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Latest Short-Term Outlook for EU agricultural markets

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 13 luglio 2015

agricolturaA report on the short-term market outlook for EU arable, dairy and meat markets has been published by the European Commission today. This regular exercise concludes that EU dairy deliveries are expected to finish the calendar year just 1% higher than in 2014, despite the end of dairy quotas at the start of April. With the continuation of the Russian import ban, more milk is likely to be channelled into skimmed milk powder and butter, rather than cheese. With regard to cereals, after last year’s record crop (329 million tonnes of cereals – about 14% above average), exports are estimated close to 60% above average. Moreover, this year’s cereal harvest is forecast to be higher than average levels (+6%) for the third year in a row. In the meat sector, pigmeat production is expected to increase further in 2015, driven by low feed prices and a slightly higher breeding sows herd. Poultrymeat production continues its steady development. Beefmeat production is also likely to rise in 2015, boosted by cow herd developments and export opportunities. Relatively good prices and favourable forage conditions support an increasing herd and production in the sheep sector. This additional meat on the market translates in an average 1.4% (1kg) increase in consumption per capita this year, after the strong recovery already observed in 2014.

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