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EU job-search aid worth €2 million for 500 former shipbuilding workers in Spain

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 24 ottobre 2020

Spain requested support from the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) after 960 workers were laid off in 38 small and medium-sized companies in the shipbuilding ancillary sectors in Galicia between May 2019 and February 2020. Around 500 redundant workers are expected to participate in the support measures co-financed by the EGF.The EU’s declining market share in global ship production and increased external competition in the sector have had dire consequences on the ancillary shipbuilding industry in Galicia, according to the Commission’s proposal. This is the first application to be examined under the 2020 EU budget and the seventh in the shipbuilding sector. The EGF aid will cover 60% of the total cost, which amounts to €3.4 million. The package aims to provide the former workers with career guidance, support in their job search, opportunities to learn new skills through vocational training, and tutoring and guidance after finding another job. The report by rapporteur Valérie Hayer (RENEW, FR) recommending that Parliament approve the aid was passed by 645 votes to 33, with 9 abstentions (roll call vote results here).

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Spain’s Guardia Civil Special Forces Unit to Deploy Motorola Solutions’ Secure Covert Radio System

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 24 luglio 2019

A Special Forces unit of Spain’s national Guardia Civil is deploying covert Project 25 (P25) radio devices by Motorola Solutions (NYSE:MSI). The deployed APX™ land mobile radio (LMR) devices will allow secure, encrypted communications needed for special operations. Guardia Civil is Spain’s first law enforcement agency, with a 175 year history of keeping the public safe.“Secure communications is a core component of the unit’s operations,” Guardia Civil commented. “Moving from our previous communications solution, we searched for a solution that was discreet enough for covert operations, but powerful enough for long ranged direct mode communications, and Motorola Solutions had the exact fit for us – not to mention the maximum level of encryption and top grade ruggedness of military standards.”Motorola Solutions are supplying the special forces unit with several hundred APX™ encrypted handheld and vehicular devices as well as specialized portable repeaters, enabling secure communications anywhere needed. All the devices will benefit from Motorola Solutions Service From The Start, which includes priority support and fast turnaround times for repairs.

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Accenture Opens Advanced Technology Center in Alicante, Spain

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 4 luglio 2019

To deliver innovative technologies to clients, Accenture (NYSE: ACN) today opened a new Advanced Technology Center in Alicante, Spain. The opening ceremony will be attended by the President of the Valencian Government, Ximo Puig, and the Mayor of Alicante, Luis Barcalá.Located in the Alicante Digital District, the center — called the Pierre Nanterme Center for New IT, as a tribute to the late Accenture CEO — is home to 85 professionals with a focus on developing and delivering a wide range of cross-industry technology solutions across leading technology platforms, as well as custom engineering, infrastructure and cloud services to clients across the globe. To do so, the center leverages innovative delivery models, agile development and automation capabilities.One of eight Accenture Advanced Technology Centers in Spain, the new center will collaborate with the Valencian technology and business ecosystem. This includes working with local universities and vocational training schools to contribute to the development of technology talent.The center has an emphasis on continuous training to provide professionals with the right skills to help clients address changing market conditions. This contributes to the creation of sustainable, quality jobs, which is something that Accenture Spain has been committed to for more than 50 years.Mercedes Oblanca, managing director of Accenture Technology Iberia said, “Enterprises in Spain are faced with what can be an overwhelming array of emerging technologies but rotating rapidly to ‘new’ IT is no longer an option— it’s an imperative. This new Advanced Technology Center in Spain will enhance our ability to provide the capacity, speed and talent that our clients require to embrace new IT and advance their digital transformation efforts.”

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Sysdig Continues Global Expansion with Offices in Italy and Spain

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 24 aprile 2019

Sysdig, Inc., the cloud-native visibility and security company, today announced continued global growth with the opening of offices in Italy and Spain. The presence in these regions includes engineering, sales, and marketing support. Sysdig currently has offices in San Francisco, Raleigh, London, and Belgrade in addition to employees in more than 20 global locations, including Poland, Denmark, Japan, the Netherlands, Singapore, Canada, and China. Sysdig has pioneered the industry’s first platform that unifies cloud-native visibility, security, and forensics, enabling enterprises to operate reliable and secure containerized cloud-native architectures.“2018 and 2019 have been extraordinary for Sysdig. Last year we more than tripled our Fortune 500 customer deployments, we opened new offices in London and Raleigh, and we closed a $68.5 million Series D funding round. As a result, we nearly doubled our global employee count last year. Sysdig’s rapid growth has been driven by companies broadly deploying cloud-native architectures and realizing that silos between security and DevOps slow time to market and increase risk,” said Suresh Vasudevan, chief executive officer at Sysdig. “As we continue growing in 2019, we realize the importance of local talent to drive our technological innovation and awareness for our platform.”Sysdig also announced today that the company was recognized as a winner of the 2019 Bay Area Best Places To Work, an awards program presented by the San Francisco Business Times and the Silicon Valley Business Journal.Demand for Sysdig technologies – open source and commercial – has skyrocketed over the last 12 months as DevOps teams realize that technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, and OpenShift need container visibility and security solutions. Earlier this month, Sysdig announced the release of the Sysdig Visibility and Security Platform (VSP) 2.0. VSP is the industry’s first platform to unify cloud-native visibility, security, and forensics to provide DevOps, security teams, and service owners a single place to get visibility into the operational status of the software and the infrastructure that they manage, but at the massive scale that enterprises require. Sysdig customers are able to minimize risk and improve the health and performance of the entire cloud-native architecture.“Sysdig has been a globally distributed team from day one. The large footprint enables us to meet our customers and partners where they are – we can attend more events and shows, and host a greater number of meetups. Sysdig is a great place to work and I am excited to continue to build out our team here in Spain, acquiring local talent as we grow,” said Jorge Salamero Sanz, director of technical marketing at Sysdig.

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The Worldwide Futurist Summit comes to Spain for the first time

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 4 ottobre 2018

Spain will host the great international futurist event TransVision for the first time, which will take place in Madrid on October 19-20-21. During this time, futurist experts from all around the world will present the scientific and technological advances that will define how our life will be in the next two decades, with biotechnology, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, robotics, bitcoin and blockchain, anti-aging and rejuvenation, space colonization, renewable energies, intelligent cities and other avant-garde developments as the main topics during the presentations and debates.In its 20th anniversary, which will take place in Madrid, TransVision 2018 will have as honor guest the first humanoid robot with citizenship, famous Sophia, and her software creator, scientist Ben Goertzel. Additionally, other experts like anti-aging world leader Aubrey de Grey, Oxford researcher in exponential technologies Anders Sandberg, Cambridge mathematician David Wood and MIT engineer José Luis Cordeiro, co-authors of the best-selling book The Death of the Death, will be there. Our honor guest will be Sophia, the humanoid robot, with her “father”, scientist Ben Goertzel, who will speak at the press meeting at 11:00am on October 19th in the Ateneo de Madrid.

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Xiaomi Mi Laptop Air Launched in Spain, Ready to Rock in Europe

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 29 giugno 2018

Xiaomi, the leading Chinese brand for electronic products, will release Mi Laptop Air 13.3” on June 27, 2018, at Palacio Neptuno in Madrid of Spain. Customers from Spain can place orders online on Xiaomi’s Spanish official website or on e-commerce platform PC Componentes. People can also go to the four Xiaomi-authorized stores in Madrid and one in Barcelona to have a hands-on experience and order on site.Mi Air 13.3” is a perfect combination of light and performance. The laptop comes with all-metal body which merely weighs 1.3kg and measures 14.8mm in thickness. It has a 1920×1080 resolution display with 5.59mm super-narrow bezel, and the frameless glass allows users to easily concentrate on the screen. The full lamination technology effectively reduces the air gap between the screen and the glass, delivering an outstanding display result. As for the overall appearance, the bead blasting process gives the laptop a fine touch feeling, and the dark grey color of the body, coupled with the black keyboard, conveys an elegant feeling.In terms of configuration, Air 13.3” is equipped with an 8th-Gen Intel Core Processor, GeForce MX150 discrete graphics, an 8GB memory and a 256GB SSD, so as to meet all daily requirements of both work and entertainment. This laptop is shipped with preinstalled Windows 10 Home Edition and supports Windows Hello feature via fingerprint, meaning that users can log on with fingerprint, greatly enhancing safety and productivity. In addition, Air 13.3” has an outstanding cooling system, Dolby audio premium, and a long battery life. The powerful performance and premium user experience make this laptop the optimal choice for office workers and students.Sticking to the philosophy of “good product, good price”, Xiaomi Mi Laptop Air 13.3” will be available in early July at only €899.99. Noted for excellent performance and competitive price, Xiaomi’s move in European market is highly anticipated by European customers. Xiaomi is confident in winning over the European customers with its premium quality.

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Catella Wohnen Europa fund acquires residential properties in Germany, Spain and the Netherlands

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 11 febbraio 2017

catella arenaThe residential team of investment manager Catella Real Estate has acquired a total of 650 residential units in Germany, Spain and the Netherlands for its Catella Wohnen Europa property fund. The overall purchase price was some EUR 84.45 million.In Germany, 96 business apartments in the centre of Mainz were acquired for EUR 13 million. In addition, 84 units were acquired in St. Augustin, located between Bonn and Cologne, for some EUR 11 million.The Spanish portfolio has been extended with 216 residential units in Madrid, acquired for EUR 23.45 million.The Netherlands was the target of an acquisition of 254 residential units, bought for some EUR 37 million in Almere, east of Amsterdam and Den Bosch, the capital of the North Brabant province.“Demand among our investors for attractive property investments in these markets remains high. We are therefore delighted to have secured these attractive core properties for the fund. We continue to see appealing opportunities in the European residential markets, and will focus on securing further attractive assets for our clients. In this way, we can ensure that the fund generates sustainable cash flow for our investors,” says Markus Wiegleb, Portfolio Manager at Catella.The Catella Wohnen Europa fund is a property fund that has acquired a volume of EUR 339.8 million and is managed by Catella’s residential team in Berlin.“We want our fund to achieve a broad diversification within Europe. Conducting investments in Spain, the Netherlands and Denmark, and with the investment focus in Germany, we have already been able to minimise the risks in the asset class,” says Xavier Jongen, head of Catella’s initiative in residential property funds.

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Catella: Positive outlook for Spain’s real estate markets in 2016

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 1 marzo 2016

madridThe Spanish economy is currently displaying stronger growth than most of its peers in Western Europe. The country has left the doldrums of its post-2008 economic misery, and its property sector has kept pace with the more general recovery. International core investors are once again turning their attention to Iberia.“Looking back, 2014 was the year that marked the turning point, with investment volumes reaching three times what they had been during the crisis years from 2009 to 2013. This assertion, expressed in simple figures, is nothing other than a reflection of investors’ risk assessment, most of whom come from outside of Spain. So, the ambitious package of reforms implemented over the past few years has had a positive impact on Spain’s economy,” say Catella’s analysts in the latest Market Tracker.Investors are clearly taking their cue from the general recovery. Initially, interest was largely confined to domestic family offices, but these were soon followed by opportunity-minded investors from Europe and further afield. “Right now, we are seeing many international core investors turn their attention to Iberia again,” says Dr. Thomas Beyerle, Head of Group Research at Catella.However, this trend is already exacting a price, as evidenced by yield trends. The figures for Madrid and Barcelona are 4.25% and 4.75%, respectively, revealing the rise in value of buildings in attractive locations.Analysing property yields, and comparing the results with ten-year government bonds, Catella predicts that the current spread of 200 basis points will decrease to some 150 by 2018. This is one reason why the analysts expect investment to pick up in cities such as Seville, Malaga, Bilbao and Valencia in 2016.

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Ciudadanos will be the central player in Spanish politics after the general elections

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 15 dicembre 2015

madridThe general elections of December 20 in Spain will transform the political landscape of the past 40 years. The sharp decline of the two main parties, the conservative Popular Party and the socialist PSOE, is set to benefit the new party Ciudadanos. According to the latest polls Ciudadanos, led by 36-year old Albert Rivera, could win more than 20% of the vote and become the second largest party, ahead of the PSOE. Ciudadanos has ruled out taking part in coalition governments. But, the party will play a crucial role in supporting the new government (probably led by the PP) and in defining the policies implemented in the next legislature.To support the next Spanish government, Ciudadanos has promised to demand economic and political reforms. The party includes in its ranks some leading figures of Spanish liberalism, like Luis Garicano, professor of economics at the LSE, who could play a key role in Spanish economic policy in the coming years. In addition, the party may emerge as the first political force in Catalonia and will be a key player in reforming the Spanish territorial model and in crafting a solution to the challenge of Catalan independence.Is Ciudadanos a party of the left, right or centre? Which voters will the party attract? What kind of internal cohesion and territorial representation can it count on? In the article Going National: Ciudadanos from Catalonia to Spain, Professors Juan Rodríguez Teruel and Astrid Barrio of the University of Valencia present the ‘identity card’ of the political party that, together with Podemos, could introduce radical change in a party system which has remained very stable for over 30 years.

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Steven LoBue Reigns in Spain Finale

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 29 settembre 2015

Steven LoBue1The 30-year-old surged to victory in Bilbao, in one of the tightest World Series finals yet. With champion Gary Hunt failing to make the podium, it was Florida-based LoBue who snatched the chance with some sensational diving from 27.5m. Joining him on the podium in front of 60,000 enthusiastic spectators were Colombia’s Orlando Duque in 2nd place, and Blake Aldridge from England in 3rd. The iconic Guggenheim Museum served as the fitting backdrop for the 50th stop of what has become the sport’s most prestigious series of competitions since its introduction in 2009. A ground-breaking season which has broken point records more than once and seen the highest diving complexity in seven years was topped with the coronation of England’s Gary Hunt as 5-time World Series champion. In Saturday’s 2015 showdown, Steven LoBue thrilled Bilbao and took his first season victory after a difficult year in which he hit the platform during the 2nd stop and a 6th place as the best result until today. With only 10.80pts. between the leader and 7th position after the first three dives, the fourth and final round stirred up the ranking and washed Orlando Duque onto the podium for the 6th time this year and made for a top result for former Olympian Blake Aldridge.
Steven LoBueLooking at the overall results, Gary Hunt (1320pts.) was awarded with the overall winner’s trophy for the 5th time in seven years, with six victories in eight competitions in 2015 and 25 wins in 50 stops. Completing the 2015 World Series podium were cliff diving legend Orlando Duque (970pts.) and the World Series youngster Jonathan Paredes from Mexico (849pts.). The 6 automatic qualification places behind the 5-time champion were completed by fellow Englishman Blake Aldridge and the American duo David Colturi and Andy Jones. After eight demanding competitions between April and September, in which this pure extreme sport touched waters in natural and urban surroundings as well as remote and iconic venues across South America, the US and Europe, the World Series will be back in style in 2016. (photos: Steven LoBue)

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Civil Liberties MEPs to debate Spanish Security Law

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 17 luglio 2015

european commissionThe Civil Liberties Committee will debate concerns over the new Spanish Security Law with the European Commission.  Questions on the law’s compatibility with fundamental rights, in particular its possible impact on data protection, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly or the presumption of innocence, have been raised by several organisations and are likely to be addressed during the debate.The Spanish Citizens’ Security law was passed on 26 March 2015, together with the reforms of the Criminal Code. It entered into force on 1 July 2015.

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New study: Job creation at stake as hospitality sector adapts to austerity

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 15 settembre 2013

English: Various Euro bills.

English: Various Euro bills. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bruxelles Tuesday 17 September in the European Parliament (18.30 – 20.30) A new study shows the critical role the hospitality sector plays in creating jobs and fighting unemployment across Europe at a time of austerity. The 300-page study by Ernst & Young, backed by the industry association HOTREC and The Brewers of Europe, shows that the hospitality sector provided 29% more jobs in 2010 than in 2000, whereas in the wider economy in the same period, the total number of jobs increased by just 7% At a time of austerity, governments are tempted to raise revenue by boosting taxes both in hospitality and in sectors whose health is closely tied with the health of the hospitality sector, such as brewing. Such a move can strike a heavy blow to a crucially important job creator. For example, beer creates 2 million jobs in the EU, with the vast majority of these being created in the bars and restaurants across Europe. Misguided government policies could thus deepen the crisis for Europe’s youth, whose jobless rates are typically double the average, topping 50% in Spain and Greece.

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The terrible rail catastrophe that has hit Spain

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 31 luglio 2013

The General Secretary of the Conference of European Churches, Revd. Dr Guy Liagre, expressed deep sorrow and his full solidarity after the terrible rail catastrophe that has hit Spain. He called on all CEC Member Churches to remember the victims of yesterday’s horrific train crash near Santiago de Compostela that cost at least 77 lives in their services this Sunday.The Conference of European Churches sent a message of condolence and solidarity to the families and friends of the victims: “We ask God to give faith, strength and comfort to deal with such painful moments.” He underlined the support and compassion to the Spanish brothers and sisters and shares the grief of the victims’ families.
The Conference of European Churches (CEC) is a communion of 115 Orthodox, Protestant, Anglican and Old Catholic Churches from all European countries, and 40 associated organisations. It was founded in 1959 and the CEC has offices in Geneva, Brussels and Strasbourg.

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Madrid: medici mobilitati contro la privatizzazione della sanità

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 11 gennaio 2013

Da Plaza de Neptuno, accanto al Parlamento, fino alla Puerta del Sol, dove è stato osservato un minuto di silenzio per ricordare “la morte della sanità pubblica” e dove è stato letto un “Manifesto in difesa di una sanità universale, gratuita e di qualità”. Questo l’itinerario seguito ieri a Madrid dalla “marea blanca”, un corteo costituito da migliaia di medici e operatori del settore sanitario, affiancati da molti comuni cittadini. Obiettivo dello sciopero: protestare contro l’approvazione – che sarebbe dovuta avvenire proprio ieri – della legge di bilancio regionale in base alla quale 6 ospedali e 27 centri sanitari su 270 sarebbero stati privatizzati. In realtà la manifestazione di ieri, pur se di particolare intensità, corrispondeva all’inizio della quinta settimana di sciopero dei medici. I sindacati di categoria, infatti, da tempo hanno annunciato ricorso contro la legge chiedendone la revoca, denunciando l’illeicità della consegna al settore privato di strutture e servizi sanitari finanziati dal settore pubblico e il rischio che vadano persi almeno 8mila posti di lavoro. In particolare, la riforma prevede una riduzione del 7,7% della spesa del 2012 e la privatizzazione totale del 10% degli ambulatori delle aziende sanitarie locali. Il Governo regionale, guidato da Ignacio González (Partido popular), controbatte che la manovra è indispensabile per tenere sotto controllo il bilancio, che l’occupazione non corre pericoli e che il diritto di sciopero dei medici andrebbe regolament ato contro i recenti eccessi. Le manifestazioni per le strade di Madrid stanno però rallentando le decisioni del governo regionale, mentre proseguono altre forme di protesta: le dimissioni in blocco effettuate dai medici di vari centri ospedalieri, e in alcuni casi lo sciopero della fame. E mentre si preannuncia una grande mobilitazione in febbraio, nuovi fermenti si sono aperti in Andalusia, nelle Asturie, in Catalogna e in Castiglia, dove si teme che il progetto di privatizzazione di Madrid sia solo un banco di prova da applicare più estesamente.

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ETX Capital Accelerates International Expansion With Signing of Three Worldspreads’ Offices

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 18 Maggio 2012

London, (PRNewswire)ETX Capital announced on Tuesday (15th May) the addition of businesses in Greece, Spain and Denmark previously owned by Worldspreads. This builds on ETX Capital’s international strategy which began in 2010 with the launch of businesses in Germany and, subsequently, South Africa.John Wilson, Chairman of ETX Capital comments: “We have always taken a measured approach to international expansion, ensuring that we fully understand the opportunities and associated risks of launching into a new country. With the addition of these businesses we have three new revenue streams that are well established and, most importantly, bring excellent client relationships. This is a very exciting time for ETX Capital with further international launches planned for later this year.”
Germany is a case study of ETX Capital’s approach and success in international expansion. Since 2011, the German business has grown its local presence through education programmes and road shows, providing a local language trading platform and website, plus market tools, real time data feeds, morning newsletters and tradable bulletins. German nationals are employed in all key outward facing teams and local language free phone numbers have been used to encourage telephone contact. All clients are offered a named account executive to ensure first-class customer service.In March the offices in Germany and South Africa reached new records in new authorised account numbers demonstrating the traction that ETX Capital has already been able to achieve in these local markets.CEO Andrew Edwards adds: “Our approach in Germany and South Africa has been to work hard to build solid foundations as a trustworthy provider striving to establish long-term relationships with local clients through our exemplary customer service. While the offices in Greece, Spain and Denmark are already up and running, we will apply the same ethos to them and look forward to working with the local teams to ensure that they deliver the cutting edge technology and unrivalled level of customer support that ETX Capital is known for.”
ETX Capital, a regulated Pan-European financial services firm, providing institutional, high net worth and retail customers with multi-asset and multi-market derivative dealing capability through CFDs and financial spread betting products. The firm uses cutting edge technology and delivers unrivalled levels of customer support from knowledgeable staff and with the utmost client confidentiality. “ETX Capital” is a trading name of Monecor (London) Limited, incorporated in 1965. Monecor (London) Limited is authorised and regulated by the FSA and is a member firm of the London Stock

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Ixonos Turns 10,000 Years of Leading Mobile SW Development Expertise

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 29 febbraio 2012

Barcelona fair 110220082006

Image via Wikipedia

Barcelona, Spain (PRNewswire)Ixonos has over 15 years of experience in mobile software development, working together with companies such as leading device manufacturers and helping them roll out winning devices one after the other. During Mobile World Congress on 27 February – 1 March in Barcelona, Spain, Ixonos introduces a productized service package based on this vast experience. Ixonos Mobile SW Services Suite™ is a collection of services that enables straightforward development of high-quality components ready to be integrated into customers’ wireless devices.To view the Multimedia News Release, please click: The scalable and customizable suite of services benefits from Ixonos’ extensive technology competences and deep understanding of all levels of the mobile software stack. “We conceptualize, design, develop and verify complex software features and deliver high-quality applications, UI features, frameworks and device drivers”, says Kari Liuska, head of Connected Devices at Ixonos. Ixonos’ 10,000 combined years of experience in building world-leading mobility and connectivity solutions means customers can enjoy guaranteed quality and reliability. “Ixonos has provided software components to a number of different customers using different technologies and we have the ability to make the best mobile software on the planet”, says Liuska. “This has enabled us to put a fixed price label on the different components and thus offer our customers better-than-ever predictability”, he adds. To illustrate the power of Ixonos Mobile SW Services Suite, we have created a video that introduces its benefits to a worldwide audience consisting of manufacturers of any form of wireless device. Visitors at Mobile World Congress have a chance to see the video first at Ixonos’ booth: 1E19 in Hall 1 in the Finnish Pavilio

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New Breed of European Shoppers Outpacing USA in Use of Technology

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 21 gennaio 2012

English: The City of London skyline as viewed ...

Image via Wikipedia

London. A new breed of ‘Xtreme shoppers’ has been identified, amongst whom the European ones are outpacing their American counterparts when it comes to use of technology for shopping. Over nine out of ten European Xtreme shoppers (95 per cent) like to research products online, compared to just over six out of ten of the American Xtreme shoppers (66 per cent). This is despite a higher percentage of the US shoppers agreeing that shopping online is more efficient (90 per cent and 80 per cent respectively).These are the findings of a recent study by GfK into the Future of Shopper Marketing, which was carried out across the France, Germany, Poland, Russia, Spain, the UK and the USA. Alison Chaltas at GfK explains, “Xtreme shoppers are a new segment of consumers defined by their specific shopping attitudes and behaviours across all demographic groups. They are present across all seven of the countries in this study, accounting for over two out of five of the European consumers, and just under that in the US. More importantly, they appear to be a rapidly expanding segment that is largely made up of 25-44 year olds in full time employment – a prime target group for many retailers.” Born out of the combination of a belt-tightening economy and readily available technology, Xtreme shoppers show increasing levels of value-oriented shopping behaviour. The European ones are currently leading the way in use of the internet for researching and buying products, with three-quarters saying they are using the internet more than before to research products (75 per cent), compared to just over two-thirds of US Xtremes (68 per cent). Direct buying over the web is also increasing amongst this segment – with the European contingent leading the way here too, with seven out of ten using the internet more than before to shop for products (70 per cent). In Poland and the UK, in particular, three quarters or more Xtremes are increasing their use of the internet to purchase products, while the US tails the chart alongside Spain at 62 per cent – but well ahead of Germany at 52 per cent. Chaltas states, “There is clear indication that the trends we are seeing are set to rise, with the Xtreme shopper segment increasingly adopting their mobile phones and tablets to help them shop. This is especially strong in Russia and Spain, where a third of shoppers are using their mobiles more than ever to shop

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