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The Secret to Being Happy on the Roads: Drive a Luxury Car

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 13 marzo 2013

London, /PRNewswire/ — AXA car insurance research reveals which drivers are happiest – and a luxury car doesn’t guarantee you a smile. Drivers of luxury car brands such as BMWs, Aston Martins and Lexus really do enjoy driving more than owners of ‘everyday’ cars such as Peugeots and Renaults – but not by much, according to AXA’s 2012 annual Motoring Census. In most cases, it seems that money can buy happiness, as most drivers of expensive cars made by BMWs (82 per cent), Aston Martins (78 per cent), were more likely to enjoy driving than drivers of Fords (68 per cent) and Toyota (64 per cent). However, only 59 per cent of Land Rover drivers say they enjoy driving, while a cheerful 73 per cent of Mini drivers are able to have fun on the roads. The answers from the lucky few who drive Ferraris were surprising though: only 57 per cent of Ferrari drivers questioned said that they enjoyed driving, compared to 68 per cent of Ford drivers and 65 per cent of Vauxhall drivers. Among ‘everyday’ cars, Seat fared particularly well with 75 per cent positive about driving, along with 74 per cent of Honda and Renault owners. The most miserable? Just 46 per cent of Volvo owners enjoy driving, while one in five (20 per cent) see driving only as a way of getting from A to B. Amanda Edwards, from AXA Personal Direct and Partnerships, commented: “There’s an expectation that when you pay extra for a premium car, you’ll enjoy driving it more than you would an everyday one. However, while our research does support this to an extent, there are a few striking anomalies, such as the fact that Peugeot owners enjoy driving more than those who’ve shelled out for a luxury Mercedes.” On average across all makes of car, 69 per cent of motorists said that they enjoyed driving, with less than one in ten (eight per cent) finding driving to be a chore.

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US secret prisons in Europe: a “law of silence” among governments

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 28 marzo 2012

Further evidence is emerging of the possible complicity of some European governments in the CIA’s secret detention programme. At a public hearing of experts on Wednesday, Civil Liberties Committee MEPs deplored the lack of cooperation from EU Member States and are preparing a new report.Hélène Flautre (Greens/EFA, FR), recalled the “serious breaches of human rights, kidnapping, torture, secret detentions, with the complicity of Member States” on which Parliament had sought to shed light until 2007.
Today, “new information has emerged on secret detention sites in Europe (…) there is a great deal of evidence upon which we can build in our work”, said Ms Flautre, who is preparing an own-initiative report. She denounced the “law of silence among governments” on these allegations.Furthermore, those responsible for national inquiries in Denmark, Lithuania, Poland and Romania, who had been invited to the hearing, “had each explained, meticulously, why it was impossible for them to attend”, she said.
“Many new elements have emerged since 2007, and especially in the past two years” said Julia Hall, an Amnesty International counter-terrorism and human rights expert, citing recent developments in Lithuania, Finland, Denmark, Romania, Poland and the UK.She deplored the refusal of governments to co-operate on the grounds that information was classified as secret, which, she said, was unjustified. “State secrecy should be invoked only to protect a vital national interest, which is not the case here”, she said.
For the time being, “there is no pressure from public opinion” on governments, “so they don’t care”, said Sophie In’t Veld (ALDE, NL). Furthermore, “we concentrate on countries, but I maintain that there is a collective responsibility”, she added, proposing that all Member States should therefore be covered by the future report.
Amrit Singh, a lawyer representing the Open Society Justice Initiative, presented the cases of Messrs El-Masri et Al-Nashiri, victims of CIA rendition and secret detention in Europe, implicating the authorities of Poland, Romania, and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. She urged MEPs to “take their responsibility” to ensure that the USA does not single out a country for possible reprisal measures.
In Romania, “many inquiries have been made by MPs and independent media. They have contributed no clarifications, only presumptions”, said Ioan Enciu (S&D, RO).
In 2005, prompted by press reports of CIA activities on European soil, the European Parliament set up a temporary committee of enquiry. Its report, drafted by Claudio Fava, deplored the passivity of certain Member States in the face of the CIA’s illegal operations on their territory and called for an independent inquiry. MEPs pledged to follow up. In the Chair: Juan Fernando López Aguilar (S&D, ES)

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Apre a Roma “Amour Secret Lingerie”

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 23 gennaio 2012

chantal thomass été 2009

Image by via Flickr

Ha aperto i suoi battenti a Roma, la boutique “Amour Secret – lingerie” , in via Appia Nuova 41/c nell’ accogliente Gallery Center. Tra le novità che l’attività propone in esclusiva alla clientela della Capitale, le prestigiose creazioni della stilista francese Chantal Thomass, colei che in assoluto nella storia della moda ha inventato i collant di pizzo, utilizzando la lycra e mettendo in evidenza le forme femminili ne sottolinea la sensualità.La nuova attività commerciale nasce dal connubio tra l’esperienza dell’attrice Mila Rich (Tutti pazzi per amore 3) e dall’impegno del marchese autore e regista neoverista Giulio de Nicolais, i quali con i loro amici Angelo Martini presentatore Rai2 e Floriana GF3, hanno inaugurato la boutique, con un brindisi del migliore champagne.“Amour Secret – lingerie” propone in esclusiva a Roma in via Appia Nuova 41/c il famoso marchio, in un ambiente che si richiama architettonicamente alla famosa boutique Chantal Thomass, sorta anni or sono nella zona più centrale e chic di Parigi, in rue Saint Honoré 211. Chantal Thomass è la creatrice dell’ultra femminilità senza tempo e dell’universo femminile più audace ed elegante.Le sue creazioni nascono nel 1975 e da subito vengono considerate assolutamente uniche, ricche di dettagli, pizzi, merletti e altri frou frou che danno vita a capi sensuali ed eleganti. Un’icona della sensualità: creazioni impertinenti, provocanti ed attraenti, con di voulant, pizzi e piume …Tra gli altri brand presenti nella boutique anche Gota Blanca e Obsessive. Con i colori delle nuove body sexy ed eleganti Obsessive fa la differenza: giocando a carte, il nero o il rosso decide chi vince. Nella vita sono sinonimi di desiderio ed eleganza.Le signore romane che sapranno indossare queste scollature a balconcino,queste calze a rete e giarrettiere estremamente sexy,entreranno nel mondo trasgressivo, trasgredendo i codici! “
Amour Secret – lingerie” è dunque un accogliente piccolo universo iper-femminile nel quale anche a Roma come a Parigi da ora sarà possibile trovare reggiseni, slip, corpetti, reggicalze, calze e collant, preziosi, inaspettati, ricamati, divertenti e sensuali nello stesso tempo, tutti prodotti di altissima qualità, a partire dalle materie prime utilizzate fino alla confezione.

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The Secret of the Ninth Planet

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 24 aprile 2009

planetSan Francisco CA until 24/5/2009 California College of the Arts  1111 Eighth Street  Organized by the Graduate Program in Curatorial Practice Artists in the exhibition: Raymond Boisjoly, Chu Yun, Jasmina Cibic, Maryam Jafri, Yael Kanarek, Kitty Kraus, Gabriel Lester, Euan Macdonald, Gianni Motti, Kamau Patton, Dario Robleto, Sham Saenz, Tokihiro Sato, Suzanne Treister, Matt Volla, and Hillary Wiedemann.  The Secret of the Ninth Planet is the 2009 final thesis exhibition presented by students in the Graduate Program in Curatorial Practice at California College of the Arts in San Francisco.  The show takes its title from a 1959 Donald A. Wollheim novel of the same name. In the book, evil colonialist curators display in vitrines captured members of various intergalactic cultures. Operating counter to this model of the curator as authoritarian cultural anthropologist, CCA’s nine graduate student curators focus instead on works that deal in one way or another with ideas of time, space, and travel. The featured artworks are in a variety of media, from video and sound installations to (in the artist Suzanne Treister’s words) “delusional, time-traveling watercolors.” The galleries are illuminated not by overhead lighting, but by light emitted from the works themselves. The metaphor of liberation extends as well to the show’s organizational premise. As opposed to the traditional concept of an exhibition as a zone of stable definition and order, The Secret of the Ninth Planet is united, somewhat paradoxically, by a disavowal of order. The dual-venue installation is also a deliberate attempt to offer expanded possibilities for interpretation of the works’ layered content.  The exhibition is accompanied by an illustrated catalog with artist works and essays, including a commissioned text by the renowned theorist and curator Lars Bang Larsen.  Image: Gianni Motti, -Higgs,- a la recherche’ de l’Anti-Motti, 2005 DVD still. Courtesy of the artist.  (image planet)

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