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Sculpture in the Square on view in St James’s Square

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 17 Maggio 2019

London – Christie’s will present the third iteration of Sculpture in the Square, an outdoor sculpture garden set within St James’s Square, London, on view to the public from 15 May to 17 June 2019. The exhibition will display nine works that will be offered in the Modern British Art Evening Sale as part of ‘20th Century at Christie’s’, a series of sales that take place from 17 to 26 June 2019. Artists include Barry Flanagan, Henry Moore, Dame Elisabeth Frink and Emily Young. Presented in St James’s Square adjacent to Christie’s headquarters on King Street, Sculpture in the Square will coincide with the opening of this year’s Chelsea Flower Show, which runs from 21 to 25 May 2019.
Exhibition curator Pippa Jacomb, Director, Modern British Art at Christie’s: “Sculpture has always played an integral part in reflecting the interior space externally. ‘Sculpture in the Square’ will give viewers the opportunity to interact with works by leading artists such as Henry Moore, Emily Young, Barry Flanagan and Elisabeth Frink in the context in which the artists originally envisaged them. The 20th Century season at Christie’s is an exciting time to be in London, and we are thrilled that these highlights from the Modern British Art Evening sale will be on view in St James’s Square for the public to enjoy.”

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Sculpture by Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore lead Christie’s Modern British & Irish Art Evening Sale

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 4 giugno 2017

Irish ArtLondon – The Modern British & Irish Art Evening Sale on 26 June will launch 20th Century at Christie’s, a season of sales that take place in London from 17 to 30 June 2017. Fifty-five works in the evening auction represent British and Irish art across the 20th Century. The auction will be led by Henry Moore’s Family Group (1946, estimate: £1,500,000-2,500,000, illustrated above) and Barbara Hepworth’s Curved Form (Bryher II) (1961, estimate: £1,500,000-2,500,000, illustrated above), which is being offered from the Tuttleman Collection. Further sculptures from the collection include London (1966, estimate: £500,000-700,000) by Sir Anthony Caro, and Henry Moore’s Seated Woman (1975, estimate: £600,000-900,000). A group of seven Lowry paintings from five decades of the artist’s output include a self-portrait of the artist titled Boy in a Yellow Jacket (1935, estimate: £400,000-600,000) and a cityscape depicting the first industrial suburb in Manchester, Footbridge in Ancoats (1952, estimate: £150,000-250,000). Two paintings by Ben Nicholson demonstrate the development of his style throughout his career from the Cubist approach of 1932 (guitar) (estimate: £500,000-800,000) to the figurative 1945 (still life) (estimate: £450,000-650,000, illustrated above). Two paintings of the Gloucestershire landscape by Stanley Spencer demonstrate the impact that the idyllic countryside around Leonard Stanley had on the artist at a moment that was defined by the affair he had with Daphne Charlton. Christopher Wood’s Reclining Nude with Flowers (1926, estimate: £300,000-500,000) is offered alongside Beach Scene with Bathers, Piers and Ships (1925, estimate: £300,000-500,000), the largest and most complex painting Wood created. The Scottish Colourists are represented by Samuel John Peploe and George Leslie Hunter with a further selection of the full group in the Modern British & Irish Art Day Sale on 27 June 2017. Post-War artists such as Victor Pasmore, Bridget Riley, Sean Scully, Antony Gormley and Tony Cragg form a strong group of those working in the last half of the century and beyond. The works will be exhibited in London from 9 to 26 June 2017. (photo: irish art)

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Sculpture in the Square

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 1 Maggio 2017

sculptureLondon Christie’s will present Sculpture in the Square an outdoor sculpture garden set within St James’s Square, London, on view to the public from 23 May to 29 June 2017. The exhibition will display a dozen works that will be offered in the Modern British Art and Impressionist & Modern Art sales as part of 20th Century at Christie’s, a series of sales that take place from 26 to 29 June 2017. Artists include Anthony Caro, Lynn Chadwick, Barry Flanagan, Elisabeth Frink, Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore. Presented in the garden square adjacent to Christie’s headquarters on King Street, the one-off exhibition will showcase the works as they were intended to be seen, in a landscape setting. Sculpture in the Square will coincide with the opening of this year’s Chelsea Flower Show, which runs from 23 to 27 May 2017.
Exhibition curator Nicholas Orchard, Senior Director, Modern British & Irish Art at Christie’s: “This exhibition offers viewers an opportunity to appreciate leading Modern sculptures within the landscape surroundings that the artists intended for them. These monumental forms will lead the Modern British & Irish Art Evening Sale and are a key element of the 20th Century season at a time when London is a focal point for the cultural and horticultural worlds. It is an honour to present these pieces within the prestigious garden setting of St James’s Square at a moment when the artworks will be complemented by the flora and fauna of this landscape.” (photo: sculpture)

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Sculpture & European Works of Art

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 14 Maggio 2016

oggetti d'arteParis – Le 15 juin 2016, Christie’s proposera sa vente annuelle parisienne de sculpture et d’objets d’art européens. Parmi les 179 lots proposés, figurent notamment les deux derniers pleurants en marbre provenant du tombeau de Jean de France, duc de Berry, estimés entre 4.5 et 5.5 millions d’euros (lire le communiqué de presse dédié). Cette troisième vente uniquement consacrée à la sculpture et aux objets d’art européens à Paris comprendra un nombre important de collections particulières, révélant le goût avéré des collectionneurs qui les ont constituées au fil des années.

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Publication of the catalogue raisonnè of Hartung

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 27 febbraio 2016

hartungThe first volume of the catalogue raisonné of the painted and drawn works by French artist of German descent Hans Hartung (1904-1989) is now online at It covers the 1914-1944 period and includes 2241 art pieces, in which we integrated his only sculpture. This digital edition offers, in an open and generous way, an access to a significant amount of data that has been developed by the members of the Hartung-Bergman Foundation and falls within the public service purpose of the institution. Jean-Luc Uro is in charge of the scientific and technical development of the catalogue and Thomas Schlesser is the publication director. This work is based primarily on the immense, extremely well-organized and well-thought documentation that Hartung himself left of his work; it also benefited from collaborations with many specialists from the entire world for over 20 years.This medium primarily enables to discover the least-known of Hans Hartung’s period – and yet, a crucial and fascinating one, different from the many historiographical commonplaces made by the painter. It also allows to observe the informal and automatic artistic style he used as young as 18, in 1922; to examine his figurative style as an adolescent, his experience in the post-expressionist period and the “dreadful” years of 1940-1942; to become familiar with his transfer-printing technique from the beginning of the 1930s and with the development of his unclassifiable visual vocabulary.
In short, this medium allows the readers to see a dense aesthetic journey, diverse but coherent, long before the “glorious” post-war years, and to get familiar along the way with a biography particularly marked by the tragedies of World War II (hired in the Foreign Legion, concentration camp life, and leg amputation).
As a public service institution, the Foundation seeks to provide audacious and innovative media and therefore took on the initiative to develop a unique model of catalogue raisonné: displaying synthetic perceptions of artistic production; a search interface allowing numerous possibilities and easier access to bibliographic information; a reconstitution of exhibited sets (themselves exhaustively referenced); archives (published photographs by Hartung himself and displays); an intuitive interface for a very simple navigation – a linear, piece by piece layering – as well as advanced search features.
In addition to its generous and innovative aspect, choosing an online edition also allows for future and potential developments and adjustments: as such, the Foundation welcomes any additional information that could enrich the content. In particular, the discovery of lost or stolen works, information on provenance or affiliations, document references and iconographic or bibliographic sources… The catalogue raisonné is therefore likely to evolve, with an archiving of previous editions at each modification.
Ongoing and future developments
The Foundation also wishes to point out that this catalogue raisonné comes from a sophisticated database, which is being continuously enriched internally and which can only be consulted at the Foundation and by appointment, with access to a substantial amount of sources (access to all bibliographic content, for example, which cannot be offered online for legal reasons).
The first volume of this catalogue raisonné of the painted and drawn works is related to the catalogue of engravings published in 2010. There will also be links to the second volume (1945-1960) and to the third volume (1961-1989), currently being developed, which will benefit, like the previous two, from an intuitive interface adapted to their singularity.
The Hartung-Bergman Foundation, based in Antibes, is universal legatee of the work of Hans Hartung and Anna-Eva Bergman; it is responsible for a remarkable triple heritage – artistic, archival and architectural – and works for the dissemination of these two major figures of abstraction. The publication of the catalogue raisonné inaugurates a particularly rich year 2016, in which Hartung will be the subject of a double exhibition on the war period in Aubagne, accompanied by a collective book by Gallimard (Beau geste – Hans Hartung, peintre et légionnaire) under the curatorship of Fabrice Hergott; an exhibition in Siegen on the 1960s and photography at the Museum für Gegenwartskunst; an international symposium at the German Centre of Art History; a scientific edition of his autobiography (Autoportrait, 1976) by Presses du réel. (photo hartung)

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Presented by Neue Berliner Räume

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 8 gennaio 2012

08. – 21. Januar 2012 Neue Berliner Räume is pleased to present the exhibition CLAIM in January 2012. The exhibited works are united by their reliance on a direct aesthetic presence rather than a conceptual background. The exhibition will be staged in a disused factory building and will feature works of painting, drawing, installation, sculpture, and video and sound art by the artists Christian Achenbach, Giuseppe Armenia, Carlo Bernardini, David Buckingham, Guido Canziani Jona, Jesper Carlsen, Paolo Grassino, Douglas Henderson, Philip Loersch, Jacopo Mazzonelli, Christopher Munch Andersen, John O’Connor, Kaspar Oppen Samuelsen, Domenico Piccolo, Federico Pietrella, Christoph Schirmer, Moritz Schleime, Owen Schuh, Secret Stars**, Klaus-Martin Treder and Per Wizén. A distinct emotional perspective marks many of the works and it is the will to provoke a moment of directness that emerges with their dramatic gesture. In this way, the works explore the possibilities of an intuitive response and find an emotive language that overwhelms an intellectual approach. The shape of the concrete forms the essential feature of a visual unity that reaches far into the room to unfold its potential force. This claiming of an aesthetic field is the central idea of the exhibition.
Neue Berliner Räume would like to thank the galleries Delloro Contemporary Art, Federico Bianchi Contemporary Art, Galerie Jette Rudolph, Galerie Mario Mazzoli, Henningsen Gallery, Hunchentoot, Kit Schulte Contemporary Art, LARMgalleri, Martin Asbæk Gallery, Paolo Maria Deanesi Gallery, Stene Projects and Wendt + Friedmann for their collaboration. The exhibition is curated by Manuel Wischnewski with assistance by Dr Marc Wellmann (Director of exhibitions, Georg-Kolbe-Museum Berlin).

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Women Make Sculpture

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 17 Maggio 2011

Pangolin London 19th May – 18th June Kings Place, 90 York Way, N1 9AG Why are women still marginalised by the art world? Does gender bring something different to the work itself or is it just politics? These are some of the key questions that form the foundations of the exhibition Women Make Sculpture at Pangolin. Despite the huge success of a handful of sculptors such as Barbara Hepworth, Elisabeth Frink and Louise Bourgeois, women still find themselves under-represented in major ‘blockbuster’ shows. A prime example is the Royal Academy’s current exhibition Modern British Sculpture which has received so much criticism for leaving out established male sculptors such as Antony Gormley and Anish Kapoor. But what about the women? Is such a meagre selection really representative of the current state of British sculpture? Pangolin London thinks not.
Coinciding with the centenary year of International Women’s Day, Pangolin London will celebrate female achievement in sculpture with the exhibition Women Make Sculpture, an all female show highlighting the diversity and creativity of women sculptors today. The exhibition will bring into the spotlight a number of established female artists including Sarah Lucas, Dorothy Cross, Ann Christopher and Alison Wilding as well as emerging names such as Polly Morgan, Abigail Fallis, Rose Gibbs and Briony Marshall.
The exhibition will include an eclectic mix of work in a variety of media ranging from Almuth Tebbenhoff’s powerful yet intricate steel wall pieces to Polly Morgan’s delicate and fragile taxidermy constructions, and from Deborah van der Beek’s emotive horse head Collateral made from the detritus of war to Rose Gibbs’ controversial Mountain of figures and penises violently expelling bodily fluids.
Pangolin London is well-placed to do a survey show of this kind thanks to its unique affiliation with Europe’s largest sculpture foundry Pangolin Editions and its remit to promote sculpture in all its forms. Pangolin London will also host a panel discussion to coincide with the exhibition on Monday 23rd May at Kings Place. This will include both artists exhibiting in the show and guest speakers to encourage a lively debate. To book tickets please go (Dorothy Cross)

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Sculpture means Diversity

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 14 febbraio 2011

Torino 15 febbraio alle 18,30 alla Galleria Glance di Via San Massimo 45 inaugura Sculpture means Diversity a cura di Patrizia Bottallo. Per la prima collettiva della galleria interamente dedicata alla scultura, sei eccellenti scultori provenienti da sei paesi differenti: Austria, Svizzera, Germania, Spagna, Danimarca e non potevano mancare gli Stati Uniti, focus e ormai caratteristica della ricerca della Glance. Una mappa di esperienze rappresentative delle diverse esperienze e dei diversi humus culturali da cui provengono gli artisti. Trentanove sculture contemporanee in grado di sorprendere e stupire, per una mostra che si propone di offrire un’idea dell’attuale status della scultura contemporanea, un campione del panorama del “fare scultura” oggi, in parte ancorato alla significativa eredità del vicino Novecento e in parte rivolto alla ricerca di una nuova dimensione creativa. La differenza e la diversità sono la giusta chiave di lettura per capire il criterio che ha portato a questa selezione di scultori. Alla base della loro ricerca si riconosce una tendenza a cogliere il senso profondo della realtà, riletta in chiave ironica (Chris Caccamise, USA – Daniel Eggli, Svizzera – Mikkel Niemann,  Danimarca), astratta (Eva Moosbrugger, Austria), architettonica (Matthäus Thoma, Germania) socio politica (Victor Lòpez Gonzàles, Spagna). (DanielEggli)

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Two exhibitions

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 25 settembre 2010

London until 12/12/2010 Burlington House Piccadilly, Royal Academy of Arts The Royal Academy of Arts presents a major exhibition of works which showcases the breadth and wealth of one of the finest collections in Central Europe. The exhibition features over 200 works and includes paintings, drawings and sculpture from the early Renaissance to the twentieth century. Selected works by artists including Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, El Greco, Peter Paul Rubens, Goya, Edouard Manet, Claude Monet, Egon Schiele, Paul Gauguin and Pablo Picasso are on display, many of which have not previously been shown in the UK. The exhibition comprises works from the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, with additional key loans from the Hungarian National Gallery and provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to view these artworks in London.
Treasures from Budapest: European Masterpieces from Leonardo to Schiele includes still lifes, landscapes and portraits by some of Europe’s finest artists, including works by Royal Academicians Sir Joshua Reynolds, John Constable and Angelica Kauffmann. The exhibition concludes with a showcase of works by Impressionists such as Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Camille Pissarro and twentieth century artists including Marc Chagall, Pablo Picasso and Egon Schiele alongside works by Hungarian artists such as Károly Ferenczy and József Rippl-Rónai.
Treasures from Budapest: European Masterpieces from Leonardo to Schiele is accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue which provides a forum for the exploration of a number of recent discoveries about particular works in the collection. (Image: Egon Schiele, Two Women Embracing, 1915. Pencil, watercolour, gouache. 48.5 x 32.7 cm. Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest)

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David Bailey Sculpture

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 4 settembre 2010

London 8th September – 16th October, 2010 Pangolin London will hold the first ever exhibition of sculpture by David Bailey. Renowned as one of the world’s most illustrious photographers, Bailey’s forthcoming exhibition will shock viewers as he presents a dark and rugged collection of cast silver and bronze sculptures alongside a body of new photographs, which will underline the stark contrast between the two mediums and emphasise his versatility as an artist. The show will explore the idea that image-makers should not be confined to one discipline, as Bailey insists, “I’m not saying I’m a sculptor, I just make images. I don’t take photographs, I make them. And now I’m making something else.”
Pangolin London is one of London’s few galleries purely dedicated to exhibiting sculpture. Its close affiliation with Europe’s largest foundry, Pangolin Editions, means that Pangolin London is uniquely positioned to showcase the intimate relationship between Art and Craft and to explore in detail the magic of iconic objects made in our time.  As Europe’s leading foundry, Pangolin Editions attracts an international clientele of contemporary sculptors. This provides the perfect symbiosis to advance sculpture-making with the help of advancing technologies alongside ancient traditional skills.
From a miniature skull cast in silver to a five foot bronze, Bailey’s sculptures are distinct in appearance yet similar in purpose as they serve to remind us of our own mortality. Inspired by Picasso, it is also clear from his work that Bailey has been considerably influenced by the cult-like imagery of tribal art. This primal simplicity has shaped Bailey’s signature style from his earliest to most recent creations, albeit producing quite different results. Bailey’s sculptures, raw yet glinting with a touch of humour, awakens our basic instincts of fear, sexual desire and the inevitable onslaught of death. (bailey)

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A Journey through Sculptural Budapest

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 10 agosto 2010

London 27th September – 3rd October 2010 The Gallery Soho, 125 Charing Cross Road WC2H 0EW Private View: Monday 27th September, 6pm till 8.30pm Lang’s exhibition, Monumental Misconceptions, is an irreverent examination of the role of the object within the social conscious and demonstrates how art, like history, is fluid and open to interpretation.
The fine line between sculpture as an object and as a form of socio-historical interpretation is explored by Liane Lang in her new exhibition Monumental Misconceptions.  This award-winning artist challenges society’s conventional understanding of historical monuments by taking a contemporary perspective that re-contextualises them. Using life-size models and props intermingled with more traditional bronze or steel sculptures, Lang creates unnerving, humorous and thought-provoking installations. This dichotomy of contexts and mediums is further emphasised by capturing these alter-realities using new media such as photography, film and pre-cinematic zoetropes.
Lang photographed sculptures in several other sites around the city of Budapest during her residency. Included in her forthcoming exhibition are images from the 19th century Kerepeszi cemetery (which also contains many Soviet era graves) and from the running track at Nepstadion. This all but forgotten site of Hungary’s sporting history is surrounded by groups of giant steel plated figures representing sportsmen and soldiers. In the video work The Track Lang animates these figures, apparently frozen in the act of movement, drawing out their strangely ambiguous message of sport and camaraderie, militarism and propaganda. (image)

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Pulse Contemporary Art Fair

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 13 agosto 2009

Miami 3 – 6 December 2009 Fifth Miami Edition  Inaugural Edition at New Venue:  The Ice Palace 1400 North Miami Avenue.  This year’s edition of the Fair will boast more than fifty returning  exhibitors, many of which have exhibited at several editions of PULSE  in both Miami and New York, as well as 18 newcomers to the Fair.  On Friday, December 4, 2009, the PULSE Prize will be awarded in honor  of Adriaan Van der Have, Founder and Director of Torch Gallery who  passed away this spring. The Fair will also present its signature  series of programs including the installations and large-scale  sculpture program, PULSE Performance, and PULSE Play>.  *The complete list of exhibitors and programming will be available in  October 2009. The VIP Private Preview Brunch will be held on Thursday, December 3,  at The Ice Palace from 10am to 1pm.  PULSE Contemporary Art Fair is the leading US art fair dedicated  solely to contemporary art. Held annually in New York and Miami,  PULSE bridges the gap between main and alternative fairs and provides  participating galleries with a platform to present new works to a  strong and growing audience of collectors, art professionals and art  lovers.  The Fair is divided into two sections and is comprised of a mix of  established and emerging galleries vetted by a committee of prominent  international dealers. The IMPULSE section showcases galleries  presenting solo exhibitions of emerging artist’s work created in the  past two years.

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Collettiva: Don’t Look Away

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 15 giugno 2009

don't look awayRoma until 20 giugno via Gramsci 61, Accademia Britannica -Don’t Look Away- e’ la mostra conclusiva per la stagione 2008-2009 del Programma Fine Arts dell’Accademia Britannica, diretto da Jacopo Benci. La mostra – che ha il sostegno di Photoworks e del Conseil des Arts et des Lettres del Governo del Que’bec – presenta nuove opere degli artisti Katie Cuddon, Graham Durward, Celia Hempton, Eddie Peake, David Spero, Amikam Toren, e degli architetti Joseph Bedford e Pierre Gendron. Con l’occasione, verrà pubblicato l’annuale catalogo Fine Arts che raccoglie le opere create dagli artisti e architetti residenti all’Accademia Britannica da settembre 2008 a giugno 2009.  Dopo aver conseguito il BA alla Glasgow School of Art nel 2002, Katie Cuddon (Sainsbury Scholar in Sculpture and Drawing, ottobre 2008-settembre 2009) ha conseguito, sempre alla GSA, un Mphil nel 2004, e quindi un MA al Royal College of Art, Londra. -I dipinti di Graham Durward incorporano immagini (talvolta elusive) tratte dalla storia.
Graham Durward (Abbey Fellow in Painting, aprile-giugno 2009) vive e lavora a New York. La sua piu’ recente personale si e’ tenuta nel febbraio 2009 alla Maureen Paley Gallery, Londra..  -Celia Hempton realizza dipinti di luoghi atmosferici, atemporali, desolati e dimenticati.  -David Spero ha sviluppato diverse serie dal carattere ben definito che distillano varie tradizioni e approcci alla fotografia, da quello documentario alla foto-scultura, costituendo una pratica ricca e sfaccettata, caratterizzata nel suo insieme da un’indagine quieta e contemplativa -Amikam Toren esplora la natura della rappresentazione affrontando un oggetto o un’immagine a un livello perspicuo ed impiegandone materiale, uso, o forma per riaffermare o ricostituire il significato in modi sempre stranamente familiare eppure nuovi. (don’t look away)

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Expo: Thomas Schutte

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 8 giugno 2009

innocentiMünchen until 6/9/2009Haus der Kunst  Prinzregentenstrasse 1 D An overview of his multi-facetted creativity The Düsseldorf artist Thomas Schütte (*1954) has an impressive repertory of different themes and forms of expression at his disposal. Internationally he is considered to occupy one of the most important artistic positions in Germany. Schütte participated in Documenta in Kassel three times; in 2005, he was awarded the Golden Lion for best artist at the Venice Biennial.  This exhibition now provides an overview of his multi-facetted creativity with works dating from the 1980s to today. Thomas Schütte became known for his architectural models the size of tables, however, the exhibition also includes his photographs, installations and watercolours, as well as examples from key sculpture series such as ‘Frauen’ [women] and ‘Große geister’ [big spirits]. The media Thomas Schütte works in, is as varied as the subject matters are elementary and familiar, forming the basis of his artworks: human relationships, topics such as vulnerability and isolation, love, happiness and loss. Thereby, the artist continually manages to create touching as well as critical images for contents of such complexity. (Image: Innocenti)

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Dennis Oppenheim

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 5 giugno 2009

dennisNew York until 26/6/2009 Janos Gat Gallery  1100 Madison Avenue  Burning Contract, Splash Building Swarm, Spiral Metamorphosis An exhibition of proposals for large-scale public projects by Dennis Oppenheim, the pioneering Land and Body artist. In addition to recently secured commissions in the U.S., Canada, China, and Europe, the exhibition will include Burning Contract, a large model depicting a sixty story building set on fire, an idea based on a rolled swirl of paper.  One featured work, titled Splash Building, depicts a giant water drop crashing into liquid, and bursting upward into a splayed cylinder, which forms the exterior structure of a forty-story building. Oppenheim refers to this piece as an -event sculpture,- having developed its form from the results of a dynamic action. The same applies to Swarm, a vortex caused by the flight path of hundreds of birds, resulting in the perfect lineal form of a cup and saucer six feet in diameter, which will hang in the gallery. In another hanging work, the aptly named Spiral Metamorphosis, various images, such as boats, cars and airplanes, morph into their opposites (sunglasses, hats, etc.) over a progression of states within a spiral concourse.  Some of the projects represented in this exhibition come from a concurrent museum exhibition of Oppenheim’s work at Marta, Hereford, Germany, mounted by Jan Hoet, Director of Documenta, in 1992. The exhibition at the Janos Gat Gallery will present, for the first time in the United States, the new monograph on Oppenheim’s public art projects. The 300 page book, published by Charta, Milan, includes text by Friederike Fast, and a conversation between Vito Acconci, Liam Gillick, Aaron Betsky, and Dennis Oppenheim. (dennis)

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Imi Knoebel Help, help…

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 23 Maggio 2009

imiBerlin untikl 9/8/2009 Neue Nationalgalerie  Potsdamer Straße 50 Curator: Prof. Dr. Eugen Blume The German artist Imi Knoebel (born 1940) ranks as one of the most internationally renowned abstract artists. Ever since his earliest works in the nineteen-sixties and in his subsequent pictures and installations, Knoebel treads a fine line between the realms of painting and sculpture. Upon request by the curator, Eugen Blume, Imi Knoebel has now developed an exhibition for the upper hall of the New National Gallery which, by way of a few exceptional works, affords us a retrospective view of his diverse body of work.  The starting point for the exhibition is the famous -Room 19′ from 1968 – a large installation in four parts made of wood, in which Knoebel first introduced a core principle of his work: the principle of layering individual elements which then combine in ever new variations, in pictures and spatial compositions. Leading on from this early key work, the exhibition traces the artist’s life through individual works of the 70s and 80s, such as the documenta piece or the installation entitled -250 000 Drawings’, all the way up to the radiant colour pictures and colour forms of his current creations.  The exhibition does not have a rigid structure imposed on it, but is instead conceived of as an open venue for works either standing or hanging freely within the space. The spacial character of the exhibition thus interacts with the unique architecture of Mies van der Rohe and in the process opens complex perspectives both to the works themselves and to the way they each respectively handle the space. The exhibition -Imi Knoebel’ honours an artistic figure from the Rheinland, someone who is of great importance both nationally and internationally and yet whose work has hardly ever been given the space it deserves in Berlin until now. (Image:Imi)

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Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam seeks new director

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 12 aprile 2009

The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the largest museum for modern art  and design in The Netherlands, plans to reopen in March/April 2010  with a completely renovated and spectacularly enlarged building. The  Stedelijk Museum is currently recruiting for the function of general  artistic director.  The new director will be the successor of Gijs van Tuyl, whose  contract expires on 31 December 2009. Other directors in the recent  past were: Willem Sandberg (1945-1963), Edy de Wilde (1963-1985), Wim  Beeren (1985-1993) and Rudi Fuchs (1993-2003).  The Stedelijk Museum houses a unique collection of 90.000 objects,  embracing a wide variety of disciplines: painting, sculpture, film  and video art, works on paper, artists’ books, photography, applied  arts and design. Outstanding names and movements are Breitner,  Matisse, Malevich, Mondrian, Rietveld and De Stijl, the Bauhaus,  Cobra and post-1945 American Art, with Newman, Kelly, Pollock,  Stella, Warhol and, more recent, Nauman, Kiefer, Merz and Sottsass.  The photographic collection is the oldest belonging to any museum of  modern art in Western Europe and the collection of film and video art  is similarly unique. The large and varied poster collection and the  collection of modern furniture are also world-beaters.  When the Stedelijk opens its doors in 2010, the world-class  collection will once again be exhibited in all its glory. The museum  intends to specialise in exhibitions of great international  relevance, which will serve as sources of inspiration and growth for  the collection. The museum will profile itself both as a  collection-based museum and an inspirational and trend-setting  platform for contemporary art.

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