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Stronger EU powers in trade disputes: trade MEPs back rule revision

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 14 novembre 2020

Trade MEPs agreed Tuesday to bolster the EU’s ability to use countermeasures in trade disputes.The informal agreement reached on 28 October with the member states and put to vote on 10 November was approved by 40 votes in favour and two against. The results of the vote was published on 11 November.The update of the enforcement regulation is necessary to allow the EU to use countermeasures after it obtained a favourable ruling from a dispute settlement panel of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) or of bilateral and regional agreements, while the other party fails to cooperate on further arbitration. (The Appellate Body of the WTO is currently defunct due to blockage.Emphasizing that services and intellectual property rights account for a large and growing share of world trade and are covered by international trade agreements, Parliament negotiators succeeded in extending the scope of the regulation to also cover all services as well as European trademarks, designs and geographical indications.They also ensured that Commission would examine breaches with negative effect on workers or the environment in a trade context with the same attention as breaches of market access when raised by the Parliament. Enforcement measures will apply in this field as soon as trade agreements permit it.Parliament negotiators insisted on an instrument to allow the EU to deter and counteract other countries trying to force policy choices on the EU. Commission agreed to present a proposal no later than the end of 2021. The Council also committed to consider the proposal in a timely manner. The informal agreement reached in the tripartite negotiations will now be put to vote in plenary and the Council will also formally adopt the revision of the regulation.

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The European Federalists call on the European Parliament to propose a limited but radical Treaty revision

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 28 Maggio 2020

The ongoing discussion on the creation of new financial instruments to address the social and economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis, and in particular the recent joint proposals by the French and German governments for a EUR 500 billion Recovery Fund funded by the issuance of European debt calls for a radical change in the European Union’s budget.Sandro GOZI, MEP, President of the Union of European Federalists, stated today “The most urgent issue is certainly the creation of European resources so that the European Union can issued debt without asking higher contributions from Member States but establishing new financial resources at European level, in particular focusing on digital and financial giants and on polluters. This is the only way to ensure that any debt issued by the European Union can be guaranteed by and eventually repaid by the EU budget and does not have to rely on direct or indirect guarantees by Member States and their ability to repay such debt”.
To this end, however, it is essential to reform the Treaties, and in particular the decision-making on the establishment of new European sources of revenues amending only a few specific articles of the Treaties to ensure that the European Parliament and the Council by majority vote can establish Union’s own resources and at the same time eliminating the need for agreement by the national parliament of the Member States. Such a reform would establish an autonomous fiscal capacity of the European Union as indispensable contribution to the long-term sustainability of the new financial instruments currently under negotiation as well as to a qualitative and quantitative transformation of the European budget. In an open letter to MEPs today, the European Federalists call on the European Parliament to propose the required amendment to the Treaties and ask the other EU institutions to commence the related process of treaty revision.The rapid implementation of fiscal union is also the premise and the basis for the opening of the institutional work in view of the Conference on the future of Europe, that can then focus on achieving a true political union. The European Parliament has the democratic legitimacy and the institutional vocation to impose such an agenda on the Conference, and to elaborate and propose to the other European institutions and the Conference a project for a European Federal Constitution – similarly to what it did in the first legislature under the leadership of Altiero Spinelli.

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Los miembros del comité de revisión de Black Hat Europe prevén un aumento en los ataques a hardware

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 11 novembre 2019

SAN FRANCISCO, (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Black Hat, principal organizador mundial de eventos relacionados con la seguridad de la información, pone de manifiesto hoy las predicciones de los miembros del consejo de revisión de Black Hat Europe sobre la tecnología, los sistemas y los ataques que se espera que dominen el sector de la seguridad de la información en 2020. Se prevé que los ataques a hardware, dispositivos basados en ARM y sistemas ciberfísicos constituyan un área de especial interés en 2020, hecho que se destacará en la próxima edición de Black Hat Europe, que tendrá lugar entre el 2 y el 5 de diciembre en Londres, Inglaterra.
Los ataques basados en hardware se consideraban anteriormente algo muy aislado, pero según Daniel Cuthbert, responsable mundial de investigación en seguridad del Banco Santander, este tipo de ofensiva será algo habitual en 2020. “Con el aumento de la comunidad de fabricantes y la posibilidad de acceso a hardware y diseños baratos, los métodos de ataque basados en hardware para conseguir acceder o afectar negativamente han mejorado”, afirma Daniel Cuthbert. “En principio los consumidores confían en que sus dispositivos físicos no incluyan componentes malintencionados, pero esta confianza podría llegar a estar en peligro en el futuro”.
El uso del Internet de las cosas (IoT) cada vez tiene más importancia conforme crece la cuota de mercado de los dispositivos basados en ARM, pasando a sustituir a otros procesadores usados habitualmente en el sector informático, como ordenadores de sobremesa, portátiles y sistemas de servidor. Según Maria Markstedter, investigadora y formadora de seguridad independiente, puede que en 2020 tengamos que analizar más detenidamente los dispositivos basados en ARM.

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Dublin revision: Civil Liberties MEPs call for ambitious reform and centralised asylum system

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 7 aprile 2016

dublinoAn upcoming proposal to reform the Dublin system must be ambitious and replace the current rules with a common distribution system for all EU member states to ensure fair and smooth processing of asylum claims, Parliament’s lead MEP on Dublin and Civil Liberties Committee Chair say.Welcoming today’s communication on migration from the European Commission on a revision of the Dublin regulation (which determines the member state responsible for processing an asylum application, MEP Cecilia Wikström (ALDE, SE) who will lead Parliament’s work on the legislative proposal, said:”Europe has recently witnessed an irresponsible race to the bottom among the member states that must be stopped. I hope that the European Commission dares to put forward a far-reaching proposal well in line with the view that the European Parliament adopted recently with a very large majority.A new EU Asylum system should be developed, based on a fair sharing of responsibility between Member States. The country of first arrival criteria should be removed from the Dublin regulation and replaced with a fair and mandatory distribution mechanism between Member States, using a formula based on population, wealth and reception capabilities”, she added. Civil Liberties Committee Chair Claude Moraes (S&D, UK) stated:”The revision of the Dublin regulation will be a key step to ensuring a compassionate and organised response to the biggest refugee crisis in Europe since the Second World War. With this in mind, it is key that the EU has in place an asylum system that is centred on the principle of solidarity and responsibility sharing between Member States as highlighted in Parliament’s recent proposals for a holistic approach to migration.The Civil Liberties Committee stands ready to work to improve the EU’s asylum system in order to ensure that it takes into account particular migratory pressures faced by Members States on the periphery”, ends Moraes.

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Student’s Revision Apps Help Other Students Prepare for Exams

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 9 Maggio 2012

London, (PRNewswire) EducationApps, the UK’s leading provider of mobile revision apps for students, has released more than 50 apps over the past two months. The apps help students prepare for their examinations, including Common Entrance, GCSEs, AS-levels and A-levels. The majority of these new apps are quiz based. Users can take a random test, or focus on a specific topic. They get detailed explanations and links to further reading when they select an incorrect answer. Users can even select their exam board, ensuring they only receive content that is relevant to their course.George Burgess founded EducationApps when he was just 17. Now 20, he continues to manage the company while a full-time student. He says, “Mobile learning is overlooked by many traditional publishers. With my proximity to education I realised that there are thousands of students who have come to expect this type of material on their mobiles but can’t find it. EducationApps completely solves this problem.” The new apps are available on the iPhone and iPod touch. Many are also available for iPad, Android and BlackBerry. Apple has just featured the majority of the apps under the ‘Exam Time’ banner on the home page of their App Store. Burgess says, “We’ve had some great reviews so far and are delighted by the level of enthusiasm we’ve witnessed in response to our new apps. We are developing a brand which students can return to time and time again for all their mobile learning needs.”EducationApps has also teamed up with Oxford University Press to release a series of undergraduate apps, including Oxford University Press’ popular ‘Concentrates’ series for undergraduate students studying law. EducationApps has also worked with BBC Active, a joint venture between Pearson and BBC Worldwide to create the BBC Bitesize apps, which are also featured on Apple’s App Store.Throughout May, EducationApps rolls out two new apps a day and is staging daily competitions on its Facebook and Twitter accounts. Going forward, the company will partner with more publishers to increase the variety of EducationApps’ content. Burgess says, “We have exciting projects in the pipeline and are working closely with many of the world’s top academic publishers.”

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