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“VCs in a Van” Takes TV Viewers on a Wild Ride behind the Scenes of Startup Investing

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 19 novembre 2018

Four well-known San Diego entrepreneurs and investors have formed a partnership to produce and star in a six-episode TV program, “VCs in a Van,” that will air Sundays at 6 p.m., Mondays at 7:30 p.m., Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. and Saturdays at 11 a.m. on Cox Channel 4/Yurview 1004, on Time Warner and Spectrum, beginning December 2, 2018.The VCs, including Neil Senturia, Tom Tullie, Mark Bowles, and Taner Halicioglu, take their van to visit compelling new businesses to see if they are investment worthy, and invite the audience to invest alongside them. This exclusive, hidden look at startup initiation and growth, success and failure issues, and the art of deal-making takes the audience on an entertaining and educational ride as the venture capitalists search Southern California in search of the “Next Big Thing.”“We want the audience to see what really happens when a business pitches a venture capitalist or angel investor for funding. It’s not just a startup CEO standing in front of a room for eight minutes, it’s a behind-the-scenes look at the discussions the VC team has among themselves, as they travel to and from the business, poking holes and asking the tough questions,” said Executive Producer Tom Tullie.“VCs in a Van” turns its attention to the “little guy,” the startup that doesn’t have easy access to Silicon Valley or big money investment banks. Unlike other investment programs, these VCs take it on the road to visit the entrepreneurs in their native company environments; there’s no pitching in a sterile room with beautiful television backdrops. The production is gritty and documentary-style, using raw footage and lots of colorful language to show the “real world” discussions that go on among VCs while they consider the pluses and minuses of an investment deal.The van guys are savvy business leaders and investors who have founded or run over 20 companies and created billions of dollars in corporate value – by betting on the right startups and seeing the potential upside of investing in the next big idea. The viewer gets to ride along for some laughs, sound advice and the possible opportunity to invest themselves.“After all,” says Senturia, “who wouldn’t want the chance to invest in the next pet rock? Frankly, Southern California has always lived in the shadow of Silicon Valley – enough with that. Have wheels, will travel – the highways and the byways, baby. Bring it!”“VCs in a Van” is directed by Ken Gora, the director, producer and creator of the award-winning TV series “The Romance” and “So You Think You Can Sell.” Besides his television and film experience, Gora has also participated on the executive teams of start-ups and small businesses.

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Exceptional sculptures from the 15th, to 18th centuries

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 2 Maggio 2010

Paris 11 quai Voltaire, Galerie Ratton-Ladriere From 14 September to 26 October 2010 Opening day: Monday 13 September Some of them depict historical scenes, such as the Death of Cleopatra, while others show religious scenes, such as the Beheading of Saint Paul, while others still are based on mythology, such as the Lady with the unicorn or the Faun with Kid. Located on quai Voltaire, the Ratton-Ladrière gallery has been one of the must-see antiquity galleries of the “Carré Rive Gauche” for some thirty years. Having been established on the Right Bank (14 rue Marignan, Paris 8th district) for several decades by Charles Ratton and Guy Ladrière, the Ratton-Ladrière gallery is now known internationally for its sculptures and art objects, but also its paintings and drawings, which primarily cover the Renaissance and Baroque periods.
A genuine aficionado, Guy Ladrière conveys his passion for art to those around him, starting with his daughter Sandrine who has been working for the gallery since 2001. Together, they are delighted to count among their regular clientele numerous demanding private collectors, to which can be added the most renowned international museums, such as Cluny, Versailles, and the Getty Museum (Los Angeles)… not to mention the Louvre which faces it from the other side of the Seine. Among the prominent pieces, let us mention the Beheading of Saint Paul, a terra cotta sculpture hand-crafted in the 17th century by Alessandro Algardi, or the Faun with kid, a white marble sculpture made in the 18th century by a certain Jacques François Saly, inspired by the statuary of antiquity. Fauns are generally rustic beings that are half-man and half-beast; Saly’s faun, however, is of a youthful grace and completely civilized, one worthy of being shown at the Court of Louis XV where the marble piece was on display. The Ratton-Ladrière gallery regularly organizes thematic exhibitions of exquisite refinement and quality. Its previous exhibitions had themes of “Animals in art”, “Sculpted heads”, and “Old masters drawings from the 16th to the 18th centuries”.

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Stefanie Gutheil: Kopftheater

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 15 gennaio 2010

New York, NY until 20/2/2010 Mike Weiss Gallery 520 West 24th Street, Between 10th and 11th Avenues Mike Weiss Gallery presents Kopftheater, a new exhibition of paintings by Berlin based artist Stefanie Gutheil. This is the artist’s first exhibition in New York and at Mike Weiss Gallery. Stefanie’s bold, multi-dimensional paintings are tactile depictions of her own life. The patterns of unexpected fabrics and aluminum foil adhere to the oils, acrylics and spray paint applied to the surface and come together to form scenes from the artist’s excessive imagination, both playful and grotesque. Her paintings provide the cast and set for her own kopf theater, or theatre of the mind. Born and raised in a small conservative town in southwest Germany, Stefanie moved to Berlin ten years ago and since that time has witnessed the growth of Berlin’s contemporary art scene; an international mish-mash of artists converging on the city after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Her monsters and creatures, both miniature and giant, are gross caricatures of the people in her daily life; artists, musicians, dancers, poets and revelers in the city of Berlin. Tucked into the center of the city’s nightlife pocket, the scene around the artist’s studio provides the visual fodder for what becomes her larger than life imagery. Influences from the chaotic and cramped compositions of Bosch and Brueghel are evident. In Berg I and Berg II, a massive heap of excrement and bodies rises up from the marred landscape of skulls and stumps; pyramid shaped in subtle homage to Brueghel’s The Tower of Babel. Mostly dirt colored in appearance; the landscapes are punctuated by flecks of silvery aluminum foil and hints of glitter and cheeky floral fabrics. In Kopftheater, for which the exhibition is titled, a Boschian landscape of monsters and gnarled animals peek and crawl out of the angular cave-like structures, one losing its eye in a cinematic projectile thrust from its socket. (Stefanie)

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Scenes and Traces of a Fall

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 2 ottobre 2009

Thomas ErnstingBerlin until 6/12/2009 Pariser Platz 7 Herausgegeben von der Stiftung Brandenburger Tor Max Liebermann. Haus The Day of German Unity, and on occasion of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Foundation Brandenburger Tor in the Max Liebermann House will open the exhibition Szenen und Spuren eines Falls. Die Berliner Mauer im Fokus der Photographen ́(Scenes and Traces of a Fall. The Berlin Wall in the eyes of photographers). This historical change is presented in an individual and, at the same time, exemplary manner in 140 works by 21 renowned photographers. The Foundation Brandenburger Tor has its seat directly adjacent to Germany’ s national monument. For the Foundation it is both an opportunity and an obligation to document the fall of the Berlin Wall exactly here at this place, which formed the centre of events at the time.The exhibition puts together groups of works and individual pictures by Wilfried Bauer, Wolfgang Bellwinkel, Sibylle Bergemann, Thierry Buignet, Dietmar Bührer, Norbert Enker, Thomas Ernsting, Harald Hauswald, Kai-Olaf Hesse, Karl-Ludwig Lange, Andre’ Kirchner, Barbara Klemm, Eberhard Klöppel, Werner Mahler, Hans W. Mende, Nelly Rau-Häring, Karsten de Riese, Gilles Peress, Regina Schmeken, Ralf Schuhmann and Maurice Weiss. The exhibition is accompanied by a bilingual catalogue (German/Engl.) published by Nicolai-Verlag, Berlin, including texts by Monika Grütters, Norbert Lammert and Matthias Harder. (Image: Thomas Ernsting)

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