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Sartorius Acquires a Majority Stake in Cell Culture Media Specialist Biological Industries

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 9 dicembre 2019

Sartorius, a leading international partner of life science research and the biopharmaceutical industry, signed an agreement to acquire a majority stake in the Israeli cell culture media developer and manufacturer Biological Industries. For approximately €45 million in cash, Sartorius is acquiring just over 50% of the shares of the company from its owners, Kibbutz Beit Haemek and private equity fund Fortissimo Capital. An option to acquire a further 20% of the shares within three years was also agreed. The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions and expected to be finalized by mid-December.“By acquiring a majority stake in Biological Industries, we are significantly expanding our cell culture media offering and complementing our product portfolio for customers in the dynamically growing advanced therapies market,” commented Joachim Kreuzburg, CEO of the Sartorius Group.Biological Industries focuses on cell culture media, particularly for cell and gene therapy, regenerative medicine and other advanced therapies. Founded in 1981, the company currently employs approximately 130 people mainly at its headquarters, R&D and manufacturing site close to Haifa, Israel, and at sales locations in the USA, Europe and China. Biological Industries has recorded significant revenue growth and expects to achieve sales of approximately €25 million with a double-digit operating EBITDA margin in the current year. Cell culture media are used in research, clinical development and production of biopharmaceuticals as well as in cell and tissue therapy applications. The company offers complete media solutions including a strong portfolio of clinical-grade media for cultivating cells and stem cells and for cryopreservation, applications that are both particularly relevant in advanced therapy research and clinical development. In addition, Biological Industries provides cell culture reagents as well as classical and serum-free media.

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Kerlink Launches Japanese Subsidiary to Serve Growing Interest in the IoT in Japan and Speed Expansion in Asia

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 23 ottobre 2018

Kerlink (ALKLK – FR0013156007), a specialist and global leader in solutions dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced the launch of a Japanese subsidiary to support LoRaTM network deployments in that country and accelerate the company’s growth in Japan and across Asia. Tsuneo Tatara, an international information and communications technology (ICT) veteran who joined Kerlink in the fall of 2017 as country manager to guide the company’s ramp up in Japan, was promoted to general manager of the subsidiary, Kerlink Japan KK.
Tatara has more than 40 years of professional experience with companies whose businesses spanned Japan, Canada and India. His expertise ranges from engineering and business development to sales and marketing, working with international fixed-operators and mobile telcos, telecom vendors and Japanese multinational companies.
As a co-founder and board member of the LoRa AllianceTM, an ecosystem of more than 500 diverse companies that support LoRaWANTM networks, Kerlink has played a major role in spreading LoRa technology around the world. Founded in 2004, the company has installed more than 100,000 gateways, base stations and other wireless connectivity products for M2M and IoT networks for more than 330 clients in Europe, Asia and North and South America. As it grew internationally, it diversified its IoT portfolio, augmenting its equipment with a complete range of services for designing, deploying and managing low-power, wide-area (LPWA) networks. Kerlink also specializes in critical network services, such as geolocation, an accurate, land-based tracking technology that is both less expensive and more energy efficient than satellite-dependent systems, and device management, a powerful tool for configuring, updating, and remotely managing connected LoRaWAN devices. For more information, visit

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Kantar Consulting Launches as the World’s Leading Specialist Growth Consultancy

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 8 gennaio 2018

new yorkNew York. Kantar, WPP’s data investment management division, today announced the launch of Kantar Consulting, a specialist sales and marketing consultancy designed to ‘switch on growth’ for brand owners and retailers.With its combined creative and analytical heritage, Kantar Consulting is unique in combining retail, sales, ecommerce and marketing expertise, a deep understanding of how consumers think, live, behave and buy and world-leading proprietary data. Unlike many other consultancies it is able both to develop strategies and execute against them and embed capabilities within client organisations.
Kantar Consulting is formed from the merger of four founding brands; Kantar Added Value, Kantar Futures, Kantar Vermeer and Kantar Retail. Each is a world leader in its respective field: Kantar Added Value in cultural understanding, brand purpose and positioning; Kantar Futures in consumer foresight and trends; Kantar Retail as retail, sales ecommerce and shopper specialists and Kantar Vermeer as brand, organisational excellence experts and leaders in marketing ROI.Launching with over 1,000 analysts, thought leaders, software developers and expert consultants, Kantar Consulting’s market leading assets include PoweRanking, RetaiI IQ, RichMix, XTEL, VR Infinity, GrowthFinder, Global Monitor, and the ‘Marketing, Insights and Purpose 2020’ series. At launch the client base includes major multinationals including Unilever, Pepsi, Tata, Bayer, Amazon, Walmart and major regional clients such as JBS, Pladis, Alibaba and RBS.Discussing future growth opportunities, Phil Smiley, CEO, Kantar Consulting, commented: “We live in a new era of consumption. Growth can no longer be assumed, yet there are more, not fewer, opportunities to build breakout brands and new lines of business. Future growth exists, but beyond the comfort zone of most organisations; it is more granular, less siloed and more opportunistic.”He continued: “We will rewrite the rules of demand and the conventions of marketing and sales. Our Whole Demand philosophy will help clients go beyond strategy to generate and convert demand and create long-lasting, sustainable growth.” Eric Salama, CEO, Kantar added: “We are creating Kantar Consulting to fulfil our ambition of bringing a deeper, more rounded consulting offer to our clients. Alone and in combination with other capabilities, Kantar Consulting will be a core part of Kantar and WPP’s success in the future.”

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Dixons Carphone Upgrades ‘Message at Till’ Capabilities with Point of Sale Marketing Specialist Ecrebo

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 7 ottobre 2017

Ecrebo, the point of sale marketing specialist, today announced a five-year contract with Dixons Carphone, Europe’s leading specialist electrical and telecommunications retailer and services company. The partnership will allow Dixons Carphone to upgrade the capabilities of its point of sale coupon program by implementing Ecrebo’s advanced ‘Message at Till’ solution across all 450 of its megastores.
After a highly competitive RFP process, Dixons Carphone selected Ecrebo due to the solution’s sophistication and precision, allowing for better consumer targeting and personalization. Ecrebo’s ability to meet Dixons Carphone’s requirements for flexibility, both in its capability suite and deployment timelines, was another key factor in selecting Ecrebo.Using Ecrebo’s ‘Message at Till’ solution, Dixons Carphone will immediately have access to more advanced promotional campaigns to create personalized and engaging messaging for their customers. Ultimately, Ecrebo’s technology will enable Dixons Carphone to deliver on their ambitions to ensure their promotional offers are connected across all their channels. “Ecrebo has a lengthy track record of delivering both immediate and long-term success for their customers,” said Keely Bosati, Head of Commercial Development at Dixons Carphone. “We demand a lot from our systems, and we needed reassurance that the vendor we selected could handle large quantities of data with a tried and tested product. Ecrebo’s functionality, consistent messaging and team cohesion, combined with their success of working with retailers such as M&S and Waitrose gives us full confidence that this partnership will serve us and our customers well for years to come.” “Partnering with a retailer of Dixons Carphone’s caliber, after such a competitive RFP process, is a tremendous source of pride for our company,” said David Buckingham, CEO, Ecrebo. “Working alongside their team to deliver the personalized engagement experience that modern retail demands has been an opportunity we have been thrilled to take on. We’re looking forward to developing our partnership with Dixons Carphone over the coming months.”

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Over 7,000 professionals discussing new answers to old questions in allergies and immunology

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 8 giugno 2015

AllergensBarcelona. Researchers and physicians from almost 100 countries have registered for the 34th Annual Congress of the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) held in Barcelona (Spain) on 6-10 June. The attendees, including around 500 members of faculty with a passion for exchanging knowledge and discussing recent developments in allergies, have submitted close to 2,000 abstracts under the congress theme “Allergy: new answers to old questions”.Grass pollen is the major cause of allergic sensitisations to outdoor allergens all over Europe.1 Research conducted by Prof. Jeroen Buters, from the ZAUM–Center of Allergy & Environment, Helmholtz Center Munich/Technische Universität München, has contributed to our understanding on how global climate change has affected the duration and distribution of grass pollen allergen, and has suggested the need to consider molecular aerobiology in addition to counting pollen for the assessment of exposure to airborne allergens, especially in clinical trials and epidemiologic studies.”Although pollen counts are indispensable for agriculture, phenology, climate change and health, airborne allergen adds a new dimension to understanding allergic rhinitis and asthma”, says Prof. Buters. The study shows that airborne grass pollen is present everywhere in Europe, but there are large variations in pollen counts between countries; for instance, the Finnish station had the lowest pollen counts, whereas the Portuguese station recorded the highest.There is an enormous variety of bacteria living in and on specific sites of the human body. Although some of them can cause infections, we could not live without some others because they play an important role in the correct functioning of the metabolic or immune system. For this reason they can be considered both friends and foes, as pointed out by Prof. Liam O’Mahony, from the Swiss Institute of Allergy and Asthma Research, University of Zurich (Switzerland). He has explained that a healthy immune response to bacteria involves the activation of cells that fight the infection, but there is also activation of regulatory cells that dampen down the immune response so that it does not damage the tissue or organ involved. These regulatory cells, stimulated by exposure to bacteria, can also dampen down the immune responses that cause allergy or autoimmune diseases.”As our exposure to bacteria has been altered, perhaps also the stimulation of these regulatory cells is reduced and that’s why we have more allergies and autoimmune disorders,” argues Prof. O’Mahony. “Therefore there is the potential that certain bacteria can then be used to stimulate these regulatory cells and rebalance the immune system so it no longer becomes activated by allergens or self-proteins.”Medical psychologist Dr. Audrey Dunn Galvin, from the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health, University College Cork (Ireland), states that food allergy in a child – in combination with the everyday activities of caring for a family – pose challenges to parents, only fragments of which are revealed to clinicians. Intervention programmes for parents involve imparting knowledge or teaching effective strategies for managing food allergy. For some parents, however, not effectively managing food allergy is linked to ways of thinking or beliefs rather than the lack of knowledge. These beliefs may sometimes be based on inaccurate information gleaned from a multitude of sources.A new study2 led by Prof. Gideon Lack at Kings College London now provides proof that the early introduction of peanuts dramatically decreases the risk of developing a peanut allergy by a staggering 70-80%. The findings of the study suggest that the advice given for decades by allergists recommending that young infants should avoid consuming allergenic foods such as peanuts to prevent food allergies is incorrect and may have contributed to the rise in peanut and other food allergies.Dr. Dunn Galvin explains that this is a very controversial topic: “Parental beliefs will interfere with effective management, particularly when they are based on inaccurate information, leading to feelings of stress, lack of control, mistrust and uncertainty. These negative feelings distract parents from the task of parenting, and make it more difficult for them to react appropriately and effectively to the practical everyday challenges of balancing safety with positive socio-emotional and cognitive development in the growing child”. Therefore, the quality of life of children and their families can be affected together with their safety, health and well being.Given the need for more education and information, the EAACI Patients Organisations Committee (POC) Workshop will be held at the congress and will be attended by 23 representatives from Patients Organisations from around the world. They will share knowledge about experimental strategies for food allergy, how to bridge the gap between patients and clinicians and how to enhance patient safety in allergic therapies.”Patient Organisations bring real life into the scientific world; we are a bridge between medical scientific activities and the daily lives of allergic patients,” says Frans Timmermans, Chair of the EAACI Patient Organisations Committee. “This platform is where we can work together to raise awareness within the political field and with policymakers so that allergy health care becomes a major EU health issue resulting in policies and measures to raise the quality of life of people with allergies.”The outstanding achievements of female scientists will be acknowledged at the Annual Congress “Women in Science” Symposium on Sunday 7 June. This year’s theme “At the forefront of asthma research” will feature lectures by Prof. Mübeccel Akdis, Prof. Monica Kraft and Prof. Wytske Fokkens.The Symposium will be chaired by EAACI women leaders Antonella Muraro, EAACI President, and Ioana Agache, Vice-President for Communication and Membership. “The event addresses the needs of women in science from well deserved acknowledgement to mentorship and representation in scientific and leadership bodies,” they say. “By sharing their journey through science EAACI women can inspire and empower and thus forge a strong community.”
The EAACI Annual Congress brings together leading scientists and researchers, but also national allergy societies (NAS) from all over Europe, thus spreading the newest scientific research and best practice to numerous countries. The EAACI and the NAS work together to identify common goals and action plans at both the national and European levels to tackle the allergy crisis.

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Australia e i suoi segreti

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 22 settembre 2010

Tourism Australia annuncia la partecipazione con una formula del tutto originale alla Fiera TTG Incontri, che si terrà a Rimini dal 22 al 24 ottobre. L’attenzione è puntata sulla formazione degli agenti di viaggio con incontri dedicati alla scoperta e approfondimento degli aspetti che rendono l’Australia un Paese tanto ricco quanto unico. Nella Hall Sud, vicino al TTG Lab, verrà allestito l’Aussie Specialist Point, dove per due giorni gli agenti di viaggio seguiranno incontri di formazione gratuiti tenuti da esperti dell’Australia. Durante ogni sessione, della durata di un’ora e riservata ad un massimo di 20 agenti pre- registrati, si susseguiranno interventi dei rappresentanti di Tourism Australia, Tourism Northern Territory, South Australia Tourism Commission, Tourism Victoria, Tourism New South Wales, Tourism Queensland e Qantas che presenteranno i prodotti e le esperienze più ricercate del continente Australiano e spiegheranno perché “Non c’è niente come l’Australia”.

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