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Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease Statement on Trump Administration’s Proposed Changes to Medicare Part B

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 27 ottobre 2018

Addressing the burden of chronic disease to promote better health acutely depends upon enhancing not restricting access to evidence-based preventive and medical care, including physician-administered prescription drugs. We have grave concerns that the Administration’s proposed changes to Part B will create significant barriers to access to care for Medicare beneficiaries living with serious, complex, chronic conditions.Ninety-six cents of every dollar Medicare spends goes to treating beneficiaries with at least one chronic condition. Medicare beneficiaries incurring the most medical spending often have five or more chronic conditions, representing significant medical needs and individualized care to address them. Focusing on ways to reduce the prevalence and toll of chronic illnesses would improve the overall health of Medicare itself and the millions of Americans it serves.
Medicines administered under Medicare Part B involve serious, complex chronic illnesses, including most cancers, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and other autoimmune conditions. Individual etiology of disease stage, severity, aggression level, and patient goals will factor into treatment decisions developed by physicians and their patients. The proposed changes will inject additional parties to that decision-making, ones making judgments not on the physician’s recommendations, or what’s in the best interest of the patient or her treatment goals, but on exclusively economic grounds. That includes decisions made by foreign nations where policy decisions have delayed patient access to new medicines and include judgments of “value” of health care products and services that discount the personalized nature of patient needs and responses to care.Controlling spending on health care is a priority for all Americans, but Medicare’s most vulnerable – beneficiaries living with serious, complex chronic diseases – should not be sacrificed in pursuit of that goal. Instead, we should be focusing on improvements that help Medicare garner the full benefit preventing and better managing chronic diseases to reduce costs and save lives.

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AGRIFISH Press Statement 15 October 2019

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 19 ottobre 2018

We have had a very productive Council covering fishing opportunities in the Baltic Sea, which were adopted unanimously, preparations for the next meeting of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT), and preparations on fishing arrangements with Norway.
Today there was a real understanding around the table that we cannot be complacent. The Baltic ecosystem is a fragile one with pollution and ensuing eutrophication. And although some stocks are doing better than others, overfishing still exists and the biomass of some stocks is still not at a healthy level.
Therefore, there was broad recognition that our decisions for 2019 need to be ambitious and responsible, in line with the objective to reach maximum sustainable yield (or MSY) levels by 2020 at the latest.I am therefore happy to say that for 7 stocks out of 8 for which scientists provided an MSY-advice, we have fixed total allowable catches at sustainable levels.This means that in 2019 over 98% of estimated landings in the Baltic Sea will come from sustainable fisheries.And as we have said before, sustainable fishing pays off, so there is equally good news for our fishermen.Our decisions today will mean nearly 1 billion euros worth of landings with an average gross profit margin of above 30%, which is a very healthy level of profitability. And 9 of the top 10 most profitable fleets are going to be small-scale.We agreed to increase catches of western cod, sprat, plaice and Gulf of Riga herring. We kept the same levels of catches as last year for salmon in the main basin. And we decided to decrease catches for eastern cod, salmon in the Gulf of Finland and for western, central and eastern herring, as well as herring in the Gulf of Bothnia.
On western cod, I am pleased that things are looking better in 2019. However, the stock is not yet seeing a sustained recovery. It is a good story that rests entirely on one good year in 2016. This is why it was important to limit the increase to levels that will still leave enough of that good year in the sea so that this fish can fill up the stock and produce more fish for the years to come.While Council today has decided to increase the catch limits by more than that proposed by the Commission, this increase will still keep this catch limit in the lower half of the lower MSY-range. This should still help us to stay at sustainable levels also in the coming years.
This takes me to the fishery which has now become our biggest worry in the Baltic: western herring.Here, the Council agreed to a reduction by 48% and additional conservation measures to be taken by the Member States. This is less than what the Commission has proposed. However, it is still below the lowest point of MSY range based on the latest scientific information and it will allow the biomass to increase by around 4%. This was an essential criterion for me to be able to support the compromise.And let me just briefly say a few words on two other points we discussed: preparations for the next meeting of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) and fishing arrangements with Norway.

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Statement from WarnerMedia CEO John Stankey Announcing Plans for Direct-to-Consumer Streaming Service

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 12 ottobre 2018

“We announced plans to launch a new direct-to-consumer streaming service in the fourth quarter of 2019. This is another benefit of the AT&T/Time Warner merger, and we are committed to launching a compelling and competitive product that will serve as a complement to our existing businesses and help us to expand our reach by offering a new choice for entertainment with the WarnerMedia collection of films, television series, libraries, documentaries and animation loved by consumers around the world. We expect to create such a compelling product that it will help distributors increase consumer penetration of their current packages and help us successfully reach more customers.”

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World Oceans Day: Statement by Karmenu Vella, Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 11 giugno 2018

On World Oceans Day, I want to join the global celebration of our oceans. I want to highlight their importance for our wellbeing and for the wellbeing of future generations: as an abundant supplier of food, energy and other natural resources; as a regulator for our climate and many of our natural cycles; and as source of inspiration, imagination and humility. On this day, I also want to recall the urgent need to address the immense challenges that our oceans are faced with: climate change, pollution, environmental degradation and unsustainable management of their resources. Our oceans connect us all. Borderless as they are, so are the challenges they face. This is why the European Union is supporting strong international ocean governance. Last year in Malta the Our Ocean Conference resulted in 433 commitments from across the world, and financial pledges of over €7 billion euros. We look forward to the next edition in Bali, on 29-31 October, and will contribute to its success by delivering on our promises and tabling new commitments. We also remain firmly committed to the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and are embedding this agenda into our policies.The theme of this year’s World Oceans Day is “Preventing plastic pollution and encouraging solutions for a healthy ocean”. The European Commission has recently tableda proposal that will halt pollution from single use plastic items and derelict fishing gear. With the help of our EU citizens, our companies and innovators, our fishermen and fishing gear producers, we will be able to prevent marine litter at source. Other recent initiatives, such as the Fisheries Control Regulation, the Directive on Port Reception Facilities, and our proposal for the next long-term EU budget, complement this proposal, removing barriers and adding financial stimuli.On World Oceans Day, I want to send a positive message. With our common fisheries policies, we are showing that sustainability and economic performance go hand in hand. In the North-east Atlantic, we have moved from 5 to 53 fish stocks at sustainable levels in less than a decade, while the net profit of our fishing fleet is reaching record highs. The European Union is playing its part, we are taking care of our future; standing up for our oceans.

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Statement from Southeast Anesthesiology Consultants and Mednax Services, Inc.

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 15 Maggio 2018

Southeast Anesthesiology Consultants (“Southeast”), an affiliate of MEDNAX, Inc. (NYSE:MD) today filed a motion with the North Carolina Business Court seeking a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction against Atrium Health and Dr. Thomas Wherry’s Scope Anesthesia.
The motion seeking a temporary restraining order is necessary given that for some time, Dr. Wherry and Atrium have been attempting to recruit physicians from Southeast, in violation of the contract Southeast has with Atrium as well as contrary to statements both Atrium and Dr. Wherry have made to the press. The motion requests the judge to order the defendants to cease such solicitation immediately.Additionally, the motion seeking a preliminary injunction details how Atrium and Dr. Wherry improperly obtained highly proprietary information related to staffing the anesthesia treatment locations where Southeast currently provides services.Despite Atrium’s continued attempts to impugn our practice and our intent, Southeast and MEDNAX are proven assets to Charlotte and the surrounding region. Our 88 physicians stand ready, willing and able to continue serving patients as we have done faithfully and tirelessly since 1981.Atrium Health and Southeast have built one of the highest quality anesthesia programs in the country that took years to develop and refine. We believe Atrium is destroying a highly successful program as a means to improve its bottom line, with little consideration for the potential damage it can do to the communities that it serves as the region’s public hospital system.

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ADM Statement on Signing Ceremony in China

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 12 novembre 2017

BEIJING, China. Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) and COFCO Group are proud to have participated in a signing ceremony witnessed by U.S. President Donald Trump, and President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, on Thursday, Nov. 9, in Beijing, China.This memorandum of understanding, signed by ADM and COFCO Group for the export of U.S. soybeans into China, is a strong example of our countries’ increasingly productive and mutually beneficial trade relationship. The U.S. and China are the world’s two largest producers and consumers of food, and together, both countries play a key role in helping to achieve food security not only for their respective populations, but for the globe.ADM and COFCO are pleased to continue advancing agriculture as a basis for ongoing cooperation and collaboration between our two countries, and creating a foundation for a stronger overall bilateral relationship in the years ahead.
For more than a century, the people of Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM) have transformed crops into products that serve the vital needs of a growing world. Today, we’re one of the world’s largest agricultural processors and food ingredient providers, with approximately 32,000 employees serving customers in more than 160 countries. With a global value chain that includes approximately 500 crop procurement locations, 250 ingredient manufacturing facilities, 38 innovation centers and the world’s premier crop transportation network, we connect the harvest to the home, making products for food, animal feed, industrial and energy uses. Learn more at

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AIG Issues Statement on Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) Decision to Remove SIFI Designation

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 1 ottobre 2017

tokyo-japanTokyo. American International Group, Inc. (NYSE: AIG) today issued the following statement from AIG President and Chief Executive Officer Brian Duperreault regarding the Financial Stability Oversight Council’s decision to remove AIG’s designation as a Systemically Important Financial Institution (SIFI): “I welcome the decision by the Financial Stability Oversight Council to rescind AIG’s SIFI designation. The Council’s decision reflects the substantial and successful de-risking that AIG’s employees have achieved since 2008. The company is committed to continued vigilant risk management and to working closely with our numerous regulators to enable a strong AIG to continue to serve our clients.”
Certain statements in this press release constitute forward-looking statements. These statements are not historical facts but instead represent only AIG’s belief regarding future events, many of which, by their nature, are inherently uncertain and outside AIG’s control. It is possible that actual results will differ, possibly materially, from the anticipated results contemplated by these statements. Factors that could cause actual results to differ, possibly materially, from those in the forward-looking statements are discussed throughout AIG’s periodic filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission pursuant to the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.American International Group, Inc. (AIG) is a leading global insurance organization. Founded in 1919, today AIG member companies provide a wide range of property casualty insurance, life insurance, retirement products, and other financial services to customers in more than 80 countries and jurisdictions. These diverse offerings include products and services that help businesses and individuals protect their assets, manage risks and provide for retirement security. AIG common stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
These references with additional information about AIG have been provided as a convenience, and the information contained on such websites is not incorporated by reference into this press release.AIG is the marketing name for the worldwide property-casualty, life and retirement, and general insurance operations of American International Group, Inc. For additional information, please visit our website at All products and services are written or provided by subsidiaries or affiliates of American International Group, Inc. Products or services may not be available in all countries, and coverage is subject to actual policy language. Non-insurance products and services may be provided by independent third parties. Certain property-casualty coverages may be provided by a surplus lines insurer. Surplus lines insurers do not generally participate in state guaranty funds, and insureds are therefore not protected by such funds.

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IPPF Statement: Why we will not sign the Global Gag Rule

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 25 gennaio 2017

trumpOn 23 January 2017 President Trump signed an executive order reinstating the Global Gag Rule, or the Mexico City Policy.The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) believes in the right of every individual to decide about their own health and well-being. As an organisation that seeks to protect and improve the lives of women, men and children around the world, IPPF and its partners in 170 countries will not sign a policy that denies human rights and puts the lives of women at risk. The Global Gag Rule denies U.S. funding to organisations like IPPF if they use money from other donors to provide abortion services, counselling or referrals—even if abortion is legal in a country.It blocks critical funding for health services like contraception, maternal health, and HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment for any organisation that refuses to sign it.When it has been enacted by previous Republican Presidents, evidence has shown that the Global Gag Rule has not reduced the number of abortions; rather, by eliminating access to contraception, it has led to more unintended pregnancies and more unsafe abortions. IPPF is the largest non-governmental provider of contraception in the world. It has worked with the U.S. government for decades. Our global network of local partners delivers more than 300 services every minute of every day, including 70 million contraceptive services every year.The Global Gag Rule’s reinstatement will result in additional unintended pregnancies and countless other needless injuries and deaths.It means IPPF will lose $100 million USD for proven programs that provide comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services for millions of women and youth who otherwise go without these vital services, including women suffering the burden of health and humanitarian crises.Over the years USAID has been a huge supporter of family planning – with a budget of over $600 million per year. Reinstatement will mean that years of progress to increase access to essential services globally, will be lost.We cannot—and will not—deny life-saving services to the world’s poorest women. We will work with governments and donors to bridge the funding and service gaps the Global Gag Rule creates. We will ensure that women can exercise their rights and access safe abortion and family planning. ( by International Planned Parenthood Federation)

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Position Statement AME sulla terapia sostitutiva dell’Ipotiroidismo Primitivo

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 21 gennaio 2017

ipotiroidismoÈ stato presentato in anteprima a Roma, nel corso del XV Congresso Nazionale AME (Associazione Medici Endocrinologi), un Position Statement della società scientifica relativo alla terapia sostitutiva dell’ipotiroidismo primitivo, sotto la veste di una breve guida per la pratica clinica. Abbiamo chiesto di delineare i punti-chiave del documento al suo primo autore, il prof. Rinaldo Guglielmi, Past-President AME.
Nonostante la presenza di svariate Linee Guida di buona fattura sull’ipotiroidismo, pubblicate negli ultimi 5 anni da parte dell’AACE (American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists) e dell’ETA (European Thyroid Association) nel 2012 e dell’ATA (American Thyroid Association) nel 2014, l’AME ha deciso di pubblicare un breve statement, in collaborazione con l’Italian AACE Chapter, con il fine di fornire ai propri soci uno strumento clinico aggiornato, agile e pertanto di estrema utilità nella vita pratica di tutti i giorni. Le Linee Guida troppo ponderose come per esempio quelle dell’ATA, che ha prodotto un documento puntuale di 80 pagine con circa 700 riferimenti bibliografici e tecnicamente ineccepibile, sono difficili da consultare e quindi di ridotta utilità pratica. Lo statement dell’AME conferma il ruolo centrale del TSH nel monitoraggio della terapia sostitutiva ma specifica i differenti intervalli di riferimento sulla base dell’età del paziente: per i soggetti giovani è consigliato un intervallo del TSH tra 0.6 e 3.0 mIU/L mentre per i soggetti più anziani sembra più appropriato un intervallo più alto (4.5-5.5 mIU/L). Viene ribadito che il farmaco di scelta è la levotiroxina (LT4) sintetica in monoterapia. Il pannello degli esperti ha sottolineato come le formulazioni estrattive o le sostanze considerate supplementazioni dietetiche, sostanze simpaticomimetiche e, in alcuni casi, ormoni tiroidei non titolati, non hanno alcun ruolo nella terapia dell’ipotiroidismo. La dose iniziale di LT4 consigliata dipende dall’età e dalle comorbidità: nei soggetti giovani può essere iniziata la dose piena (1.6 µg/kg di peso corporeo/die ricordando che nei soggetti obesi tale dose sovrastima il fabbisogno reale in proporzione all’eccesso ponderale), mentre con l’avanzare dell’età deve essere posta più cautela nella dose inziale del farmaco. Altrettanta attenzione deve essere dedicata ai soggetti con comorbilità cardiovascolari e soprattutto in quelli con rischio di aritmie (cominciare con una dose di 25-50 µg/die di LT4 e incrementare progressivamente fino al raggiungimento dei target terapeutici).Il pannello degli esperti ritiene tutte le formulazioni di LT4 disponibili (compresse, liquide, soft-gel e generiche) utilizzabili al momento di iniziare la terapia. È opportuna la modifica della dose sostitutiva in relazione al valore del TSH desiderato, ma in caso di TSH instabile è consigliabile passare alle formulazioni che hanno dimostrato un migliore assorbimento (formulazione liquide e/o soft-gel). L’assunzione della terapia prevede il digiuno ma la distanza dal pasto è in relazione alle caratteristiche della formulazione, essendo la formulazione liquida quella che necessita del più breve periodo di distanza con la colazione e che può essere assunta con il caffè o una spremuta. È stata presa in considerazione anche la somministrazione bed time del farmaco ma solo dopo almeno tre ore di digiuno. Grande attenzione va fatta a tutte le condizioni che possono creare interferenza nell’assorbimento della LT4 e sono riportate tutte le condizioni cliniche e i farmaci in grado di interferire con l’assorbimento della LT4.Infine una particolare attenzione è data a quei pazienti che, pur presentando analisi biochimiche apparentemente adeguate, presentano ancora sintomi correlabili con ipotiroidismo. Pur essendo i sintomi della malattia molto aspecifici e quindi possibili spie di numerose altre situazioni cliniche potenzialmente confondenti, in tali pazienti può essere giustificata l’aggiunta di una piccola dose di LT3 alla dose di LT4 con un rapporto LT4/LT3 tra i 10 ed i 20:1. Questa aggiunta, in molte occasioni, consente un miglioramento dello stato clinico del paziente. La precauzione è quella di evitare sovradosaggi di LT3 e soprattutto il suo uso in soggetti molto anziani, cardiopatici o donne in gravidanza. In sintesi potremmo concludere con James V. Hennessey che, nel benevolo editoriale dedicato allo statement dell’AME, dichiara che quest’ultimo conferma l’evoluzione della terapia dell’ipotiroidismo. Hennessey, infatti, ricorda che, nonostante l’apparente semplicità della terapia, negli ultimi anni sono comparsi numerosi lavori che meglio hanno definito i meccanismi fisiopatologici della malattia e della sua terapia e pertanto “the replacement therapy is a work in progress”. (fonte: doctor33) (foto: ipotiroidismo)

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Faith Leaders Challenge Sovereign Wealth and Pension Funds in COP 22 Interfaith Climate Statement

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 11 novembre 2016

marrakechBy Jenny Phillips. Green Faith Marrakech, Leaders from global faith groups, financial institutions and foundations called on sovereign wealth and pension funds to rapidly end trillions in investments related to fossil fuels and invest in renewable energy in line with the Paris AgreementThe faith leaders met at Building the Divest Invest Movement with Faiths, Foundations and Finance, an official side event of the COP22 UN Convention on Climate Change, which began November 7 in Marrakech.At the event, the COP22 Interfaith Climate Statement was released, with eminent leaders from across faith traditions joining together in a powerful call to action. Signatories include His Holiness the Dalai Lama; Msgr. Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences; Rev Dr. Olav Fykse Tveit, General Secretary, World Council of Churches; Sayyid M. Syeed, Islamic Society of North America; Archbishop Desmond Tutu; and over 220 other faith leaders from around the globe. Other signatories include senior Buddhist, Hindu, Jain, Sikh, Muslim, Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Anglican, Episcopal, Baptist, Pentecostal, Lutheran, Quaker, Unitarian Universalist, Indigenous and other spiritual leaders.The Statement included a set of imperatives designed to speed a transition to a low carbon future in a timeframe consistent with the goal of limiting temperature rises to 1.5°C above preindustrial levels. The calls included shifting public finances away from fossil fuels, increasing financing to end energy poverty with renewable energy, and ensuring a just transition that protects human rights and vulnerable communities.Faith leaders urged their communities for more commitments to divest from fossil fuels and invest in renewable energy, with the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) releasing a major announcement that it would commit to divest its investments from fossil fuels and encourage its two constituent organizations and five national affiliated institutions to do so as well. This marked the world’s first divestment announcement from a Muslim institution.“According to Islam’s most basic and fundamental teachings, human beings have been uniquely charged with the great responsibility of being Guardians of the Earth. It goes against the mission of the ISNA to invest in fossil fuel companies whose operations and products cause such grave harm to humanity and to Creation,” said Dr. Azhar Azeez, President of the Islamic Society of North America.The event also included presentations by philanthropic foundation leaders. Mark Sainsbury, Chair of the Mark Leonard Trust, made the financial case for divest invest: “The Paris Agreement, new regulations and technological innovation will see fossil fuel companies lose value and market share to sustainable energy technologies. In fact, it’s happening already. We’re in a sustainable energy revolution and I believe it’s wiser to invest in the low carbon technology of today and tomorrow, not the high carbon technology of yesterday,” he said.Ellen Dorsey, Executive Director of the Wallace Global Fund, stated, “Governments have significant influence on global finance with their investment assets. Nations can play a critical and stabilising role in expediting the transition from a fossil-fuel based economy to a net-zero carbon economy, mitigating the financial and humanitarian risks of dangerous climate change. Nations’ sovereign wealth funds must be invested consistent with the commitments made in Paris.”Rev Fletcher Harper, Executive Director of GreenFaith said, “Religious and spiritual communities recognize that the earth is a gift, and that it is our responsibility to protect it. In the face of the climate crisis, we are all required to act and to immediately shift away from fossil fuels and toward clean energy. Faith communities are also united in their concern to care for the most vulnerable and are committed to bring distributed, clean power to the 1.1 billion people globally who lack access to electricity by 2030.”The side event was hosted by GreenFaith and Divest Invest. Greenfaith is an interfaith environmental organization that inspires, equips, and mobilizes diverse faith communities for environmental action. Divest Invest encourages individuals and philanthropic institutions to accelerate the transition to a clean energy future.

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Statement from SEIU’s Henry on police shootings

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 8 luglio 2016

washingtonWASHINGTON In response to police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota, SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry issued the following statement:“I am shocked and dismayed by the police shootings that have taken the lives of Black men in Louisiana and Minnesota over the past two days.“SEIU members’ thoughts and prayers are with the families of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, and our members in Louisiana and Minnesota are joining in the local responses in Baton Rouge and the Twin Cities.“But we know thoughts, prayers and protests are no longer enough. We need to hear that Black Lives Matter, not just from protesters but from our elected officials, and together we must take action to end structural racism in America.“The use of excessive force by police officers against Black people is a national problem that must be addressed by our nation’s leaders. America won’t succeed if we don’t prioritize dismantling structural racism and ending anti-Black racism.“It is important that we take care of one another during this difficult time. The psychological trauma of the continuous attacks on Black people affects our emotional and physical well-being, individually and collectively. When we see our brothers and sisters attacked, our own sense of safety and security is also attacked. “May everyone involved in these tragedies find justice and peace.”

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Statement by Martin SCHULZ, EP President on the situation in Greece following the Referendum

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 6 luglio 2015

Martin-schulz“The ‘no’ side has won the referendum with an overwhelming majority and we have to respect the vote of the Greek people. In full sovereignty they expressed a clear ‘no’ to the proposals on the table in the eurozone. This is a difficult day: there’s a broad majority in Greece and the promise of Prime Minister Tsipras to the Greek people that with the ‘no’ the position of Greece for negotiating a better deal would become better is, in my eyes, not true…
“…We are in a difficult situation, the Greek people said no, but eighteen other states of the eurozone agreed about the proposals to which the Greek people said ‘no’. But this is democracy in Greece and democratic governments and parliaments in other countries had another view a different view. It is now up to the Greek government to make proposals which could convince the eighteen other member states of the eurozone and the institutions in Brussels that it is necessary, possible and even effective to renegotiate, but this depends now on the proposals coming from Greece…”
.. But, nevertheless we have to respect the sovereignty and the will that the greek people expressed today in the referendum. The promise of the minister of finance that the banks will open tomorrow and that money will be available for tomorrow and Tuesday seems to me very difficult and dangerous. And, therefore, because I believe that the Greek people will be, during the week and even every day in a more difficult situation, I think we should tomorrow, at the latest on Tuesday for the eurozone summit discuss about a humanitarian aid programme for Greece…”
“…Ordinary citizens, pensioners, sick people or children in the kindergarten should not pay a price for the dramatic situation in which the country and the government brought the country now. Therefore a humanitarian programme is needed immediately and I hope that the Greek government will make in the next coming hours meaningful and constructive proposals allowing that it is meaningful and possible te renegotiate. If not, we are entering a very difficult and even dramatic time.”

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Statement from experts on the need for detailed emissions information in INDC’s

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 13 dicembre 2014

limaLima In order to be able to evaluate the effect of government proposals on their emissions, and to evaluate the collective total global effect of the INDC’s (intended nationally determined contributions) on emissions, it is very important that they include rigorous and scientifically sound emissions information.Two countries studied by the Climate Action Tracker, which has been evaluating the effect of countries pledges since 2009, illustrate this problem and need. In the case of Australia, while its target of -0.5% by 2020 suggests that it is apparently required to limit its emissions from energy and industry to approximately 1990 levels by 2020 under the Kyoto Protocol, when all of the measures available to it in the land sector are independently evaluated, Australia could be allowed a greater than 50% increase above 1990 levels of both energy and industrial emissions by 2020. Australia’s published information on these land use, land use change and forestry activities is not sufficiently transparent to enable independent verification of the government’s own claims that rather than a large credit, as evaluated by the Climate Action Tracker, it would receive a large debit. A credit adds to the country’s allowed emissions and a debit deducts from allowed emissions in its target year, ie 2020.The next example is China, which is taking substantial action to slow – and ultimately peak – its emissions by 2030. China has not, however, provided its own estimate on the envisaged level of emissions by 2030, nor enough information for it to be possible to accurately quantify the level of its peak emissions, which is fundamentally important to the likely level of global warming in the 21st Century. In the first case, Australia, it is clear: present policy settings will likely increase it emissions by more than 50% above 1990 levels by 2020. Hence it is also clear, that Australia has an interest in gaining as many land use credits as it can, and possibly obscuring the real outcome of its international Kyoto targets for as long as possible.In the case of China most analyses that fully account for present and proposed policies indicate that China’s emissions are likely to peak by the late 2020’s if they successfully implement all of the policies proposed. However, we are only able to determine, within a broad range, the likely level of those peak emissions.Given these considerations, it is very important that critical information is provided in the INDC’s of all countries to enable the quantification of expected emission reductions, and transparent information on the accounting of all significant activities and greenhouse gas emissions, particularly in the land use and forestry sectors. The land use change and forestry is particularly important because of the large uncertainties and because of the great potential for selective accounting to produce inflated credits.
The ultimate purpose of the INDC’s is for countries to progress towards holding warming below 2˚C. If the scientific community cannot evaluate the overall effects of INDC’s because countries have not given sufficient information, or not all important assumptions, then there can be no way that the public can be confident that an agreement in Paris will set us on a safer path than at present. The Climate Action Tracker is an independent science-based assessment that tracks the emission commitments and actions of countries. It is a joint project of the following organisations:
Climate Analytics is a non-profit organization based in Potsdam, Germany. It has been established to synthesize climate science and policy research that is relevant for international climate policy negotiations. It aims to provide scientific, policy and analytical support for Small Island States (SIDS) and the least developed country group (LDCs) negotiators, as well as non-governmental organisations and other stakeholders in the ‘post-2012’ negotiations. Furthermore, it assists in building in-house capacity within SIDS and LDCs.
Established in 1984 with the vision of achieving “sustainable energy for everyone”, Ecofys has become the leading expert in renewable energy, energy & carbon efficiency, energy systems & markets as well as energy & climate policies. The unique synergy between those areas of expertise is the key to its success. Ecofys creates smart, effective, practical and sustainable solutions for and with public and corporate clients all over the world. With offices in the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, China and the US, Ecofys employs over 250 experts dedicated to solving energy and climate challenges.
The PIK conducts research into global climate change and issues of sustainable development. Set up in 1992, the Institute is regarded as a pioneer in interdisciplinary research and as one of the world’s leading establishments in this field. Scientists, economists and social scientists work together, investigating how the earth is changing as a system, studying the ecological, economic and social consequences of climate change, and assessing which strategies are appropriate for sustainable development.
NewCLimate Institute is a non-profit institute established in 2014. NewClimate Institute supports research and implementation of action against climate change around the globe, covering the topics international climate negotiations, tracking climate action, climate and development, climate finance and carbon market mechanisms. NewClimate Institute aims at connecting up-to-date research with the real world decision making processes.

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Statement on Persecution of Religious Minorities in the Middle East Region

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 9 dicembre 2014

human-rights-first-350x219.3The Conference of European Churches (CEC) expresses its concerns about very serious violations of fundamental human rights, the humanitarian crisis and the security situation in the Middle East region, especially in the conflicts in Syria and Iraq. CEC deeply regrets that the situation continues to worsen. CEC urges that targeted killings, forced religious conversions, trafficking of women and children, recruiting of children for suicide bombings, the beheading of Christians and members of other religious minorities based on their religion or belief, and vandalism of religious sites, cultural heritage and places of worship must end immediately.On a daily basis, innocent lives of people belonging to religious and ethnic minorities including Christians from the ancient churches in the region, Yazidi, Turkmen, Shabak, Kaka’e, Sabian and Shia communities, moderate Muslims, Kurds are taken by the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS) and other extremist groups. Many Muslim religious leaders disagree with their practice of ethnic and religious “cleansing”. It is our conviction that religious pluralism is a basic principle of human rights. This most grievous situation needs a strong international and European response.CEC supports the efforts of the Middle East Council of Churches, and stands hand-in-hand with its Christian brothers and sisters, and all people of goodwill who are looking for peace solutions in the inflamed region. In particular we pray for the abducted Archbishops of Aleppo, Archbishop Gregorios Yohanna Ibrahim and Archbishop Paul Yazigi.We ask international peace negotiators to bring the voice of religious and ethnic minorities into peace processes and to engage faiths and convictions in peaceful dialogue. While recognising that the EU Foreign Affairs Council and European Council have issued their conclusions on the situation in Iraq and Syria, we, the Conference of European Churches, urge the European Institutions to:
1. Pay special attention to the religious dimension of the existing conflict – especially the instrumentalisation of Islam – and implement an ongoing comprehensive plan to combat current extremism and radical ideology, which have also infected some Europeans and other foreign fighters and led them to support IS.
2. Call on those in conflict to respect freedom of religion or belief as a fundamental human right guaranteed by Art. 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and use the potential of ecumenical and inter-religious bodies, together with other civil society organisations to promote peace and religious tolerance.
3. Encourage EU member states to increase, as a matter of urgency, their assistance, humanitarian aid and refugee protection to those who belong to Iraqi or Syrian minorities, or any other minorities living in these territories, without consideration of their religion or belief, age, sex, ethnicity and to place special emphasis on women and children, people with disabilities and elderly people and single persons who have lost their families.
4. Extend and create possibilities for family members to be admitted to EU Member States in order to join their families with priority and reduced bureaucratic hurdles.
5. Substantially and urgently increase immediate financial support to the World Food Program in those countries that host refugees, and also ensure medical supplies, personnel, and winter shelter.
6. Implement EU Guidelines on the promotion and protection of Freedom of Religion or Belief (2013) in order to promote human rights and human dignity of all people and nations without taking into account their country of origin.
7. Demand the implementation by EU member states of the EP resolution of 18 September 2014 on the situation in Iraq and Syria, and the IS offensive, including the persecution of minorities (2014/2843/ (RSP)) as well as the UN Security Council Resolution 2170(2014) and UN Human Rights Council resolution S_22/L.1(2014).
CEC supports efforts of the UNHCR and of neighbouring countries to the conflict aimed at providing protection and safety to refugees and also request European states to considerably increase their refugee resettlement contingents.We call upon all churches in Europe to join us in our prayers for all people who are suffering in conditions of extreme privation, and in expressing solidarity with churches and individual Christians in Syria, Iraq and the whole Middle East region. We pray that an end to these conflicts can be found so that peace may prevail in their homeland, where Christians have been present for centuries. We invite CEC member churches and all people of goodwill to carry out advocacy in this difficult moment vis-à-vis their own governments and to stand in solidarity in welcoming refugees and asylum seekers. We encourage other religious representatives to join us in this appeal to strengthen multicultural and multi-religious society in the Middle East region.

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An Official Statement by the American Chemical Society

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 9 Maggio 2014

GP01XT2WASHINGTON. Yesterday’s release of the third National Climate Assessment (NCA) should serve as a claxon call for policymakers and the general public to take action to address and mitigate the observable and documented adverse climate disruption impacts being observed in every region and key economic sector of the United States.These impacts, which have been observed and measured, are wreaking havoc with our society. This is a not a theoretical assessment; this report cites changes we are all observing and with which we are living. The future climate trends outlined in the report are even more dire. We should all be deeply concerned.Of the report’s five major findings, the fifth describes the disturbing probable outcome of climate disruption currently being observed:“Climate change threatens human health and well-being in many ways, including through more extreme weather events and wildfire, decreased air quality, and diseases transmitted by insects, food and water.”ACS has long held the position that climate change is real and serious and that our nation needs strong policies and actions to protect against further adverse impacts, and we need to address the impacts we are already observing.For 14 years, ACS has held a climate change policy position, which has been strengthened and updated routinely as new scientific analyses became available. The current public policy statement can be found by clicking on this link.To assist its members, policymakers and the general public understand the science behind our climate, the ACS created an online Climate Science Toolkit of scientific information and resources.The American Chemical Society is a nonprofit organization chartered by the U.S. Congress. With more than 161,000 members, ACS is the world’s largest scientific society and a global leader in providing access to chemistry-related research through its multiple databases, peer-reviewed journals and scientific conferences. Its main offices are in Washington, D.C., and Columbus, Ohio.

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Migrants and refugees in Italy

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 22 dicembre 2009

The Central Committee of the Conference of European Churches (CEC), meeting in Geneva approved statements on the situation of migrants and refugees in Italy, and on the outcomes of the UN climate meeting in Copenhagen. The statement “Concern for migrants and refugees in Italy” expresses the churches’ worry about “serious violations of human rights and discrimination against migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in various countries in Europe, and particularly in Italy”. “Churches in Europe request the European Union Council, European Commission and European Parliament to conduct suitable missions in Italy and to acquire any information and documentation that may be useful for the purpose of investigating the respect or violation of fundamental human rights guaranteed by Community law and by the international Conventions that Italy has ratified” and “to demand that Italy produce and explain the nature and contents of the agreements stipulated with Libya in the field of the control of irregular migrations by sea, in order to check whether they comply with Community and international law”. In responding to the outcomes of Copenhagen the Central Committee of the CEC “calls upon developed nations to recognise their historic responsibility in the continuing climate change and to act. We call upon European countries and in particular upon the EU to step up their efforts in driving the way forward to a satisfactory conclusion of the negotiation process”. It also invites “CEC member churches, church communities at the grassroots level and individual Christians to continue their efforts which are already visible in many places in Europe in reducing our ecological footprint, limiting energy consumption and  in our efforts for climate justice. God’s creation needs to protected, cultivated and sustained for future generations. In following this aim the CEC is commited to intensify its work in this area”.

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Obama in Turkey

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 5 aprile 2009

Ankara 6 April. The President Obama will lay a wreath at Ataturak’s Tomb at Anitkabir this morning.  Following the event, he will hold a one-on-one meeting with President Gul and then an expanded bilateral meeting. President Obama and President Gul will make a brief statement to the press following the bilateral meeting. Later in the afternoon, the President will deliver remarks to the Turkish Grand National Assembly at the Turkish Parliament on U.S.-Turkish relations. The President will discuss the progress of Turkey’s own democratic reforms, and will reaffirm US support of Turkey’s bid to become a member of the European Union. The President will then hold a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Erdogan at his office. In the evening, the President will depart Ankara for Istanbul.

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