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Between tradition and innovation, a contemporary jewel rich in artistic and symbolic values

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 6 luglio 2019

Yvone Christa was founded in Los Angeles 1991 from the inspiration of two Swedish designers: Yvonne Clamf and Christina Söderström. From their first names, they created a brand that knew immediate success when a screenwriter, struck by their first collections, commissioned the jewelry for the stars of two major TV series: “Beverly Hills” and “Melrose Place”. Love for art and passion for fashion, design and architecture give life to a unique jewelry line that has conquered the States. Every piece of Yvone Christa jewelry is handmade with the ancient Venetian filigree technique: thin threads of silver, crafted into exotic patterns and treated with a particular procedure donating the jewels an antique finish.Yvone Christa colorful jewelry has a distinctive feminine and retro taste which the designers achieve with the careful choice of pearls, semiprecious stones and circular zirconia.Nature is a rich source of inspiration: the perfection of a rose, an orchid or a tulip. Petals, leaves and stems, but also insects, dew drops or a cloud. Whatever the sensitive eyes of the designers can grasp is carefully patterned with thin silver threads.The creations of YVONE CHRISTA have conquered the hearts of great figures in prominent circles. Actresses, supermodels, politicians even royals wear Yvone Christa and the style of the brand has spread across the globe.The two designers have also partaken in collaborations with important international art museums. One being with the Stockholm National Museum, who commissioned Yvone Christa the “The Butter Cup” collection on occasion of an exhibition of the jewels of the Russian Tsars. Likewise, the National Gallery of Art of Washington D.C. entrusted the designers with making the “Forget Me Not” collection which took inspiration from a painting by Van Huysum. Yvone Christa jewels are sold in the boutique of various art museums.The myth of a great artist stimulates the creativity of the designers who, in 2002, create a collection that has become a true icon of costume jewelry over time: it is the fascinating “Frida Kahlo” Collection. A blend of strong colors and feelings, emotions of the lifestyle of the Big Apple ’40s that marked the beginning of the painter’s artistic path. The big bohemian earrings, cult of the collection, are an expression of the feminine character, a synthesis of a woman who can impose her own personality. Subtle shapes, the daisy in bloom, the inlaid crescent moon and the rain of vibrant stones and colored pearls. In between tradition and innovation, a contemporary jewel rich in artistic and symbolic values signed Yvone Christa NY.

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Cliff diving officially accepted a tradition of the Azores

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 22 giugno 2019

Jessica Macaulay and Jonathan Paredes, world-class cliff divers from Great Britain and Mexico, took the traditional Marchas Populares, an annual parade of marching groups worshipping Saint John on the Azores’ main island, to the cliffs of the islet of Vila Franca do Campo. By diving through a flowered arch typical for the festivities into the Atlantic Ocean the duo kicked off a week of pure cliff diving. 24 athletes return to the volcanic rocks to not only fight for crucial championship points halfway through the 2019 season, but also celebrate and explore the tradition of their pure sport: Spread their wings and leap acrobatically from both the bare rocks and the platforms offshore from São Miguel.It’s the World Series’ most classic event with 8 consecutive stops since 2012 – more than any other of the 33 venues – and this year the competition coincides with the local tradition of the Festas de São João da Vila, where more than 15 marching groups and 1000 participants march along the streets of Vila Franca do Campo, filled with lights, arcs, colours and flowers for 11 days straight.After Macaulay and Paredes got introduced to the local dance and marching tradition, they presented their diving skills to the local community as they launched from the volcanic rocks in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.Both are currently in 4th place overall and will need to prove versatility if they want to stay in contention for the 2019 King Kahekili Trophy, while record-smashing Rhiannan Iffland can make history in her 21st appearance in the World Series. The 27-year-old Australian holds all the trumps to secure her 4th victory in the season’s 4th event from 21m, something no other female athlete has yet achieved in this sport.Supreme acrobatic skills will also be required in the men’s to stir up the standings, with the added challenge of dealing with the open ocean. While Britain’s Hunt is the most successful athlete in this majestic location with three wins, the 35-year-old hasn’t tasted victory in the previous two Portuguese competitions.The stage is set for more excitement on the ‘Princess Ring’, as the locals call this nature reserve. Almost circular in shape but broken by a sea entrance through one section of its perimeter, the phenomenal visuals of this mid-Atlantic venue will be the backdrop not only for the sport’s elite but also some fresh faces and upcoming talent at the midway point of the 2019 season.

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“JAPAN – Where tradition meets the future”

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 19 gennaio 2018

Japan National TourismJapan National Tourism Organization (JNTO, London Office) released a 360-degree VR video “[360-degree VR] JAPAN – Where tradition meets the future” on 16 January 2018. The video visualizing the essence of Japan and its culture was created as part of “JAPAN – Where tradition meets the future”, a large-scale inbound tourism promotion targeting 15 European countries, which started in 2016. With the concept of fusing together “tradition,” “innovation,” and “nature” which coexist in the diverse culture of Japan, the 360-degree VR video takes viewers on a virtual tour of Japan.Japan’s 16 Most Mesmerizing Destinations Introduced in a New Live-Action 360-Degree Video
As part of the promotion, there will be a social media prize competition to win a round-trip to Japan. Also, an AR digital signage display “Interactive Vision” will be exhibited in five countries across Europe, allowing passersby to virtually try on traditional Japanese costumes such as kabuki, maiko, and samurai.With the aim of Japan becoming more recognized and being chosen as a tourist destination, this promotion combines “traditional culture” with “innovative technology” to create contents that will appeal to the world, as stated in the promotion title “JAPAN – Where tradition meets the future.”
About the 2018 promotion for “JAPAN – Where tradition meets the future” “JAPAN – Where tradition meets the future,” is a highly acclaimed large-scale inbound tourism promotion by JNTO which began in 2016. The first video exceeded 13 million total views throughout the world, and has won silver and bronze in the Digital Craft division for SPIKES ASIA 2017, as well as being chosen as a finalist in three categories in ONE SHOW 2017. The 2018 promotion will provide interactive contents which will allow viewers to better understand Japan and its culture. (photo: Japan National Tourism)

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“Tradition is dead (part one)”, personale di Jennifer Crisanti

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 7 giugno 2016

Jennifer CrisantiArezzo 10 giugno 2016, 19.00 GALLERIA 33 via Garibaldi 33 personale di Jennifer Crisanti “Tradition is dead (part one)”. Lo spazio espositivo sarà occupato da una selezione dei più recenti lavori dell’artista canadese. Si tratta del secondo solo show che la galleria dedica a Crisanti dopo “Ruby woo”, allestita nel febbraio del 2015. La rassegna, a cura di Tiziana Tommei, propone opere inedite, relative alla nuova collezione della pittrice: un progetto aperto, di cui si mette in mostra per l’occasione una prima sezione. Il percorso espositivo intende inoltre porre l’attenzione sull’iter artistico della Crisanti, mettendo in relazione l’attuale fase creativa con opere scelte, tratte dalla produzione passata e successive al 2011.
Jennifer Crisanti1A dominare lo spazio della galleria quattro grandi tele: “1000 pz made in Italy”, “CON”, “Gossip Factory”, “Azo free color”. Protagoniste assolute le figure femminili identificative dell’immaginario dell’artista, presenze enigmatiche, aliene ed inquietanti. Emergono tra colature di colore e pieghe della tela, definite con un tratto sicuro ed istintivo, violento ed emotivo, che rompe costantemente i contorni delle forme senza mai negarle, ma anzi accentuandone i caratteri. Alle opere di grandi dimensioni si accompagnano 12 disegni, una serie di studi che rende conto del processo di costruzione del soggetto della ballerina, alter ego dell’artista. In essi si assembla la figura umana nelle sue diverse componenti, con uno sviluppo similare al montaggio di un automa, mentre i titoli dei singoli pezzi citano passi di danza di rimando ai ritmi compositivi. In relazione a questi sono esposte le tele di piccolo formato dal titolo “Prima ballerina no”, nelle quali il movimento convulso delle danzatrici è evocato attraverso una pittura marcatamente gestuale. Non per ultimo, in dialogo con le opere attuali, vengono riproposti alcuni lavori storici: “Untitled” (Cortona, 2014) e una selezione di “Ballerina series 1-33” (Madrid 2012-13).
Jennifer Pérez Crisanti è nata nel 1976 a Calgary, in Canada. Inizia a dipingere da autodidatta all’età di diciassette anni, manifestando da subito l’interesse per la rappresentazione della figura umana.
La mostra sarà in corso fino al 3 luglio 2016 aperta da martedì a sabato con orario 11.00 – 13.00 e 16.30 – 19.30 o su appuntamento.

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How the Queen gives UK business an edge

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 5 settembre 2015

queenResearch has found that the Queen and Britain’s royal heritage gives the country an edge in marketing its goods around the world, especially luxury goods.As Queen Elizabeth II becomes Britain’s longest reigning monarch on September 9 research from Qing Wang, of Warwick Business School, has found out how important she is for promoting the country’s products and business. Professor Wang said: “The Queen and the royal family are the most significant symbols of British heritage and tradition. They inject a sense of continuity and national identity in the globalised and ever-changing world we live in today.“The Queen and all the history that comes with her, gives British luxury brands an edge and distinctive advantage.”The global luxury market – which includes drinks, fashion, cosmetics, fragrances, watches, jewellery, luggage, and handbags – was estimated to be worth €230 billion in 2014, with the Chinese consumer showing the biggest and fastest growing appetite for luxury goods.British luxury brands like Gieves & Hawkes, Cartier, the Ritz Hotel and Burberry are revered around the world and especially by the Chinese.Professor Wang’s survey of Chinese consumers asked them what they associated with the ‘Britishness’ they liked so much, and top of the list was the Queen and the royal family.“Luxury goods are defined as those satisfying hedonic rather than functional needs and our research has found this is an area that Britain enjoys a distinct advantage in,” said Professor Wang.“The Queen is a significant reason for this, as a very important factor that makes Britain stand out is that it incorporates tradition and innovation seamlessly.“Put differently, Britain’s advantage lies in the so-called soft power, which is defined as the ability to get what you want through attraction rather than through coercion, and the UK’s royal heritage is a key part of that.“The extent of its impact is hard to measure and even harder to replicate. As China promotes its own soft power, it has increasingly turned to Britain for inspiration.”Indeed, Professor Wang believes British products and services that re-affirm their link to the Queen’s and the country’s royalty has helped insulate them from a slump in the luxury market in the last three years.Professor Wang said: “The continued profit and sale decline of luxury brands are a strong indication that luxury brands are losing their lustre due to over exposure in the global marketplace and outsourcing of production to other countries.“There is a trickle-down effect of shoppers looking to emulate the luxury lifestyle, but the conspicuous consumption of middle-class consumers is threatening the very essence of luxury being exclusive.“But the link to the most important British heritage – royalty – reaffirms to consumers the brand’s authenticity and reminds the public of the golden bygone age. Unique and customised product offerings combined with exquisite craftsmanship and the royal association continue to drive sales in emerging markets.”And Professor Wang says the much sought after Royal Warrant – a mark of recognition to those who supply goods or services to the household of the Queen – gives British products added value as an indicator of quality.
“For British heritage brands, the Royal Warrant is a stamp of approval,” said Professor Wang. “In luxury brand marketing, heritage is a critical resource and is perceived as a key attribute of brand authenticity and brand aura – the miasma of meaning surrounding a brand – plus it is a fundamental resource for retro-marketing and nostalgic branding.“In addition, our research on the consumer’s authenticity evaluation of luxury brands shows that luxury brands are characterised by a founding myth, history, craftsmanship and a link to the leisured class, something that the Queen certainly helps British products embody.” (photo queen)

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European Parliament elections: It’s about Europe, it’s about you!

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 22 maggio 2014

parlamento europeoStatement by the General Secretary of Conference of European Churches on European Parliament elections 2014The elections to the European Parliament are an opportunity for each citizen of the European Union to make their voices heard and to shape our common future. It belongs to the Christian understanding of the role of each person in society not to hide individual responsibility for the development of the community. Every day the European Union pervades our life in many different ways. At this particular time, when the daily existence of millions of people in Europe is affected by the continuing impacts of the economic and financial crisis, when peace and reconciliation neither in society, nor within the continent as such are any longer as obvious as it used to be just a couple of years ago, and when the future of Europe more than ever raises questions and concerns, the Conference of European Churches (CEC) urges Christians all over the European Union, members of our  member churches, to seize the opportunity of the upcoming elections to cast their votes for candidates promoting peace, reconciliation, societal justice and cooperation instead of extremism and separation. As was expressed in an earlier statement on the topic by CEC Governing Board, our vision is ‘Europe as a place of peace, solidarity and cooperation.’ For this particular reason: “CEC invites its member churches to stand up actively against extremist positions that are contrary to basic standards of humanity and that deny values on which the European tradition has been built and that stand against basic principles of Christian ethics and faith.” We wish to express our support for those candidates standing in elections who value human life and the dignity of each individual without distinction. Christians all over Europe have a long-standing tradition in working towards justice and fairness in interpersonal relations, in cooperation among nations, as well as in our relation to the world. This should drive us to make our position clear also in the upcoming elections. For more information about themes related to the elections important for CEC, its member churches and our partners you are invited to read the CEC leaflet and the website A voice for a Europe of peace, solidarity and cooperation is crucial at this particular moment!

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Statement of Victor Pinchuk

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 19 febbraio 2014

victor pinchuk1Victor Pinchuk said: “A peaceful solution must be found, it is imperative to refrain from the use of force and find a compromise. Ukraine since its independence has avoided bloodshed. We must return to this tradition immediately. From this minute, this is the responsibility of everyone – those in power, the opposition, civil society, business. It is time for all sides to take courageous steps towards compromise that they may not yet have been ready to take even this morning. For each of us, love for Ukraine must be immeasurably more important than any other feelings and interests.”

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PinchukArtCentre presents solo exhibitions by Jeff Wall and Gary Hume

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 3 febbraio 2012

English: Demien Hirst exhibition at PinchukArt...

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The PinchukArtCentre presents the first in Eastern Europe solo exhibitions by the Canadian photographer Jeff Wall and British artist Gary Hume. The exhibitions will last from 4 February to 1 April 2012.The show by Jeff Wall entitled In light, black, colour, white, and dark includes 16 photographs and 7 light boxes. The exhibition is a special artist selection composing in each room delicate relations between nature, still lives and the young people on the borderline between young and mature.With his project the PinchukArtCentre brings together a number of Wall’s most recent works alongside a selection of his earlier pictures. The exhibition includes iconic works such as War game (2007) as well as light boxes and new opaque colour photographs, among them the monumental Band & crowd, one of his largest works.
The show by Gary Hume entitled Beauty includes more than 60 paintings, drawings and two sculptures. The show offers a complex view of Gary Hume as an artist caught up in the tension between beauty and concept. The show combines some essential older works with recent work groups such as Rainbow, Anxiety and the Horse and several newly created paintings and sculptures such as the series Bikini, never shown in public before, as well as other drawings and paintings.
The PinchukArtCentre also presents a new PAC-UA project – an exhibition by Ukrainian artist Mykola Matsenko. The show entitled Neofolk is the 5th PAC-UA project, which presents new production of leading Ukrainian artists embedded in context of the Collection Platform. The exhibition is open on the 5th floor from February 4 to March, 2012. With Neofolk Matsenko continues with the most abstract form within his artistic practice and brings it into a conceptually defined space, driving the perception of the viewer toward a sensitive repetition, colour and form. He represents Ukrainian tradition, folklore and history by means of abstraction. The exhibition is a unique project where the artist pushes limits of the representation within his paintings, showing 46 pieces specially produced for the exhibition. Additionally, the PinchukArtCentre presents a partially renewed Collection Platform 2: Circulation, representing leading international and Ukrainian contemporary artists. The show located on the 5th floor of the art centre will be on display till April 1, 2012.

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New works by Hanna Liden

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 10 ottobre 2010

Zurich 28. October 2010 Galerie Gmurzynska to announce an exhibition of new works by Hanna Liden at its’ Zurich  location. Born in Stockholm and working in New York for the past decade, Liden has been central to the  reemergence of the downtown scene of New York City. Working mainly in photo based materials she has  created a dynamic and rich oeuvre which explores alternative subcultures with a cinematic eye. For this  exhibition Liden has cast her sights on the tradition of still life compositions as a vessel for ambiguous  notions of the gothic and supernatural. The works can be seen as descendants of both Dutch still  life painting and the breadth of horror cinema, creating exciting and beautifully haunting images that  timelessly exist within romantic notions of the occult. This will be the artist’s first show with Gmurzynska. Liden has been included in numerous important museum shows, including the 2006 Whitney Biennial,  “Compulsive” at the Palais Tokyo in 2008, “In a Silent Conversation with Ingmar Bergman” at the Kunstmuseum  Thun in 2008, “New York Minute” at the MACRO in 2009 and “Fresh Hell: Carte Blanche to Adam McEwen”  opening this month at the Palais Tokyo. This exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue. An opening  reception will be held on October 28th from 6:30–8:30, the artist will be present.  galerie gmurzynska zurich Paradeplatz 2, 8001 Zurich Switzerland

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