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Aspect Software Announces Cloud Contact Center v19

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 7 ottobre 2019

Today Aspect Software announced the release of version 19 of its industry-leading Cloud Contact Center as a Service system. Built on its next-generation Aspect Via® platform, this release includes customer-driven capabilities and enhancements for both Contact Center and Workforce Optimization suites.Cloud Contact Center v19 enables agents and supervisors to deliver better customer experiences by supporting a wide variety of real-time insights into an agent’s skillset, comparing initial agent skills to the actual competencies required for each contact, then delivering up the best fit for that customer engagement.The release includes tools to help supervisors stay on schedule and analyze intra-day activities, including enhanced employee data regarding time spent in or out of adherence, real-time alarms, analysis of historical adherence trends and improvements to all notification modules that use this data.Other major enhancements in v19, include:
Integrated Workforce Management Mobile application
Omnichannel email search, monitoring and reassignment
Increased rule precision and more granular compliance auditing based on customer consent and preference, combined with callback and exclusion controls
Microsoft LUIS Natural Language Understanding (NLU) support
Hotspot Analytics that deliver actionable developer insight for tuning chatbots/IVR
Performance Management Coaching and Gamification rewards and metrics updates
Additional APIs for, Dynamics and other integrations
Scalability improvements, supporting very large contact centers with over 5000 simultaneous agents
TLS/SRTP Encryption Technology secures the voice path between Aspect Cloud and the Call Center – all the way to the agent’s phone. Eliminates the need for dedicated VPNs, reducing complexity and improving reliability.
Rich training and gamification features in this release support both positive and negative assessment and paths for improvement, as well as support for automated coaching.
The modernized UI is optimized to provided easy intuitive navigation, search functions, and user favorites to quickly access high frequency functionality for customer engagement that empowers employees to perform at their very best.

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“Cloud Intrusion Protection Software – Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts”

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 1 settembre 2019

Staying on top of trends is essential for decision makers to leverage this emerging opportunity. The report addresses this very need and provides the latest scoop on all major market segments. Consulting, one of the segments analyzed and sized in this study, displays the potential to grow at over 23%. The shifting dynamics supporting this growth makes it critical for businesses in this space to keep abreast of the changing pulse of the market. Poised to reach over US$519 Million by the year 2025, Consulting will bring in healthy gains adding significant momentum to global growth. While global megatrends sweeping through the market influence the primary direction of growth, regional markets are swayed by more granular locally unique business drivers. Representing the developed world, the United States will maintain a 30.1% growth momentum.Within Europe, which continues to remain an important element in the world economy, Germany will add over US$144.7 Million to the region’s size and clout in the next 5 to 6 years. Over US$100 Million worth of projected demand in the region will come from other emerging Eastern European markets.In Japan, Consulting will reach a market size of US$32.7 Million by the close of the analysis period. As the world’s second largest economy and the new game changer in global markets, China exhibits the potential to grow at 22.9% over the next couple of years and add approximately US$280.4 Million in terms of addressable opportunity for the picking by aspiring businesses and their astute leaders. Several macroeconomic factors and internal market forces will shape growth and development of demand patterns in emerging countries in Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East. All research viewpoints presented are based on validated engagements from influencers in the market, whose opinions supersede all other research methodologies.

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Australia Post Delivers IT Operations Enhancements with Snow Software

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 31 agosto 2019

Snow Software, the global leader in technology intelligence solutions, today announced that Australia Post is using the Snow platform to optimize IT operations, gain insight into its technology ecosystem and manage application sprawl. As the organization responsible for delivering over 3 billion items and managing more than 4,000 post offices nationally, Australia Post has a government mandate to deliver quality service while also earning a profit. This requires Australia Post to run its IT ecosystem as effectively and efficiently as possible in order to support the operation at scale. The World Economic Forum estimates that by 2020, there will be 40 zettabytes worth of data created around the globe. The ability to collect, analyze and understand vast amounts of data is a vital part of doing business, yet it has become increasingly complex for enterprises. Australia Post has partnered with Snow to gain a deep understanding of their IT ecosystem – from high-level technology asset trends at their post offices and delivery centers to the granular details of which versions of operating systems are in use across the entire organization. With this visibility, Australia Post can redistribute assets based on usage, address technology anomalies and ensure maximum value from technology investments. “This latest partnership will give us greater insight into the performance of our software, hardware and applications assets,” said Matt Whykes, Manager of IT Billing and Finance at Australia Post. “Like many other IT departments, time is always of the essence, and Snow’s rapid turnaround with their in-depth reports means we save time and gain greater insight from that data. We’ve already begun using Snow to manage technology assets in circulation. For example, we’re able to identify idle laptops and have them redistributed to areas in need, and the accuracy of our laptop and desktop fleet data has increased from 40% to 95%. Snow’s intelligence helps us understand and manage the relationship between user, application and the device. The partnership means we can now recognize and meter well over 8,000 cloud/SaaS applications, which is a real gain for Australia Post.” “Today’s public sector organizations face a variety of challenges including the migration and optimization of the cloud, implementation of data privacy measures, control of technology sprawl and the ability to ensure efficient IT spend,” said Ken Schock, Chief Revenue Officer at Snow. “Without accurate intelligence around their technology ecosystems, CIOs and IT teams are unable to contribute to strategic business opportunities, and instead are forced into reactively deal with unanticipated technical issues. Snow empowers IT leaders with the insights needed to put the focus back into the growth and success of the business.”

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Laughing Planet Selects PAR Technology’s Cloud-Based Brink POS® Software

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 8 giugno 2019

ParTech, Inc. (PAR), a leading global provider of point-of-sale (POS) and solutions to the restaurant and retail industries, announced Laughing Planet has selected PAR’s cloud-based Brink POS® Software for all 17 of their locations. Laughing Planet is a quick-service restaurant company, serving healthy, fresh, nutritious food that is good for its customers and the environment. ParTech, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of PAR Technology Corporation (NYSE: PAR).Laughing Planet offers a variety of delicious vegetarian, vegan, paleo, gluten-free dishes, such as burritos, veggie bowls, soups, salads and smoothies. Offering dishes with multiple ingredients, customers often ask for substitutions and modifications to their orders – something Laughing Planet’s previous POS solution struggled with. Implementing a cloud-based solution allowed Laughing Planet to better accommodate their customers’ requests and track all information in the cloud for better reporting. Having access to this information will help Laughing Planet better review trends in their orders, substitution requests, etc., so they provide the dishes and experience their customers crave.POSitive Technologies, based in Portland Oregon is a leading provider of POS systems in the Pacific NW, facilitated the process to identify software for Laughing Planet that would improve business efficiency and allow for better reporting.“So far, the implementation of Brink has helped us streamline our business operations by quickly having access to sales data from all of our 17 locations with a few clicks of the computer,” said Vanessa Parscale, Controller, Laughing Planet. “Our Front-of-House (FOH) staff have enjoyed the ease of inputting orders that allow them to have better interactions with our customers.”“We are very excited to have Laughing Planet join the Brink family,” said Paul Rubin, Chief Strategy Officer, ParTech, Inc. “With a mission that focuses on providing the best possible ingredients to their customers in a fun, welcoming atmosphere, we are honored to be able to help them achieve their goals of providing their customers with the best experience possible.”

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Econolite has introduced a set of breakthrough software solutions

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 1 giugno 2019

Econolite, the leader in one-stop-shop traffic management solutions, today announced it has introduced a set of breakthrough software solutions – Centracs Edaptive and Centracs Priority – that are designed to deliver new, unique opportunities to automate traffic optimization capabilities. Centracs Edaptive and Priority are available now and offered as modules for Econolite’s industry-leading Centracs ATMS and SPM systems.
“Centracs Edaptive and Priority represent an ideal blending of customer input, leading-edge cloud-based software technologies, and big data analytics,” said Kirk Steudle, Econolite Sr. Vice President of Systems. “The promise that Smart Cities and connected and automated vehicles will improve quality of life depends on new intelligent software solutions that provide not just automation, but real-time optimization of traffic operations. Centracs Edaptive and Priority are designed to provide transportation agencies groundbreaking levels of traffic control and enhanced safety that will be a huge leap forward in mobility and a more sustainable future.”Centracs Edaptive is a next-generation Adaptive Signal Control solution that enables cities and transportation agencies to maximize the performance of a signal control system. Edaptive accomplishes adaptive signal control via web-based deep analytical capabilities through Centracs SPM. Centracs Priority is designed to significantly reduce emergency vehicle response times as well as increase on-time performance of transit vehicles by providing dynamic signal priority to prioritized vehicles.Econolite will showcase Centracs Edaptive and Centracs Priority at the June 2019 ITS America conference in Washington, D.C.

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Recupero di medicinali: Forche Caudine offre gratuitamente il software

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 17 maggio 2019

Nata sul modello di altre esperienze regionali, la proposta di legge molisana per il recupero dei medicinali per uso umano e per uso veterinario a fini sociali, anche attraverso l’istituzione di una banca dati regionale sui farmaci inutilizzati, piace all’associazione “Forche Caudine” che è disponibile ad offrire gratuitamente un software ad hoc per la buona riuscita dell’impresa.E’ quanto fa sapere lo storico sodalizio dei molisani a Roma, rilanciando la generosa disponibilità offerta dal molisano Francesco Caterina, uno dei coordinatori del Comitato Imprese dell’associazione, in veste di Ceo della Av Sistemi Integrati, azienda di sviluppo software e web.“Siamo pronti a mettere a disposizione gratuitamente i software necessari al monitoraggio dei farmaci, così come previsto nel testo della proposta di legge – spiega Caterina – al fine di garantire criteri di efficienza, efficacia ed economicità dell’azione amministrativa in un’ottica di solidarietà a 360 gradi”. L’obiettivo è quello di garantire concretamente l’ulteriore contenimento della spesa farmaceutica regionale in un’ottica di equità e di giustizia sociale, nonché di sostenibilità ambientale.
L’associazione dei molisani a Roma, sulla stessa linea, propone alla Regione di utilizzare il bel filmato “Molise: terra di colori, sapori e tradizioni” realizzato dagli studenti delle classe terza e quarta H del liceo “Romita” di Campobasso nell’ambito dell’alternanza scuola-lavoro, in un’ottica di ottimizzazione delle risorse economiche e di promozione delle esperienze interne alla comunità molisana, anziché investire fondi, anche ingenti, in iniziative istituzionali dai discutibili risultati, come la Bit di Milano, la costosa edizione straordinaria dei Misteri di Campobasso nello scorso dicembre o i sette tavoli tematici degli stati generali del turismo.“Con minime risorse, quasi tutte estranee ai canali istituzionali molisani, Forche Caudine è riuscita a promuovere oltre quattrocento eventi nei 31 anni di attività, accreditando nel migliore dei modi il territorio molisano presso molti referenti istituzionali e non, qui a Roma – evidenzia Caterina. “Crediamo che in un periodo difficile come quello che stiamo vivendo, sia necessaria una reale chiamata al risparmio ma parallela ad un’ottimizzazione delle risorse verso canali caratterizzati da professionalità certificate e da concreti ritorni d’immagine ed economici per la nostra splendida regione”.

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Linux Project to Help Car Manufacturers Drive Shorter Development Cycles, Accelerate Software Quality

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 2 maggio 2019

CloudBees, the enterprise DevOps leader powering the continuous economy, today announced it has joined Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), a collaborative cross-industry effort changing the way automotive manufacturers build software. AGL is an open source project at the Linux Foundation, a nonprofit organization enabling mass innovation through open source technology.With more smart cars and other devices being developed, automotive and hardware manufacturers are competing more diligently at the software level. CloudBees helps these organizations create more time for experimentation and innovation by accelerating build times and shortening functional, performance and security testing cycles. For example, just 25 CloudBees customers using its build and test acceleration platform, CloudBees Accelerator, saved more than three million developer hours from 459,331 build jobs worldwide in March alone – totaling more than 20 million developer hours saved in the last 10 months. Those 20 million hours represent 500,000 40-hour weeks that developers in these organizations were able to devote to new innovation.
Today, more than 130 AGL members are working together to develop a common open source platform that can serve as the de facto industry standard for infotainment, telematics and instrument cluster applications. Adopting an open platform across the industry enables automakers and suppliers to share and reuse the same code base, which reduces development costs, decreases time-to-market for new products and reduces fragmentation across the industry.“For car technology organizations, getting new software off the assembly line and onto the road faster matters, but a more rapid innovation cycle is not possible with lengthy builds and testing cycles,” said Anders Wallgren, vice president of technology strategy, CloudBees. “CloudBees is an engine to help these development and engineering teams create safer car technology, faster, by accelerating builds and optimizing tests, thus creating more time to iterate and experiment.”

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Rompetrol Accelerates Digital Transformation Strategy with Aspen Technology Software

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 26 aprile 2019

Aspen Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: AZPN), the asset optimization™ software company, today announced that Rompetrol Rafinare, a KMG International Group member and the largest refinery company in Romania, has purchased Aspen Mtell® software and Aspen Fidelis Reliability® software licenses from the aspenONE® Asset Performance Management (APM) software suite as an integral part of its digital transformation strategy.
AspenTech’s solutions will be instrumental in improving production uptime and reducing maintenance costs as part of Rompetrol’s digital strategy focusing on improving the reliability and availability of its assets. AspenTech products, including Aspen Mtell and Aspen Fidelis Reliability, allow Rompetrol not only to detect plant failures in advance, but also to understand their financial impact, allowing for improved asset planning and enhanced operational decisions.Yedil Utekov, general manager of Rompetrol Rafinare stated: “Our goal is to achieve ‘one view’ of our refinery operations to bring greater operational efficiency and value. Working with AspenTech we are able to identify failures significantly earlier, reducing equipment damage and unplanned process downtime.”
Identifying weak links in reliability, maintainability and availability will help the business to compete effectively, while prioritizing further improvement initiatives and complying with regulations such as IMO2020 which comes into effect January 1, 2020 and calls for a 0.50% global sulfur cap for marine fuel content.
Aspen Mtell and Aspen Fidelis Reliability are part of the aspenONE® Asset Performance Management (APM) software suite combining big data, machine learning and process knowledge expertise to maximize performance across the design, operations and maintenance asset lifecycle. Aspen Mtell mines historical and real-time operational and maintenance data to discover the precise failure and anomaly signatures that precede asset degradation and breakdowns, predict future failures and prescribe detailed actions to mitigate or solve problems. Aspen Fidelis Reliability is a reliability management solution that is uniquely designed to take process flows into account, and the impacts of failures and repairs on overall plant performance and revenues.

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I risultati finanziari di Software AG

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 23 febbraio 2019

Software AG (Frankfurt MDAX: SOW) annuncia i suoi risultati finanziari (IFRS, preliminari) per il quarto trimestre e l’anno fiscale 2018, le previsioni per il 2019, e i dettagli della sua nuova strategia di crescita redditizia. La domanda per le soluzioni dell’azienda è particolarmente alta nel mercato globale in rapida crescita dell’Internet of Things (IoT). Il nuovo business Cloud & IoT dell’azienda continua a crescere dinamicamente nell’AF 2018 con 30,3 milioni di euro di ricavi totali e un incremento del 106 percento. Alimentate dall’elevata domanda di piattaforme cloud-based indipendenti e aperte, le entrate ricorrenti annuali del business Cloud & IoT sono aumentate del 118 percento. Inoltre, i ricavi totali della Digital Business Platform (incl. Cloud & IoT) di Software AG sono cresciuti del 5 percento per un totale di 464,7 milioni di euro. Anche il business legato al database, Adabas & Natural (A&N), continua il suo percorso positivo facendo registrare un incremento dei ricavi totali del 2 percento per un totale di 218,3 milioni di euro nell’AF 2018. Oltre alla crescita del 4 percento dei ricavi di prodotto totali, Software AG ha incrementato anche la sua redditività. L’utile prima di interessi e imposte (EBIT) fa registrare un miglioramento del 4 percento per un totale di 231,6 milioni di euro. Il profitto operativo (EBITA, non-IFRS) nell’AF 2018 raggiunge i 272,9 milioni di euro, risultante in un margine operativo (EBITA, non-IFRS) del 31,5 percento. Infine, il profitto dopo le imposte è cresciuto del 17 percento anno su anno per un totale di 165,2 milioni di euro.
Sanjay Brahmawar, CEO di Software AG, commenta: “Software AG ha prodotti forti, grandi talenti e una posizione finanziaria solida. I nostri risultati di fine anno sottolineano questi punti di forza. Tuttavia, evidenziano anche che le nostre prestazioni non rispecchiano le crescenti opportunità di mercato per i nostri prodotti. In futuro, dovremo focalizzarci sulla conversione dei nostri punti di forza in risultati, combinando le nostre nuove soluzioni IoT con le nostre funzionalità di integrazione e API principali in modo da ritagliarci una posizione unica nel mercato globale del software. Ciò determinerà una crescita profittevole attraverso lo sfruttamento della domanda customer-led di SaaS e subscription”.
Questi sforzi saranno supportati da circa 50 milioni di euro d’investimenti: una cifra compresa tra 20 e 30 milioni di euro derivanti da nuovo capitale di investimento, facendo leva sulla forza del flusso di cassa libero, e il resto proveniente dalle riallocazioni nelle aree R&S e vendite verso aree di crescita. Insieme, queste leve e gli impegni d’investimento mirano a restituire a Software AG un percorso di crescita sostenibile e redditizio.
Commentando la strategia, Sanjay Brahmawar dichiara: “Nel cinquantesimo anniversario della sua fondazione, Software AG sta compiendo iniziative audaci verso un nuovo percorso. Abbiamo tutto l’occorrente per essere un’azienda di software leader del settore: prodotti best-in-class, mercati in crescita dinamica e persone eccellenti. Sfrutteremo tutti questi punti di forza; infonderemo i miglioramenti in termini di focus, esecuzione e team in tutto ciò che facciamo; e guideremo la nostra azienda verso una crescita sostenibile e redditizia”.

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Built On Vision Software Named to Construction Executive’s 2019 Hot Products

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 24 gennaio 2019

Built On Vision, award-winning creator of the first cloud-based forecasting and project management software is proud to announce that it has been named to Construction Executive’s list of 2019 Hot Products.Built On Vision’s (BOV) software provides users of traditional scheduling software like Oracle’s Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management and Microsoft Project with significantly enhanced features that improve data access and accuracy of schedule analysis and reporting. BOV’s proprietary algorithm allows users to detect project planning deficiencies, enabling more effective project management and decision making. The cloud-based software also allows for mobile input, providing realtime data as it simultaneously capturing inputs from the office or the field. For the first time, construction firms can now understand and plan for delays before they occur.The attention to Built On Vision is in part due to its continuously-growing list of software features. Most recently, BOV announced a groundbreaking translation feature that allows users to translate to/from any language in the world. The translation function removes a significant obstacle to productivity for firms working on large scale international projects in Asia and elsewhere using multilingual teams; BOV now allows companies to bypass the cost and time associated with using intermediaries and translators. Built On Vision simplifies international project management by automatically translating schedules from all languages to create direct inputs for the project’s scheduling system such as Oracle Primavera and other popular softwares.Built On Vision is receiving increasing attention for its innovations in the construction software space. The Company recently announced that it had received an unprecedented three recognitions in Constructech Magazine’s Top Products 2019, for both its software and Artificial Intelligence concept Salma as well as for its sister company Avadencia, the only cloud-based forecasting tool available for the construction industry.
Built On Vision executives will be in attendance at Construction CPM Conference in San Diego January 20-23, and will be offering software demos in Booth #28. Please contact BOV VP of Business Development Diego Sanmiquel ( to arrange on-site meetings.

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Rootstock Software Appoints Yoichiro Sugii General Manager of Rootstock Japan

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 19 dicembre 2018

Rootstock Software, a leading cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) provider for manufacturing, distribution and supply chain organizations on the Salesforce Platform, today announced the appointment of Yoichiro Sugii as General Manager, Rootstock Japan, Inc. to oversee the company’s growth in Japan. Yoichiro will manage sales, customer success and support, and channel implementation partners in Japan.“Japanese manufacturers and distributors are looking for modern alternatives to legacy ERP systems,” said Yoichiro Sugii, General Manager, Rootstock Japan. “Rootstock Cloud ERP, built on the Salesforce Platform, offers a 360 view of their customers and entire operations. I am delighted to be working with Rootstock and Salesforce to bring this joint solution to market in Japan.”Sugii comes to Rootstock with an extensive background in business management consulting at Gledis, Inc. and ERP, including nine years as the General Manager of Baan Japan.“We are experiencing tremendous demand for Rootstock Cloud ERP in Japan,” said Per Norling, Rootstock’s General Manager, International. “This is a similar wave of ERP systems change that Sugii and I saw when we worked at Baan Software earlier in our careers. Manufacturers are undergoing digital transformations and need a modern alternative to achieve their business aspirations and stay ahead of the competition.” “Salesforce Japan is delighted Rootstock Software is establishing a direct presence in Japan, and we welcome the appointment of Yoichiro Sugii as General Manager,” said Yuji Kitahara, RVP of AppExchange Sales, Japan Alliances, Salesforce Japan. “The manufacturing, distribution and supply chain sectors in Japan want to unify their business processes and information across CRM and ERP to better serve their customer and improve operational agility.”

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John Schweitzer nominato nell’Executive Board di Software AG

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 8 novembre 2018

Il Supervisory Board di Software AG ha nominato John Schweitzer (50) come nuovo Chief Customer Officer e membro dell’Executive Board dell’azienda a partire dal 1° novembre 2018.
Mentre l’azienda prepara una rinnovata strategia per guidare la crescita sotto la guida del nuovo CEO Sanjay Brahmawar, la nomina di John Schweitzer sottolinea l’importanza di una forte organizzazione go-to-market.John è un leader ispiratore con un patrimonio di esperienza e ottimi risultati in termini di crescita in piccole e grandi aziende di software. In SAP, è stato responsabile del multimilionario business dell’analytics e ha lanciato con successo SAP HANA nel mercato statunitense. Nei 23 anni trascorsi nel settore del software a livello internazionale, si è concentrato prevalentemente sui mercati delle applicazioni, dei database, del middleware e dell’analytics, dove è riuscito con successo a fare crescere il business in essere e quello nuovo, in geografie esistenti e a target.In Workday e DataStax, John ha creato team altamente performanti con il fine di aumentare rapidamente i ricavi nei mercati tecnologici tradizionali ed emergenti. In precedenza, ha vissuto nel Regno Unito lavorando presso Hyperion e Oracle, dove ha guidato strategie di crescita per gli Stati Uniti e l’Europa.”Con sede nella Silicon Valley, John Schweitzer è in una posizione ideale per migliorare ulteriormente la nostra visibilità e la presenza nel più grande mercato di Software AG. Porterà una nuova prospettiva internazionale nel momento in cui prende forma la nuova strategia della nostra azienda”, ha affermato Sanjay Brahmawar, Chief Executive Officer di Software AG.”Siamo molto felici di avere con noi John Schweitzer, che è un esperto con comprovata esperienza nel settore del software internazionale. Far crescere il business digitale della società a livello globale sarà il suo compito principale”, ha dichiarato il Dr. Andreas Bereczky, Chairman of the Supervisory Board di Software AG.John Schweitzer ha commentato: “Entrare in Software AG in un momento così cruciale è molto stimolante. I suoi prodotti leader di mercato, la solida posizione finanziaria e l’agenda per l’innovazione forniscono una base eccellente per la crescita futura”.Laureato in Economia e Finanza presso la Northern Arizona University con ulteriore formazione presso la IMD Business School di Losanna, John vive a Los Gatos, California, USA, con la moglie e i tre figli.John Schweitzer succede a Eric Duffaut, che lascia Software AG dopo quattro anni per perseguire nuove opportunità al di fuori dell’azienda.

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Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. to Webcast Annual Meeting of Stockholders

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 16 settembre 2018

Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTWO) today announced that the Company will provide a live listen-only webcast of its Annual Meeting of Stockholders to be held on Friday, September 21, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time. The webcast will be available via the Internet by visiting Only the audio portion of the Annual Meeting will be webcast, and participation in the webcast does not constitute meeting attendance. In order to vote at the Annual Meeting, stockholders as of the record date for the Annual Meeting must either authorize a valid proxy or attend the Annual Meeting and vote in person.

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Veeam espande il proprio centro di Ricerca e Sviluppo di Praga

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 21 giugno 2018

Veeam® Software, l’innovativo fornitore di soluzioni di Intelligent Data management per la Hyper-Available Enterprise™, ha annunciato l’ampliamento della propria presenza in Centro Europa grazie all’apertura di un nuovo centro di Ricerca e Sviluppo a Praga, la cui attività sarà focalizzata sullo sviluppo di tecnologie innovative per il data management, l’automazione e la Hyper-Availability. Veeam ha in programma di aumentare i propri investimenti sui talenti locali, con un piano di assunzioni in ruoli quali marketing, sviluppo e progettazione software, vendite e risorse umane.Situato nel moderno quartiere del design, Holešovice, il nuovo ufficio di Veeam avrà dimensioni doppie rispetto a quello attuale, raggiungendo i 3.000 metri quadri. Questa espansione riflette la crescita aggressiva che l’azienda ha avuto negli ultimi anni: Veeam ha infatti annunciato 39 trimestri consecutivi di crescita a due cifre in termini di ordini ricevuti ed è il leader indiscusso nella fornitura di soluzioni di intelligent data management per la Hyper-Available enterprise.“La maggior parte dei nuovi posti di lavoro che creiamo a Praga saranno caratterizzati da alta specializzazione, ruoli high-tech e quality assurance all’interno dei nostri team di R&S”, ha dichiarato Anton Gostev, Vice President of Product Management di Veeam. “Assumeremo persone capaci di dare vita alla nostra prossima grande idea, per rendere l’economia digitale in cui viviamo “always-on” e hyper-available creando nuove esperienze per i clienti, trasformando i modelli di business e dando vita nuovi modi di lavorare. Questi ruoli sono assolutamente fondamentali per la continua crescita di Veeam e per il rafforzamento della nostra posizione di leadership nel settore della gestione intelligente dei dati”.Il nuovo, modernissimo, spazio di lavoro ospiterà oltre 500 persone in tre piani ed è poco distante dal precedente ufficio di Veeam a Karlin. Gli esperti nelle soluzioni di Hyper-Availability hanno l’obiettivo di attrarre i migliori talenti della Repubblica Ceca per ricoprire i ruoli che presto verranno resi noti.Le peculiarità del distretto Holešovice di Praga sono state fondamentali nella scelta di Veeam perché, come prosegue Gostev: “un luogo come questo, con una popolazione istruita, ricco di investimenti culturali e dotato di buone infrastrutture ricreative è fondamentale per consentirci di assumere candidati in linea con la cultura e l’ethos di Veeam”. Dalla sede di Praga, Veeam segue i mercati della maggior parte dei paesi della regione e sta attivamente ampliando la propria rete di distributori e partner per poter espandere ulteriormente la propria presenza. Oltre a sviluppare il pluripremiato software Veeam, i dipendenti del centro di ricerca e sviluppo Veeam di Praga stanno creando prodotti di livello enterprise e offrendo software pronti all’uso per il mercato B2B. Nella Repubblica Ceca Veeam conta attualmente 2.830 clienti, 98 partner certificati nell’ambito del programma Veeam Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) e 394 ProPartner.

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The Sensors Expo & Conference

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 12 maggio 2018

The workshop, Thursday, June 28, 2018 from 1:00- 4:30 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time, Executive Ballroom E at the San Jose Convention Center, will be moderated by Brandon Lewis of Embedded Computing Design. The session is open to those with expo and conference passes, and will address the role and implementation of a root of trust, the development of secure software to support a root of trust, and how to embed trust and security into networks. Speakers include Steve Hanna, Infineon; Dennis Mattoon, Microsoft; and Lee Wilson, OnBoard Security. They will address and show available solutions and technologies to secure embedded and IoT systems, networks and data.
During the expo in Booth #1539 Wednesday, June 17, 10:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m. and Thursday, June 28, 10:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m., TCG will demonstrate the DICE lightweight root of trust, the TPM for network security and the Trusted Software Stack.
Recent attacks on vulnerable embedded and IoT systems have resulted in lost personal and corporate data, legal fines, lost customer trust and lost services. At worst, these attacks can shut down critical infrastructure. Yet, the majority of embedded and IoT devices, and the networks they operate on, remain unprotected.
TCG is a not-for-profit organization formed to develop, define and promote open, vendor-neutral, global industry specifications and standards, supportive of a hardware-based root of trust, for interoperable trusted computing platforms. More information is available at

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SmartBear Empowers Developers to Create Quality Software at an Increased Speed

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Mainz (Germany) Demonstrations of SmartBear’s Software Quality Tools – Tuesday, April 24 – Thursday, April 26, 2018 “Programming Collaboration in the Software Development Process,” Presented by Ronan Trainor and Damien Walsh on Wednesday, April 25, 2018, 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. CEST Rheingoldhalle Mainz, Bankettabteilung, z. Hd. Frau Marleen Nillius, Rheinstrasse 66
SmartBear, the leader in software quality tools for teams, empowers developers to create quality APIs and software applications at an increased speed. The company will be exhibiting its complete suite of software quality tools, including tools that help teams collaborate on code; design, develop, virtualize and test APIs; and deploy and monitor applications at JAX, taking place on Monday, April 23 – Friday, April 27, 2018 in Mainz, Germany.
With the increased velocity of software development, collaboration among teams is critical in maintaining quality. SmartBear provides Collaborator for collaboration on documents, code, and test cases. Collaboration and standardization go hand in hand and are essential for developing at speed. SmartBear offers SwaggerHub, an integrated API design and documentation platform that drives standardization in teams.
Additionally, SmartBear provides an array of tools for developers embracing the “shift left” trend. SmartBear empowers developers to create automated tests from within their development environments with TestLeft and TestServer. With the explosion of APIs, there are more dependencies for testing; remove them to enable rapid development with ServiceV Pro. Developers are increasingly keeping a closer pulse on their APIs post deployment; SmartBear offers AlertSite for API monitoring.SmartBear’s Ronan Trainor, API Sales Engineering Team Leader, EMEA and Damien Walsh, Technical Sales Engineer, will be presenting, “Programming Collaboration in the Software Development Process,” at JAX on Wednesday, April 25, 2018. Feedback is a key component of moving your development forward whether you’re sending pull requests, commenting on Jira tickets, or doing long project sessions. How can you program this feedback and collaboration as a standard in your development process without interruptions? Ronan and Damien’s talk will discuss actionable strategies that help teams unlock the full potential of any workflow, from design through documentation and peer code review. Java developers at JAX will be able to see SmartBear’s complete suite of software quality tools. In addition to those mentioned above, SmartBear will also be demonstrating SoapUI Pro, LoadUI Pro, TestComplete, CrossBrowserTesting, and QAComplete.
JAX is focusing on JAVA Core- and Enterprise-Technologies, Spring-Ecosystem, JavaScript, Continuous Delivery and DevOps. For more information, visit:

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Cloud Software Association Announces 8th Annual SaaS Connect Conference

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The Cloud Software Association, a trade association of SaaS partnership leaders, is announcing its 8th Annual SaaS Connect Conference. SaaS Connect is the largest gathering where partnership, business development and marketing professionals leaders meet to learn and connect.
Registration is now open for the conference, which will be hosted at Westfield San Francisco on May 1-2. The two-day event will be a combination of keynotes and panel discussions with opportunities for participation in breakout workshops and networking events. The conference will host speakers from 50 industry-leading SaaS companies including: Microsoft, Google, Intuit, Amazon, GE Health, Facebook, LogMeIn, Zendesk, InfusionSoft, Squarespace and many more.
“Other organizations focus on direct sales and direct marketing,” says Sunir Shah, founder and president of the Cloud Software Association. “We have built a SaaS partnership network of over 2,000 SaaS companies looking to change the distribution model of SaaS, focusing now on indirect growth through channels, partnerships and integrations.”“The Cloud Software Association is an awesome association,” said Kevin Raheja, Director of Strategic Partnerships, HubSpot. “Every year, CSA brings together SaaS partnership leaders building the market for SaaS distribution. As a partnership executive at HubSpot, it’s simply the best professional association I belong to.”

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DroneDeploy Launches New Cloud-Based Drone Software for Roofing Industry

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DroneDeployDroneDeploy, the leading drone mapping software platform in the world, today announced the launch of a drone solution for the roofing industry that automatically generates accurate and comprehensive roof analytics. For the first time, roofing, solar, and insurance companies can easily and affordably inspect and measure roofs with industry-leading accuracy.DroneDeploy’s roofing solution integrates an autonomous 3D Flight App with a roof-specific flight mode and an application that generates PDF roof reports and DXF files. The 100% cloud-based mapping and roof inspection platform allows companies to capture information from multiple houses, and start generating insights immediately. In 10 minutes the DroneDeploy 3D Flight App collects high resolution aerial roof imagery of structural features. The Roof Report delivers a PDF containing square footage, slope, and other roof features along with DXF files, a file format used for further design, within 4 hours.“Generating accurate roof reports from aerial data requires state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms and machine learning techniques in the cloud and on mobile devices. DroneDeploy processes millions of images each week to power these algorithms,” noted Nicholas Pilkington, CTO at DroneDeploy. “We’re excited to utilize this volume of data and our expertise in photogrammetry to deliver best-in-class solutions to the toughest problems in industry.”DroneDeploy’s rooftop measurements lead the industry with 99.4% relative accuracy (or 1 inch absolute accuracy with GCPs). These results are driven by cutting-edge computer vision algorithms that generate dimensionally-accurate 3D models as well as DJI’s vibration-free drone gimbal that captures oblique images.“Our customers — from leading solar, electric, and real estate enterprises to drone hobbyists who utilize DJI drones in their daily work — are experiencing incredible ROI with DroneDeploy’s Roofing solution,” said Jan Gasparic, Head of Enterprise Partnerships, DJI. “When paired with our powerful aerial platforms, this new solution helps achieve greater time and costs savings, improved team efficiency, and accurate data collection. It’s truly redefining an industry where accuracy and safety are equally important — all with just the click of a button.”Roofing companies can triple the number of estimates and claims their teams can complete in one day, with quicker turnarounds and better information — at no risk to employee safety. This data also enables quick and thorough inspection reports for insurance companies, resulting in faster and more accurate claims processing. With DXF files, solar companies can efficiently size and place solar arrays, optimizing sunlight and kilowatt hours. (photo: DroneDeploy)

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Centric Software Unveils Centric 8 PLM V6.2

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Centric Software is proud to announce that Centric 8 PLM version 6.2 is now available. Centric Software provides the most innovative enterprise solutions to fashion, retail, footwear, outdoor, luxury and consumer goods companies to achieve strategic and operational digital transformation goals.
Centric Software’s latest Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) release is driven by feedback from Centric’s Customer Advisory Board and customer innovation partners. New innovations include the debut of a Final Inspection Module, including a new mobile app, to evaluate and track final product quality prior to acceptance and delivery. Also new are market-leading innovative Bill of Materials (BOM) ‘Sections’ and ‘Push’ tools to enable users to work on hundreds of styles per season and at least 2 seasons simultaneously for fast and efficient high-volume development as well as enhanced user experience with upgraded business analytics capabilities.Centric’s new Final Inspection Module expands Centric PLM’s digital transformation capabilities to the evaluation of final production goods prior to purchase order acceptance and product delivery. This new module allows brands and retailers to set acceptable quality levels and evaluation points for suppliers on a per product basis as quality evaluation criteria are linked to original product specifications. Evaluation criteria and results are communicated digitally via web or mobile app for complete, real-time transparency into both vendor performance and production output, prior to goods leaving the manufacturing site and transfer of ownership. This improves the quality of finished goods and minimizing the risk of receiving defective or poor-quality products. Today, this is mainly a paper-based offline process riddled with inefficiency.“One of the critical factors for success for Tom Tailor is being able to provide our customer a highly desirable, high-quality product. We decided to partner with Centric to help define the Final Inspection Module because we strongly believe that product quality is part of the overall product lifecycle; product quality is key to both keeping our customers happy but also feedback about product quality is key to continuous improvement for design, development and suppliers. With Centric’s new Final Inspection Module, we will be able to take a closed loop approach to quality, ultimately supporting our overall digital transformation strategy and strengthening our market leading position,” says Paul Krüsemann, Senior Manager Core Applications, Tom Tailor.Available as a web, mobile and desk app, Centric’s Final Inspection Module has both on and offline capabilities for slow to no internet connectivity with automatic syncing once back online to facilitate onsite factory visits and international travel.
New innovations have also been added to Centric PLM’s core Product Specification module for high-volume design and development environments that require the simultaneous development of multiple styles and seasons. Centric’s new BOM Sections and BOM Push tools allow users to isolate sections or components in a BOM and push out controlled updates en masse for fast, accurate BOM creation and changes. Tedious, non-value added work is eliminated, stress is greatly reduced and productivity dramatically improved with the increased control offered by these two new tools.There are also new innovations designed to boost user productivity and improve user experience. Centric’s Slicer is a business intelligence tool that works with live data across Centric PLM; the 6.2 update enhances user interface and makes it virtually training-free to speed user adoption. 6.2 Slicer boasts more powerful, faster analytic capabilities, deeper data tree analyses and color coding options to help users prioritize work, survey progress and identify problem areas.

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United States Hospital Workforce Management Software Market 2017

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ospedaleThe study discusses market megatrends associated with WFM in US hospitals; reviews key factors driving hospitals to deploy and/or upgrade WFM software in response to dynamic industry shifts; outlines key challenges faced by hospitals as they shift from legacy, siloed approaches to WFM software to new data-driven, integrated, cloud-based approaches; reviews key vendors that serve the industry; provides an overall outlook for future business and IT trends for hospital WFM software; and forecasts growth in spending for the hospital WFM software market for the 4-year period of 2017 to 2020.The objective of this research service is to present a comprehensive analysis of the US Hospital Workforce Management (WFM) Software market. The study describes and defines the market for various types of software applications deployed by US hospitals to manage an array of functions related to labor allocation/human resource management including staffing and scheduling; time and attendance; payroll; patient acuity; benefits administration; and personnel management.

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