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Glimpses of Taiwan in the 1960s: Photographs by American Pastor

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 4 gennaio 2020

The Cite Publishing Ltd. has launched a project to present the black and white images of Taiwan captured by American pastor Barry L. Schuttler between 1959 and 1960. Subsidized by the Ministry of Culture’s Taiwan Cultural Memory Bank project, the Cite Publishing Ltd. makes the old photographs available to the public, offering glimpses of the history of Taiwan.Schuttler, who served as the director of Taiwan Christian Service at that time, traveled across Taiwan and its outlying islands with members of the church to provide U.S. aid to Taiwan.As a photography lover, Schuttler documented the everyday life of Taiwanese people as well as street scenes, spanning life in Wanhua District, Guishan Island, and Kinmen, through his lens.To fundraise for Taiwan and introduce the island to the world, Schuttler sent the photographs to the church in the U.S., so the images can be published by the church and media. For example, San Francisco Chronicle had published a series of his photographs.With these old photographs, people in the current generation can learn about the lifestyle, dressing style, working lives, and street scenes of Taiwan in different era.The Cite Publishing team also conducted field survey based on the photos and recorded oral history through interviewing elders living in Wanhua. The survey has brought back the memories of the residents. A former resident of Guishan Island even recognized himself in one of the old photos. To introduce Taiwan’s original cultural contents to the overseas markets and seek collaboration opportunities, the team has also participated in Content Tokyo, a trade fair offering a platform for business matching among content creators, distributors, and licensing professionals.
陳彥碩 Jens Chen.

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AKHAN Semiconductor Issued Major Patent in Taiwan

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 15 novembre 2019

Akhan Semiconductor, a technology company specializing in the fabrication and application of lab-grown, electronic-grade diamonds, announced today that it has been issued a patent by the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO). The patent covers AKHAN’s next-generation N-type diamond semiconductor system and diamond-based multilayer antireflective coating systems, key components in military & aerospace sensor and detector applications, amongst other use cases.The issued patent, No. I672795, is a key addition to AKHAN’s breakthrough Miraj Diamond® intellectual property portfolio. It is the Company’s third Taiwan-issued patent, and the fifth foreign counterpart that’s been issued. The technology enables breakthrough performance in semiconductor devices as well as new capabilities in optical sensing, detecting, and transmission. Through the integration of high-quality diamond in semiconductor electronics applications and multilayer materials, the novel systems allow for next-generation electronics performance, and optical components with ultra-hardness, scratch-resistance, high thermal conductivity, hydrophobicity, chemical and biological inertness, and with high transmittance at a variety of critical angles.
AKHAN’s flagship Miraj Diamond® Glass for consumer display is 6x stronger, 10x harder, and runs over 800x cooler than leading glass competitors like Gorilla Glass. The Company achieves this by coating standard commercial glass such as aluminosilicate, BK7, and Fused Silica with proprietary lab-grown nanocrystalline diamond. Diamond-based technology is capable of increasing power density as well as creating faster, lighter, and simpler devices for consumer use.

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Chugai’s Hemlibra Launched for Hemophiia A with Inhibitors in Taiwan

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 5 novembre 2019

Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (TOKYO: 4519) announced today that Chugai Pharma Taiwan Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Chugai, launched Hemlibra®, a new drug created by Chugai for routine prophylaxis of bleeding episodes in patients with hemophilia A with factor VIII inhibitors administered once weekly by subcutaneous injection.
Hemlibra is a bispecific monoclonal antibody, which was developed using Chugai’s proprietary antibody engineering technologies. The drug is designed to bind factor IXa and factor X. In doing so, Hemlibra provides the cofactor function of factor VIII in people with hemophilia A, who either lack or have impaired coagulation function of factor VIII1, 2). Hemlibra is approved in more than 90 countries, since the product has been approved for routine prophylaxis to prevent or reduce the frequency of bleeding episodes in adult and pediatric patients with hemophilia A (congenital factor VIII deficiency) with factor VIII inhibitors for the first time in the world by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in November 2017.
Chugai Pharmaceutical is one of Japan’s leading research-based pharmaceutical companies with strengths in biotechnology products. Chugai, based in Tokyo, specializes in prescription pharmaceuticals and is listed on the 1st section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. As an important member of the Roche Group, Chugai is actively involved in R&D activities in Japan and abroad. Specifically, Chugai is working to develop innovative products which may satisfy the unmet medical needs.

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Taiwan Showcases Latest Innovative Smart & Functional Textiles at Functional Fabric Fair Portland

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 21 ottobre 2019

The Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) will be showcasing the country’s leading sustainable textiles and performance fabrics during the Taiwan Smart & Functional Textiles Press Conference at the Functional Fabric Fair in Portland. On Tuesday, October 22nd from 2-3 pm, attendees will have the opportunity to take part in the discussion by industry leaders on the latest trends in eco-textiles, how choosing the right fabric can reduce a company’s carbon footprint and more in the Oregon Convention Center conference room C123.Taiwan’s textile industry is a major provider of functional fabrics for well-known international outdoor and sportswear brands and is widely recognized across the globe. Today, Taiwan accounts for 70% of the world’s output of functional fabrics. The Taiwan Smart & Functional Textiles Press Conference will feature presentations from the most influential companies within Taiwan’s textile industry, including:
Singtex Industrial Company, Ltd. (Booth #620) is one of Taiwan’s most prominent fabric manufacturers. Founded in 1989, Singtex has placed an emphasis on the continuous R&D of new fashion, functional and environment-friendly fabrics. Having several patented technologies, Singtex provides water repellent and breathable fabric, which is widely used by many well-known outdoor brands. Singtex also developed the odor-controlling S.Café® yarn, which is made from coffee grounds and recycled bottles.
Men-Chuen Fibre Industry Co., Ltd. (Booth #105) is a renowned textile knitting and dyeing & finishing manufacturer, as well as an important importer and exporter of textiles. Headquartered in Taipei City, Men-Chuen has provided fashionable yet functional woven goods to international markets since founded in 1987. With a focus on innovation and R&D, Men-Chuen quickly responds to the requirements of the market and its clients —including the world’s leading sports brands—with top-of-the-line, green textiles.
Hyperbola (Booth #308) is a fresh but creative textile company that has grown rapidly to become one of top 4 textile enterprises in Taiwan. Founded in 2001, Hyperbola’s vision is to present functional fashion ideas and never restrain itself by traditional limits. Run by a team with diverse educational backgrounds and strengths, the company continues to position itself as an innovative, industry-leading textile company that integrates design and performance fabrics.
Today, nearly 50% of all fabric is made from recycled materials and Taiwan is leading this big change throughout the global textile industry. Recycled yarns—used for apparel, industrial and sport accessories—are growing in importance and are a core part of the Taiwan textile industry in order to reduce negative impact to the environment. As a leader in recycled polymer and polymer blends, the country is constantly introducing new sustainable textile developments, which combine high-tech, ecology, function and life aesthetics, such as the latest recycled Nylon from ocean waste and water-free dyeing setting new definitions to modern textiles.
With the strong development and integration abilities for functional artificial fibers, as well as the ability to provide a wide variety of customized fabrics in small quantities, Taiwan continues to develop competitive advantages in functional, environmental-friendly and smart fabric. Our textile industry also features low pollution and low energy consumption with production process, innovative technologies in its semiconductor and biomedical industries, electronic components, and cross industrial integration.

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PIXUP, a Portfolio Service for Photographers, Enters Taiwan

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 30 settembre 2019

PIXUP ( of BBTree, which combined unlimited portfolio service and World’s first free image service that distributes ad revenue to photographers will be joining 2019 Taipei International Photography & Media Equipment Exhibition, which is a major photography exhibition in Taiwan from September 27-30, 2019.PIXUP service with the slogan of “Safe and Free image” allows you to download an unlimited number of commercially usable images from Free Market after a free and simple registration. Unlike other free image services, it screens the infringement of portrait/property rights of each content and also leaves both contributor’s upload history and user’s download history to protect both sides from all copyright issues that may arise. Photographers can freely upload the photo to their gallery and share only the photos they want on the Free Market wherein users can download the photos. PIXUP operates an advertising system and shares 50% of all ad revenue to the photographers according to the download rate of their images. Through various photo challenges held every month, cash prizes are presented as well.PIXUP plans to expand its influence in the Taiwan region by appealing to the photographer friendly features of PIXUP: 1. Free unlimited portfolio service 2. Free Market which shares advertising revenue as Contributor Grant. PIXUP is planning to develop various partnerships with Taiwan local businesses during its Taiwan promotions.The PIXUP booth (J816) in the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center will hold SNS event and will provide various small and big gifts to all visitors at the booth. There will be a 1:1 photographer application inquiry and tutorial corner for all local photographers who drop by the booth too.

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China, Hong Kong & Taiwan Cinema Industry 2013-2018 & 2019-2023

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 8 giugno 2019

The “Cinema Industry Research China, Hong Kong & Taiwan” report has been added to’s offering.The fast growing Chinese market has dominated the global exhibition sector for the past decade, with film distributors and equipment suppliers equally chasing the bonanza represented by rapidly rising ticket sales and breakneck theatre construction. Although growth is now slowing Chinese box office remains on schedule to overtake the United States by 2022 or 2023, an event which will change the international film market forever.This report slices through the opaque structure of this market to examine some of the main players and the all-important role of official intervention. Also considered are the other Chinese language markets of Hong Kong and Taiwan. As well as comprehensive historical data, there are five year forecasts of screen numbers, admissions and box office for all three territories.

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Taiwan and the Philippines Work Together for Developing Mushroom Cultivation

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 26 dicembre 2018

In order to enhance the relationship between Taiwan and the Philippines, Taiwan’s Council of Agriculture (COA) has organized a training course in edible mushroom cultivation for the government officers of the Philippines to help them gain a deeper understanding on Taiwan’s agricultural development and current situation of mushroom industry.
COA Secretary-General Dr. Chang Chih-sheng (front right third), Philippine agricultural official Mary Ann Guerrero (front left third), COA Department of International Affairs Deputy Director-General Vincent Lin (front left second) and COA researcher Dr. Shih Hsin-der (back right first) presented at the closing ceremony of the training course in Taiwan. (Photo: Business Wire)A 15-member delegation from the Philippines has participated in the course focusing on the production techniques of mushroom in Taiwan from November 25 to December 8.The Philippines Department of Agriculture expressed its appreciation to the COA for organizing the training courses. During the 14-day trip to Taiwan, the delegation has learned fundamental knowledge and practices of mushroom cultivation and visited mushroom farms and the 2018 World Flora Exposition in Taichung City.Taiwan and the Philippines have held bilateral meetings and carried out collaborative projects based on the MOU signed in 2005 on agriculture and fisheries cooperation.The 7th Taiwan-Philippines Agricultural Cooperation Meeting took place in Taipei on May 14 of 2018, during which the two sides discussed a broad range of topics and sought ways to increase bilateral cooperation in agriculture and fisheries technologies.Based on the minutes of the 7th meeting, Taiwan and the Philippines will jointly establish a button mushroom demo farm in Baguio City, Philippines, helping improve mushroom cultivation and packaging techniques.

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American Lending Center Holds EB-5 Immigration Investment Seminars Across Taiwan

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 11 settembre 2018

American Lending Center (ALC)—a leading EB-5 regional center—announced the successful completion of a series of seminars across Taiwan to educate potential investors about the EB-5 immigration and investment process in the United States.Held Sept. 1-7 in the cities of Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung, the seminars informed interested parties about ALC’s usage of the EB-5 program and its record of success in developing projects in conjunction with the U.S. Small Business Administration. The seminars, which saw high attendance throughout the week, further explored development and opportunities unique to the Taiwanese market and built upon previous sessions held throughout the year featuring recently approved EB-5 investors’ immigration success stories.“As one of only a handful of EB-5 project providers approved by the Taiwanese government to operate within the country, ALC is excited to share its unique business model with potential investors and gratified by the high levels of interest shown in each city,” said ALC Chief Operating Officer Stella Zhang. “Our newly established Taiwan-based team has been critical to the success of our ongoing educational and outreach efforts.”ALC announced the opening of its new office in Taipei in April. The expansion into Taiwan is a key part of the company’s broader exploration of emerging EB-5 markets in Asia, which also includes the recent July opening of a new office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and the scheduled opening of an additional office in India later this year.

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Taiwan Elections: Independence-leaning DPP heading for landslide victory

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 14 gennaio 2016

TaiwanTaiwan’s president and parliament are going to be newly elected this Saturday. Tsai Ing-wen, the candidate of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), is leading in all of the opinion polls and could become the first female president of Taiwan. In Beijing the election is being regarded with scepticism as it is unlikely a DPP-led government would continue the mainland-friendly course followed by the conservative Kuomintang (KMT). We spoke to Johannes Buckow, research assistant at the Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS) in Berlin, about the matter.In the Taiwanese opinion polls, the DPP has been well ahead of the incumbent KMT for months now. Is a shift of power likely soon, do you think?Well, the opportunity for the DPP to get an absolute majority in parliament has certainly never been better. Many Taiwanese citizens are unhappy about the country’s economic situation: growth has been dropping and real earnings have been falling, too. A large number of young voters, in particular, feel they have been losing out as a result of the KMT’s mainland-friendly politics. This frustration with the situation has been voiced quite loudly at various protests over the last few months. Many companies have moved their business activities to the mainland in recent years – in other words, Taiwanese jobs have been lost to China.The DPP wants to reduce Taiwan’s dependence on the mainland: Tsai would like to make Taiwan’s economy more innovative and develop the island’s relations to Japan and the United States even further. Whether or not this can be done will also depend on whether she can convince local businesses of her plans.Taiwan refers to itself formally as the ‘Republic of China’, but in Beijing’s view, it is nothing more than a rogue province. Just how ‘Chinese’ is Taiwan nowadays?The Taiwanese even disagree on this question themselves. Many people say they can’t identify with the mainland any more – young people, in particular. Rather than seeing links with China, they often refer to the great mixture of cultural influences that have shaped Taiwan – influences from Japan, from Taiwan’s own aboriginal inhabitants and from the West. Many people are also afraid Taiwan will lose its freedom and independence if it gets too pally with the People’s Republic.The two biggest parties reflect this ambivalent attitude to the Chinese mainland: the once authoritarian governing party of the Republic of China, the KMT, traditionally stands for Taiwan’s Chinese identity and intensive co-operation with the Chinese mainland. It maintains close contact with the large companies that produce goods on the mainland and also sell them there. The opposition party, the DPP, grew out of the democracy movement that developed in the 1980s. The members of this party emphasise Taiwan’s cultural diversity and call for more independence for the island.How would you describe Tsai as a politician? What makes her own politics different to that of her predecessor from the KMT, Ma Ying-jeou, who is not allowed to stand for election again?Unlike Ma and her rival from the KMT, Eric Chu, Tsai only became actively involved in politics at a relatively late point in time and doesn’t have such a broad network of contacts in the business world yet. Nonetheless, she has still managed to get the DPP to be a party representing a wider range of matters than in the past. At times, the party became very confrontational in its call for greater independence for Taiwan while it was under the leadership of former president Chen Shui-bian. Nowadays, it also wants to see more affordable accommodation built and promotes innovation, clean energy and the right for same-sex couples to marry. The DPP has been reaching out to new groups of the population as a result.Unlike the DPP, the KMT has experienced a shift to the right under Ma’s leadership: he had history textbooks changed to emphasise Taiwan’s Chinese identity more strongly and pushed controversial new trade agreements with the People’s Republic of China despite resistance from citizens.

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Verso un trattamento sanitario universale

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 19 maggio 2012

Taiwan Taipei

Taiwan Taipei (Photo credit: Toby Simkin)

L’Organizzazione Mondiale della Sanità (OMS) considera di grande importanza la formazione dei sistemi sanitari. Il World Health Report del 2010 pone l’attenzione proprio sul sistema sanitario globale e l’Assemblea Mondiale della Sanità, nel 2012, ha scelto come tema “Verso un trattamento universale” – indicando nella mappatura globale delle necessità il modo per stabilire un solido e vasto sistema sanitario. Il programma di Assicurazione Sanitaria Nazionale (National Health Insurance, NHI) di Taiwan, entrato in vigore diciotto anni fa, ha ricevuto apprezzamento dentro e fuori i confini del Paese. L’American Broadcasting Company (ABC) e la Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) hanno prodotto due distinti programmi televisivi proprio sull’NHI, e quest’anno la CNN ha mandato in onda un report sui sistemi sanitari di Taiwan, Regno Unito e Svizzera, lodando i successi del programma taiwanese. Nel 2011, delegazioni di oltre cinquanta Paesi hanno visitato Taiwan per studiarne il sistema sanitario.
Prima che l’NHI fosse operativa, oltre il 40% dei cittadini taiwanesi non aveva un’assicurazione sanitaria. Il 1° marzo 1995, dopo sette anni di pianificazioni e studi, il programma NHI fu introdotto seguendo il modello del “Single Player Plan” – assicuratore unico –, una forma autofinanziata di assicurazione sanitaria nella quale i premi assicurativi vengono divisi tra l’assicurato, il datore di lavoro e il governo. Circa il 99,6% della popolazione è coperto dalla NHI. Il programma permette a tutti gli assicurati di usufruire di moltissimi servizi sanitari. Tra di essi, la cura dei pazienti interni ed esterni, la medicina erboristica cinese, i servizi odontoiatrici, l’assistenza durante il parto, le terapie riabilitative, le cure a domicilio e i ricoveri per i pazienti affetti da disabilità mentali. Tutti gli assicurati possono quindi usufruire di questi servizi in ogni momento e in uno qualsiasi degli oltre 25,000 ospedali e istituzioni sanitare distribuiti sul territorio taiwanese.
Dopo oltre dieci anni dal lancio del programma NHI, il governo ha deciso di revisionare il sistema e ne ha proposto uno di “seconda generazione” che rendesse più equo il sistema di pagamento, introducendo un imposta del 2% sulle rendite e sulle plusvalenze. Quando il nuovo sistema entrerà in vigore, nel 2013, i premi assicurativi di base saranno ridotti per diminuire il carico fiscale sui lavoratori, assicurando una maggiore equità e rafforzando la giustizia sociale. L’elemento principale dietro il grande successo del NHI sono i medici professionisti, i quali godono dell’apprezzamento e del rispetto del governo per il loro impegno verso la cittadinanza. Per anni Taiwan ha cercato di offrire servizi sanitari efficienti, accessibili e alla portata di tutti, basati su un sistema equo di pagamenti. Ora si trova di fronte a un altro problema – che riguarda la carenza di personale medico e la quantità di lavoro da eseguire – e sta facendo tutto il possibile per attrarre più risorse umane nel settore medico e per migliorare le loro condizioni di lavoro.
L’assicurazione sanitaria taiwanese vede iscritta la quasi totalità della popolazione di Taiwan, è di alta qualità, pone l’attenzione sui benefici e ha determinato un tetto alle spese. Il costo collettivo per l’intera cittadinanza coperta dal NHI corrisponde a circa il 6,9% del PIL. I costi amministrativi coprono l’1,5% di tutta la spesa grazie a un solido network tecnologico e informativo. Inoltre, dalla fine del 2011, oltre tre milioni di persone hanno beneficiato di sussidi per il pagamento del premio assicurativo. Dal momento che i più deboli sono coperti da questo sistema sanitario, il legame tra povertà e malattia è stato infranto. Il NHI è uno dei programmi pubblici di maggior successo nella storia taiwanese, con una percentuale di apprezzamento pari all’86,6%.Per il suo NHI e per molti altri successi nel campo della sanità pubblica, Taiwan viene riceve apprezzamenti da tutto il mondo. Dal 2009 ha sempre ricevuto l’invito a prendere parte alle sedute dell’Assemblea Mondiale della Sanità (AMS) in qualità di membro osservatore, aprendo così le porte a nuove opportunità di partecipazione nella cooperazione internazionale in tema di sanità.
Taiwan è anche lieta di alzare gli standard sanitari internazionali condividendo la propria esperienza attraverso la piattaforma dell’Organizzazione Mondiale della Sanità (OMS).In questa occasione, dunque, chiedo alla comunità internazionale di sostenere Taiwan e invito nuovamente il Segretariato dell’OMS a rispondere alla nostra richiesta di estendere la partecipazione taiwanese ad altri organi dell’OMS, anziché alla sola AMS, in modo che possa entrare più a fondo nei suoi meccanismi e partecipare a meeting e attività. In questo modo sarà assicurata una significativa e dignitosa presenza di Taiwan all’interno dell’Organizzazione Mondiale della Sanità. (Chiu Wen-ta Ministro della Salute Repubblica di Cina (Taiwan)

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USGC Taiwan Advances Barley Initiatives

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 25 febbraio 2012


Barley (Photo credit: freefotouk)

The health benefits of U.S. high-glucan barley will be showcased at the Taipei International Bakery Show as part of a joint effort by the U.S. Grains Council, the China Grain Products Research and Development Institute, Taiwan Barley Product Industry Association, Taipei Barley Association and several commercial companies.“This display of food products featuring U.S. barley will develop regional confidence in marketing healthy barley food products,” said Clover Chang, USGC director in Taiwan.“We will also focus on educating the public about the grain’s nutritional value by introducing healthy new products that will help change the general psychology surrounding barley use.”In a second barley initiative, the Council has nominated participants from four key companies in Taiwan for a barley short-course scheduled for March at the Wheat Marketing Center in Portland, Oregon. “There are two objectives for this course,” explained Chang. “The attendees will learn how to enhance the dietary value of wheat flour-based products by incorporating barley flour into their products, and they will see how to develop formulations and modified processing conditions for barley-fortified wheat products.”The short-course roster is expected to include representatives from a major importer of U.S. beta-glucan barley, a frozen noodle producer and an R&D manager from a leading chain of multi-grain bakery outlets.

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U.S.-Taiwan Partnership Renewed

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 25 settembre 2011

Map of Taiwan

Image via Wikipedia

The Taiwan Agricultural Trade Goodwill Mission kicked off in the nation’s Capitol on Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2011. The U.S. Grains Council and Taiwan’s Feed Industry Association (TFIA) participated in the signing ceremonies that solidified Taiwan’s purchasing intentions through the 2012 and 2013 calendar year. Estimated to total between $2.5 to $3.4 billion in corn exports alone, Taiwan’s letter of intent on Tuesday was evidence of a U.S. commitment to strengthening trade ties and maintaining a well-established partnership with the Southeast Asia nation. The Council was represented by Past Chairman Terry Vinduska. Click here for additional photos, or here to watch footage of the ceremony.

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USGC Barley Product Contest Wins Attention

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 25 settembre 2011


Image via Wikipedia

A “Barley Food Product Contest” sponsored by the U.S. Grains Council, U.S. Wheat Associates, and the China Grain Products Research and Development Institute (CGPRDI) captured widespread media attention, including reports on two Taiwanese radio stations, six television channels, and 30 internet blogs, according to USGC Director in Taiwan Clover Chang. “This activity will undoubtedly help increase the imports and use of U.S. wheat and barley,” Chang said. Winners of the contest unveiled both Chinese-style and Western-style barley food products at a media conference at the Howard Plaza Hotel in Taipei, and the CGPRDI compiled a brochure of photos and recipes for the dishes which will be used to promote U.S. barley and wheat use to the media and industry representatives.

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Arte da Taiwan

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 7 marzo 2011

Genova 8 marzo, presso il Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Villa Croce  mostra “Arte da Taiwan – La Nuova Generazione”, realizzata dal “Taiwan Cultural Center of The National Council for Cultural Affairs” di Parigi in collaborazione con il Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts. La mostra, preceduta da un incontro con la stampa alle ore 17, verrà inaugurata martedì 8 marzo alle ore 17:30 alla presenza dell’Ambasciatore taiwanese in Italia YIH Jung-tzung e sarà aperta al pubblico sino al 24 aprile 2011.La mostra è un’opportunità offerta dal Taiwan Cultural Center di Parigi al pubblico italiano per avvicinarsi alla realtà artistica taiwanese e per comprendere da vicino l’evoluzione del Paese asiatico verso una propria identità specifica, attraverso i video e le installazioni multimediali dei suoi giovani artisti, cinque dei quali sono stati accolti dalla città di Genova per allestire personalmente le proprie opere all’interno degli spazi di Villa Croce.

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Da Taiwan una nuova cura contro i tumori

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 5 febbraio 2011

Un gruppo di ricercatori taiwanesi della National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) della città di Tainan, ha scoperto un sistema in grado di eliminare le cellule cancerogene senza ricorrere a trattamenti quali la chemioterapia o la chirurgia laser. Young Ming-shing, il professore che guida il team del dipartimento di energia elettrica, ha sviluppato insieme alla sua squadra un metodo che utilizza una strumentazione per l’induzione del calore ad alta frequenza modulabile ed un sistema endoscopico 3D guidato magneticamente.
I responsabili della ricerca ritengono di poter immettere il trattamento in commercio entro i prossimi tre anni mentre un prototipo potrà già essere pronto tra due anni. “La Biotecnologia è un’industria emergente in Taiwan – spiega Michael Lai Ming-chiao, Presidente della NCKU – che si concentra sulla ricerca e lo sviluppo di nuove cure e nuove strumentazioni. Per quanto riguarda le prospettive economiche, le possibilità di Taiwan di sviluppare con successo equipaggiamenti medici sono molto alte, grazie a tempi di produzione relativamente rapidi.”
I ricercatori sono stati invitati dal Brookhaven National Laboratory di Upton (New York) e dalla Aurora Imaging Technology di North Andover (Massachusetts) per partecipare a ricerche integrate sulla risonanza magnetica e sulla tomografia ad emissione di positroni.

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Menicon si estende in Nord America con Optimed

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 17 novembre 2010

Nagoya, Giappone.  Menicon Co., Ltd. ha annunciato la sottoscrizione di un accordo con Optimed Ltd. per diventare distributore esclusivo per il Nord America dei servizi di comunicazione CAPTIV8 e del software di firma digitale basato sui contenuti i-Vue, di Optimed. All’inizio di quest’anno Menicon ha ottenuto i diritti esclusivi per la distribuzione dei prodotti Optimed in Giappone e a Taiwan.  CAPTIV8 è un software di animazione tridimensionale basato sul Web che può essere utilizzato dai professionisti della cura dell’occhio per affiancare i loro consulti e per migliorare la comunicazione con i pazienti. La tecnologia consente ai pazienti di visualizzare più agevolmente i contenuti sui loro computer o dispositivi mobili e di condividerli con i familiari e gli amici.  i-Vue è un sistema di visualizzazione digitale, normalmente collocato nella sala d’attesa, che sfrutta l’animazione 3D per educare e informare i pazienti in merito ai prodotti e ai servizi. i-Vue consente agli utenti di modificare in modo semplice e veloce la riproduzione dei contenuti da qualsiasi posizione remota, rappresentando la soluzione ideale e conveniente per lavorare in più sedi
Optimed Ltd. ( è azienda innovatrice attiva nello sviluppo di software, specializzata nelle animazioni oftalmiche tridimensionali d’avanguardia e nel software di comunicazione basato sul Web. Con sede nel Regno Unito, Optimed fornisce la sua tecnologia a oftalmologi, oculisti e specialisti delle lenti a contatto.
Menicon Co., Ltd. (, fondata nel 1951 da Kyoichi Tanaka, è il primo e più importante produttore giapponese di lenti a contatto; ora l’azienda è rappresentata in oltre 30 Paesi. Menicon è un produttore attivo in tutte le aree di attività connesse alle lenti a contatto morbide e permeabili al gas, compreso lo sviluppo dei materiali, la progettazione delle lenti, la produzione di lenti a contatto e di soluzioni per la cura delle stesse. Menicon è leader mondiale nello sviluppo di lenti hyper-Dk permeabili al gas (Menicon Z) e di lenti a contatto morbide (Menicon PremiO).

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