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A rethink of energy taxation is crucial – for the climate and consumers

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 2 luglio 2021

Berlin, Brussels. The eFuel Alliance supports the European Commission’s plans to modernise the Energy Tax Directive (ETD) and calls on policy-makers to make critical changes that align it with a consistent EU climate strategy. Fair treatment for all energy sources is crucial for European climate policy, and for the consumers on whose support the transition will depend.Ralf Diemer, Managing Director of the eFuel Alliance e.V., said: “The positive contribution that various energy carriers can make to the reduction of CO2 emissions in numerous sectors must be reflected in a revised European energy taxation.” In terms of climate protection, it is not credible to permit conventional fossil fuels to continue to be taxed in the same way as sustainable climate-neutral fuels. “More than ever we now need to send a signal to fuel suppliers and customers that it pays to supply and buy climate-friendly fuels,” Diemer added.eFuels – i.e. synthetic climate-neutral fuels from renewable energies – can make a significant contribution to ensuring that gasoline prices at petrol stations will remain affordable in the future. A climate-friendly revision of energy taxation can ensure a socially just transition to renewable and low-carbon fuels in line with the European climate targets. Ralf Diemer said: “Instead of volume-based taxation, a tax based on the CO2 footprint of the energy carrier must be introduced, one which reflects the actual emission reduction contribution of renewable and low-carbon fuels and is in line with the European Renewable Energy Directive*.”The support of member states for the revision of the Energy Tax Directive is crucial for the European Commission’s wider objectives and for the success of the ‘EU Green Deal’. The previous effort to reform the Directive was blocked by the national governments. The eFuel Alliance’s proposal guarantees consistent tax revenues for the EU member states and ensures stable fuel prices also at the filling station.

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MEPs quiz experts on better designing taxation to help the economic recovery

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 19 novembre 2020

MEPs discussed with experts ways in which taxation systems should be reformed to ensure big multinationals, traders and the wealthiest persons contribute more to the economic recovery. Grace Perez Navarro, Deputy Director of the OECD’s Centre for Tax Policy and Administration, Joaquim Miranda Sarmento, Professor of Finance at the University of Lisbon, and Liina Carr, Confederal Secretary at ETUC, all gave testimony in front of the EP’s subcommittee on taxation matters (FISC) on Monday.Opening the meeting, the Chair of the sub-committee, Paul Tang (S&D, NL) said that the economic crisis caused by the pandemic increases the need to secure tax revenues are delivered in a fair and sustainable way. More than ever, better coordination of tax policies at EU level can help alleviate this crisis and support the green and digital transition, he added. MEPs stressed the need to reduce the tax burden on SMEs and normal people, shifting it instead to those who could and should be paying more taxes. To this end discussions focussed on ways to develop the financial transactions tax, recalibrate corporate taxation and develop eco taxes. MEPs also quizzed the experts on how to better address money laundering and blatant tax evasion.

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