di condotta assumendosi l’impegno vincolante di rispettarne tutte le regole. Inoltre, gli utenti possono contare sul fatto che non si tratta di un semplice bollino rilasciato in maniera autoreferenziale – sottolinea Bernardi – Infatti, le attività di assessment non vengono svolte dal nostro staff interno ma sono state affidate all’organismo di terza parte e indipendente TÜV Italia, che assicura l’imparzialità del processo di valutazione per determinare se un sito o una app è effettivamente conforme e meritevole di fregiarsi del marchio.”Ulteriori elementi di garanzia a tutela degli interessati, sono provveduti dall’operato di un comitato di vigilanza che monitora periodicamente i siti e le app che hanno ottenuto il marchio per verificare che continuino a rispettare il codice di condotta, e in ogni momento gli utenti stessi possono rivolgersi ad uno sportello online per inviare le loro segnalazioni.

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Smart intelligence for grocery retail in Europe

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 30 aprile 2017

retailyticsLZ Retailytics, the international analysis platform of Lebensmittel Zeitung (dfv media group), is being launched onto the market, following one year of development. LZ Retailytics has been created by nine renowned retail analysts with many years of professional experience and provides the grocery retail industry and its business partners with insight, analysis and forecast data to support their business in Europe. LZ Retailytics will enlighten the industry with its English language digital and mobile platform, and will additionally deliver workshops, training courses and projects. LZ Retailytics continually tracks and analyses the business development of over 1,000 grocery retail banners in 40 European countries. At the time of launch, it will provide data for the years 2014 to 2016 and forecasts for 2017 to 2022. The senior analysts, who are all well connected within the industry, will compile and analyse this data themselves. Angela Wisken, Spokesperson of the Executive Management Board of dfv: “We have designed LZ Retailytics with the same high quality standards that we have been implementing for many decades in the best specialist media. The customer response to our market tests has been exceedingly positive“.LZ Retailytics provides access to relevant and comparable data, insight and analysis via a user-friendly internet portal at any time of the day and on every type of mobile device. Specialist focus areas range from Amazon and the online grocery market to Aldi, Lidl and the discounters, private label trends, Eastern European retail markets, as well as retail technology and logistics. Market information can be downloaded on demand via the Report Builder function, exported directly into easy to compile PowerPoint presentations or Excel spreadsheets. In addition, users can access a database that currently contains roughly 9,000 crowd-sourced store photographs. These offer highly detailed insights into the stores of all European grocery banners and can be filtered according to various criteria, for example product categories.“Through LZ Retailytics we will be offering professionally compiled market data and insight, thus opening up a new field of business for our company. We are not merely shifting sales turnover from the classic dfv markets to digital lines: we are generating genuine additional business,” explains Wisken. LZ Retailytics will be marketed through single-user and company licences as well as upgrades of existing LZ subscriptions. The information services requiring in-person deployment of the analysts at customer premises will be invoiced at appropriate daily rates. (photo: retailytics)

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Catella Asset Management completes final exit for portfolio of 18 retail assets in Finland

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 3 novembre 2016

henri-hakalaCatella’s asset management team in Finland has closed the final sale of a retail portfolio of 18 assets across Finland. Catella was mandated by Mount Street Loan Solutions LLP in 2014 to act as a strategic asset manager for the portfolio and to lead the sales process of the assets. The portfolio’s lettable area was approximately 87,000 sqm. The sales were executed mostly by single asset disposals.
“We are satisfied that we were selected as the local partner of Mount Street to execute the set business plan in a given time schedule for challenging properties mostly in obsolete locations. This project has shown our capacity to find both local and regional investors for assets that do not fulfil institutional criterion. Together with this and other similar projects we have been able to build extensive connections with local investors and brokers that have served our clients’ needs well”, says Henri Hakala, sales manager at Catella’s asset management in Finland. “Catella was able to create an excellent platform for the project and executed the business plan in accordance with an agreed schedule which maximised value and recoveries for the creditors. We are very pleased with the effectiveness and professional manner in which Catella managed the project”, comments Rachel Morgan, Senior Director at Mount Street. set Management Finland (foto:Henri Hakala)

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Il settore retail è tra i principali obiettivi dei cybercriminali

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 21 aprile 2016

cybercriminaliUn nuovo studio pubblicato oggi nell’NTT Global Threat Intelligence Report 2016 rivela un cambiamento del target dei cybercriminali che, rispetto al tradizionale mercato finanziario, ora sono focalizzati sul settore retail. Le organizzazioni retail hanno subito cyberattacchi circa tre volte superiori a quelli del settore finance, che fino al 2015 era l’obiettivo primario dei cyberattacchi. I cyberattacchi nel settore finanziario sono scesi drasticamente, attestandosi alla quattordicesima posizione.
L’annuale Global Threat Intelligence Report di NTT include le analisi delle minacce alla sicurezza raccolte nel corso del 2015 individuate tra gli 8.000 clienti delle società del gruppo NTT Gruppo NTT tra cui Dimension Data, Solutionary, NTT Com Security, NTT R&D e NTT Innovation Institute (NTTi3). I dati di quest’anno analizzano 3,5 trilioni di security log e 6,2 miliardi di attacchi. I dati raccolti provengono anche dai 24 Security Operations Centres e dai 7 centri di ricerca e sviluppo del Gruppo NTT.
Altri risultati evidenziati nel Global Threat Intelligence Report 2016 di NTT includono:Il 65% degli attacchi proviene da indirizzi IP negli Stati Uniti. Tuttavia, questi indirizzi IP potrebbero risiedere in qualsiasi parte del mondo. I cybercriminali stanno adottando infrastrutture a basso costo, altamente disponibili e distribuite strategicamente a livello geografico per perpetrare attività malevoli. I cybercriminali ricorrono sempre più ai malware per minare il perimetro difensivo delle organizzazioni. Nel 2015 c’è stato un incremento del 18% dei malware in tutti i settori di mercato ad esclusione del settore dell’education.
La frequenza e la complessità dei malware stanno diventando sempre più occulte e sofisticate: mentre le organizzazioni stanno sviluppando sandboxes per comprendere meglio le tattiche dei cybercriminali per proteggersi dagli attacchi, gli sviluppatori di malware stanno sviluppando tecniche anti-sanboxes in modo aggressivo.
L’analisi degli attacchi ²honeynet all’interno delle organizzazioni rivela che i malintenzionati ricorrono all’uso di telco e hosting provider per condurre le proprie attività L’Executive Guide dell’NTT Global Threat Intelligence Report è disponibile al sito (foto: cybercriminali)

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Amazon Doesn’t Ship Your Item to Italy? Big Apple Buddy Steps in to Help

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 11 novembre 2015

new-yorkNew York. The U.S. retail market is the main channel for tech lovers around the world to acquire newest gadgets as soon as they are released. However, international consumers often face challenges. Cross-border shopping is growing, but big retailers are not making it easy to shop from America.For example, Amazon, the world’s largest online store, doesn’t allow buyers outside of the U.S. to purchase a wide range of electronics, cameras, sporting and outdoor goods, software and computers. International shipping restrictions are even placed on Amazon’s own house products: Amazon Echo, Fire TV and Kindle Voyage. “This item cannot be shipped to the address you selected” notification will often appear on the screens of hopeful international buyers.New York shopping concierge, Big Apple Buddy, now offers a solution. The company specializes in shipping items from the U.S. to almost any country in the world, basically acting as a middle-man between U.S. online stores and international customers.The company delivers a seamless shopping experience by taking care of the entire buying process, allowing clients to rest easy knowing their products will be reliably shipped to their doorstep, avoiding complex international shipping procedures that can be associated with a big marketplace such as Amazon. Ordered items often reach clients in as little as 2-4 business days.One of the reasons why Big Apple Buddy is able to deliver a smooth shopping experience is that the company is not bound by manufacturer and dealer arrangements in America. Amazon is often unable to ship internationally because it has pre-existing agreements with manufactures to sell only in the U.S. Big Apple Buddy on the other hand, acting as an independent third party, can purchase amazon alternativaitems from U.S. online stores, such as Amazon, without such restrictions, and ship them to clients worldwide.Big Apple Buddy has partnered with FedEx, DHL and UPS and already ships products to thousands of clients in over 150 countries worldwide, with happy clients located everywhere from Europe to Asia to Africa.“Some of our clients come to us looking to buy the latest gadgets, sporting goods or health products from the U.S. after they have unsuccessfully tried to order them directly through bigger retailers, including Amazon. Usually they get surprised with the ease and convenience of the service we provide,” says Ms. Chan, the co-founder.Currently, some of the most popular items ordered from America through Big Apple Buddy include tech products such as the Microsoft Band 2, Amazon Echo Speaker, Roku 4 Media Streaming Player, Google OnHub and the newly released Nexus 5X and 6P phones.
Cross-border shopping is currently the fastest-growing area of international e-commerce, but large online stores, including Amazon, still need to re-organize if they want to meet the global demand. In the meanwhile, there are innovative companies such as Big Apple Buddy, determined to offer a solution. By providing consumers around the world with unrestricted access to the latest goods from the U.S., Big Apple Buddy is helping to create a shopping world without borders.For more information, please visit
Big Apple Buddy is a New York based e-commerce company, founded by two former Australian corporate lawyers who saw a global demand for items that are only available in the U.S. Big Apple Buddy is a friendly, responsive and reliable personal shopping concierge that delivers desired items from the U.S. to consumers across the globe. Popular items include tech gadgets and designer brands.

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Car Retail, the 3D Revolution is Here and Now

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 9 settembre 2015

londonLONDON Sit back, relax and… go! The consumer is in the driving seat now more than ever as the 3D revolution in car retail has just started. This is thanks to the next generation 3D car configurator solution, provided by IBM and ZeroLight. Frost & Sullivan has researched the future of automotive retailing for the past few years and has produced a White Paper which focuses on this new platform because of the way it allows customers to see, feel and take a virtual test drive of a car at the touch of a button.
Customers can open the doors, boot, and bonnet, for example, as well as activate features such as turning on the headlights, starting the engine, and taking a virtual test drive. This virtual test drive can be taken to a new level of personalization by allowing the customer to select from a range of environments in which to see the car drive (such as virtually parking a city car in an urban environment or driving an SUV up a mountainside). Customers can even take control of the camera to experience the drive from different vantage points (e.g. the driver’s, passenger’s, or rear seats as well as an external view) and continue to customize the virtual car while it drives.
Frost & Sullivan research indicates that in 2016 alone, OEMs will invest up to $5 billion in digitalization and unveil over 100 digital show rooms across the globe. In addition to the financial investment in digitalization, a trend of “floor space” investment is also taking place. Existing showrooms are expected to dedicate between 20-30 percent of floor space to digital technology by 2016, instead of physical car displays. This is on top of the trend toward smaller stores and an expected reduction of 15-20 percent total showroom floor space by 2020.”The technology now exists to overcome automotive retail barriers and transform automotive retail as the world knows it today. The next generation 3D car configurator solution provided by IBM and ZeroLight, delivers an experience so “real” that time-poor, urban-based customers no longer need to travel to an out-of-town car dealership, and those who do visit a physical store will have a completely new and exciting retail experience,” confirms Frost & Sullivan Consultant Catherine Hutt who produced the paper. “By zooming in on minute details like the stitching, by opening the doors and boot, by turning on and hearing the roar of the engine, and by letting the customer take a virtual test drive in a setting of their choice, this configurator brings the car (and the car buying experience) to life – virtually.”Car makers and dealers recognize that there will be tremendous disruption in the retail process over the next 10 years and are embracing the retail revolution by considering the cost of technology as an investment, not as an expense.IBM and ZeroLight have joined forces to offer a one-stop shop, omnichannel car configurator solution for OEMs aiming to embrace retail digitalization. According to Frost & Sullivan, this collaboration brings together a unique combination of skill-sets to satisfy the customer and the OEM:
· ZeroLight’s 3D car configurator technology, anchored in 27 years’ experience and £30 million investment, which saw it become the market leader in car gaming technology, surprises and delights the customer with advanced and interactive visual features to personalize the customer journey and capture valuable customer data.
· IBM brings its global network and IT implementation expertise to complement the cutting-edge technology with tried-and-tested implementation methods and data analytics which improves new product development and lead generation as well as providing a platform to shift retail strategy online.
The crucial difference between the IBM/ZeroLight solution and traditional configurators is first, the 3D versus 2D factor and second, the fact that car models, options and information available to the customer can be updated across the globe from the cloud.

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World Retail Congress 2015

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 9 luglio 2015

05penthouse-terraceRoma Hotel Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria 8 – 10 settembre. La 9° edizione del World Retail Congress, evento internazionale e punto di riferimento per il mondo retail, si svolgerà quest’anno per la prima volta in Italia a Roma. L’evento, che attrae i player più influenti della distribuzione mondiale, avrà quest’anno come ospite eccezionale Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventore del World Wide Web, che terrà un particolare speech sui futuri e visionari sviluppi del web.Le tre giornate prevedono un fitto programma di eventi, workshop e presentazioni interattive, tavole rotonde e meeting in cui il grande tema sarà proprio il futuro del retail: nuove sfide, soluzioni e prospettive offerte. Inoltre, il programma sarà arricchito da alcune attività collaterali come l’annuale Future Retail Challenge in cui squadre di studenti di tutto il mondo competeranno nel creare un nuovo concept di retail, l’introduzione di tre nuove aziende nella Hall of Fame dei migliori innovatori del settore e la consegna dei prestigiosi World Retail Awards che saranno assegnati durante la cena di gala a conclusione dell’evento.L’edizione 2015 del World Retail Congress prevede inoltre alcune importanti nuove iniziative:
· Il World Retail Congress Innovation Hub: contest che premierà le migliori start-up in ambito retail che avranno l’opportunità di presentare il proprio progetto ad una platea di CEO delle principali aziende presenti. Un’occasione unica per confrontarsi con i player più influenti e all’avanguardia.
· Future vision: un panel di esperti di diversa provenienza presenterà le linee guida che modelleranno il retail in futuro, in un’ottica unitaria e coesa. Un documento importante e d’ispirazione per tutti gli operatori del settore.
· CEO Leadership Workshop: un programma nato dalla collaborazione fra la Said Business School Oxford University e WRC per la formazione continua dei CEO.

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Social shopping: sconti di gruppo

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 9 Mag 2012

“Siete davvero sicuri che state acquistando un prodotto e non lo sconto?” E’ la provocazione che lancia Massimiliano Dona, Segretario generale dell’Unione Nazionale Consumatori (UNC), riferendosi alla moda del momento: il social shopping. “Con un giro d’affari di circa 250 milioni di euro al mese e più o meno 7 milioni di utenti -commenta Dona- i gruppi d’acquisto online potrebbero essere considerati a tutti gli effetti una strategia ‘salva portafogli’ che può far risparmiare fino al 70 per cento del costo intero del prodotto. Non mancano però le segnalazioni ai nostri sportelli di consumatori che lamentano scarsa qualità, di non aver ricevuto la merce o di non essere riusciti a prenotare il servizio”.“Per avere maggior garanzie -consiglia l’avvocato Dona- è buona regola non affidarsi semplicemente al sito del gruppo d’acquisto su cui si sta acquistando, ma chiamare la struttura cui si fa riferimento (se si tratta ad esempio di un centro benessere, un trattamento estetico o una cena al ristorante); anche una ricerca sui forum che raccolgono le recensioni dei clienti può essere utile. È consigliabile, inoltre -aggiunge il Segretario generale- leggere le condizioni di utilizzo del coupon prima del click e in caso di problemi contattare subito il servizio clienti”.
“Non dimentichiamo il buonsenso -conclude Massimiliano Dona- il rischio, infatti, è che accecati dallo sconto si comprino cose di cui non si ha effettivamente bisogno; il suggerimento, dunque, è crearsi un paniere di beni (compatibili con il nostro budget) e cercare in rete i prezzi più vantaggiosi”.

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