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Seaport Global Expands Equity Derivatives Offerings

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 1 novembre 2019

Seaport Global announces the recent addition of an experienced Options Sales and Trading team. Reporting to Michael Meyer, Seaport Partner and Global Head of Sales and Trading, the group is led by Adam Templeton and Ryan Sylvester, Managing Directors.Prior to joining Seaport, the Options Sales and Trading team built a successful business together at both Raymond James and Knight Capital. The team of ten includes Senior Strategist, Jeff Jacobson, two traders and seven sales specialists, in addition to operations support. Seaport’s Options desk is focused on expanding client offerings and working closely with the firm’s senior salesforce to develop unique ideas across all products, both single stock and macro.Andrew Kramer, Head Trader and Managing Director, emphasized, “The combination of making markets across all sectors while leveraging relationships to source liquidity, helps to bring price discovery and best execution for our clients in options and ETFs.”Team Members who also joined the New York Sales and Trading Desk include Colin Drowica, Lucas Hassett and Darius Kirksey.

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EuraMedia to Focus on Content Sales Between Russia and U.S.

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 21 maggio 2012

Skyline of Boston. Picture was taken from a wh...

Skyline of Boston. Picture was taken from a whale watching ferry that left from the aquarium dock. It is the Eastern side of the Boston peninsula. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Boston, (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In addition to providing a forum dedicated to media sales over new digital mediums during its exclusive Summit, EuraMedia will provide an expo with 150 booths that will be attended by media buyers, sellers, and specialists from related professions as well as institutional and private investors.Russia is poised, according to Price Waterhouse Coopers, to be the third largest market in the world as concerns consumption of internationally produced content and advertising by 2015. In the last three years, nearly all large entertainment conglomerates including Viacom, Disney, and FOX have rushed to launch ground operations in the country in order to create a more forceful sales presence, oversee local marketing and promotions, and, in the cases of SONY, Universal, and others, even produce. More recently, the concept of selling content for social media, cellular, streaming media, HP, IP, and 3D TV has also become significant, with country has taken of immense importance, with the successful proliferation of streaming media sites like, developed by STS Media, and, which announced last week that it has come to purchase agreements with Fox, Disney, Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, and Universal. Yet another trend concerns sales of media from Russia to the U.S. and the proliferation of the concept of the Russia-conceived international publishing house, like Zhivi Media, owned by Mikhail Prokhorov, proprietor of the Snob brand, conceived by Moscow’s brightest young writers, including Summit speaker Masha Gessen, which is now being distributed, offline, in the U.S. Highly successful and unique online Russian content providers, such as, are also seeking to feel out the possibility of branching across continents.
Among the new age advertising technologies on display are TimeSurf , 80/20 Brands, and EpiSphere Giving, all from newly launched Russian-American joint venture company EpiSphere, founded by Ani Nalbandian. The technologies offer the possibility for consumers to demand the type and timing of their advertising via on-line time auctions directly between brands and consumers, reducing the power of the Web site or broadcaster, unless it decides to play along. Russia’s O2 television, also speaking at the Summit, which is successfully trading in many major markets across the world, is currently implementing such technologies with the aim of providing its viewers with complete control when, how, and what type of ads they will watch. EpiSphere also offers an added value technology that extracts sums from monies saved via reduced expenditures on the brand side and lets the consumer target them to charities of choice. Other speakers on new advertising are Mark Slater, CEO of Getable, a VRM (Vendor Relationship Management) platform, which focuses on pull versus push marketing, encouraging businesses to reach out to consumers according to their profiles and preferences, and Paul Shaut, Chairman of Omnilink, which is launching a proprietary transaction capturing technology that integrates seamlessly with on and off-line points of sale in order to provide added value consumer data and the ability to execute extremely targeted loyalty campaigns. Such VRMs and transaction capturing tools are being used in both retail and media.
The EuraMedia 2012 Summit will take place at Boston’s Seaport Hotel and World Trade Pavilion between June 13-16, 2012. The diverse agenda includes sessions on IT, new media, social media, a trade show on media buying and selling across markets, and ‘how-to’ market entry seminars. Biopharmology, a co-branded trade expo dedicated to the fields of nano, solar, and biotechnology, will run concurrently. Networking events include an awards gala hosted by Sarah Jessica Parker as well as a fashion exhibition and charity auction. Learn more at:

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