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TomTom Transforms Traffic Information Delivery Service

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 6 giugno 2019

Location technology specialist, TomTom (TOM2), today announced that its industry-leading traffic information service, TomTom Traffic, is now available to automakers with enhanced flexibility that can be used to further optimize traffic data consumption. TomTom Traffic’s new feature, Flexible Radius, allows automakers to dynamically change how traffic information is delivered based on the driver’s current route. Flexible Radius significantly reduces traffic data consumption, as well as the associated costs – without compromising quality. Moreover, it is fully configurable, and adaptable to the automaker’s requirements and local market needs.TomTom Traffic provides accurate information about traffic jams and expected delays on a planned route, helping drivers make better decisions that save time, reduce stress and make roads a safer place. It is an accurate, real-time service, driven by more than 600 million connected devices, that collects data on over 3.5 billion km of roadways per day.Ralf-Peter Schäfer, Head of TomTom Traffic: “TomTom used to deliver traffic data in a large radius around the vehicle, but many drives are shorter than 50 km. With the new Flexible Radius feature, we’re focusing data delivery on only the relevant traffic information, leading to lower data consumption, and significantly lower costs.”TomTom Traffic is currently available in more than 75 countries in Europe, the Americas, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.Schäfer continues: “Although car manufacturers globally will benefit, our customers in North America will find this change particularly attractive. That’s because traffic information is traditionally broadcasted in the US, rather than being delivered via a cellular data connection.”

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Fleet Management Systems to Gain Widespread Acceptance in Europe, Finds Frost & Sullivan

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 14 dicembre 2013

LONDON Fleet management systems (FMS) have an established presence in France, Germany, UK, Italy and Benelux, with 70 percent of fleet managers claiming familiarity with FMS – 37 percent are already using it and 33 percent are testing it. In general, fleet owners display a positive attitude toward FMS, and 35 percent of respondents in a recent Frost & Sullivan survey consider it an absolute necessity. Large fleets are keener to adopt these solutions than small and medium fleets, clearly indicating a lack of awareness on the benefits offered by FMS among the latter.
Willingness to Pay for FMS, summarises the findings of the survey of 155 decision-makers and key influencers for FMS in Europe. The research revealed that fleet managers are satisfied with the FMS currently offered. In fact, productivity and fleet security – two of the top three criteria used during purchase – exceed expectations. On the other hand, fleet managers are dissatisfied with the savings made on insurance premiums and the lack of new services.“Presently, vehicle management as well as fleet security and control are the most widely-used services in Europe,” said Frost & Sullivan Customer Research Consultant Agnieszka Wolf. “However, offering driver and order management services will help FMS vendors retain existing customers as 35 percent of respondents are looking to buy these solutions in the next 36 months.”Key points of interest (POI) in navigation systems include gas stations, repair stations, and speed restrictions. Respondents working in medium commercial vehicle (MCV) fleets were keen on all POI with particular interest in truck parking slots, road gradients, and restaurants.Interestingly, respondents indicated that they would prefer dealing with one supplier per solution. Two out of three also said that they would choose brands offering prognostic technologies, which help predict the impending failure of a commercial vehicle.No clear overall preference for a particular FMS vendor type was seen, although significant vendor preferences exist according to solution and country. While respondents in Germany, Italy and UK are more aware of systems from truck original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), only Germany and UK favour truck OEMs for all solutions. Fleet managers in Italy, France and Benelux favour specialised third-party or logistics and supply chain providers. Among specialised FMS providers, TomTom and Transics received the highest ratings.“The survey reveals that the key decision maker for FMS purchase in fleets is top management,” said Wolf. “However, driver and trade unions appear to influence decisions in Italy and Benelux, especially in the case of large fleets with more than 100 vehicles.”In terms of payment, general willingness to spend on fleet telematics services is low. Fleet owners in France are most willing to pay for these services whereas those from Benelux are least inclined. Readiness to pay is also higher in MCV and heavy commercial vehicle fleets than light vehicle fleets. Profit-sharing business models too are gaining acceptance, particularly in France. In Benelux, the market is quite polarised and there is no clear penchant for profit sharing.

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