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Carbon-Neutral and Secure Energy Future

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 26 agosto 2019

The United Nations Climate Change Agreement and movements such as Fridays for Future are putting pressure on politicians, companies and research institutions to develop sustainable energy solutions. For the past 25 years, INNIO, a pioneer in combined heat and power, and the LEC in Graz have been researching and developing visionary technologies for sustainable power generation and the transport industry. The combustion of so-called e-fuels, i.e. regenerative fuels like hydrogen and hydrogen carrier gases such as synthetic natural gas, methanol or ammonia, is being tested or further optimized. The aims of the research are to develop technologies capable of making drastic carbon dioxide (CO2) reductions and to build gas engines that are virtually emissions free.
As part of the COMET-K1 research program, the State of Tyrol is providing €2.4 million in funding for technology development including the areas of sustainable power generation and transportation systems. “By subsidizing this research cooperation, we are further advancing our goal of freeing Tyrol from its dependence on fossil fuels by 2050. We are also better positioning ourselves as an attractive business and science location as well as an international partner for research, development and innovation,” said Patrizia Zoller-Frischauf, Tyrolean Minister of Economic Affairs, at a technology forum held today at INNIO’s corporate headquarters in Jenbach.“We are already using regenerative fuels such as hydrogen in our Jenbacher gas engines. In cooperation with the LEC, we are further developing this technology and plan to demonstrate by 2021 that a Jenbacher gas engine can run on up to 100% hydrogen or methanol,” underscored Carlos Lange, President & CEO of INNIO. “INNIO will continue to make significant investments in research and development and will further expand its technological leadership in power generation based on regenerative gases. In specific, hydrogen and hydrogen carrier gases produced from surplus energy such as wind or solar power, which are storable for a longer period of time.”

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Spain’s Guardia Civil Special Forces Unit to Deploy Motorola Solutions’ Secure Covert Radio System

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 24 luglio 2019

A Special Forces unit of Spain’s national Guardia Civil is deploying covert Project 25 (P25) radio devices by Motorola Solutions (NYSE:MSI). The deployed APX™ land mobile radio (LMR) devices will allow secure, encrypted communications needed for special operations. Guardia Civil is Spain’s first law enforcement agency, with a 175 year history of keeping the public safe.“Secure communications is a core component of the unit’s operations,” Guardia Civil commented. “Moving from our previous communications solution, we searched for a solution that was discreet enough for covert operations, but powerful enough for long ranged direct mode communications, and Motorola Solutions had the exact fit for us – not to mention the maximum level of encryption and top grade ruggedness of military standards.”Motorola Solutions are supplying the special forces unit with several hundred APX™ encrypted handheld and vehicular devices as well as specialized portable repeaters, enabling secure communications anywhere needed. All the devices will benefit from Motorola Solutions Service From The Start, which includes priority support and fast turnaround times for repairs.

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Onapsis and Verizon Join Forces to Accelerate and Secure SAP Customers’ Digital Transformation

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 9 Mag 2019

Onapsis, the leader in business application cyber resilience, is joining forces with Verizon to accelerate and protect SAP customers’ digital transformation initiatives. Customers of the two companies who are migrating their critical business applications to the SAP S/4HANA platform, using Verizon’s software-defined or other networking solutions, will now be able to access Onapsis’ end-to-end system and application visibility, threat management and protection, and streamlined compliance capabilities.The anticipated results are shorter implementation timelines, a more efficient change management process and measurable cost efficiencies.SAP is the world’s largest provider of enterprise application software, serving more than 437,000 customers worldwide including 92 percent of the Forbes Global 2000. Organizations leveraging SAP to run their business distribute 78 percent of the world’s food supply and 82 percent of medical devices. Seventy-seven percent of the world’s revenue flows through SAP business applications and platforms.Onapsis and Verizon will be hosting an executive boardroom event at SAPPHIRE NOW 2019 in Orlando, Florida on Thursday, May 9th at 2 pm ET titled: Plan for Resiliency: SAP, S/4HANA, the Cloud and 5G. The session will examine the 2025 SAP S/4HANA migration deadline and best practices developed by early movers to S/4HANA including what obstacles they faced, when and how cybersecurity and compliance need to be considered, and how to best engage your application, network and security teams as you prepare to start your own journey to a digital application infrastructure. To learn more and register for this invitation only event, visit:

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Verimatrix Announces API Integration between VCAS Ultra and Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Secure Live Video

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 8 aprile 2019

NAB Show 2019 (Booth SU3110) – Verimatrix, an Inside Secure (Euronext Paris – INSD) company, today announced API integration between its Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS) Ultra™ and AWS Elemental MediaConnect. The API integration provides conditional access (CA) and rights management applied between the content ingest and distribution workflows to video service providers.As content providers and video service operators move content delivery workflows to the cloud, they need a reliable and efficient way to upload and transfer live streams. The VCAS Ultra API integration with AWS Elemental MediaConnect is designed to fulfill two main use cases – securing distribution workflows to downstream operators and enforcing the entitlements that ensure authorized operators have access to the right live streams.AWS Media Services make it fast and easy to prepare, process, and deliver broadcast and multiscreen video from AWS. AWS Elemental MediaConnect is a high-quality transport service for live video that allows users to build mission-critical live video transport workflows in a fraction of the time and cost of satellite or fiber, with broadcast-grade monitoring and management.The API integration features VCAS Ultra deployed in the Verimatrix Secure Cloud™, which is a comprehensive software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform leveraging AWS so customers can eliminate the need to install, configure and manage physical servers to operate VCAS Ultra services.
In addition to the standalone importance of secure cloud-based live video distribution via AWS Elemental MediaConnect, this API integration has the potential to further expand deployment models and value proposition of connected content distribution workflows that streamline end-to-end delivery and automate video analytics reporting between content providers and video service operators.

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Roma. LLC, affiliata del gruppo Pulse Secure, acquista il Virtual Delivery

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 22 giugno 2017

key mediaController (vADC) LCC (“Pulse Secure”), azienda affiliata a Pulse Secure, leader di soluzioni di accesso sicuro alle imprese e ai fornitori di servizi, ha acquistato da Brocade Communication Systems, Inc. (“Brocade”) la famiglia di prodotti di Virtual Application Delivery Controller (vADC). La transazione comprende anche una laboratorio dedicato alla ricerca e sviluppo a Cambridge, Regno Unito, nonché i relativi contratti di assistenza e di manutenzione. I CIO oggi sono sempre più attenti alla complessità, al costo e alla sicurezza, con l’obiettivo di garantire agli utenti accesso sicuro ai dati, tenendo soprattutto in considerazione che le applicazioni si sono negli ultimi anni via via evolute per un utilizzo da remoto all’interno di ambienti virtualizzati, ibridi, mobili, web e cloud, in funzione delle nuove tipologie di device e di accessi.
Questa acquisizione apporterà nuove funzionalità significative alla propria piattaforma di accesso sicuro, consentendo a Pulse Secure di offrire una soluzione end-to-end completa, progettata per ridurre i costi e la complessità ma, al contempo, aumentare la garanzia di sicurezza e, di conseguenza, la soddisfazione degli utenti finali.
Originariamente concepito come il primo controller di distribuzione delle applicazioni completamente virtualizzato a livello mondiale, la soluzione vADC di Brocade rappresenta indubbiamente uno dei più avanzati controller presenti oggi sul mercato. Soprattutto, essendo stata concepita come “virtuale” sin dalle origini, la soluzione vanta oggi una posizione indiscussa di leadership all’interno del mercato ADC virtuale, in rapida e continua crescita. La soluzione può essere rapidamente e facilmente installata sia a livello locale che in un’area cloud pubblica o privata o, addirittura, anche attraverso i principali fornitori di servizi cloud come ad esempio AWS, Google e Azure. L’offerta vADC di Brocade ha ottenuto numerosi riconoscimenti da organizzazioni di tutto il mondo e vanta un posizionamento all’interno del Quadrante Magico di Gartner, tra gli Application Delivery Controller. (foto key media)

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Secure EU external borders to help save Schengen passport-free area, urge MEPs

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 12 Mag 2016

Plenary – Schengen. The reimposition of checks at the Schengen area’s internal borders has put one of the greatest and most tangible achievements of the European project at risk, observed most MEPs speaking in a debate with the Commission and the Council on Wednesday. They agreed that, in order to restore the normal functioning of the passport-free zone, the EU’s external borders need to be properly secured.
Many speakers warned about the costs that these internal border checks impose particularly in the transport and tourism sectors. Others questioned the need for and proportionality of the current controls and demanded that they be lifted as soon as possible. Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos underlined that these border checks are “exceptional and temporary” and assured MEPs that the aim is to lift them by the end of the year, at the latest.

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Uno studio di F-Secure collega CozyDuke allo spionaggio di alto profilo

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 2 Mag 2015

MalwareDa una nuova analisi sui malware condotta dai Labs di F-Secure, CozyDuke risulta una minaccia continua che sta prendendo di mira governi e altre grandi organizzazioni. CozyDuke è un attacco mirato di tipo Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) che usa una combinazione di tattiche e malware per compromettere e rubare informazioni dalle sue vittime, la nuova analisi di F-Secure lo collega ad altri APT responsabili di attacchi di alto profilo. Secondo l’analisi degli F-Secure Labs, CozyDuke condivide risorse di comando e controllo con gli APT MiniDuke e OnionDuke. I Laboratori di F-Secure hanno attribuito numerosi attacchi di alto profilo a queste piattaforme APT, inclusi attacchi malware contro persone che usano l’exit node russo Tor e attacchi mirati contro la NATO e agenzie governative europee.* CozyDuke utilizza molto della stessa infrastruttura usata da queste altre piattaforme e impiega componenti con algoritmi di crittografia simili a quelli usati da OnionDuke, il che collega la stessa tecnologia a diverse campagne.
“Tutte queste minacce sono collegate l’una all’altra e condividono risorse, ma sono costruite in modo leggermente differente per renderle più efficaci contro obiettivi particolari”, spiega Sean Sullivan, Security Advisor di F-Secure. “La cosa interessante relativa a CozyDuke è che viene usato contro una gamma variegata di target. Molti dei suoi bersagli sono ancora governi e istituzioni in Occidente, ma stiamo anche vedendo che viene usato contro obiettivi in Asia, dato interessante da osservare.”
CozyDuke e i suoi associati si ritiene provengano dalla Russia**. Chi attacca stabilisce una testa di ponte in un’organizzazione: con un inganno i dipendenti vengono indotti a compiere un’azione, come aprire un allegato in un‘email che distrae gli utenti con un file esca (es. un PDF o un video), permettendo così a CozyDuke di infettare il sistema senza essere notato. Gli attaccanti possono poi compiere una serie di azioni usando differenti payload compatibili con CozyDuke, come raccogliere password e altri dati sensibili, eseguire comandi in remoto o intercettare informazioni confidenziali.
Sullivan riconosce che tuttavia non vi è sufficiente evidenza per concludere in via definitiva quali siano le identità e le motivazioni degli attaccanti, ma è abbastanza confidente che si tratti delle stesse persone responsabili degli attacchi attribuiti a OnionDuke e MiniDuke. “CozyDuke è in circolazione dal 2011, ma è un attacco che si è evoluto e che continua a cambiare. Questo ci dice che un gruppo o più gruppi hanno investito tempo e soldi per coltivare questi strumenti, quindi capire a che punto sono ora è ciò su cui dobbiamo davvero focalizzarci.”
Il white paper degli F-Secure Labs evidenzia anche che CozyDuke fa un check del software di sicurezza prima di ‘iniettare’ la sua infezione e certi tipi di software riescono a fare in modo che il tentativo d’attacco venga abbandonato. Il white paper, scritto da Artturi Lehtiö, Threat Intelligence Analyst di F-Secure, è disponibile gratuitamente per il download sul sito di F-Secure.

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