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Sam joins Ricky Gervais in a new podcast series

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 12 Maggio 2021

Absolutely Mental, which will feature 11 episodes, all available at launch, that will cost $14.99.The episodes will be between 30-40minutes long and listeners will be able to air them on their podcast players.The show will see Ricky Gervais phone his favorite smart friend, Sam Harris, to ask some very important questions… and some not-so-important ones. Some topics include dreams, free will, death, the robot apocalypse, bears, the perils of celebrity and the future of comedy.Gervais told Deadline, “These aren’t academic lectures. They are casual chats about how it feels to be human. Evolution, the mind body problem, spirituality, morality, mortality, the pursuit of happiness, and free speech. And by ‘free’, I mean $14.99.” Special thanks to the Making Sense listeners for allowing Ricky and Sam to pilot a few episodes from their new podcast series, Absolutely Mental, on the Making Sense podcast. For those of you who heard the first 3 episodes, there are 8 more awaiting you. Enjoy! And when you’re done listening, please share any suggestions for topics/questions for Season Two.

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QSC Now Shipping Q-SYS NV Series

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 23 agosto 2019

QSC is proud to announce the availability of the Q-SYS™ NV Series (NV-32-H) network video endpoint. This native, multi-stream HDMI encoder/decoder provides high-quality (resolutions up to 4K60 4:4:4), low latency, and network-efficient video distribution across a standard gigabit infrastructure.As a native peripheral to the Q-SYS Ecosystem, NV Series allows integrators to add HDMI video distribution to an existing Q-SYS system in a matter of minutes without any control programming required. Furthermore, each NV Series video endpoint is software-definable as either a video encoder or decoder, allowing this drag-and-drop, single SKU solution to reduce necessary hardware pieces from the system and provide greater stability and predictability. Optimized specifically for the meeting room, the NV Series features the Q-SYS Shift™ technology, a network video compression scheme that dynamically adjusts network bandwidth consumption based on video content. This affords massive network savings for common meeting room content without compromising on its ability to stream full-motion video.NV Series also enables several emerging room design scenarios, including the ability to simultaneously stream 1080p60 for dual-monitor rooms from a single NV Series endpoint, making it ideal for collaboration or soft codecs that support dual-video outputs. It also features seamless integration of soft codec audio and Q-SYS conference cameras via USB for web conferencing applications such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts Meet, Cisco WebEx and more.All native Q-SYS peripherals, including the NV Series video endpoints and third-party connected devices, can be remotely managed and monitored by Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager providing unmatched visibility and control of Q-SYS systems across an enterprise. Now in public beta with launch worldwide expected in late 2019, Enterprise Manager will support systems using Q-SYS Designer Software v8.1, now available for download.

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Nuova campagna “A Series of Extraordinary Stories”

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 10 settembre 2018

Abu Dhabi. Il Dipartimento Cultura e Turismo di Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) ha significativamente aumentato la posta in gioco sul marketing globale con l’introduzione di una nuova importante campagna promozionale internazionale. Quest’ultima attività si baserà su una identità di destinazione che ha già attratto un numero record di ospiti nell’Emirato per due anni successivi, e sarà sostenuta da un aumento dell’investimento mediatico su tutti i canali.L’obiettivo del nuovo progetto è quello di continuare ad accrescere la conoscenza e l’appeal di Abu Dhabi, e di far crescere la sua percezione come destinazione distintiva per il tempo libero, gli affari e la cultura, rafforzando il messaggio di esperienze stimolanti e di “storie straordinarie”. Al centro di questa nuova campagna ci sarà una collezione di nuovi mini-film originali che mostrano persone reali che vivono nell’emirato e che attraverso il loro stile di vita unico ne incarnano carattere e identità. Le persone scelte sono filmate nella loro verità e autenticità, per riflettere fedelmente Abu Dhabi e rappresentare gli aspetti sorprendenti e affascinanti della destinazione. I personaggi sono stati selezionati per stabilire una connessione con determinati profili di visitatori e incoraggiarli a venire ad Abu Dhabi per creare le loro personalissime storie.Per sottolineare la varietà delle esperienze e sottolineare il concetto di autenticità, i primi due di questi film vedranno protagonisti Fatema Al Hameli, che si definisce “Camel Whisperer” (Addestratrice di Cammelli), nonché prima donna degli Emirati a partecipare con i suoi animali alle aste di cammelli e ai concorsi di bellezza di animali del Paese, e il “Rocket Boy” (Ragazzo Missile) Theo Kekati, un adolescente appassionato di motori e velocità, esperto nel trovare divertimento da brividi.Commentando la notizia, S.E. Saif Saeed Ghobash, Undersecretary di DCT Abu Dhabi, ha dichiarato: “Questa è un’iniziativa significativa nel nostro impegno di presentare Abu Dhabi come una destinazione di livello mondiale. L’introduzione di nuovi contenuti video migliorerà senza dubbio e aumenterà le dimensioni di una campagna già di successo e rafforzerà le sue potenzialità su scala globale”.
“Il nostro intento è quello di evolvere la nostra comunicazione per dare maggiore profondità all’offerta e dialogare più emotivamente ed efficacemente con il nostro target di riferimento”.

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The Serpent’s Lair is ready for the 2014 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series this weekend

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 29 giugno 2014

red bullred bull1It was an unexpectedly warm touchdown on Ireland’s Inis Mór for the cliff diving elite’s first stop on European soil. In bright sunshine, the stage 28m above the infamous blowhole ‘Serpent’s Lair’ was tested and approved by the professionals during the first training session on Friday. The landing site, the near-perfectly rectangular shoreline window, however, earned deep respect from the likes of reigning World Series champion Artem Silchenko and Gary Hunt, the current leader of the standings. The 1,500 people lucky enough to have snapped up tickets for the acrobatic three-second flights will witness 60 high-class dives into the natural pool over the course of the next two afternoons.  If 30-year-old Russian Silchenko wants to defend his title he’ll need to hold Englishman Gary Hunt at bay. By mastering his latest piece of diving art during the US-leg – a front 3 somersaults with 3 ½ twists pike – the three-time champion has made a clear statement: I’m here and I want the title back! Above all, the Brit still has to settle old scores with this location after a disappointing result two years ago. He’ll definitely be the man to watch, but don’t forget the other 2014 competition winner, the fellow Brit, Blake Aldridge. As the overall standings are tight, the fight for the top positions will be fierce and the athletes will face probably the most challenging conditions of the year.  Inis Mór, the big island among a group of three is home to the legendary Serpent’s Lair – ‘Poll na Peist’ in Gaelic – a ‘blowhole’ to subterranean caverns, which spurt out water each day as high tide approaches. What gives this place an inexplicable and mysterious nature is the almost rectangular shape of the hole, filled with 15°C water. Ancient mythology talks of a sea serpent which lived beneath the entrance. The sound of screeching, stormy winds is said in myth to be the great serpent making its presence felt. Only years of highly professional preparation, excellent diving technique and physical and mental strength allow for acrobatic manoeuvres at speeds of 85kph and safe rip entries.  After masterclass performances in America’s Deep South three weeks ago, can this competition in chillier conditions on the Aran Islands become another one for the record books? The high diving action at Serpent’s Lair starts Saturday and Sunday at 12pm.
It’s pure, it’s fast and it takes your breath away. Cliff divers leap aesthetically from almost three times the Olympic height and hit the water at speeds of 85kph, protected only by their concentration, skill and physical control. Since 2009, the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series has featured the biggest talents, the most promising newcomers, and since 2013 has also provided a platform for women. Seven tough competitions for the men, three challenges for the women – in its sixth season this jaw-dropping sport will hit new as well as proven ground in the Caribbean, the continents of North and South America and Europe between May and October to determine a new champion for both men and women. Maurice Lacroix is the official watch partner of the 2014 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series.


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Photo finish at lake Lucerne

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 7 settembre 2009

DT_090905_RBCDSCH_BLAC_9905Russia’s Artem Silchenko claimed his second victory at the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2009 in Switzerland. A flotilla of hundreds of small rubber boats, surfboards and home-made rafts crowded onto Lake Lucerne on Saturday afternoon as 5,000 people flocked to watch the closest result in the series so far – in the end, just 1.95 points separated first and third place. In the penultimate round, victory went to Artem Silchenko, who defeated the winner of the previous round (Hamburg), Gary Hunt and nine times world champion Orlando Duque. With just nine points between them, Duque and Hunt are still battling for the overall title.  Silchenko’s second dive scored the only nine that the judges awarded throughout the whole competition. “It’s great to be back on the podium with another first place after my victory in Turkey. I trained so hard every day and belief in my capacities. In fact I am pretty sure that I have now reached my best shape. I can’t wait to get to Greece, where I will fight again for victory and finish the World Series as well as possible.” Another 25-year-old finished second – Englishman Gary Hunt took his seventh podium in as many competitions just 1.20pts behind Silchenko and a week after his spectacular maiden win in Hamburg. Third-placed Orlando Duque was only 0,75pts behind.  The only fresh water stop of the series was staged in a classic alpine setting in the tiny village of Sisikon. Surrounded by the towering Swiss Alps, some of whose peaks are already covered with snow after heavy rainfalls during the night, the 26m-high diving platform was fixed on the same solid rock face that Swiss folk hero William Tell is said to used as a means of escape some 700 years ago.  After seven rounds the fight for the overall title has never been tighter: current leader Duque’s 22-point lead has been steadily narrowed down by Hunt. Today’s result brings the margin down to nine points. The Englishman is now the only diver still in the contention for the first Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series championship besides the Colombian, who has been leading since the third stop in Dubrovnik, July 11.  The grand final will be held in the cradle of competitive sports when the series moves to Athens in Greece for the last round on September 20, 2009. (RBCDSCH_BLAC)

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Russian civil society leaders to appeal to Obama

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 14 luglio 2009

Source: Reuters. Russian civil society leaders will appeal to President Barack Obama on Tuesday to focus a spotlight on the country’s democratic deficit and lack of transparency. Obama plans to dedicate several hours to dozens of organisations, entrepreneurs and NGOs who operate in Russia as part of his two-day visit — a session his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev turned down, sources said. After signing a series of bilateral agreements on Monday, including on nuclear arms reduction and Afghanistan, Obama said he would turn his attention to more human issues.

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Aurelien Froment Froebel Suite

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 9 luglio 2009

wernerLondon until 16/8/2009 155 Vauxhall Street Gasworks Gallery Aure’lien Froment’s first solo exhibition in a UK public space, continues the artist’s ongoing reflection on the function and semantic power of images. Having previously worked as a projectionist, Aure’lien Froment remains interested in cinematography and in how the production of knowledge varies according to the way images are sequenced.  At Gasworks, Froment presents new works that turn images and objects into the subjects of scrutiny. In these works, a brick, a maritime knot and the image of the boat on the hill taken from Werner Herzog’s film Fitzcarraldo (1982) are presented out of their own contexts and dissected in a series of sequential photographs or, as it is the case with the latter work, through a conversation between the artist and Herzog.  Another piece within the installation is Cinemeccanica, a free-standing wall with a glass window from which one can see the gallery from the perspective of a projectionist. This piece gives the exhibition a new reading and highlights how each work functions within a wider narrative.  These works illustrate the idea of -education through self-activity-, championed by the German 19th century educationalist Friedrich Froebel, best known for developing the kindergarten model. Froebel, who lends his name to the title of the exhibition, believed that the acquisition of knowledge is achieved through a series of steps, each requiring a level of interaction. It is this process of active learning that gives viewers of the exhibition the opportunity to create different narratives and forms of engagement with the surrounding space.  A further element of the exhibition is Like the cow jumped over the moon, a booklet edited by Aure’lien Froment, designed by Åbäke and co-published by Gasworks and Dent-De-Leone. Based on an interview between Aure’lien Froment and Werner Herzog, the publication focuses on the image of the ship on the hill, which symbolises Fitzcarraldo’s plot and the myth that has surrounded the film and its production. The booklet is available for sale at £3 in the gallery. (Image: Werner Herzog (detail)

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Ogni mese con il RIFF il cinema si fa series

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 26 aprile 2009

eventoRoma 5 maggio 2009 h 20.00 Nuovo Cinema Aquila – via L’Aquila 68 – (apertura al pubblico)  inizio proiezione h 20:30 proiezione del film Eden, diretto e interpretato da Jonny Triviani.  Altri interpreti: Giulia Carla De Carlo, Alessandro Grande, Dario Faiella, Anita Kravos, Giorgio Filonzi, Giovanni Di Lonardo, Gabriele Cometa, Antonio Calamonici e con la voce narrante di Giorgia Trasselli.  Una finestra sul mondo del sociale, in cui si analizzano varie tematiche con ritmo incalzante e ironia. Oltre a parlare della difficoltà di trovare lavoro, della non accettazione di sé, si analizzerà anche il mondo omosessuale. Il proposito è quello di sensibilizzare e informare soprattutto il mondo etero. Un film formato da 3 episodi (Cuori randagi, come acqua di mare, gay & guai) che coinvolgerà ed  emozionerà uomini e donne. Il tema trattato e il modo di trattarlo rendono Eden un film che oscilla tra divertimento e riflessione. Questo film è stato realizzato secondo le regole del DOGMA 008 Il Dogma 008 vuole dare al cinema indipendente una distribuzioni pari a quelle delle major.

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