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Let’s help European Industry step up against COVID-19, say MEPs

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 30 marzo 2020

Industrial sectors need support and incentives to contribute to the fight against COVID-19, said Industry, Research and Energy Committee Chair and political groups coordinators on Friday.“In a context of the novel corona virus crisis, our role as individuals is to support our national Governments and the front line workers in their action. Member States, and in particular their emergency task forces deserve our gratitude and support for all the actions taken and need our continuous support further on!” said ITRE committee Chair Cristian-Silviu Bușoi (EPP, RO).“Afterwards, as lawmakers, we will have to reflect upon the many things will have to change in the long term if we want to be ready if such a pandemic were to happen again” he said.“We now want to build a response that will allow the EU to make a concrete difference on the ground, in support of the Member States, who often felt on their own. We will have to beef up EU competences so preparedness and response are more integrated, because pandemics know no borders” he said.Mobilise EU research funds to support medical research on Coronavirus
ITRE committee political group coordinators also called on the European Commission and the Member States to ensure that all necessary funding and research is directed towards promptly identifying and making available treatments and vaccines, building on the Union’s world-class research and pharmaceutical expertise. Given the current lack of protective equipment, sanitizers, and emergency equipment, and the fast spreading nature of this outbreak, they call on Europe’s industry to urgently step up production of needed supplies such as respirators and protective equipment.
MEPs also call on European telecom operators to ensure that the Internet and mobile networks continue to function normally, and on the Commission to intensify its efforts to ensure that robust and reliable very high capacity networks are rolled out to everyone, everywhere, in the Union so that the infrastructure can deal with demand in all circumstances.

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3 step suggeriti da Elmec per mettere in atto lo smart-working a tempi di record

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 2 marzo 2020

Gli strumenti tecnologici indispensabili per lo smart working sono un PC portatile, un set di cuffie, i software per lavorare in modo collaborativo con i propri colleghi e una connettività a Internet opportunamente configurata e dimensionata. Il primo passo che un’azienda deve compiere per permettere a un dipendente di lavorare in Smart Working è, quindi, la richiesta di PC portatili configurati per accedere a un’unica rete secondo gli standard aziendali (il cosiddetto Smart-Staging).Il notebook e i relativi accessori devono essere recapitati presso il domicilio del dipendente che può essere così abilitato ad avere accesso alle risorse IT necessarie alla produttività remota. Una volta poi che si hanno a disposizione a casa propria tutti gli strumenti correttamente configurati è altrettanto importante mantenere nel tempo una corretta gestione della postazione di lavoro. Il servizio di Managed Workplace messo a disposizione dei propri clienti da Elmec permette inoltre di riconfigurare da remoto i dispositivi e mantenerli aggiornati e sicuri da remoto per lunghi periodi.
Elmec Informatica SpA con 700 dipendenti, un fatturato di 114 milioni di euro, 10 sedi in Italia (6 a Brunello, una a Gazzada, una a Brescia, una a Padova e una a Parma) e una in Svizzera, è managed services provider di servizi e soluzioni IT per le aziende e offre una copertura internazionale in oltre 100 Paesi. Fondata nel 1971 da Clemente Ballerio e Cesare Corti per l’attività di elaborazione meccanografica, oggi il provider italiano implementa progetti innovativi che migliorano i processi IT delle aziende: dalla fornitura e i servizi per i device, alla gestione dei sistemi e del network. (fonte: e

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Steve Louden to Step Down as Roku Chief Financial Officer

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 20 dicembre 2019

Roku, Inc. (NASDAQ: ROKU) announced today that Chief Financial Officer Steve Louden plans to step down after helping the company hire his successor. Louden joined Roku as CFO in 2015 and played an important role in establishing Roku as a fast-growing public company. He intends to return home to the Seattle area with his family after assisting with a smooth transition.
“Steve has been a valuable member of our leadership team. He managed our finances through our transition to a public company and rapid expansion into new areas of streaming,” said Anthony Wood, Roku Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “I look forward to working with Steve during the transition as we hire our next CFO and continue to execute our strategy and build value for our customers, employees and shareholders.”“I’m very proud of Roku’s accomplishments,” Louden said. “Given the company’s strong financial position and exciting growth plans and my desire to relocate with my family back to Seattle, this is the right time for me to help Roku bring on a new financial leader.”

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EU notifies Ecuador to step up action vs illegal fishing

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 25 novembre 2019

The European Commission continues its action to fight illegal fishing worldwide by notifying the Republic of Ecuador that it needs to step up its actions (yellow card) in the fight against illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing.Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Karmenu Vella, said: “Ecuador is a major trade partner for fishery products. We have a huge responsibility towards the EU consumers to make sure that the imports from this country only stem from legal fishing activities. The European Commission has detected shortcomings that hinder the capacity of Ecuador to provide this assurance. We invite the Ecuadorian authorities to step up their efforts and implement the necessary reforms to fight against IUU fishing. We stand ready to work closely with Ecuador to tackle the identified issues and raise the standards of fisheries management. Fighting illegal fishing has been an integral part of the EU’s action to improve ocean governance over the last ten years, and it will remain high on the political agenda also under the incoming Commission”.
Today’s decision is based on identified shortcomings about the country’s ability to comply with agreed standards under international law of the sea as flag, port and market state. Ecuador is encouraged to step up its actions to ensure that fish entering its market do not stem from IUU fishing. In particular, it should develop an enforcement and sanctioning system to address IUU fishing activities. Moreover, an adequate control of the activity of processing plants – especially those exporting to the EU – is paramount. The Commission has also identified limitations in the fisheries legal framework. At this stage, the decision does not entail any measures affecting trade. The yellow card is a warning and offers Ecuador the chance to react and take measures to rectify the situation within a reasonable time. The mechanism to address IUU provides that in cases of continued non-compliance countries can ultimately face exclusion of their fish exports from the EU market (red card). The EU stands ready to continue working side by side with Ecuador, including through technical assistance where needed, to implement the necessary reforms.

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Research has to be first step to tackling EU disillusionment

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 26 luglio 2016

amsterdamAmsterdam. The world association for market, social and opinion research, together with 8 associations representing civil society and research, has sent an open letter calling on the European Union (EU) institutions to redouble efforts towards more citizen-centric and evidence-based policy- making using opinion and social research to assess and evaluate possible future scenarios after the Brexit referendum.“In order to support and guide any upcoming negotiations with the UK and future EU decision-making process, it is now more critical than ever before to conduct extensive research into the will, and aspirations of the European electorate,” highlights Finn Raben, Director General of ESOMAR, author of the open letter.
The letter highlights the importance of establishing a true and comprehensive understanding of citizen needs and aspirations both in the United Kingdom and the rest of the EU and underlines the role that research can play in uncovering how to better communicate with constituencies about the complex and long-term issues facing Europe. The signatories are calling the European institutions to take these following steps:Establish a cross-party and multi-disciplinary expert group composed of academics, experts from research, civil society organisations and representatives of the EU institutions, to consider the implications of the referendum.
Issue a call for tender to conduct comprehensive and wide-ranging social research by researchers that abide to the principles of accepted codes of conduct governing market, opinion, and social research.
Work with the expert group to evaluate and build possible strategies to follow through on the referendum, and even, to formulate possible negotiation strategies (for both sides) on implementing Brexit.
“This initiative, supported by 9 associations, underlines the broad support from both the research community and European civil society to understand more systemically why Europe is failing to inspire its citizenry, what it needs to do to reconnect with all its constituencies. We have to go beyond business as usual and only Brussels can take that first step to position research to help it tackle that disillusion,” adds Kim Smouter, Head of Public Affairs and Professional Standards at ESOMAR.The open letter is to be supported by a #CitizensFirst social media campaign, individuals and organisations wishing to support the key recommendations of the open letter can formally register their support by visiting ESOMAR’s website where the open letter and a form to register support has been setup. The webpage is located at:

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Ministers can and must accelerate action against global warming during UN climate talks

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 8 giugno 2014

global warmingGovernments are taking the unusual step of scheduling two days of ministerial meetings to kick off two weeks of United Nations climate talks in Bonn. The intention is to build momentum towards concluding an effective global agreement against climate change by the end of 2015. Martin Kaiser, Head of international climate politics at Greenpeace, said: “The top priority for ministers is to end the waiting game and reverse the downward spiral of inaction on climate change. They should be spurred on by recent political signals from the two biggest carbon polluters – the United States and China – about their intentions to curb emissions. Ministers must also act on scientific conclusions that their governments have accepted from the UN IPCC about the need for a fundamental transformation of the energy system, and replace dirty fossil fuels with clean energy.” China last September introduced an air pollution control plan containing tough and unprecedent measures that mark a historical change in China’s coal policy. Earlier this week President Obama unveiled measures to cut carbon emissions from US coal-fired power plants by 30% by 2030 from 2005 levels. Given Europe’s energy security concerns, the European Union must adopt ambitious and binding targets for 45% of its energy needs to be provided by renewable energy, and for 40% energy savings by 2030. By this date, Europe’s climate target needs to deliver at least a 55% reduction in carbon emissions. Martin Kaiser emphasised the need for a two-pronged, national and international approach to combating climate change: “National action can ratchet up international ambition. China, the EU and the US can and must do more by prioritising investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency. Other governments need to get on board with their emissions cuts so that dangerous global warming can be held below 1.5 degrees Celsius. The current absence of an ambitious global agreement does not prevent governments from ending subsidies to coal, oil and gas, and ensuring that development banks no longer finance coal-fired power plants. Urgent, tangible steps such as these would cut emissions and increase the chances of reaching an effective global agreement.”
Future steps on the road to a new global climate agreement include a one-day Summit for Heads of State, being convened by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, in September 2014, and UN climate Convention summits to be held in Lima and Paris in December 2014 and 2015, respectively.


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First step in a study project on Church Unity

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 27 febbraio 2010

A study project on Church unity was launched at a meeting hosted in Geneva by the Churches in Dialogue Commission (CiD) of the Conference of European Churches (CEC) on 22 February 2010. The four theologians who participated were: Prof. Dr. Paul M. Collins, University of Chichester, UK, Anglican; Prof. Dr. Myriam Wijlens, University of Erfurt, Germany, Catholic; Dr. Minna Hietamaki, from Helsinki, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland and Prof. Dr. Viorel Ionita, CiD, Orthodox.  The aim of the project is to investigate the understanding of the concept of “Church unity in relation to the concept of identity”. In order to achieve this aim the group will examine “Church unity” and “identity” at a theological-theoretical level and also at the level of lived experience; this will entail examining church practices.  The idea to launch this project came from the experiences of all four participants at the WCC Plenary Commission on Faith and Order, held last October in Crete. Through Prof. Collins, who is the coordinator of this group, the project is connected with the network on “Ecclesiological Investigations”. The main purpose of the meeting on the 22nd was to shape the whole project in terms of aims, working methodology, partners and timing. For that purpose each one of the four participants prepared a paper on unity from their respective theological traditions.  The project will last until September 2012 and will include presentations at the European level (CiD) as well as world wide levels (network on Ecclesiological Investigations and the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion). The final outcome will be a publication with all the findings in order to promote the search for the Church unity world wide. Viorel Ionita stated that, “the meeting on 22nd of February was very dynamic and constructive. The four theological traditions represented were presented in a complementary way and we hope that in the future other theological traditions could be included such as those from a free-church background. As CEC we were happy to facilitate this first meeting and I hope that this project will very well fit into the CiD work on Church unity as recommended by the 13th  CEC Assembly which was held in Lyon (July 2009)”.
The Conference of European Churches (CEC) is a fellowship of some 120 Orthodox, Protestant, Anglican and Old Catholic Churches from all countries of Europe, plus 40 associated organisations. CEC was founded in 1959. It has offices in Geneva, Brussels and Strasbourg.

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