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European response to address the health and socio-economic impact of COVID-19

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 28 marzo 2020

In a joint statement the Spinelli Group and the Union of European Federalists (UEF) urge the European Council to take exceptional action in response to the coronavirus pandemic.
The Spinelli Group and the European Federalists call on EU Institutions and national governments to take the leap towards the creation of EU Recovery Bonds backed by the EU budget and Europe-wide taxes to finance a strong answer able to address the pandemic and its financial impact on the EU’s economy proactively. It urges for the creation of a European Health Union, that would give the necessary powers to the EU to ensure coordination of emergency measures to address health crises in the future.
ANDREW DUFF, President of the Spinelli Group, said: “Yesterday’s lacklustre Eurogroup passed the buck to the heads of government. The European Council tomorrow must shoulder its constitutional responsibility to secure the cohesion of the EU as a whole, and in particular take decisive action to consolidate the euro. Dealing with the pandemic triggers an enormous increase in public expenditure which will exacerbate the structural imbalance between richer and poorer member states. The EU has for years evaded the issuance of a mutualised safe asset in the form of eurobonds. So the eurozone has survived courtesy of the monetary policy of the European Central Bank but without the support of a common fiscal policy. The coronavirus crisis is time to rectify this flaw in economic and monetary union. The plague risks the lives of all EU citizens equally, and the social and economic impact will be much worse than the asymmetric shock of the financial crash in 2008. The European Council must give practical expression to the theoretical injunction for solidarity between its states and citizens. This is the time for European leaders to push forward the politics of the Union in the federal direction.” Duff added: “Bleating about ‘moral hazard’ was yesterday’s response to the last crisis. Today Europe expects a decisive demonstration of generosity and mutual concern from its leaders, without which the values and principles of our Union are fraudulent.” “We can’t yet measure the impact of COVID-19 on the European economy, but it will certainly be very important,” says SANDRO GOZI, Member of the European Parliament and President of the UEF. “We need to prepare now for the worst-case scenario and put in place without delay a strong and bold response to revive the economies of EU countries. Nothing will be the same after containment. We will be entering a new world, we will have to build a new Europe” concludes Mr. Gozi. The full text of the statement with the proposals of the Spinelli Group and the European Federalists on a European response to the COVID19 crisis can be found through the following link.

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“Water, Energy, Land and Food Security and the Challenge of Large-Scale Land Acquisitions”

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 21 ottobre 2014

Food_SecurityOctober 2014- January 2015 On behalf of the School of Doctorate of the University of Venice IUAV and the Department of Design and Planning in Complex Environment, and the Venice International University (VIU), we kindly invite you to participate to the seminar series “Water, Energy and Food Security and the Challenge of Large-Scale Land Acquisitions” that will be run in Venice from October 2014 to January 2015. The seminars have received the endorsement of the National Institute of Agricultural Economics (INEA), the Venice Expò2015 Committee and the ENEL Foundation.
Since the early 2000s, private companies, state-owned companies, investment funds and public-private partnerships have invested in large tracts of agricultural land, especially in developing countries, aimed at installing commercial activities. This phenomenon, often referred to as land grabbing, has attracted much attention and also raised concerns about its socio-economic and environmental implications from national governments, international institutions, civil society and academia. This seminar series will address a number of challenges raised by this rush for land, by hosting international scholars and experts. Increasing understanding of the implications for water, food and energy security will be the overarching aim of the seminars. These themes are also relevant for Expò 2015 that will be held in Milan in 2015.

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