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NetAlly Launches Powerful All-in-One Multi-Technology Handheld Network Testing Solution, EtherScope™ nXG

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 4 ottobre 2019

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) NetAlly, a leader in handheld testing solutions for wired and wireless access networks, today announced the release of EtherScope™ nXG Portable Network Expert, a powerful handheld network tester that enables network engineers and technicians to quickly discover, test, verify and troubleshoot enterprise access networks. As the first handheld tool to offer a single user interface (UI) that fully integrates both wired and wireless network test data, the EtherScope nXG dramatically increases network visibility, accelerates and simplifies testing, and simplifies team collaboration. This is the first portable tool with the right combination of capabilities to “break the Layer 2 ceiling” – allowing users to easily identify wireless clients not just by MAC address, but by IP, name and type, delivering visibility most Wi-Fi tools cannot provide.EtherScope nXG’s all new UI combines wired and wireless data analysis and purpose-built hardware to support a broad range of technologies like line-rate 10G (over copper and fiber), NBASE-T, Wi-Fi 5/Wi-Fi 6, and high-power PoE (Power over Ethernet).
According to a recent Spiceworks survey, IT professionals face a variety of challenges that include implementing planned changes, managing unexpected changes, ensuring network security, and a lack of time and resources. These challenges are caused primarily by the disparity in staff skills and toolsets (between engineers and technicians), and visibility gaps across wired and wireless networks.

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Nano Discovery Inc. Launches a New Blood Test for Cattle Immune Health Testing

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 13 settembre 2019

Nano Discovery Inc. announced today that it has launched a new blood test to the market for cattle immune health testing. Cattle owners and veterinary practitioners can order this test by submitting blood samples to Nano Discovery’s central laboratory, or conduct this test in their local farms and clinics by purchasing testing kits from the company. More information can be found at: A balanced immune system is important for the welfare and productivity of farm animals. Animals with good immune health are less prone to diseases, healthier and more productive. When an animal is infected with bacteria, viruses or other pathogens, the immune system of the animal is activated. An active immune status is a sign of infection in the animal. During pregnancy, the immune system of cows and heifers has to make certain changes to maintain a pregnancy to full term. However, these changes also make pregnant and transition cows and heifers more vulnerable to infectious diseases. By closely monitoring the immune status of cattle herd, farm owners can discover sick animals earlier, identify pregnant animals with underlying reproductive health problems for treatment, identify animals with strong immune system and avoid excessive use of antibiotics on healthy and low risk animals.Despite the critical importance of immune health to the welfare and productivity of agricultural animals including cattle, there was no convenient and cost-effective test in the market that provided farm owners and veterinary practitioners the ability to test and monitor the immune health and status of their cattle easily. Nano Discovery’s new product, the D2Dx™ immunity test, provides the first-ever solution to this unmet need. D2Dx™ immunity test is a simple blood test that detects active immune responses and Th1/Th2 immunity shift associated with infection, pregnancy, and other health conditions that involve the immune system. Research studies conducted by Nano Discovery and its partners have shown that D2Dx™ test can identify cattle with infections; identify dairy cows that are more likely to develop health problems such as ketosis and mastitis following calving; and identify calves with good immune health that can gain more body weight in a feedlot. While D2Dx™ test is not a diagnostic test, the test brings many benefits to cattle owners by helping owners monitor the health of their cattle herd more closely, make informative management decisions, reduce cost and improve productivity.While the current business focus of Nano Discovery is on cattle industry, D2Dx™ immunity test can be applied to the testing of other animals as well. The company is also investigating the use of this test for human infectious diseases, pregnancy loss, autoimmune diseases, and other immune health related problems. D2Dx™ test is based on a nanotechnology platform developed at the University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida. A PCT patent application is pending on the platform technology and the D2Dx™ immunity test.

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Improved guidelines for testing machine-readable passports just out

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 27 luglio 2018

Machine-readable passports (MRPs) mean faster processing and more accurate matching against immigration databases and watchlists, which is why most passports these days fall into that category. To ensure they meet international regulatory requirements, they are standardized against the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Document 9303. The ISO and IEC standard for testing the durability of these MRPs is an official companion to the ICAO document, defining what is necessary for passports to be compliant. It has just been updated to make it even more robust and fit for today’s globalized world.
ISO/IEC 18745-1:2018, Test methods for machine readable travel documents (MRTD) and associated devices – Part 1: Physical test methods for passport books (durability), now replaces the ICAO’s own technical report for durability, specifying the minimum criteria to be achieved in order to meet ICAO’s expectations.Tom Kinneging, Convener of the working group that developed the standard said it is essential not just to meet legal requirements but to ensure MRPs withstand the stresses it can be placed under.“Having a MRP is only useful if it doesn’t fall apart or lose its readability over time,” he said.“This standard gives details for effective testing so their feasible lifespan can be assessed, and they can thus be built to last.”ISO/IEC 18745-1 was developed and updated by working group 3 Machine readable travel documents, which is part of the ISO and IEC technical committee ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 17, Cards and security devices for personal identification, the secretariat of which is held by BSI, ISO’s member for the UK.It can be purchased from your national ISO member or the ISO Store.

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Applied DNA Expands Internationally with New Central DNA Testing Laboratory in India

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 24 gennaio 2018

DNAApplied DNA Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:APDN, “Applied DNA,” “the Company”) today announced the establishment of a Central DNA Testing Laboratory in Ahmedabad, India providing full forensic authentication services. The laboratory supports Applied DNA’s growing global textile business in the Asia-Pacific region with expansion capability for other supply chains present in the region, such as fertilizer and pharmaceuticals. Officially opening on February 15, 2018, the Central Laboratory is strategically located in the state of Gujarat, an economic hub for the development and advancement of cotton, other textiles, fertilizers, petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals.Dr. Ila Lansky, a forensic scientist with over 11 years of forensic DNA experience, will direct the Central DNA Testing Laboratory. She currently oversees all aspects of forensic analysis, testing, authentication and reporting for all samples submitted, following the standard operating procedures established by Applied DNA’s New York forensic laboratories. The Central DNA Testing Laboratory is a high throughput laboratory, providing customers with accurate reports in a short turnaround time.
“This is an important opportunity for Applied DNA to bring our proven technologies to the heart of India’s textile industry, and share our impeccable standards and operational protocols,” said Dr. Lansky. “The laboratory will have the ability to process thousands of samples, serving our textiles customers in the region.”The Indian textile industry is currently estimated at approximately $135 billion USD and is expected to reach $230 billion by 2023 (IBEF 2017). It is home to such global textile brands and manufacturers as The Himatsingka Group and GHCL Limited. Additionally, India is home to the sixth largest pharmaceutical market in the world, with an expected value of $550 billion by 2020 (IBEF 2017).“Opening a lab in Gujarat has both strategic and practical importance for Applied DNA,” said Dr. James A. Hayward, president and chief executive officer of Applied DNA. “Our partnership with Himatsingka has proven remarkably successful, with uptake in the commercial ecosystem and endorsement by big box retailers. Adoption of our technologies by other textile companies is growing. Working closely with such India-based industry majors as Himatsingka and GHCL, we know Applied DNA’s value in enabling source-verified supplied chains and contributing the steady growth and ensured protection of the circular economy. It only makes sense for Applied DNA to have a facility where so many of our current and future partners are based.”

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Global Sterility Testing Market 2017-202

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 29 dicembre 2017

The report, Global Sterility Testing Market 2017-2021, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts. The report covers the market landscape and its growth prospects over the coming years. The report also includes a discussion of the Key vendors operating in this market.The latest trend gaining momentum in the market is the rising number of affiliation and accreditation. Sterility testing is one of the vital part of biological safety testing which ensures the final product is free from microbial contamination and can be accepted as sterile product. To ensure and to enhance best practices in biological safety testing including sterility testing, many affiliation and accreditations are coming up by the biological safety testing associations, across the world.According to the report, one of the major drivers for this market is the rapidly growing pharmaceutical and biological research industry. Sterility testing is rapidly used in pharmaceutical industry to test drugs and end-products in bulk to ensure that they are free from any micro-organisms before the products are released to market. Membrane filtration technique is preferred for these types of sterility testing as end-products are more compatible with the filtration membrane.

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Non Invasive Prenatal Testing

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 23 gennaio 2017

cromosomiGravidanze nelle donne over 35 in aumento, investimento su pochi figli e desiderio di sottoporsi ad indagini non invasive sono i motivi del successo globale dei test definiti NIPT, acronimo di Non Invasive Prenatal Testing, gli screening per le mutazioni cromosomiche che indagano il rischio a partire da un semplice prelievo di sangue dalla decima settimana di gestazione.
Un mercato che ha chiuso a 613 milioni di dollari nel 2015 e che spiccherà il volo nei prossimi anni sino a raggiungere oltre 2 miliardi di dollari tra soli 6 anni, nel 2022 e arrivare a 5,5 miliardi entro il 2025. Dati diffusi nel report ‘NIPT: crescita del mercato, prospettive future e analisi competitive 2016-2022’ realizzato dall’Istituto americano Credence Research, che ha evidenziato come il mercato abbia accolto con sincero entusiasmo questa metodica.
Le ragioni del successo di questo test di screening prenatale che individua trisomie, duplicazioni, traslocazioni ecc. è riconducibile in parte all’aumento dell’età materna che correla con un aumento del rischio che il feto sia affetto da anomalie dei cromosomi e in parte alla disponibilità di una alternativa alle tecniche invasive come l’amniocentesi che presentano un profilo di rischio per il nascituro.
Attraverso un semplice campione di sangue materno infatti è possibile individuare tracce del DNA circolante del feto che può essere amplificato tramite moderne tecniche di sequenziamento NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) e analizzato alla ricerca di anomalie.
“Alla nascita del NIPT, “spiega il professor Giuseppe Novelli, Genetista dell’Università di Tor Vergata” il DNA del feto presente nel sangue materno veniva “sequenziato” alla ricerca delle eventuali anomalie dei cromosomi 21 (sindrome di Down), 18 (sindrome di Edwards) e 13 (sindrome di Patau). Oggi, grazie agli sviluppi condotti dalla Bioscience Genomics, spin off dell’Università di Roma Tor Vergata, è possibile fare lo screening per altre 19 anomalie genetiche legate prevalentemente a patologie rare. Il tutto avviene all’interno del territorio italiano, con maggior tutela per la tracciabilità e stabilità del campione di sangue prelevato. Infatti, il campione non viaggia per il mondo rischiando di deteriorarsi a causa di ritardi dovuti a controlli doganali sempre più rigidi, ma viene analizzato a Roma o Milano, refertato in italiano e inviato al ginecologo che ne discute i risultati con la coppia. Nel caso in cui lo screening dia un risultato positivo, infatti, il protocollo prevede che l’esame sia confermato da un test invasivo che segue un percorso descritto dalle linee guida. Esistono diversi player sul mercato che offrono servizi di diversi livelli. La differenza principale tra i diversi test è attribuita alla validazione scientifica di cui sono corredati e, nello specifico, al numero di pazienti testati all’interno dello studio clinico che è stato effettuato. La validazione del test di screening non invasivo si ottiene confrontando il risultato ottenuto con una metodica diagnostica invasiva svolti entrambi sulla stessa paziente. Quanto più è alto il numero di pazienti su cui è stato validato il test, tanto più accurato e affidabile sarà il risultato del test. La ricerca più ampia svolta sino a oggi è stata condotta sul G-test, che ha dimostrato l’elevata accuratezza in più di 146.000 esami, sia nelle gravidanze a rischio, sia in quelle non a rischio. Lo stesso test è stato riprodotto per più di un milione di pazienti. Nonostante attualmente siano gli Stati Uniti a detenere il 58% del mercato, seguono a ruota Europa, Giappone, Australia e Cina. (foto: noninvasive-Prenatal-testing)

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Dubuisson boosts home hopes in Paris

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 4 luglio 2015

Victor DUBUISSONVictor Dubuisson continued to delight the locals at Le Golf National by grabbing a share of the halfway lead at the Alstom Open de France. The 25 year old carded a second round 70 to join playing partner and Ryder Cup team-mate Martin Kaymer and Spain’s Rafa Cabrera-Bello on four under par.Cabrera-Bello and Dubuisson had both been part of a four-way tie for the lead once the delayed opening round was completed first thing this morning, and it was the in-form Spaniard who set the morning target as a second round 70 put him in the clubhouse on four under. Dubuisson looked to be taking command of the tournament when he birdied the fifth and holed his approach to the sixth for eagle to reach six under, but in more testing conditions bogeyed the eighth and ninth.Kaymer birdied the latter from 15 feet to turn in 34 and join the leaders, with Dubuisson converting from the back of the 12th green to retake the lead. Two-time Major winner Kaymer converted another chance at the 13th and the pair remained locked together until the German found water with his approach to the 15th and double bogeyed.But Dubuisson failed to get up and down from beside the 17th green and Kaymer birdied the last from 15 feet after the Frenchman narrowly failed to chip in for a gain of his own, to set up an exciting battle over the weekend. “I played very well,” said Dubuisson, whose only previous European Tour victory came in the 2013 Turkish Airlines Open. “On this course, when you start to make one bogey, two bogeys, then you think that it can turn really bad, but I had a great round and I’m very happy about the way I played today. It was really tough out there with the wind this afternoon.”Kaymer missed the cut in his defence of the US Open two weeks ago and on home soil in Munich last time out, and was excited to be involved at the top of the leaderboard once more. “It’s been a few months since I’ve been in one of the last groups of a tournament,” said the 30 year old, who won here in 2009. “Obviously I enjoy that golf course and have had success on that golf course. “The crowds are behind me and Blue dayplaying with Victor the last couple of days was good fun, too. A lot of people were following our group, so I think it’s going to be an exciting weekend.”Cabrera-Bello has finished fourth, 13th, second and 11th in his last four events, but bogeyed the 72nd hole in the Dubai Duty Free Irish Open to miss out on a play-off and shot rounds of 74 and 71 after taking the halfway lead in Munich last week. The 31 year old turned in a one under par 34, but bogeyed the fifth before holing a ten foot birdie effort at the next. Another dropped shot followed on the seventh after his decision to chip from the green backfired, but he converted from 20 feet on the next to bounce back once more.The cut came at four over par, but defending champion Graeme McDowell saw his bid for a hat-trick of titles end with a second round 78. (foto: Victor DUBUISSON, Blue day)

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Globalisation doesn’t automatically make countries better off

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 2 febbraio 2015

warwick_campus_2_largeOnly a small number of countries benefited from the first wave of globalisation around 150 years ago, while the majority of nations ended up worse-off, a new study by the University of Warwick has revealed.Professor Luigi Pascali from the Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy (CAGE) led the research and says it’s proof that international trade doesn’t automatically lead to economic prosperity.In his working paper ‘The Wind of Change’ he looks at data taken from a period of the 19th century when many countries suddenly became open to international trade following the introduction of the steamship.Up until the mid-1800s the distribution of goods around the world was determined by sailing vessels which relied on global wind patterns to get from coast to coast.But the steamship dramatically changed the way the world did business and led to a marked acceleration in the buying and selling of goods on an international scale – it was the first wave of globalisation.“This is an ideal testing ground in which to observe the effects that globalisation can have on economic development – albeit only for a brief period of history,” said Prof Pascali.“I looked at a novel set of data from the time and used it to make trade predictions focusing on urbanisation rates, population densities and per-capita incomes. What I found was that the majority of nations actually lost out as a result of globalisation during this short period in history – which astonishingly goes against the widely held belief that globalisation generally has a positive impact on the world.“What also became clear from the study was that it was only a small set of core nations with inclusive political institutions that benefited from international trade, whilst the negative effect was felt by countries characterised by absolute power – which was the majority at the time.”Prof Pascali concluded: “What my study shows is that inclusive political institutions are vital to ensuring globalisation results in prosperity and history presents a warning to modern day policy-makers that economic development shouldn’t be taken for granted.”

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Micro Focus partecipa al Software Testing Forum

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 8 giugno 2011

Milano, 20 e 21 giugno presso il Marriott Hotel, in via Washington, 66. Si tratta della prima Conferenza Internazionale su Soluzioni ed Esperienze per il Software, le Applicazioni e i Servizi d’Impresa in Italia. Organizzato da ITA ISTQB – l’organizzazione dedicata alla certificazione delle competenze in ambito testing, in accordo allo schema internazionale ISTQB – e in collaborazione con BCI Italia e con il patrocinio delle principali associazioni di settore, il Forum prevede la partecipazione dei massimi esperti mondiali di Testing e Qualità del Software che si confronteranno con CIO, produttori di tecnologie, fornitori di servizi e utenti. Micro Focus, uno dei più importanti vendor a livello internazionale in questo ambito, offrirà una panoramica delle problematiche aziendali legate al testing e alla quality assurance insieme alle proposte che l’azienda è in grado di formulare in termini di servizi e soluzioni per il testing di nuova generazione, frutto dell’integrazione di Borland e di una linea di business di Compuware.
Il Software Testing Forum – Nato con l’obiettivo di analizzare a fondo la necessità e l’importanza della qualità dei software nei nuovi scenari economici e tecnologici, il Forum si concentrerà su argomenti quali il software applicativo per il Cloud Computing, i Web Services, i sistemi Embedded, le applicazioni Business Critical, Web 2.0 e aperte ai nuovi dispositivi mobili. La giornata del 20 giugno sarà dedicata a Tutorial, tenuti dai maggiori esperti mondiali, mentre il 21 si entrerà nel vivo della conferenza che si annuncia ricca di contributi e testimonianze di importanti aziende italiane e internazionali, dei principali vendor di tool e dei maggiori esperti del mondo accademico.
Micro Focus, membro di FTSE 250, offre soluzioni innovative che aiutano le aziende ad accrescere il valore del patrimonio applicativo esistente. Le soluzioni Micro Focus di Enterprise Application Modernization, Testing e Management consentono di adottare architetture nuove e moderne in modo rapido ed efficace, riducendo costi e rischi.

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Alleanza con Atlas Material Testing Technology

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 16 marzo 2010

Northbrook, Illinois. Underwriters Laboratories (UL), organismo indipendente e leader mondiale nel settore delle prove e della certificazione in materia di sicurezza, ha stipulato un’alleanza strategica con Atlas Material Testing Technology, leader mondiale negli strumenti per l’invecchiamento atmosferico accelerato e nei servizi di test di invecchiamento atmosferico. Questa alleanza favorisce entrambe le società, aumentandone la capacità di collaudo globale e la competenza nell’esecuzione del processo di invecchiamento accelerato, velocizzando i tempi per i test e la certificazione a beneficio dei produttori che operano nel settore dell’energia solare.  La collaborazione tra le due società ha già portato alla riduzione dei tempi di consegna per una parte dei clienti che ambisce a ricevere il marchio UL per moduli fotovoltaici e apparecchi accessori per impianti di alimentazione. I test in ambiente esterno e di invecchiamento per valutare la longevità di un prodotto costituiscono non solo una componente essenziale per la soddisfazione degli standard prestazionali, ma forniscono ai produttori dati necessari per attestare tale longevità a sostegno delle proprie dichiarazioni in termini di garanzia e rendimento. Tali test riducono i costi associati alle problematiche di post vendita dei prodotti nel mercato.
Atlas(R) è un leader riconosciuto nel settore del collaudo dei materiali, che offre una linea completa di strumenti e servizi per l’invecchiamento atmosferico accelerato e naturale. Atlas Consulting Group assiste i clienti nello sviluppo dei processi migliori per l’invecchiamento atmosferico dei propri prodotti, offrendo, inoltre, corsi di istruzione e formazione in tutto il mondo. Atlas Weathering Services Group dispone di cinque laboratori e 20 sedi di esposizione esterna dediti alla verifica dell’invecchiamento atmosferico in ambiente di laboratorio ed esterno, dislocati in tutto il mondo ed esposti ad una varietà di clima, tra cui quelli desertici, subtropicali, di alta quota e corrosivi.

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Mirial Softphone

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 10 gennaio 2010

Milan Mirial announces that Microsoft LifeCam Cinema is certified to be  interoperable with Mirial Softphone desktop video conferencing solution. Mirial Softphone is the software-only client for professional quality videoconferencing offered by the Italian provider of products and solution for visual communication. Featuring Full-HD resolution (1080p) for both decoding and encoding, embedded MCU functionality, and advanced media encryption, Mirial Softphone is fully compliant with all major visual communications standards and can be seamlessly integrated into every visual communications network.Mirial’s Certified Interoperability Testing Program provided rigorous testing aimed at verifying the full compatibility of the LifeCam Cinema with the Mirial Softphone. Technical teams at both Mirial and Microsoft worked together to certify that the products interoperated successfully. A 30-day try&buy version of Mirial Softphone can be downloaded from the Mirial website.
Mirial (formerly DyLogic) engineers cutting-edge products for audio and video communication over convergent networks. The company portfolio includes a comprehensive set of solutions targeted to carriers, service providers and enterprises, enabling hosted 3G, IP and IMS audio/video services and professional SD and HD videoconferencing. Mirial products and solutions are available at the company’s sales representatives and resellers worldwide. ttp://

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Una nuova applicazione SOA di IBM

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 6 maggio 2009

WebSphere CloudBurst è la prima applicazione di questo tipo a immagazzinare e rendere disponibili in maniera sicura le immagini e pattern di WebSphere Application Server Hypervisor Edition, che vengono quindi diffuse in un ambiente cloud.  WebSphere CloudBurst supporta i clienti nello sviluppo, nella fase di testing e nell’implementazione di applicazioni business, riducendo la complessità e i tempi dei processi connessi alla creazione di ambienti di sviluppo. L’utilizzo congiunto del nuovo IBM Rational Automation Framework, che permette la personalizzazione dei pattern, e di WebSphere CloudBurst migliora l’efficienza delle fasi di sviluppo e test, garantendo più rapidi time to market e ROI.  In aggiunta, Tivoli Service Automation Manager è progettato per supportare la creazione di data center più moderni e dinamici,  permettendo di ridurre i costi operativi dell’IT grazie all’automazione dei processi utilizzati per sviluppare e gestire un ambiente di cloud computing.  IBM presenta, inoltre, BPM Blue Works, un set di strumenti di business strategy e business process a base cloud. Blue Works fornisce agli utilizzatori business gli strumenti – basati su collaudate tecniche di business process management – necessari per sviluppare le strategie di business all’interno della propria organizzazione.  IBM Global Business Services supporta queste soluzioni attraverso l’ampliamento dell’offerta IBM Implementation Services for Cloud Computing, un test per applicazioni cloud che include servizi per CloudBurst, capaci di supportare i clienti nella fase di test delle applicazioni prima della loro produzione. Basato su proiezioni IBM, questo test condotto in ambiente cloud consente ai clienti di risparmiare fino al 50 -75% delle spese in capitale e licenze e dal 30 al 50% dei costi operativi attraverso la fornitura e la configurazione automatizzata di risorse testate virtualmente.  In aggiunta, questo servizio permette di migliorare la qualità riducendo i problemi dovuti a configurazione difettosa e scadente modeling dal 15 al 30%.  IBM Websphere CloudBurst Appliance e IBM WebSphere Application Server Hypervisor Edition saranno disponibili a partire dal secondo trimestre 2009.

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