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Posts Tagged ‘service’ annuncia la partnership con Stantup Service

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 19 Maggio 2022 S.p.A. Società Benefit – fintech company quotata su Euronext Growth Milan – comunica la partnership con Stantup Service, leader nello start-up di nuovi reseller nel settore energia. La collaborazione tra le due realtà nasce con l’obiettivo di mettere i servizi di consulenza finanziaria di a disposizione degli operatori del mercato libero dell’energia che Stantup Service assiste nelle attività di start-up. Un aiuto concreto a 360 gradi, in un momento in cui le PMI, specialmente nei settori energivori, faticano sempre più a conciliare la sostenibilità della produzione con i costi dell’energia in aumento esponenziale. La peculiarità che accomuna le due realtà, oltre alle origini salernitane, è la centralità del ruolo del digitale all’interno dei modelli di business. è un financial enabler – ovvero abilitatore tecnologico di nuovi prodotti e processi nel mondo finanziario – e si occupa di fornire consulenza finanziaria alle PMI in modo semplice e innovativo. Grazie ad un algoritmo proprietario, è in grado di interpretare i dati finanziari delle imprese ed identificare i loro bisogni latenti proponendo all’impresa le soluzioni e i prodotti finanziari più adatti a rispondere alle esigenze emerse durante l’analisi. Tutto avviene in maniera interamente digitale. Tutti gli utenti hanno la possibilità di ottenere, con un click, un dossier che fornisce una fotografia generale dello stato economico-finanziario dell’azienda e di incrociare le proprie esigenze con le offerte di decine di istituti di credito, tradizionali o fintech, in modo automatico e istantaneo. Stantup Service è una società che, in soli 4 anni, è cresciuta del + 154%. Attiva nei settori di Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) e Information Technology (IT), offre consulenza, servizi in outsourcing, formazione e tecnologia agli operatori del mercato libero dell’energia. Il suo focus specifico è quello di gestire lo start-up di nuovi reseller grazie all’applicazione del metodo “Reseller da Zero”, che consiste in un modello in white label, con tutto ciò che occorre per gestire e far crescere un fornitore di energia elettrica e gas naturale.

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SIX acquires ULTUMUS from ETFS Capital to strengthen its ETF and Managed Data Service offering

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 14 luglio 2021

SIX, the Swiss and Spanish Exchange group, acquires ULTUMUS, the international index and ETF data specialist, from ETFS Capital, an investment firm focused on growth opportunities across the investment ecosystem.The global ETF industry is expected to reach record assets of US$9 trillion by the end of Q2 2021. Acquiring ULTUMUS, long-time partners with SIX on the index-business side, enhances their data offering for the fast-growing global ETF market. We believe this transaction is good for the industry, clients and the firms themselves, as it will help trading in ETFs become more transparent and efficient.ETFS Capital recognised the significant potential of ULTUMUS right from its start. We were the first investor in 2016, investing further in 2018, while actively supporting its growth to enable ULTUMUS to become the global ETF and Managed Data solution provider it is now.

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CWT Simplifies its EMEA Operations to Accelerate its Customer Service proposition

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 23 gennaio 2020

Minneapolis. CWT, the B2B4E travel management platform, announces plans to simplify its EMEA operating model within four geographies this month. Following the successful move from a country to a cross-functional EMEA operating model across several major markets last year, CWT is to move its Greece, Morocco, Eastern Europe & Baltic local market management this month into cross-functional Market Management Teams.“I am delighted with the positive customer response we’ve had over the last year following adjustments made to our customer organization within Germany, Italy, Benelux, UK & Ireland, France, and Spain. Moving from Country Directors to Market Management teams has made us more agile and responsive to our clients’ needs across EMEA,” said Chris Bowen, CWT’s Managing Director, EMEA. “The cross-functional, local management approach has been successfully tried and tested over the last year —and well received by customers who see it as proof that CWT knows how innovate internally as well as with our service offering.”As part of these changes, the role of Country Manager has been removed for Greece, Morocco, Eastern Europe and The Baltics, incorporating Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Romania and The Ukraine.As a result, the following people are leaving the company at the end of the month: Anthony Venios, Country General Manager Greece; Abdelhamid Bernoussi, General Manager Morocco; Carmen Alexandru, Country Manager Romania; Judit Kollar, General Manager Hungary; Jiri Homolka, Country Manager Czech Republic; Pauls Gusts, Deputy General Manager Latvia and Rasa Barisiene, General Manager Lithuania and Latvia. Kateryna Tarkhanova, Country Manager Ukraine; will leave the company at the end of February. “I thank Anthony, Abdelhamid, Carmen, Judit, Kateryna, Jiri, Pauls and Rasa for their hard work and dedication and wish them all the best in their future endeavors,” said Chris Bowen.

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Crosstree Launches Strategic Value Creation Service

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 9 gennaio 2020

Crosstree, a global leader in health science M&A, recapitalization, and growth financing strategies, has announced that Gordon Ryerson is returning to the firm to launch the company’s newest service: Strategic Value Creation.With more than 20 years of investment banking and strategic consulting experience specifically within the health science industry, Ryerson will work with companies to develop strategic and actional plans to help them reach a successful outcome downstream.The service will also leverage Crosstree’s excellence in distilling granular market data, proprietary research, and tertiary information into practical advice.“Gordon is deeply ingrained in the health sciences and has an exceptional track record, making him the ideal leader for this new service,” said Shane Senior, co-founder and managing director. “He will be an incredible asset for companies looking to rapidly create value or refine an acquisition strategy.” The service will allow Crosstree to partner with private equity firms to support strategic investments, grow portfolio companies, and generate superior returns on exit. Ryerson and other Crosstree principals will share more about the Strategic Value Creation service at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco. The company will be introducing its exclusive Prism Report, the first in a series that reviews the industry’s abrupt transition to targeted and immune therapies and the profound disruption and opportunities created as a result.

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Westhaven Inc. Launches Westhaven Gives Back to Strengthen Community Service

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 28 dicembre 2019

Westhaven Inc. today announced the launch of Westhaven Gives Back to formalize and expand on its eight years of corporate philanthropy. Historically, the home energy solution provider has been a Christmas miracle for many people in the community, and has yet again selected four organizations this year. “In today’s fast-moving world, families can become displaced overnight by life changing events,” said Brett Joerger, CEO of Westhaven Inc. “From homes to shelters and streets, these people have nowhere to go. We’ve helped power our community to become more energy independent for nearly a decade and are committed to serving our own backyard. Through Westhaven Gives Back, we can now empower more people to power their future, and increase our charitable contributions.”Bringing a jollier Christmas to families this season, Westhaven Inc. partnered with key associations to contribute the following:4G Foundation – powered a Tiny House for a Camp Fire recipient, Chris Brackett, enabling her to live with complete, ultra-reliable, electricity year-round.Casa de Esperanza – partnered to drive visibility of the organizations’ services, particularly for women and children, including awareness surrounding its need for funding to renovate from a fire four years ago.
Hope Point Bike Kitchen – warmed up more than 40 homeless people with sleeping bags and socks – and a storage container for volunteers to repair and store the bikes.

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Pluxity Launches PLUG Kiosk for Comprehensive Spatial Information Service

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 19 dicembre 2019

Pluxity, a plug-in solution provider based in Korea, announced on December 16, 2019 the launch of the PLUG Kiosk that provides 3D-based spatial information.The PLUG Kiosk helps one easily find important facilities and stores by displaying spatial information in 3D maps. When a user chooses departing place, transit spots and destination, it intuitively shows the entire route.It also offers various convenience services to customers who visit the site where the PLUG Kiosk is installed.Equipped with a digital braille pad, it provides a system for mobility handicapped people including visually impaired persons as well as information on monitored quality of air, fine dusts and harmful gases using smart environmental sensor. And, the kiosk can be used by users with diverse statures as its height can be adjusted accordingly. Featuring functions of guiding the way tailored for mobility handicapped people and visually impaired persons, it also can provide intuitive information based on easy-to-use interface and intuitive information based on 3D, identical services in diverse environments based on web standards, notices by surrounding facilities, and information on events depending on locations of users.“PLUG Kiosks will initially be installed at areas congested with transient population, such as subway stations and airports, and we will expand available areas on phased basis for convenience of consumers,” said a manager at the company.Earlier, Pluxity showcased the PLUG Kiosk at international trade events, including the Smart City Expo World Congress and IoT Tech Expo North America. (

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Comporium Celebrates 125 Years of Service to Customers

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 12 dicembre 2019

Comporium, one of the nation’s leading independent telecom providers, will celebrate its 125th anniversary on December 10, 2019. Headquartered in Rock Hill, S.C., the company serves over 134,000 residential and business customers in South Carolina and North Carolina. Comporium’s history dates back to 1894, when its parent organization, Rock Hill Telephone Company, was issued its charter by the State of South Carolina. The business was sold to E.L. and Mary Barnes in 1912; a total of 433 lines were in operation at that time. As the communications industry advanced, so did the company’s service offerings to customers. To reflect this growth, RHTC and 10 affiliated businesses became known as Comporium Group in 2001. The rebranding and reorganization signaled a new era for the privately-held company, where the fifth generation of the Barnes family is currently on the job and leading Comporium into the future.
Today, Comporium provides a host of solutions to its residential and business customers. These include internet, voice, digital video, wireless, security monitoring and home automation, computer network services, and structured wiring and cabling. Areas served in South Carolina include York, Lancaster and Chester counties and parts of Lexington, Saluda, Edgefield, Orangeburg, Calhoun and Aiken counties. In North Carolina, full services are provided in Transylvania County and parts of Mecklenburg and Union Counties. Business services are available throughout the Charlotte metro region.As Comporium looks to the future and how it will meet customer demands in coming years, the company is poised to release several new products. A recent partnership with Alarm.Com brings with it exciting new options for customers with ReadyHome, Comporium’s security and home automation service. Subscribers who are signed up for the company’s video product will soon have access to a new streaming video service that will have an over the top (OTT) feel. Comporium STREAM TV, is planned to launch to customers in the first quarter of 2020 and will provide live tv via an internet-based app. The company is also working to innovate its original product offering, voice, offering cloud-based business services outside of its traditional service footprint. Behind the scenes, Comporium has recently made significant investments in upgrading its core network. Replacing hardware and upgrade connections, the company has moved to a mesh network. This means an even more reliable network for both residential and business customers. Comporium is also overhauling its Business Support System, sometimes referred to as its billing system. Both of these projects, expected to be completed during the next year, will give the company better tools to serve its customers now and in the future.

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Putnam Investments Honored for Service Excellence by DALBAR for 30th Consecutive Year

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 7 dicembre 2019

Putnam Investments announced today that it has been recognized by DALBAR for mutual fund service quality for the 30th consecutive year. The continuous acknowledgement of Putnam’s work in this area includes being named a DALBAR Mutual Fund Service Award winner and recipient of DALBAR’s Total Client Experience Award.“We are humbled to have received strong, ongoing recognition from DALBAR these past 30 years,” said Putnam President and Chief Executive Officer Robert L. Reynolds. “Our service teams work hard every day to ensure our clients expectations are not only met – but exceeded. Putnam’s entire organization is truly honored to receive this award and we are committed to continuing our unyielding focus on world class service in the coming years.” For over three decades, DALBAR has conducted rigorous, systematic and yearlong testing of customer service based on industry benchmarks and has identified service providers that exceed industry standards. The DALBAR Service Awards are given annually by DALBAR, Inc., a leading financial services market research and consulting firm to elite service providers. “Putnam is incredibly proud of the extraordinary work ethic and dedication demonstrated on a daily basis by our service teams in addressing a multitude of client needs,” said Putnam Chief of Operations Michael J. Woodall. “Another hallmark of this team’s approach to service is a continuous thirst to improve and innovate in everything that we do — to ultimately achieve the best outcome for our clients.”

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NRI Secure Launches Japan’s First IT Security Assessment Service for Container Orchestration

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 3 dicembre 2019

NRI SecureTechnologies, Ltd. (NRI Secure) today launched Japan’s first1 IT security assessment service for systems with container orchestration2, that uses the leading container orchestration tool “Kubernetes.”This service provides IT security assessment for a system using container orchestration technology from the viewpoints of both “static analysis” by interpreting configuration files, and “dynamic analysis” by attempting simulated attacks. The assessment consists of manual inspection by engineers of NRI Secure who have expert knowledge of container orchestration as well as several tests using auxiliary inspection tools. This service detects security issues by checking the validity of the information on the configuration file, and the architecture configuration generated by container orchestration.In addition to the independent inspection of each configuration file, a comprehensive and highly accurate assessment is performed to check whether the configuration state is appropriate or not by looking at the entire architecture. This enables us to detect security issues at the design phase that are often overlooked by the inspection tool alone.Followed by Kubernetes, NRI Secure plans to add more container orchestration tools to the scope of this IT security assessment service.In recent years, as DX (digital transformation) has become more widespread, the need for greater flexibility and speed in system development has increased, and the design concepts and infrastructure technologies that support these requirements have been rapidly evolving. In particular, microservice4, which develops applications by splitting them into services and functions, and other system development that presuppose deployment of cloud-native5 and serverless6 architectures are becoming more common.One of the technologies that underpin these architectures is an application execution environment called a container. The emergence of container orchestration tools that automatically deploy, scale, and so on has increased the adoption of containers when building systems.On the other hand, since containers are a new technology area, there is a high possibility that the system is operating with a weak configuration since security measures are not yet fully in place. To deal with increasingly intense cyber threats and attacks, it is necessary to take appropriate security measures, such as access and privilege management, with a view to the entire system architecture, as well as vulnerability measures for the container itself.NRI Secure will continue to provide various products and services in response to trends and threats of the times for supporting companies and organizations in their information security measures, contributing to promoting digital transformation for a safe and secure society.

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AI-powered trusted identity as a service provider

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 13 novembre 2019

I-Remit enables local Filipinos and those working abroad to send money in and out of their home country. The Philippines received an equivalent of about 10% of its GDP in remittances in 2018, with roughly 10 million Filipinos working overseas out of a total population of about 107 million, according to the World Economic Forum.Demographic shifts have played a key role in the massive and swift adoption of online remittance technologies — the Philippines has one of the youngest populations in the world, with an average age of 23.5 years. This young population, coupled with broad access to mobile phones and other forms of technology, have sped up digital transformation in the remittance industry.In order to meet the needs of shifting demographics and an evolving remittance industry, I-Remit is now driving its own unique transformation and launched IREMITX earlier this year as a secure, online alternative to in-person transactions. With IREMITX, customers can securely and conveniently send and receive money online, via web and mobile web — no need to visit a physical branch and wait in line.When looking for a vendor to streamline the digital onboarding experience, I-Remit needed an eKYC provider operating within multiple countries — IREMITX users can send money between the Philippines and Canada, Singapore, Japan and UK, with more countries expected to be announced in the future.
Jumio’s Identity Verification solution uses machine learning, AI and face-based biometrics to ensure the person behind a transaction is present and who they say they are by matching a user’s live selfie with the photo shown on their government-issued ID. By using Jumio, I-Remit has the ability to compliantly, securely and quickly verify customers across the globe, in more than 200 countries and territories and in a multitude of languages, with over 3,000 ID document types.
To learn more about Jumio’s end-to-end online identity verification and authentication solutions, visit

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Syniverse and Telefónica Collaborate to Offer New Secure Global Messaging Service

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 31 ottobre 2019

At the GSMA WAS#10 conference and exposition, Syniverse, the world’s most connected company, announced it is developing a secure global messaging solution that is designed to help brands keep text messaging clear of inherent security risks that come when sending messages over the internet and without proper user authentication.To protect against vulnerabilities in text messaging, Syniverse is collaborating with Telefónica to offer businesses a global cloud-based messaging platform that runs over a private network with end-to-end encryption of actual messages and messages in transit. The network operates separately from the public internet using private addressing schemes that make it invisible to those with malicious intent.What used to be considered “secure enough” for text messaging is no longer adequate for keeping information safe from the advanced techniques of fraudsters and hackers. That’s why companies like Telefónica International in Latin America and Europe are turning to Syniverse to help manage mobile communications by confirming customer identity and consent, and securely transmitting customer and business data.The mobile attack rate in Latin America, where the Syniverse solution will initially launch, is 8.9 percent, according to Lexis Nexis. Payment transactions, logins and new account creations are being targeted by fraudulent bots, and by the spoofing of internet protocol (IP) addresses, devices and identities. With this secure global messaging solution, Syniverse and Telefónica will protect customers and mobile operators from these attacks as well as an array of other cyberattacks, including phishing, whaling, denial-of-service, and man-in-the-middle incidents.Latin America isn’t the only region that’s targeted by malicious actors. In the U.S. last year, there were 16.7 million people affected by account takeover fraud, according to Javelin Research. In one case, a leading bank lost $15 million in fraudulent withdrawals due to poor transport, application and security encryptions. Attackers fraudulently assumed the identity of one of the bank’s customers to access the payment network before making fake withdrawals from multiple bank branches.The need for the secure alternative that Syniverse will offer extends beyond the banking industry. The potential for loss affects any company that relies on digital communications. Text messages can be hacked to access financial or operational information or even to control networks, systems and databases. Whether it’s an e-commerce platform that sends one-time password texts to authenticate customers or a government agency deploying surveillance drones, a variety of processes used by different industries are at risk.Syniverse will safeguard the customer experience and drastically decrease business risks by offering full-network-layer encryption all the way through a company application to the mobile operator with segmenting isolation in two areas. Also, automated alarming will set off if network end points deviate from expected communications behavior.Product availability will be based on the number of mobile network operators connected to the secure global messaging solution, which will continually expand.

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Datto Hosts Its Largest European Conference to Date for Managed Service Providers

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 25 ottobre 2019

(DattoCon) Datto, Inc., the leading global provider of IT solutions delivered through managed service providers (MSPs) kicked off DattoCon19 in Paris with a message of support and investment for the developing European MSP community. The company’s fifth annual European partner conference attracted more than 850 MSPs from 26 countries ranging from France to the Faroe Islands to Finland–making it the largest DattoCon ever held in Europe. According to Canalys, there has been a 25 percent increase each year in SMB spend on managed services from IT providers between 2016 to 2018. The 70 percent increase in attendance from last year’s conference reflects this growth and underscores the desire for more MSP education, networking, best practices, and solutions within the European channel.
To meet the demands of the European SMB market, the company continues to hire senior leaders and team members in Europe with a special focus on success teams that enable new MSP partners to realize the potential reach and revenue of the technologies, while staying efficient as they grow. Datto now has nearly 300 employees in eight offices across UK/Ireland, DACH, Nordic, and Benelux regions, and continues to hire aggressively. Datto recently added a new data center in Munich, Germany and is expanding its offices in Copenhagen for a larger presence in the Nordic region.

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PIXUP, a Portfolio Service for Photographers, Enters Taiwan

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 30 settembre 2019

PIXUP ( of BBTree, which combined unlimited portfolio service and World’s first free image service that distributes ad revenue to photographers will be joining 2019 Taipei International Photography & Media Equipment Exhibition, which is a major photography exhibition in Taiwan from September 27-30, 2019.PIXUP service with the slogan of “Safe and Free image” allows you to download an unlimited number of commercially usable images from Free Market after a free and simple registration. Unlike other free image services, it screens the infringement of portrait/property rights of each content and also leaves both contributor’s upload history and user’s download history to protect both sides from all copyright issues that may arise. Photographers can freely upload the photo to their gallery and share only the photos they want on the Free Market wherein users can download the photos. PIXUP operates an advertising system and shares 50% of all ad revenue to the photographers according to the download rate of their images. Through various photo challenges held every month, cash prizes are presented as well.PIXUP plans to expand its influence in the Taiwan region by appealing to the photographer friendly features of PIXUP: 1. Free unlimited portfolio service 2. Free Market which shares advertising revenue as Contributor Grant. PIXUP is planning to develop various partnerships with Taiwan local businesses during its Taiwan promotions.The PIXUP booth (J816) in the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center will hold SNS event and will provide various small and big gifts to all visitors at the booth. There will be a 1:1 photographer application inquiry and tutorial corner for all local photographers who drop by the booth too.

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Advanced Security Operations Center-as-a-Service Capabilities

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 24 agosto 2019

Arrow Electronics, Inc. (NYSE:ARW) and ON2IT, the Zero Trust Innovators and provider of advanced security monitoring and remediation capabilities, have teamed on security operations center as-a-service.Built on Palo Alto Networks technology, including Next Generation Firewalls, Cortex XDR, Traps and the combination of Managed Next-Generation Firewall, Managed Traps and the Cortex Data Lake, that gives customers the ability to provide better security for their businesses, it incorporates a deep skillset of security operations center analysts, best-in-breed technology, and the flexibility of a managed service. This allows organizations to spend time on their business instead of repeated IT tasks.“Teaming with ON2IT gives customers the ability to provide advanced security operations without the massive investment and training of an ‘in-house’ security operations center,” said Jesper Trolle, president of Arrow’s enterprise computing solutions business in North America. “Our channel partners can now help provide their customers a better overall security posture, reducing risk, monitoring for threats, and having the knowledge that they have expert resources to assist them. Security has become a key part of any business strategy, and ON2IT and Arrow are making it simpler for businesses to improve their security and reduce their risk.”

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Ingram Micro ITAD Announces Powerful IT Asset Disposition Integration with ServiceNow

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 23 agosto 2019

Ingram Micro Commerce & Lifecycle Services’ ITAD group today announced it has received certification of its application with ServiceNow, available in the ServiceNow Store.
Clients who use Ingram Micro’s ITAD services have always enjoyed full visibility into asset end-of-service processing and results through Ingram Micro ITAD’s versatile Client Portal. With the ServiceNow integration, mutual clients can access the same detailed asset information generated by Ingram Micro’s industry-leading BlueIQ asset tracking system directly from ServiceNow Asset Management. The integration allows them to monitor asset detail, location, status, and final disposition through the full product lifecycle all from one place, eliminating the need to use separate tools to access end-of-service information or to manually download and upload information between systems.“Ingram Micro ITAD continues our drive to integrate our industry-leading IT asset end-of-service tracking and reporting tools with major ITSM platforms,” said Todd Zegers, vice president, ITAD, Commerce & Lifecycle Services. “While we continue to deliver detailed insight into scheduling, data sanitization, processing, remarketing and recycling results through our Client Portal, the ServiceNow integration means our mutual clients can manage, track, and view the full asset lifecycle from a single UI.” “The new Ingram Micro ITAD integration makes it possible for ServiceNow clients to simplify asset handoff at end-of-service, enhance visibility, and access disposition information for compliance and audit reporting,” adds Avanish Sahai, Global VP, ISV and Technology Alliances at ServiceNow. “Combining IT service management with IT asset disposition is a natural extension for ServiceNow clients, so we’re excited to make it available to our existing customers via the Store.”

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Okta Named a Leader in Identity-as-a-Service for Enterprise

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 14 giugno 2019

Okta, Inc. (NASDAQ:OKTA), the leading independent provider of identity for the enterprise, today announced that the company has been named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Identity-As-A-Service (IDaaS) for Enterprise, Q2 2019,* a report published by Forrester Research, Inc. The report evaluates ten Identity-As-A-Service (IDaaS) for Enterprise vendors and positions Okta as a Leader, earning the highest ranking in both the “current offering” and “strategy” categories. The research was authored by Andras Cser and Merritt Maxim on June 12, 2019. A complimentary version of the report can be found here.
Forrester’s ranking builds on a history of industry recognition for Okta across analyst firms and technology disciplines. Additionally, in June 2018, Gartner Inc. named Okta a Leader in its Magic Quadrant for Access Management, Worldwide.** For the second year in a row and for both years of the report’s existence, Okta placed highest on the “ability to execute” axis. In November 2018, Okta was named as a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: Zero Trust eXtended (ZTX) Ecosystem Providers, Q4 2018.*** The report recognized Okta with the highest possible score in the evaluation criteria “people/workforce security,” “ZTX vision and strategy,” and “market approach.”
In the Forrester report, Okta earned the highest possible score in twenty of the evaluation criteria, including “access management policy administration,” “API security and solution APIs,” and “identity management plans.” The report further describes Okta’s solution: “From its single console, (Okta’s) solution offers strong user directory integration, and access management policy definition capabilities, good integrated Windows authentication (IWA) and single logout configuration support, and offers a broad range of productized multi factor authenticators. Its end user access request management and review workflows are versatile.”

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JAL Works with Accenture to Pilot Artificial Intelligence-Enhanced Airport Service

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 16 marzo 2019

Japan Airlines (JAL) is working with Accenture (NYSE: ACN) on a new service that applies artificial intelligence (AI) to answer passenger requests at the airline’s check-in counters. The service assesses what check-in counter agents are saying to passengers and then pushes relevant information to the agents’ tablets in near real-time, which includes additional relevant information tailored to the individual’s journey. JAL and Accenture are piloting the AI-enhanced service at its international check-in counters at Narita Airport and Haneda Airport starting today.
The service uses AI applications including voice recognition to identify and interpret statements made by the agents, so it can retrieve data from JAL’s knowledge database or website and proactively answer passenger queries. For passengers, the service is designed to speed up the check-in process and also make the time they spend at the airport less stressful. This supports the airline’s goal to create new value for customers and remain one step ahead of its competitors.For employees, the service will offer a seamless check-in process that previously involved a variety of operating systems and printed documents to answer inquiries like baggage pickup for connecting international flights, seat upgrade requests, and the location of an airport lounge at the destination.JAL recognizes the combination of people and technology is key to generating innovation and they expect this service will be greatly welcomed by both passengers and employees.The pilot runs on an AI platform that combines various AI engines, business processes, and data sources as a hub to generate and continuously improve responses — all designed to help JAL transform how customer service is delivered. The platform’s flexibility and agility are expected to help further accelerate JAL’s business growth.To create the platform, Accenture drew on AI capabilities from Accenture Applied Intelligence as well as agile project development methods and airline expertise from Accenture’s Travel consulting group.JAL will pilot this service in Narita airport and Haneda Airport until the end of March 2019 and evaluate the results to explore full implementation of the service at both airports.

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“At the service of Common Good in a pluralistic context”

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Under the patronage and in the presence of the President of the Lebanese Republic, General Michel Aoun, the Regional Secretariat of Caritas for the Middle East and North Africa (Caritas MONA) launched a 3-day conference (February 27-March 1) in Beirut entitled “At the service of Common Good in a pluralistic context”.The opening ceremony, held at Our Lady of the Mount in Fatka, Lebanon, was attended by the Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Mar Béchara Boutros Raï, Msgr. Joseph Spiteri, Apostolic Nuncio in Lebanon, Cardinal Peter Turkson, Prefect of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, President of Caritas InternationaIis, a representative of Cardinal Leonardo Sandri, Prefect of the Congregation for Oriental Churches, and the President of Caritas MONA, Mr. Gabriel Hatti.
The event brought together several ambassadors and representatives of UN agencies in Lebanon, as well as Church organizations, with Caritas executives from more than 30 countries in the region and around the world.The President of the Lebanese Republic enthusiastically welcomed the participants and stressed the importance of Caritas as an agent of social inclusiveness and a trusted bridge among different communities in the region. On behalf of the Caritas global network, Cardinal Tagle said that “Caritas Internationalis confirms its identity and mission as the arm, the heart, the voice, the sign and the instrument of the Church charity service to the poor, the neglected and abused, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa.” Caritas MONA’s President Gabriel Hatti affirmed: “This memorable event is an opportunity to create new links between people and institutions dedicated to building a civilization of peace, at the service of all human beings and the Common Good”. For three days, participants reflected on Caritas’ mission and role in the Middle East and North Africa. The main themes were: the analysis of the challenges in the current regional context, the relationship and collaboration between Caritas and charity organizations of other Christian Churches and other religions, and the mission and role of Christians in the region.The programme also included a moment of solidarity with migrants and displaced persons, in the framework of the Caritas global solidarity campaign “Share the Journey”.The national Caritas of the Middle East and North Africa region are: Caritas Algeria, Caritas Cyprus, Caritas Djibouti, Caritas Egypt, Caritas Iran, Caritas Iraq, Caritas Jerusalem, Caritas Jordan, Caritas Lebanon, Caritas Libya, Caritas Morocco, Caritas Mauritania, Caritas Somalia, Caritas Syria, Caritas Tunisia. (Julie Lebnan)

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World Wide Technology Teams Up with Red Hat to Accelerate Service Provider Time to Revenue

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World Wide Technology (WWT), a market-leading technology solution provider, is collaborating with Red Hat’s extensive partner ecosystem to validate and customize the Red Hat Virtual Central Office (VCO) solution in WWT’s Advanced Technology Center (ATC).Once validated, WWT can deploy the VCO solution at scale through its global Integration Centers to help customers make the most of customized open solutions by enabling innovative services and enhancing the customer experience.Joe Wojtal, vice president of open systems and solutions for WWT, said, “Service provider customers are looking to deliver new, innovative services to their customers. By delivering these services via software, they can quickly change or add features based on customer demand and improve their time to market.”As interest grows around edge-based services, VCO will experience increasing demand for software-based services and operational simplicity. Red Hat’s advanced capabilities are foundational in WWT’s ability to deliver full-stack network function virtualization (NFV) solutions four times faster than traditional validation. The ecosystem partners actively working in WWT’s ATC include Affirmed Networks, Altiostar, Amdocs, Cumulus Networks, Edgecore Networks, F5 Networks, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, MYCOM OSI and Trilio. For more information regarding Red Hat’s Virtual Central Office solution, please visit

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World Wide Technology Teams Up with Red Hat to Accelerate Service Provider Time to Revenue

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World Wide Technology (WWT), a market-leading technology solution provider, is collaborating with Red Hat’s extensive partner ecosystem to validate and customize the Red Hat Virtual Central Office (VCO) solution in WWT’s Advanced Technology Center (ATC).
Once validated, WWT can deploy the VCO solution at scale through its global Integration Centers to help customers make the most of customized open solutions by enabling innovative services and enhancing the customer experience.Joe Wojtal, vice president of open systems and solutions for WWT, said, “Service provider customers are looking to deliver new, innovative services to their customers. By delivering these services via software, they can quickly change or add features based on customer demand and improve their time to market.” As interest grows around edge-based services, VCO will experience increasing demand for software-based services and operational simplicity. Red Hat’s advanced capabilities are foundational in WWT’s ability to deliver full-stack network function virtualization (NFV) solutions four times faster than traditional validation.The ecosystem partners actively working in WWT’s ATC include Affirmed Networks, Altiostar, Amdocs, Cumulus Networks, Edgecore Networks, F5 Networks, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, MYCOM OSI and Trilio.
Red Hat delivers reliable and high-performing Linux, hybrid cloud, container and Kubernetes technologies that help customers integrate new and existing IT applications, develop cloud-native applications, standardize its industry-leading operating system, and automate, secure and manage complex environments.

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