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Al via la terza edizione del Pro Carton Student Video Awards

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 9 Maggio 2022

Sono aperte le iscrizioni allo Student Video Award di Pro Carton, il concorso per giovani video maker chiamati a raccontare i benefici che derivano dall’uso del cartone. Si tratta, dunque, della terza edizione del contest che coinvolge studenti da tutta Europa chiedendo loro di realizzare contenuti creativi con un protagonista: l’imballaggio più equilibrato dal punto di vista ecologico.Sarà possibile iscriversi gratuitamente e presentare i propri progetti fino al 26 giugno 2022 e il primo classificato si aggiudicherà € 5.000. Inoltre, in questa edizione 2022, sarà istituito un nuovo premio determinato dai voti del pubblico. In questo caso il vincitore si aggiudicherà una GoPro HERO10 più un bundle di accessori. In entrambi i casi i premi sono sponsorizzati da RDM Group, membro di Pro Carton. All’edizione dello scorso, nel 2021, hanno partecipato studenti provenienti da 38 università in 17 Paesi Europei, il doppio rispetto all’edizione inaugurale del 2020, dimostrando un entusiasmo sempre maggiore e la grande sensibilità dei giovani rispetto alla tematica affrontata.Ogni video presentato dovrà necessariamente avere una durata compresa tra i 30 secondi e i 2 minuti, lasciando la parte rimanente del brief aperta a diverse interpretazioni per permettere così di ampliare la creatività dei progetti presentati.Lo scorso anno la giuria, composta da un produttore cinematografico internazionale, un direttore della pubblicità e il direttore generale di Pro Carton, è rimasta molto soddisfatta della qualità e della quantità dei progetti presentati. La comunicazione dei messaggi di Pro Carton, l’impatto generato dall’idea creativa e dello storytelling, la qualità dell’esecuzione e la realizzazione cinematografica, sono stati i principali criteri usati nella valutazione dei lavori.

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The Economist: The absent student

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 18 agosto 2020

“Our cover this week looks at universities in the age of covid-19. For students, the pandemic is making life difficult. Many must choose between inconveniently timed seminars streamed into their parents’ living rooms and inconveniently deferring their studies until life is more normal. For universities, it is disastrous. They will not only lose huge chunks of revenue from foreign students but, because campus life spreads infection, they will have to transform the way they operate. The universities’ troubles are piling up. China, the origin of many international students, is falling out with the West. Governments are suspicious of college politics—and doubt how much subsidised degrees benefit the economy. Students are sceptical that they get value for money. Although covid-19 will be painful for universities, it also presents a chance to set things right by embracing long-needed change”. By Zanny Minton Beddoes Editor-In-Chief

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‘Together’ Goes Nationwide With Support for Students to Boost Positive Mental Health

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 23 dicembre 2019 announces that Together by will help connect communities across the nation at is launches nationwide in 2020 – being available in Liverpool, Swansea, Birmingham and Edinburgh during early 2020, following a successful launch in Sheffield. Together – created as a direct response to 70% of students feeling lonely whilst at university – provides an opportunity for students and care home residents in local communities to create long-lasting friendships, encouraging healthy wellbeing, by building a network outside of their accommodation.Together hosted a tea party in Sheffield for the care home residents and students taking part in the initiative. The students and care home residents shared favourite family & friendship memories, as well as the latest news and even sharing dating advice. The initiative helps to remedy research statistics showing that both students and the older generation in local communities are at risk of the negative impact of loneliness on mental health & wellbeing. For students, adjusting to the student lifestyle and often living away from home for the first time can be a challenge to maintain healthy day-to-day routines due to academic, social and financial pressures. For the older members of the local community, according to Age UK, more than 1.7 million older people say they go for over a month without speaking to a friend, neighbour or family member.

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Registration for ASC20 Student Supercomputer Challenge

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 22 novembre 2019

ASC Student Supercomputer Challenge 2020 (ASC20) announced the opening of registration. Undergraduates around the world can now register at the official website ( to participate in the world’s largest and most competitive supercomputer hackathon. The deadline for registration is January 5, 2020. The excitement brought by cutting-edge science and the world’s top thought-provoking projects are becoming a unique part of the ASC competition, attracting thousands of young people from all over the world. The Asia Supercomputing Community (ASC) competition covers High Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence, encompassing world-class scientific computing applications, such as: GRIDDING – the most complex computational process of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), MASNUM – the Gordon Bell Award-nominated application, RELION – a critical application for the 2017 Nobel Prize-winning cryo-electron microscopy technology, and Artificial Intelligence applications in intelligent voice, intelligent traffic prediction, natural-language reading comprehension, and image super-resolution (SR). The competition’s tasks are always designed to help college students understand the latest HPC technologies and stimulate their imaginations and creativity, while testing and improving their abilities in supercomputer innovations.The ASC competition is the first and the only international competition of its kind to introduce the world’s top supercomputer as a competition platform. For example, ASC17 used Sunway TaihuLight, the world’s fastest supercomputer at that year. Engaging the world’s fastest supercomputer to challenge cutting-edge scientific applications became one of the unforgettable experiences for many participating students and greatly stimulated their enthusiasm for technological innovation. “I can definitely say that participating in the ASC Challenge has changed my life,” said Marcin Mielniczuk from the University of Warsaw, “It’s a very unique experience to compete on the Sunway TaihuLight.” In fact, the role of ASC competition in the cultivation of top supercomputing talents has been recognized by more and more universities and regarded as an important supplement to undergraduate education. Also, ASC experience has become a highly valued item for admission applications to many world-renowned universities. “This allows all students to add a bright touch to their resumes,” said Alexander Ditter, the advisor of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg team, “as not too many college students can claim to have received allocations and run workloads on the world’s fastest supercomputers.” Furthermore, the ASC20 will hold its first briefing session during the International Conference for High Performance Computing 2019 (SC19) on November 21. The host of the competition, as well as details on the competition system and schedule, will be announced at that time. At the same time, universities from all over the world may also register for the competition at the scene.

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Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 14 agosto 2019

The ‘Together’ initiative has been launched in partnership with, Sheffcare and Student Roost to provide an opportunity for local students and care home residents to create long-lasting friendships. ‘Together’ encourages healthy wellbeing by helping residents build a network outside of their accommodation.The initiative has been launched as a direct response to research statistics showing that both students and the older generation in local communities are at risk of the negative impact of loneliness on mental health and wellbeing. Research conducted by showed that 70% of students have felt lonely whilst studying at university, and a quarter of those often feel that way. In adjusting to the student lifestyle, many students struggle to maintain healthy day-to-day routines and experience academic, social and financial pressures. In addition, roughly a third of students report psychological distress during these formative years. In comparison, according to Age UK, more than 1.7 million older people say they go for over a month without speaking to a friend, neighbour or family member.To kick-start the initiative ahead of being paired with students, a collection of residents across Sheffcare locations were invited to share some of their favourite memories from their life so far and advice for students on relationships, jobs and living. View the video showcase here: the two age groups that are living in purpose built accommodation environments to help combat loneliness, ‘Together’ will pair 12 students living in the five Student Roost Purpose Built Student Accommodation properties in Sheffield with a care home resident in one of the 10 Sheffcare locations. During the first semester of 2019/20, the students will conduct intergenerational volunteering to spend time with their ‘Together’ buddy with a view to building friendships – sharing memories and advice. Based on engagement levels with the initiative, the aim is to implement the model across other university cities in the UK.
Dan Baker, General Manager, EMEA at comments: “Student experience and wellbeing is paramount for us at The ‘Together’ initiative is a fantastic opportunity to take this focus and bring it further into the spotlight as we head into the next academic year. We feel privileged to play a part – alongside our partners – in enriching the university experience for students through this initiative.”

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VitalSource and Macmillan Learning Team up to Improve Student Access to Course Content

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 10 agosto 2019

As part of its continued commitment to improving student learning and removing barriers to course materials, VitalSource® today announced a new collaboration with Macmillan Learning that will help simplify courseware integrations and streamline administrative setup for institutions.VitalSource began piloting these new integrations with Macmillan Learning in June, offering students and instructors seamless access to their digital courseware including LaunchPad, Sapling, and Achieve Read & Practice through a single integration powered by VitalSource’s product, Launch, that serves as a gateway between a school’s Learning Management System (LMS) and Macmillan Learning’s materials (books, courseware, other digital content).“The single most important thing we can do to support student success is help ensure students have the essential course materials necessary to learn and excel in the classroom,” said Dr. Michael Hale, Vice President, Education for VitalSource. “At VitalSource, we want to make it as simple as possible for students and faculty to gain immediate access to valuable courseware and learning tools without burdensome access codes and logins. We’re excited to partner with Macmillan Learning to improve user experiences across the board.” Supporting and scaling Inclusive Access courseware integrations within a campus LMS can be time-consuming – not just for campus technology staff and education publishers, but also for students and instructors who must juggle multiple codes and logins to access content. The new integrations powered by Launch will eliminate unnecessary access codes and course keys, making it easier for students to obtain the content required for academic success on the very first day of class.

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Edmentum and Reflection Sciences Partner to Deliver a Holistic View of Student Learning

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 17 febbraio 2019

Edmentum (, a global leader and pioneer in online teaching and learning programs, announced a new partnership today with Reflection Sciences, Inc. Edmentum and Reflection Sciences will partner to deliver a full integration of Reflection Science’s Minnesota Executive Function Scale (MEFS AppTM) assessment into Exact Path’s individualized learning program. This unique partnership brings together Reflection Sciences’ extensive expertise in executive functioning research and assessment with Edmentum’s long history in digital curriculum, assessments, and education consulting. “At Edmentum, we are on a journey to provide outcome-based tools that enable educators to develop and support the whole child. I am extremely proud to announce our exclusive partnership for the K–12 space with Reflection Sciences” said Jamie Candee, Edmentum chief executive officer. As leaders in education technology, it is our responsibility to help educators support not only their students’ academic well-being but also their social and emotional well-being; strong age-appropriate executive function skills are the foundation for both. We believe this partnership will allow our education partners to pinpoint student needs in a manner that is holistic, data-informed, and streamlined for efficiency of precious instructional time.” Founded by Professors Stephanie Carlson and Phil Zelazo from the University of Minnesota, Reflection Sciences has a strong early track record. The MEFS assessment is a quick and engaging game for young students that also provides valid and reliable data for educators and parents on a student’s executive function skills. In turn, Edmentum delivers rigorous, research-based digital curriculum that helps personalize learning and meets the evolving needs of schools and districts. This powerful partnership will serve the whole child like never before.

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Gradifi Says U.S. Employers Are Expanding Financial Wellness Programs To Help Employees Minimize Student Loan Debt

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 21 giugno 2018

Gradifi, a leader in employee benefits that minimize student loan debt, today said a growing number of employers are broadening their commitment to financial wellness by offering both college savings and student loan repayment benefits to employees. A dozen organizations that have been offering Gradifi’s Student Loan PayDown Plan (SLP Plan®) program have recently added Gradifi’s College SaveUp Plan (CSU Plan), which enables employers to make monthly contributions to an employee’s existing 529 college savings account. Among the employers offering both programs are 3Q Digital, Descor Builders, and Argo Translation.
“College SaveUp and Student Loan PayDown plans are an unbeatable combination in today’s full-employment economy,” said Meera Oliva, Chief Marketing Officer of Gradifi. “Financial wellness programs such as college tuition assistance and student loan repayment program reduce the high cost of employer turnover and provide a competitive advantage in recruiting talented employees.”
College SaveUp addresses the rising cost of tuition, which has been climbing 6% annually across the U.S. At the current rate of increase, the cost of a private college education would be $500,000 in 18 years. Through College SaveUp, employers can make a direct contribution to an already established 529 college savings plan account.Gradifi’s SLP plan enables employers to make direct contributions to pay down an employee’s student loan debt. For a loan of $26,500 – the median amount borrowed for a bachelor’s degree – a $100 per month employer contribution would save over $10,000 in principal and interest over 10 years for a loan with a 4% interest rate. The loan would be paid off three years faster as a result.The CSU Plan and SLP Plan can be offered as a turnkey employee benefit through Gradifi’s cloud-based, easy-to-administer platform. The programs can be bundled together or offered separately.

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Scholarships Awarded to Collingswood High School Students

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 3 giugno 2018

Brian J. McIntyre, President of WorkStrategy, Inc., and his family, awarded four scholarships totaling $20,000 at the annual Collingswood High School Academic Awards Banquet on May 31, 2018. A former student and resident of Collingswood, New Jersey, Brian started the scholarship program in 2000 and has contributed approximately $420,000 in funds to date. The scholarship program is named in honor of his parents, George and Joan McIntyre, both of whom were actively involved with local charities and educational programs.“We are tremendously thankful for Brian and the McIntyre family. The George F. and Joan D. McIntyre Foundation Scholarships that they award annually have a profound impact. Since 2000, the McIntyre family has helped 84 graduating seniors to achieve their academic and professional goals by awarding these students over $420,000 in scholarships. Words cannot express our gratitude for this remarkable and unparalleled level of support,” stated Matthew Genna, Collingswood High School’s Principal.
“Once again, Collingswood High School has produced an impressive group of graduates. These students have worked hard on their academic achievements – with many balancing community service and challenging extracurricular activities as well. We are honored to participate in the program each year and happy to provide support as they take their next step toward an eventual career,” said Mr. McIntyre.

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Up to 60 West Virginia Middle School Students to Advance to Final Round in Cyber Robotics Coding Competition

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 18 Maggio 2018

Students from middle schools across West Virginia are gearing up for the final round of their Cyber Robotics Coding Competition (CRCC), a program that provides students and educators with the opportunity to build coding-robotics skills for real or virtual 3D robots. On May 17, those finalists will gather at the Fairmont State University (FSU) campus for a coding faceoff and an awards ceremony. NASA’s Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Educator Resource Center, FSU, A3L Federal Works and the Intelitek STEM and CTE Education Foundation (ISCEF) partnered to launch this spring version of CRCC in West Virginia.To date, more than 30,000 students all over the world have participated in CRCC events. The West Virginia event attracted 2,271 students as participants. After completing both the boot camp and the week of code phases – the 15 top schools were selected to compete in the finals.“The competition takes robotics and leverages it into the coding world – such an important aspect of STEM,” said Todd I. Ensign, Ed.D., the program manager for the NASA IV&V Educator Resource Center and a geoscience lecturer at FSU. Ensign was responsible for the outreach that resulted in the current spring event. “The schools and students who can best strategize, plan and complete the multi-level challenges will be the coding champions.”Up to four students from each school will compete in the Finals, coding through fifteen missions during the first 90-minute phase and a three-part mission in the subsequent 60-minute second phase. Awards will be presented for performance and student participation ratios.“Our aim, through these CRCC events is to get educators and students excited about STEM through coding robotics and computer science and lower the apprehension many have regarding coding, robotics and technology in general,” said Ido Yerushalmi, CEO of Intelitek. “These events not only recognize schools and teachers investing in STEM but help build collaboration between state education boards and companies specializing in, and supporting, STEM.”

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iQ Academy Minnesota Now Accepting Enrollments for the 2018-2019 School Year

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 7 marzo 2018

iQ Academy Minnesota (iQMN), an accredited, full and part-time online public school program of Fergus Falls Public Schools, welcomes families with students in Kindergarten through 12th grade to enroll for the 2018-2019 school year. Tuition-free, iQMN is open for all K-12 students in who reside in Minnesota.iQMN’s personalized approach to learning lets students learn in ways that are right for them, helping students become independent, self-motivated learners. Minnesota-licensed teachers guide students through learning plans focused on each of their unique needs, goals and interests.
“As an online school, our personalized learning environment allows us to meet a wide variety of student needs,” says Theresa Gallagher, iQMN operations manager. “Our dedicate staff and the online platform help students develop essential skills for independent learning, which greatly contributes to their long-term success.” iQMN students become adept at using technology for their coursework and projects. Students take courses in the core subjects of English language arts, math, science and history across all grade levels, and a host of elective courses are available for middle and high school students.
Students choose online school for a variety of reasons, including advanced learning, a bullying-free environment, and the ability to support extracurricular pursuits or medical needs. With iQMN’s online platform, students are given the opportunity to pursue their academic goals in a supportive environment and at an appropriate pace for their learning style.iQMN encourages students to be a part of a safe and thriving online school community. Students have the opportunity to meet their teachers and classmates in person through school outings, field trips and social events. High school students have access to college workshops, job and career counseling, volunteering opportunities, and more.Enrollment is now open for the 2018-2019 school year. Students and families are encouraged to attend an online or in-person information session hosted by the school. More information on iQMN, how to enroll, and a schedule of upcoming events can be found at

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Catella makes first EUR 41 million acquisition in Berlin for its pan-European student housing fund

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 14 marzo 2017

catella LichtenbergThe residential team of investment manager Catella Real Estate has made the first purchase for its Catella European Student Housing Fund. The student housing property was acquired for EUR 41 million from the Homepoint group, and consists of a development scheme for 425 residential units in Berlin.The pan-European student housing fund was launched in 2013, and Catella took over the management in mid-December 2016.“We are pleased to have acquired this building from the Homepoint group, at a good location in Berlin, for our new student fund. Being invested in Berlin means we are further expanding our fund volume in our main target market, Germany. There are some 2.7 million students in Germany, the highest number in all of Europe. Considering the continued large inflow prediction for young academics to be enrolled here in coming years, the demand for affordable student housing in Berlin will remain high,” says Xavier Jongen, Head of Residential Funds at Catella.The property, in the district of Lichtenberg, offers a good location for surrounding educational facilities and excellent connections to public transport. The building is currently under construction and will be completed in winter 2017/2018.With this acquisition in Berlin the fund now has a volume of EUR 269 million, invested in Germany, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Catella is currently analysing a pipeline of investment opportunities for this fund, of EUR 93 million, in the Netherlands, Spain and Austria.“With this swift acquisition for the recently acquired fund we are able to continue the successful implementation of the fund’s strategy in one of the most dynamic real estate markets in Europe,” explains Christin Schöder, Portfolio Manager at Catella. (photo: catella Lichtenberg)

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Deal on new rules to attract non-EU students, researchers and interns to the EU

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 18 novembre 2015

università paviaHarmonised EU entry and residence rules that will make it easier and more attractive for students and researchers from third countries to study or do research at EU universities were informally agreed by MEPs and ministers on Tuesday. The deal also has provisions to clarify and improve conditions for non-EU interns, volunteers, school pupils and au pairs, so as to facilitate cultural exchanges. These rules still need to be approved by Parliament as a whole and the Council of Ministers.”Today’s agreement means without a doubt that our European universities are strengthening their competitiveness in the global arena, becoming more attractive than ever for talented, ambitious and highly-educated people from other countries, who will receive considerably improved conditions here”, said Parliament’s lead MEP on the file Cecilia Wikström (ALDE, SE).The new rules merge two existing directives (one on students and one on researchers) to ensure that:
• students and researchers will have the right to stay at least nine months after finishing their studies or research in order to look for a job or to set up a business, which should also ensure that Europe benefits from their skills. Today, it is individual EU member states which decide whether students and researchers from third countries may stay on after their studies or research have ended,
• it will be easier for students and researchers to move within the EU during their stay. Under the new rules, they will have to notify only the member state to which they are moving, for example to do a one-semester exchange, instead of having to submit a new visa application and wait for it to be processed, as is the case today. Researchers will also be able to move for longer periods than those currently allowed.
• researchers will have the right to bring their family members with them, also when they move within the EU, and these family members will also have the right to work during their stay in Europe, and
• students will have the right to work at least 15 hours a week
• In addition to the rules on students and researchers, the new directive also has provisions for interns and volunteers under the European Volunteer Scheme, who will benefit from uniform conditions to enter Europe and increased protection once there, as well as optional provisions for other volunteers, school pupils and au pairs. This is the first time that third-country au pairs have been included in an EU law.

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Student debt reality check needed

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 12 agosto 2015

studentFor many young people in Britain today, the decision to go to university is one of the biggest choices they will ever make. This is without necessarily taking proper account of the debt that going into higher education could give them, as students and parents underestimate the costs of a university education.
In our latest study in partnership with the AIC, we found that parents seriously misjudge the total debt that university will leave many students in, believing that their child’s student debt will be £17,965 on average, well below the figure given by the Institute of Fiscal Studies last year that put the figure at £44,000. Although students in full-time education currently have a more realistic idea, their estimation of £30,348 worth of debt is still low. The students who gave an estimated figure of debt think it will take 15 years on average to pay back, and just over a third (35%) think it will take longer than 20 years. The financial effect on parents and students
The cost of a university education has had an effect on the lives of both students and their parents. Two thirds of parents plan to help their children financially through university, including the possibility of downsizing the family home (9%) or using their cash savings (22%). The effect on students has been no less considerable, with 37% of students that have considered dropping out of university altogether citing financial reasons for doing so. And despite the assumption that ‘uni life’ means living on or around campus, a fifth (21%) of students have lived or currently live with their parents during term time for financial reason, increasing to 36% amongst Londoners.

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Education World Forum di Londra

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 21 gennaio 2015

londraA circa 63 milioni di adolescenti tra i 12 a 15 anni viene negato il diritto all’istruzione, secondo il nuovo rapporto congiunto dell’Istituto per le Statistiche dell’UNESCO e dell’UNICEF “Fixing the Broken Promise of Education for All: Findings from the Global Initiative on Out-of-School Children”, lanciato oggi in occasione dell’Education World Forum di Londra.
A livello globale, 1 adolescente su 5 non va a scuola, rispetto ad 1 bambino su 11 in età di scuola primaria. Quindi gli adolescenti hanno il doppio delle probabilità di essere fuori dalla scuola rispetto ai loro colleghi più giovani. Il rapporto, finanziato dalla Global Partnership for Education, mostra anche che per i bambini che crescono aumenta il rischio di non iniziare la scuola o di abbandonarla.
121 milioni di bambini e adolescenti non hanno mai iniziato la scuola o l’hanno abbandonata, nonostante la promessa della comunità internazionale di raggiungere “l’istruzione per tutti” entro il 2015. I dati mostrano che dal 20017 non sono stati registrati progressi nella riduzione di questo numero. I bambini che vivono in situazioni di conflitti, quelli che lavorano e che devono affrontare discriminazioni su base etnica, per questioni di genere o per disabilità sono i più colpiti.
“Il lavoro, così come le strategie consolidate basate su più insegnanti, più aule e più libri di testo non sono sufficienti per raggiungere i bambini più svantaggiati”, ha detto il Direttore generale dell’UNESCO Irina Bokova. “Abbiamo bisogno di interventi mirati per raggiungere le famiglie sfollate a causa dei conflitti, le ragazze costrette a rimanere a casa, i bambini con disabilità e i milioni costretti a lavorare. Ma queste politiche hanno un costo. Questo si propone di fare un appello per mobilitare le risorse necessarie per garantire l’istruzione di base per ogni bambino, una volta per tutte”.
Mentre cresce la pressione per includere l’istruzione secondaria universale nell’agenda per lo sviluppo globale post-2015, il rapporto indica la via da seguire per rompere le barriere che tengono i bambini fuori dalla scuola. Se le attuali tendenze continuano, è probabile che 25 milioni di bambini – 15 milioni di bambine e 10 milioni di ragazzi – non metteranno mai piede in una classe.
“Per realizzare la promessa dell’istruzione universale per ogni bambino, abbiamo bisogno di un impegno globale per investire in tre aree: aumentare il numero di bambini nella scuola primaria; aiutare più bambini – soprattutto le femmine – a proseguire la scuola frequentando la scuola secondaria; migliorare la qualità dell’apprendimento che ricevono”, ha detto il Direttore generale dell’UNICEF Anthony Lake. “Non ci dovrebbe essere alcun dibattito tra queste priorità: dobbiamo farle tutte e tre, perché il successo di ciascun bambino – e l’impatto del nostro investimento nella formazione – dipende da tutte e tre queste priorità”.
I più alti tassi di abbandono scolastico si registrano in Eritrea e Liberia, dove rispettivamente il 66% e il 59% dei bambini non frequentano la scuola primaria. In Pakistan, il 58% delle adolescenti di età compresa tra i 12 e i 15 anni non vanno a scuola, rispetto al 49% dei ragazzi.
Secondo il rapporto, la povertà è il più grande ostacolo alla formazione. In Nigeria, i due terzi dei bambini delle famiglie più povere non vanno a scuola e quasi il 90% di loro probabilmente non sarà mai iscritto. Al contrario, solo il 5% dei bambini più ricchi non va a scuola e si ritiene che la maggior parte di loro cominci prossimamente.
L’UNESCO e l’UNICEF ritengono che le nuove politiche devono concentrarsi in particolare sui bambini più emarginati, nell’ambito di più grandi sforzi per migliorare l’accesso e la qualità dell’istruzione. Per fare questo, i governi hanno bisogno di informazioni affidabili su chi sono questi bambini, dove vivono, se hanno mai frequentato la scuola e se sono in grado di farlo in futuro. Ma molti di questi bambini rimangono invisibili all’interno dei metodi di raccolta di dati. I bambini con disabilità sono tra i meno visibili – semplicemente non esistono dati affidabili – e vengono trascurati nelle risposte nazionali sui bambini che non vanno a scuola.
Il rapporto richiama a investire nel miglioramento dei dati e dimostra che raggiungere i più emarginati può inizialmente costare di più, ma produce anche i migliori benefici. Migliori statistiche e strumenti innovativi possono aiutare i governi e i donatori a destinare gli investimenti per l’istruzione in modo più efficace ed efficiente.

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Student’s Revision Apps Help Other Students Prepare for Exams

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 9 Maggio 2012

London, (PRNewswire) EducationApps, the UK’s leading provider of mobile revision apps for students, has released more than 50 apps over the past two months. The apps help students prepare for their examinations, including Common Entrance, GCSEs, AS-levels and A-levels. The majority of these new apps are quiz based. Users can take a random test, or focus on a specific topic. They get detailed explanations and links to further reading when they select an incorrect answer. Users can even select their exam board, ensuring they only receive content that is relevant to their course.George Burgess founded EducationApps when he was just 17. Now 20, he continues to manage the company while a full-time student. He says, “Mobile learning is overlooked by many traditional publishers. With my proximity to education I realised that there are thousands of students who have come to expect this type of material on their mobiles but can’t find it. EducationApps completely solves this problem.” The new apps are available on the iPhone and iPod touch. Many are also available for iPad, Android and BlackBerry. Apple has just featured the majority of the apps under the ‘Exam Time’ banner on the home page of their App Store. Burgess says, “We’ve had some great reviews so far and are delighted by the level of enthusiasm we’ve witnessed in response to our new apps. We are developing a brand which students can return to time and time again for all their mobile learning needs.”EducationApps has also teamed up with Oxford University Press to release a series of undergraduate apps, including Oxford University Press’ popular ‘Concentrates’ series for undergraduate students studying law. EducationApps has also worked with BBC Active, a joint venture between Pearson and BBC Worldwide to create the BBC Bitesize apps, which are also featured on Apple’s App Store.Throughout May, EducationApps rolls out two new apps a day and is staging daily competitions on its Facebook and Twitter accounts. Going forward, the company will partner with more publishers to increase the variety of EducationApps’ content. Burgess says, “We have exciting projects in the pipeline and are working closely with many of the world’s top academic publishers.”

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The SIE National Student BPC

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 15 agosto 2010

The school gives students studying in all twenty of Scotland’s Higher Education Institutions access to knowledge and resources to transform their business idea into reality. Open to all students, the competition develops their practical entrepreneurial skills by giving them access to experienced entrepreneurs and business professionals. SIE help them to explore how to start and grow a new business through a range of practical workshops and a residential training academy, focused around all aspects of sales and marketing, finance, HR and pitching and growing your business. This year’s competition saw a record number of 530 student teams battling it out for a share of the GBP50, 000 prize fund and a chance to be crowned SIE BPC Winner 2007. Competition sponsors include top legal experts and patent attorneys; graduate recruiters, advertising and marketing specialists. SIE Project Executive, Ross MacKay said: “This year we’ve been privileged to work with incredibly talented students and some extremely dedicated members of the business community. By partnering with these leading sponsors our students gained access to top calibre business advice and support, which has accelerated them on their route to success.” Mark Darley, representative for platinum sponsors, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, said: “We look for a number of qualities in our graduates; top of the list is a real thirst for business. By partnering with SIE on the BPC we’re able to encourage this kind of enterprising thinking from an early stage and work with extremely talented students.”
The Scottish Institute for Enterprise ( wascreated in 1999 with the aim of boosting the commercialization potential of university science and technology research. It was formally launched in 2000 with funding from the Office of Science and Technology and currently embraces all 20 of Scotland’s Higher Education Institutions. – Whilst retaining its focus on science engineering and technology within institutions, SIE also targets 3 new areas of enterprise activities: social enterprise, enterprise for the visual and performing arts, and enterprise skills and leadership for university clubs and societies – The Summit press call will take place between 13.00 – 13.45 on Wednesday 7th March (shortly after the winners are announced). Here press representatives will be invited to speak with and photograph speakers, as well as meet and interview the winners of this year’s SIE National Student Business Plan Competition.

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Milan student puts designs on Scottish catwalk

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Fashion Design students from Robert Gordon University’s Gray’s School of Art in Scotland raised their game as ‘The Professional University’ recently by hosting an exclusive black tie event at Aberdeen Art Gallery for members of the business community.  Federica Fiorenzoni (23), an exchange student from from Milan in Italy, also joined the Fashion Design cohort in the display. She has joined Gray’s for a term from the Politecnico of Milan and is very excited about seeing one of her creations on a catwalk.  Piyumi Liyanage (23), who is originally from Colombo, Sri Lanka, and now lives in Bridge of Don, Aberdeen, with her family, came to Gray’s specifically to follow her dream of working in the world of fashion. She completed her first year of study at the Lanka Institute of Fashion Technology where Kim Eason, Programme Leader for Fashion and Textiles at Gray’s, visited as an external examiner. “Gray’s School of Art is very much an institution of high repute in Scotland and it is natural that as one of the biggest employers in textiles in the country
that we should work closely together. As a result of the collaboration with Kim Eason and her students, we are also working on other project ideas with other departments at Robert Gordon University, to the benefit of both the students and our company.” (fashion show)

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