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New tool to combat terrorism online agreed

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 13 dicembre 2020

The new law targets texts, images, sound recordings or videos that incite, solicit or contribute to terrorist offences, provide instructions for such offences or solicit people to participate in a terrorist group. It also aims to combat content that provides guidance on how to make and use explosives, firearms and other weapons for terrorist purposes. The definition of terrorist offences are in line with the Directive on combating terrorism.Internet platforms have to remove terrorist content or disable access to it in all member states as soon as possible and in any event within one hour after they have received a removal order. Removal orders may be sent from authorities in any member state to an internet platform set up in any other EU member state. The competent authorities in the member state where the service provider has its main establishment have the right to scrutinise the removal order and suspend it if they consider it violates fundamental rights.If material is disseminated for educational, journalistic, artistic or research purposes or to prevent or counter terrorism, it will not be considered terrorist content. This also includes content expressing polemic or controversial views in a public debate.Internet platforms will not be obliged to monitor or filter all content. Nonetheless, if they are exposed to terrorist content, they will have to take specific measures to protect their services against its dissemination. The service provider decides on those measures. Service providers will also need to publish annual transparency reports on action taken against the dissemination of terrorist content.

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COVID-19: Reform Support Programme must be transformed into major recovery tool

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 27 aprile 2020

Statement on the Reform Support Programme by co-rapporteurs of the Budgetary Affairs and Economic and Monetary Affairs Committees.The health, economic and social situation in Europe is currently deteriorating rapidly. The COVID-19 pandemic might lead to unprecedented shocks to our economy and labour markets. The European Parliament, and in particular the Committee on Budgets (BUDG) and the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON), are at the forefront of the debate, working on instruments that would help Europe’s long-term recovery.
The BUDG-ECON co-rapporteurs Eider Gardiazabal Rubial (S&D/ES) and Dragoş Pîslaru (Renew/RO) highlighted that “this crisis has clearly demonstrated the need to urgently deepen the Economic and Monetary Union and to improve the resilience of member states’ economies to sizeable shocks, both symmetric and asymmetric. European solidarity and a coordinated response are key to both an effective crisis strategy as well as a design of the post-crisis recovery.”“While present efforts and all the available means must foremost concentrate on addressing the immediate fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, we must lay down the foundations for recovery and equip our economies with the means to make both national economies and the EU stronger and more united. In this respect, the ambitious 2021-2027 Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) is part of a solution. Within the EU long-term budget, the Budgetary Instrument for Convergence and Competitiveness (BICC), which is to be integrated within the Reform Support Programme (RSP), will be one of the key instruments to strengthen”, the MEPs said.The Programme will be a tool to incentivise member states to implement structural reforms and pursue investments that will ensure EU welfare. It should strengthen and support the enlargement of the euro area, with reforms and investments building more resilience to shocks, coupled with direct support for accession towards the euro area. In addition, the technical assistance component will strengthen member states’ capacity to prepare and implement growth-sustaining administrative and structural reforms, and share valuable good practices across the EU.The MEPs also stressed that “BUDG and ECON will work expeditiously on the RSP in order for member states to be able to use this instrument also for post-crisis reconstruction. Our focus will be on stimulating the implementation of structural reforms in order to set the recovery on a sustainable path, unlocking the growth potential, adapting to current challenges, strengthening the adjustment capacity and supporting the process of upward economic and social convergence. The scope and size of this instrument must be significantly strengthened if we want to live up to the task that lies ahead. As to the scope, it is of utmost importance that reforms and investments are prioritised that make our health, social and economic systems more resilient. Regarding the overall size, the current budget (about EUR 17 billion over 7 years) must be beefed up to become macro-economically relevant. This could be achieved by exploring possible links between the BICC and external budgetary funding.”Finally, Members called “on the Commission and the Council to push forward a proposal on the MFF to endow the Reform Support Programme with adequate resources that could transform it into one of the major tools of the EU Recovery Plan post COVID-19 outbreak.”

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Tradeweb Introduces Price Streams and iDeal Messaging Tool for Bond Connect Investors

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 4 luglio 2019

Tradeweb Markets Inc. (Nasdaq: TW), a leading global operator of electronic marketplaces for rates, credit, equities and money markets, has introduced a series of new features further optimising offshore investors’ access to the Chinese Interbank Bond Market (CIBM). The launch of dealer streaming prices and iDeal – the messaging tool developed by the China Foreign Exchange Trade System (CFETS) – on Tradeweb was announced during the Bond Connect Anniversary Summit in Hong Kong today.
Via Tradeweb’s connection to CFETS, all Bond Connect participating dealers will be able to contribute live streaming liquidity on a disclosed basis across bonds tradable in the CIBM, thereby increasing pre-trade transparency and enhancing trade counterparty selection. Tradeweb clients can customise the way they view and access dealer pricing and inventory either by individual security or liquidity provider. Clients can also opt to view the five most competitive prices for a given instrument, a feature which provides them with a clear indication of where the market is and, in turn, better informs their trading strategy.
Furthermore, Tradeweb is now the only Bond Connect trading platform to facilitate a single sign-on to CFETS’ iDeal instant messenger, making it possible for offshore buy-side firms to communicate and engage directly with onshore dealers prior to submitting a request-for-quote (RFQ). Access to iDeal is fully streamlined and traders, once connected, are not required to register again.Tradeweb was also the first trading platform to offer pre- and post-trade allocations on Bond Connect, enabling international investors to trade on behalf of multiple funds in one block trade via the Tradeweb interface. Tradeweb Bond Connect allocations are executed via RFQ, allowing users to take advantage of the straight-through-processing benefits gained by pre-and post-trade integration with order management systems. Tradeweb recently increased the number of allocating sub-accounts from 30 to 50, a development expected to facilitate foreign investor participation in the Chinese bond market.Bond Connect was established on July 3, 2017 to help open up China’s onshore bond market, the world’s second largest according to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). Tradeweb was selected as the first trading link to Bond Connect, after playing a critical role in the initiative’s creation, development and design. Since launch, USD 280 billion in CNY cash bonds has been executed on Tradeweb across more than 18,000 fully electronic transactions. Monthly average daily trading volume has risen by 406% since the first month of trading in July 2017, reaching USD 1.1 billion in June 2019. The number of onshore dealers providing liquidity on Bond Connect has also increased from 34 to 47, while the number of approved investors has reached 1,038.

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Quarta versione del tool per decrittografare GandCrab

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 18 giugno 2019

Bitdefender, società leader globale nella sicurezza informatica che protegge più di 500 milioni di sistemi nel mondo, annuncia oggi un nuovo strumento di decrittografia per contrastare l’ultima versione del ransomware GandCrab. Realizzato in collaborazione con Europol, polizia rumena, DIICOT, FBI, NCA, Metropolitan Police, e con gli uffici di polizia di Francia, Bulgaria e di altre forze dell’ordine, il componente di decrittografia neutralizza le ultime versioni di GandCrab – la più prolifica famiglia di malware in grado di crittografare i file.Il nuovo strumento consente alle vittime di riconquistare l’accesso alle informazioni e ai file sottratti dagli hacker, senza pagare alcun riscatto. Il nuovo strumento di decrittografia è utilizzabile per le versioni 1 e 4, e per quelle da 5 a 5.2, l’ultima utilizzata dai criminali informatici.I precedenti strumenti di decrittografia per il ransomware GandCrab rilasciati da Bitdefender e dalle forze dell’ordine in collaborazione, hanno aiutato più di 30.000 vittime a recuperare i dati e a risparmiare più di 50 milioni di dollari senza pagare alcun riscatto.GandCrab, che ha fatto la sua prima apparizione nel gennaio 2018, è cresciuto rapidamente grazie al suo schema di monetizzazione basato su affiliati, che gli ha permesso di raggiungere una quota enorme, vale a dire il 50% del mercato dei ransomware ad agosto 2018.Nelle recenti interazioni su forum clandestini privati, i criminali informatici dietro a GandCrab hanno affermato di aver estorto più di 2 miliardi di dollari alle loro vittime. Gli sforzi congiunti di Bitdefender e delle forze dell’ordine partner hanno indebolito la posizione di questi hacker e hanno spinto gli affiliati criminali a diffidare del servizio, portando alla fine e alla chiusura definitiva della rete illecita.
Per prevenire le infezioni ransomware, gli utenti dovrebbero implementare una soluzione di sicurezza con diversi livelli di difesa, eseguire regolarmente il backup dei dati ed evitare di aprire gli allegati che arrivano da email indesiderate con mittenti sconosciuti.Bitdefender e le forze dell’ordine partner consigliano alle vittime di non cedere alle richieste di riscatto dei malintenzionati che diffondono il ransomware. Dovrebbero invece eseguire il backup delle informazioni crittografate e informare immediatamente la polizia.

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Launch of New PRGX SpendTrax(TM) Tool

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 19 ottobre 2011

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Atlanta PRGX Global, Inc. (Nasdaq:PRGX), a business analytics and information services firm, announced today the launch of PRGX SpendTraxTM version 3. This new version of PRGX’s core spend analytics tool significantly enhances PRGX’s Spend Optimization suite of services with features and functionalities that allow both private and public sector organizations to rapidly gain visibility into their spend, accurately monitor their spend, identify spending trends and patterns, manage vendor and spend compliance, and identify opportunities to capture savings. As an intuitive and easy to use software-as-a-service, or “SaaS” application, the new version of PRGX SpendTrax provides a holistic overview of a company’s spend. Spend visibility is provided through enhanced graphical views, savings opportunities are pinpointed with the new “Opportunity Analysis” dashboard, compliance is tracked using the innovative “Spend Under Management” functionality, and risk across procurement and payables is monitored through the advanced reporting functionality. In short, PRGX SpendTrax equips procurement teams with a road map for significant value generation through better buying, compliance and process improvement. Sajid Ghani, Global Managing Director of PRGX Business Analytics, said, “This latest version of PRGX SpendTrax is a giant leap forward in empowering clients with new insights and savings opportunities. We have listened to our clients to understand the needs of procurement teams and have incorporated what we learned into an enhanced version of our established data analytics product. This updated tool strengthens all three key stages of our service – the aggregation of client data, appropriate classification of that data through data mining and the generation of a visual representation of where savings can be found.”
Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, PRGX Global, Inc. is the world’s leading provider of recovery audit services. With more than 1,400 employees, the company operates and serves clients in more than 30 countries and provides its services to over 75% of the top 30 global retailers. PRGX is also pioneering Profit Discovery™, a unique combination of audit, analytics and advisory services that improves client financial performance. Beyond its core retail practice, PRGX is actively expanding into services to the healthcare industry. Further details can be found at

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