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China’s ambassador to the EU: “China will do right things in the right time”

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 26 settembre 2020

EU relations with China have deteriorated over the years, mainly because of China´s aggressive policies and unfulfilled promises, said MEPs during a meeting with China’s EU Ambassador. China accepts well intended criticism, but it does not accept malicious attacks, nor does it allow anyone to meddle in its internal affairs. This was one of the main messages voiced by the Chinese EU Ambassador Zhang Ming, as he addressed Foreign Affairs Committee MEPs on Monday evening.MEPs wanted to hear his views on a range of issues, from the human rights situation in China to ethical dilemmas in the development of artificial intelligence and digital technology and the Chinese unfulfilled promises within the scope of the current trade relations.Relations with China have deteriorated in the last couple of years, stated the Chair of Parliament’s delegation for relations with China, Reinhard Bütikofer (The Greens, DE). There are two main reasons for that, he added. One is China´s aggressive policy with domestic oppression and the territorial conflicts she currently has with nine countries. The other one is a “promise fatigue” on the European side, who expects China to live up to the promises it made during the Summit in April 2019.“The EU and China do not share the same set of values and principles, that are also enshrined in the EU’s market economy”, said Gunnar Wiegand, Managing Director for Asia and Pacific at the European External Action Service. The EU has moved to a more robust, more realistic approach to China, and recognised the degree of complexity but also the necessity for principled pragmatism in dealing with China.The Chinese EU Ambassador agreed with his European colleagues that 2020 should be a crucial year for EU-China relations, with both sides striving to achieve a comprehensive investment deal by the end of this year. He said China is devoted to its reforms, ready to cooperate in the digital fields and in the field of sustainable development, as well as in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. It is also necessary to rebalance economic relations, but both sides need to move in the same direction, he said. China is opening up, but it will do right things in the right time, stated the Ambassador, who also represents the EU’s second biggest trade partner.

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Right to peaceful protest in the EU: MEPs condemn use of disproportionate force

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 16 febbraio 2019

Parliament stressed on Thursday that public debate is vital to the functioning of democratic societies and called on member states to respect the right of freedom of peaceful assembly.
In a resolution passed with 438 votes to 78 and 87 abstentions, MEPs condemned the restrictions in several member states to the freedom of assembly and denounced the use of violent and disproportionate interventions by state authorities during protests and peaceful demonstrations.They called for transparent, impartial, independent and effective investigations when the use of disproportionate force is suspected and underlined that law enforcement agencies must always be held accountable for the fulfilment of their duties.“Violence against peaceful demonstrators can never be a solution in a debate or in politics”, notes the text, whilst acknowledging that the police is operating “in difficult conditions, owing in particular to the hostility of some protesters, but also to an excessive workload”.MEPs condemn “every kind of violence against individuals or property by violent, militant protesters, who only come for a violent purpose and harm the legitimacy of peaceful protests” and emphasise the importance of guaranteeing the safety of law enforcement officers, police officers and soldiers during public protest demonstrations.The resolution also notes the important role of journalists and photojournalists in reporting cases of disproportionate violence, and condemns all instances in which they have been deliberately targeted.

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MEPs approve new EU rules extending right to legal aid

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 5 ottobre 2016

The European Parliament approved on Tuesday new EU rules extending the right to legal aid for citizens suspected or accused of a crime, or named in a European Arrest Warrant. During the negotiations weuropean parliamentith the Council, MEPs ensured that both the right to provisional and ordinary legal aid will be covered, so that persons who cannot afford a lawyer get part or all the costs of their defence and court proceedings paid by the state.The text was adopted by 569 votes to 54, with 54 abstentions.”Although the area of freedom, security and justice is built on the principle of mutual trust of Member States in their respective criminal law systems, differences in the procedural rights of defendants persist. The EU already adopted a directive on access to a lawyer, thus providing a minimum of protection for defendants, but this directive does not deal with the situation in which defendants simply cannot afford paying for a lawyer themselves”, noted Parliament´s rapporteur Dennis de Jong (GUE, NL).“Thus, the directive laying down the minimum requirements for legal aid is essential to provide access to a lawyer for all, irrespective of their income level. By adopting this directive, the Parliament and the Council have therefore taken an important step towards the eradication of class justice within the EU”, he added.Legal aid should be provided at all stages of the criminal process, as Parliament defended. The original Commission´s proposal only envisaged the right to “provisional” legal aid for suspects or accused persons in criminal proceedings who are “deprived of liberty”, only until there is a final decision on their eligibility for legal aid. “Ordinary” legal aid refers to all defence costs, including the cost of a lawyer and court fees, during the whole criminal justice process.The legislation foresees a “means test” to assess whether a person has the economic resources to pay for legal aid. It also includes a “merits test”, designed to determine whether offering legal aid would be in the interest of justice. The latter should assess, for example, the complexity of the case or the seriousness of the offense.Persons named in European Arrest Warrants will also be covered, in both the executing and the issuing member state.The UK and Ireland decided not to take part in this legislation, while Denmark has an “opt out” by default for matters of Justice and Home Affairs.Once the legal text is formally adopted by the Council and following its publication in the Official Journal, member states will have 30 months to transpose it to their national legislation.

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The right of every American to have a voice at the ballot box is fundamental to our democracy

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 9 agosto 2016

But, before President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act into law 51 years ago today, practices such as literacy tests, poll taxes, and threats of physical violence were commonly used to disenfranchise minority voters in states all over the country.
In the decades since President Johnson’s actions, which were brought on by the tireless advocacy of thousands of freedom fighters like congresso stati uniti, Jr., John Lewis, and so many others who stood up for what was right, our country has taken many steps forward. And until the Supreme Court gutted the VRA in 2013, the concept of making our voting process more accessible and inclusive was considered a bipartisan effort — supported by Democratic and Republican presidents all the way up to President George W. Bush.
But now (as we’ve seen in states like Ohio, Kansas, North Carolina, and Wisconsin), today’s Republican Party has become more vested in making it harder to vote than they should be in protecting that right.Whether it’s by cutting early vote hours, getting rid of same-day registration, or requiring photo ID cards to vote, Republican-led statehouses have used the Supreme Court’s decision as justification to rush through these sorts of laws — sometimes in the dead of night — which disproportionately impact women, communities of color, working families, students, veterans, and the elderly. In recent weeks, state and federal courts have begun to catch on to the Republicans’ ultimate plan — to make it more difficult for Americans to vote — and in many cases have ruled these state voting restrictions unconstitutional. But the simple truth is that these ridiculously discriminatory laws should never have been on the books in the first place.

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Dozens of Members of the European Parliament call on the EU to support the right to boycott

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 27 luglio 2016

european parliamentMore than 30 MEPs have called on the EU High Representative, Federica Mogherini, to take measures assuring freedom of expression regarding the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement for justice and equality and recognising Omar Barghouti, a co-founder of the BDS movement, as a human rights defender.While the signatories views on the BDS movement differ, they expressed concern regarding “growing attempts to silence and repress advocates of BDS” and called on the EU to “guarantee that it will not introduce measures aimed at limiting freedom of expression regarding the Middle East and BDS.”Having failed to hinder the growing support and impact of the BDS movement in mainstream civil society, Israel has launched an unprecedented anti-democratic campaign to silence Palestinian narratives and outlaw BDS advocacy.The Israeli-induced attacks on the BDS movement are advanced through putting pressure on governments, legislators and officials to fight BDS activity through implementing repressive measures that pose a threat to civil and political liberties at large.The 32 signatory MEPs expressed concerns regarding Israel’s targeted attack on activists advocating for Palestinian rights through BDS and called on the EU to “recognise Omar Barghouti as a human rights defender and afford him and other Palestinian, Israeli and international human rights defenders appropriate protection and assistance.”Aneta Jerska, the coordinator of the European Coordination of Committees and Associations for Palestine (ECCP) said:“It is really empowering to see that a growing number of MEPs are taking a clear stance in defence of civil society actor’s right to advocate for BDS, as a matter of conscience, free speech and as a nonviolent means of political expression.”Riya Hassan, Europe Campaigns Officer for the Palestinian BDS National Committee, the broadest coalition of Palestinian organisations that leads and supports the BDS movement, said:
« This letter is yet another expression of support for the right of citizens and organisations to take part in the BDS movement, which continues to grow in Europe, just as it is growing across the world. There is mounting concern about the attacks on democracy that are taking place in order to help shield Israel from accountability and criticism.”“The EU must protect its own citizens and civil society’s freedom of expression and political assembly and assure the protection of Palestinian human right defenders. It is high time for the EU to listen to Palestinian and European civil society calls and bring an end to its complicity in Israel’s violations of international law and human rights. »This letter echoes growing European political and civil society calls for protecting the freedom of expression of activists and organisations involved in BDS activity for Palestinian rights.More than 350 European human rights organizations, trade unions, church groups and political parties, have called on the European Union to defend citizens and organisations right to boycott Israel in response to its occupation and violations of Palestinian rights.Representatives of the Swedish, Irish and Dutch governments have publicly defended the right to advocate and campaign for Palestinian rights under international law through BDS. (photo: european parliament)

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Finance report approved with amendment

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 21 luglio 2009

The 13th Assembly of CEC approved the report of its finance committee on the afternoon of Monday 20 July. This decision followed lengthy discussion and a series of votes amending one sentence dealing with consequences for member churches that fail to meet minimum standards for financial support of the Conference of European Churches. One practical dimension of this measure applies to bodies like the Russian Orthodox Church, which has suspended its membership pending the outcome of negotiations over the standing of Estonian Orthodox communities in CEC. The language of the report as originally proposed contained a recommendation that representatives of churches neglecting the minimum standard for contributions would be denied the right to vote, would not be invited to participate in CEC-sponsored events and would not receive subsidies from CEC for travel or lodging expenses. Elizabeth Fisher, moderator of CEC’s Churches in Dialogue Commission, moved an amendment deleting the refusal to extend invitations to CEC-sponsored events. She argued that dialogue was an essential part of the ecumenical vocation and that no church should be banned from the prospect of such engagement. After complex deliberations, the assembly acted to remove the clause on invitations. Assembly advisors also warned that the proposed denial of the right to vote faces constitutional obstacles and is a matter that must be referred to CEC’s central committee. The financial report also called for careful monitoring of CEC’s budget in light of the global financial crisis and the expenditures arising from the 13th Assembly in Lyon. The report underlined a stipulation in planning for a special constitutional assembly in 2013 that such a meeting is contingent on CEC leadership identifying sources of funds to support it.

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New deal in Usa

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 7 marzo 2009

Washington Dc White house President Barack Obama used his weekly address to detail his plans to fix our ailing economy, noting that reforming healthcare is necessary to ensure our long term fiscal health.  While ending this crisis will not be quick or easy, the President’s plans will take the swift, bold, and responsible actions needed for the United States to emerge stronger and more prosperous than before. And that is why reforming healthcare, jumpstarting job creation, restoring lending, relieving responsible homeowners, and making hard choices are all so critically important right now

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