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Active Shooter Training Available at Passport Academy Charter School

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 22 dicembre 2019

School shootings and other violent threats are a sad reality in today’s world. With this in mind, the Passport Academy Charter School (PACS) is dedicating space and resources for ALICE Training, to educate and train residents of Pittsburgh and surrounding areas on proactive defense strategies in the event a violent threat occurs.ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate and can be a valuable strategy for law enforcement, schools, universities, hospitals, businesses, places of worship, and ordinary citizens who want to learn these techniques. These courses are not ‘shelter-in-place’ but rather designed to teach proactive option-based strategies to increase survivability in a violent critical incident.The two-day certification course will take place on December 18th and 19th and will be held at the Passport Academy Charter School, located at 933 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15222. In recent years, the increase in active shooter incidents has been brought to the national forefront. According to CBS News, in 2019 alone, there have been more mass shootings than days of the year.
Passport Academy Charter School hosted ALICE last year and had a standing room only class of fifty-five participants that were certified as ALICE instructors. The school has two certified instructors in Jackson and Director of Safety/Lead Teacher, Raymond Rall and the school is an ALICE certified organization. For those interested in attending the classes, or for more information, please visit the PACS website at

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CAMS certification training debuts in Azerbaijan

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 2 novembre 2019

The Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) has partnered with Vendra – a leading training organization in Azerbaijan, to deliver its flagship and industry gold-standard Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) Certification beginning October 2019. The partnership is aimed at advancing the knowledge of professionals and institutions seeking to improve compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) and countering of financing of terrorism (CFT) regulations, with an added emphasis on the obligations of correspondent banks to improve such relationships.The push for stronger awareness of the responsibilities of correspondent banks is aimed at helping institutions in Azerbaijan develop a strong compliance culture to understand risks, evaluate their anti-financial crime framework, and embed the appropriate policies, procedures and controls. This will in turn help these institutions meet international standards and recommendations – a critical factor in creating and maintaining correspondent banking relationships.“The practice of correspondent banking is particularly vulnerable to money-laundering and terrorist financing. Correspondent banking services in recent years have become targets for de-risking by major financial institutions and jurisdictions, which leads to reduced financial transparency and financial exclusion,” said Rohit Sharma, CAMS, president and managing director of ACAMS.“Our mission is to end financial crimes and mitigate risk through deep expertise and constant professional development. Our training strives to prepare professionals in the field, and being part of the largest global community of financial crime prevention professionals also means there is a vast pool of knowledge, resources and expertise that can be tapped,” he added.“Vendra is honoured to partner with ACAMS and significantly boost the level of AML/CFT compliance awareness in the country by organizing learning events for local professionals. We anticipate that each financial institution will strive to have a minimum of 1-2 certified AML/CFT personnel, which is consistent with the goal of local regulatory bodies to demonstrate a strong culture of compliance aligned with global standards,” said Leyla Salimzade, CAMS, director of VENDRA LTD.

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MercuryGate Announces New Microlearning Training Modules

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 8 maggio 2019

MercuryGate International, Inc., a leading provider transportation management system (TMS) solutions, announced renewed commitment into making education and enablement for its clients stronger than ever. Toward this end, MercuryGate revealed a new set of microlearning module training courses which enable users to quickly learn the TMS on a user-story level in micro-bite pieces.“Microlearning training is known for providing critical information that is relevant and immediately applicable because it fits into the user’s flow of work,” said Joe Juliano, President and CEO of MercuryGate. “Our new training is valuable because it leads to expertise, which in turn leads to gains in efficiency, productivity, and margin for our customers.” Beyond the small-time commitment, the MercuryGate microlearning modules are a more effective way of learning because they are focused on a single objective and educate on best practices. The courses rapidly upgrade skill sets by incorporating learning into every day “on the job” experiences from users that are expert within the system. According to the Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve, learners forget roughly 90% of material they have learned within a week. Simplified microlearning courses are a way to combat the forgetting curve and reinforce user story solutions. The courses are designed using the pull-based model training approach, where training and support can be easily accessed within the learning management system when the material is most relevant.

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Knopman Marks Partners with the University of Iowa for SIE Training

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 27 marzo 2019

Knopman Marks Financial Training is pleased to announce its partnership with the University of Iowa for Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) Exam preparation.The University of Iowa SIE program was launched in January 2019 and is one of the first of its kind. The course, offered within the finance curriculum, covers detailed information about financial industry products, markets, accounts, and regulations, preparing students to pass one of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) exams required for securities industry licensing and employment. Before October 2018, individuals could take securities licensing exams only after they were hired and sponsored by a financial firm. The new SIE Exam changes that paradigm. It can be taken by anyone age 18 or older, and if passed, a shorter, focused, “top off” exam is required after hire to complete the licensing process.With the addition of this program, the University of Iowa is supporting students in earning a credential that can differentiate them when they apply for securities industry employment. Once the exam is passed, the qualification is valid for four years.According to Brian Marks, senior managing director of Knopman Marks Financial Training, these changes offer an excellent opportunity for college students and career changers to earn an important credential that can jumpstart a career in the securities industry. “Firms benefit greatly when candidates for new jobs have this credential. They’ve proven their initiative and their ability to pass securities exams, which are not easy. These candidates spend less time in training and can contribute in their new roles sooner.”He adds that a number of firms are requiring new associates to pass the SIE Exam before they begin summer training and expects that this trend will escalate in the next several years.Cathy Zaharis, CFA, in charge of professional/employer development and director of the university’s Henry B. Tippie College of Business’s finance department, initiated the implementation of the Knopman Marks SIE training program, which kicked off January 14, 2019. “In reviewing materials for SIE prep, I found that the Knopman Marks material was thorough and clearly understood. I also appreciated their high pass rates for exams.” Before incorporating the program at U of I, Cathy successfully studied for and passed the SIE Exam. “I utilized the Knopman Marks materials in my own preparation, and I felt I was prepared for success. And I passed, which I attribute to the study materials and process they provide.”

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Training of Trainers Course

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 19 novembre 2017

University of MichiganRoma Lunedì 20 Novembre 2017, ore 15:00 / 6 Aprile 2018 Sala Ignazio Ambrogio, Dip. Lingue, letterature e culture straniere Via del Valco San Paolo 19 Il corso di formazione per formatori, la formazione è indicata come fondamentale nella legge 107/2015 (cd “La buona scuola”), è destinato ai docenti che desiderino acquisire competenze nella gestione di iniziative di formazione di gruppi di pari all’interno delle scuole e delle istituzioni educative. Il corso, blended, nasce nell’ambito della convenzione tra il Dipartimento di Lingue, letterature e culture straniere dell’Università Roma Tre, l’associazione TESOL Italy, ente accreditato per la formazione dei docenti e la University of Michigan, Ann Arbour, USA. Il corso avrà inizio il 20 novembre 2017 alle ore 15, presso il Dipartimento di Lingue di Roma Tre, Sala Ignazio Ambrogio, e sarà condotto dal Prof. Donald Freeman e dalla Prof.ssa Kathleen Graves del Department of Education della University of Michigan. In lingua inglese, si articola in tre azioni:
Incontro iniziale in presenza (20 novembre 2017 15.00 -18.30) Formazione online svolta con azioni di progettazione e simulazione di gestione di gruppi in ambito formativo nelle scuole o nell’ambito di associazioni di docenti di lingue (dicembre 2017-febbraio 2018)
Incontro intermedio in presenza a Febbraio 2018
Prosecuzione formazione on-line (Febbraio-Aprile 2018)
Incontro in presenza con Donald Freeman e con esperti TESOL Italy (5, 6 Aprile 2018).
Per partecipare occorre iscriversi presso TESOL Italy. Il costo dell’intero corso è di 250 euro. I docenti della scuola possono avvalersi del bonus in quanto il corso è registrato sulla piattafroma SOFIA del MIUR.

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Cambridge English and Govt. of Punjab Join Hands for Teacher Training

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 24 agosto 2017

Aerial view of the Mass. Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

Aerial view of the Mass. Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

English language teachers from public sector schools in Punjab were awarded internationally recognised Cambridge English certificates at a ceremony in Lahore, attended by the Minister of Higher Education Syed Raza Gillani. Sixty six teachers completed training courses run by Institute of Career Development (ICD) as part of a pilot project with the Higher Education department, earlier this year, and were presented with their certificates by Mr Ramiz Haddadin, a senior representative of Cambridge English which is part of the world-leading University of Cambridge.Mr Haddadin praised the teachers for their commitment to updating their skills and congratulated ICD and the Government of Punjab on this excellent initiative which will benefit not just the teachers, but generations of students. “Cambridge English exists to help millions of people learn English and prove their skills to the world,” explained Mr Haddadin. “Our qualifications for teachers give them the skills to give their students the skills they need to use English to communicate effectively in the real world.”The event was attended by CEO Lahore Knowledge Park Company Dr Zubair Iqbal, Dr Osamah Qureshi, Center Exam Manager of ICD and Mr Gavin MacDonald of Scottish Universities. More than 100 Teachers, School Heads, University ELT Faculty members and graduate students also attended the event. The Minister of Higher Education explained that the government has established Faculty Development Academies in Punjab, to meet the need for more effective teaching, and thanked Cambridge English and its regional team for their support. On behalf of ICD, Dr Osamah Qureshi Center Exam Manager said that for progress of Pakistan, good teachers are very much essential and that ICD and Cambridge English will continue to support both public and private sector schools to help improve teachers’ skills and confidence. Mr Haddadin also inaugurated PELTA – Pakistan English Language Teacher Association which will provide a unique networking platform for ELT teachers. (foto: Ramiz Haddadin)

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ISACA Releases European Guidance on Cybersecurity

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 27 agosto 2014

cyber securityRolling Meadows, Illinois, USA (26 August 2014)—Cybersecurity is an emerging field within information security, as cybercrime continues to increase exponentially worldwide. Governments and institutions have launched many cybersecurity initiatives, ranging from standards to comprehensive legislation and regulation. To address the need for resources in cybersecurity, global IT association ISACA has released the European Cybersecurity Implementation Series.The series is part of ISACA’s holistic Cybersecurity Nexus (CSX), a central resource where security professionals and their enterprises can find cybersecurity research, training and community. The series provides practical implementation guidance that is aligned with European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA), European requirements and good practices. Four white papers and an audit/assurance program are included in the series:European Cybersecurity Implementation: Overview—This paper provides a high-level overview of implementing cybersecurity good practice in line with existing laws, standards and other guidance. It is complemented by the three detailed white papers that focus on risk guidance, resilience and assurance in cybersecurity, as well as a European Cybersecurity Audit/Assurance Program.European Cybersecurity Implementation: Assurance—Enterprises need assurance over their cybersecurity activities and initiatives, as part of enterprise governance, risk and compliance (GRC). This white paper addresses cybersecurity implementation from a European perspective, including the European Union (EU) and its associated countries, to help contribute effectively to the enterprise’s protection against cyberattacks and breaches.European Cybersecurity Implementation: Resilience—In cybersecurity, resilience is the ability to absorb internal and external impacts, and to recover to normal operations in a controlled manner. This white paper addresses resilience in cybersecurity from a European perspective, using the EU and national approaches toward critical information infrastructure and its protection.European Cybersecurity Implementation: Risk—Cybersecurity risk strategies should align with the overarching enterprise risk management strategy and framework. All identified risk that is related to cybersecurity requires in-depth analysis that incorporates a number of components. This white paper will help enterprises determine a manageable set of risk, based on risk scenarios that target known risk and emerging and future risk factors that might arise in the context of cybersecurity.
European Cybersecurity Audit/Assurance Program (available soon)—Based on ISACA’s IT Assurance Framework (ITAF), this program helps provide management with an assessment of the effectiveness of cybersecurity and related governance, management and assurance. The review focuses on cybersecurity standards, guidelines and procedures, and aligns with ISACA’s COBIT 5 framework.
“Organizations need to transform their cybersecurity to keep up with advanced threats, changing regulations and good practices, and this ISACA guidance helps them do that,” said Rolf von Roessing, CISA, CISM, CGEIT, president of Forfa AG and past international vice president of ISACA. “European organizations will find valuable implementation guidance in these white papers that are aligned with ENISA and EU requirements.”

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Programme for Parliamentarians across Europe

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 4 luglio 2013

To coincide with the UN General Assembly’s upcoming high-level meeting in September regarding the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Special Olympics, the World’s largest sports organisation for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, is embarking on an Awareness Programme targeting policy makers and parliamentarians across Europe and Eurasia. The Programme will focus on 58 countries within the Special Olympics Europe Eurasia region. The aim of the Awareness Programme is to highlight to Parliamentarians the vital work Special Olympics is doing every single day to improve the lives of millions of people with intellectual disabilities. This population, of which there are 200 million in the world, often face neglect, unmet health needs, bullying, discrimination and violence in many parts of the world.“Governments have a collective responsibility and duty to uphold the principles of human dignity, equality and equity for all, particularly for those who are vulnerable and marginalised. Our aim is to educate Parliamentarians on the power of Special Olympics and how the lives of people with intellectual disabilities are being changed every single day in 170 countries as a result of Special Olympics. Special Olympics serves more than 4 million athletes and was originally an organisation that concentrated its efforts on sports training and competition. Now whilst this continues, we look at the needs of the athletes in relation to their health, their nutrition, their interaction with their communities, their acceptance and their inclusion. In this valuable work, there is a real opportunity to develop strong partnerships with Governments and legislators as we cannot achieve our ambitious goals in isolation from political leaders and policy makers,” stated Mary Davis, Regional President of Special Olympics Europe Eurasia.“Many Governments throughout our region are recognizing the advantages of co-operating closely with organisations such as ours in order to meet their obligations in line with their public policy agenda. They see our work as a vital component in helping them build cohesive communities, enhance democratic participation and strengthen relations between civil society and Governments. We have a tangible and practical contribution to make in helping to turn Governments’ commitments and obligations into reality,” concluded Mary Davis.

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California at Berkeley graduate Scott Ragsdale halfway through iron-distance triathlon challenge

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 28 novembre 2011

Ajman. Having successfully completed the third stage of naseba seven yesterday, University of California at Berkeley graduate Scott Ragsdale heads to the United Arab Emirate of Ajman today, as the triathlon challenge reaches its halfway point.Possessing an area of just 100 square miles, Ajman is the smallest of the Emirates by land mass. Scott started this morning at 7.00am by swimming adjacent to Ajman beach, and after a swift transition is cycling across the breadth of the city. He will complete today’s triathlon later this evening by running the required 42 km – which will see him circumnavigate the fishing vessel-laden Ajman port.Although you would expect all eyes to be on one individual during the week-long challenge across all seven Emirates of the UAE, Scott is quick to point out that the contributions of his supporting team are invaluable in his quest to succeed.His training programme has been designed by Austrian Mario Huys, a professional coach with more than 30 years’ expertise in sports and fitness. He is a former professional triathlete and 42 times Ironman finisher, with a personal best of 8 hours and 19 minutes. Mario is also a world record holder for double Ironman – achieving the feat with a time of 19 hours and 54 minutes. Huys’ coaching highlights include Olympic gold medallist and double Ironman winner Kate Allen; European and French triathlon champion Philip Methion; Hawaiian Ironman Champion – Belgian Luc Van Lierde; international triathlon and duathlon winner Daniel Hechenblaickner, and Yvonne Van Vlerken from the Netherlands – a world duathlon and Ironman champion.The lion’s share of Ragsdale’s 11-man support team are camping in tents every night, as an ode to the traditions of the UAE which is celebrating its 40th anniversary the weekend after naseba seven has finished. Two members have made the 4,500 mile trip all the way from the UK specifically to support the American. All three are members of the same UK-based triathlon group – the Pirate Ship of Fools – and all wear a striking yellow and black coloured skull and crossbones whilst competing.Another key member of the team is the on-site doctor, who is ensuring Scott is properly assessed at the end of each day. This is particularly important given the recent knee operation he underwent, and the injury he suffered following a crash during practice four weeks ago.Determined to complete the seven iron-distance triathlons Ragsdale commented: “I’m having back spasms, which never happened to me in training. I’m sure they’ll go away soon.”Family is also providing welcome support during the seven iron-distance triathlons, with his wife Sophie and two daughters supplying plenty of encouragement, especially during transitions between the three disciplines of swimming, cycling and running. In fact 16-year-old daughter Marie recently said to her father: “You’d better finish this [challenge] because I’ve been telling all my friends at school about it.”
Naseba produces, promotes and hosts business summits, professional training courses and business exhibitions targeting executive level attendees across multiple industries. Each event is focused on re-education, networking and creating a deal-flow platform for all participating organisations. Whether it is raising capital, expanding to a new market, vendor sales contracts or sourcing a strategic partner, naseba facilitates and supports clients’ business development. Our team of experts conducts extensive research in conjunction with recognised thought leaders to ensure that all events are relevant, timely and at the forefront of market and industry trends.

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EUA launches major new project

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 16 gennaio 2010

The European University Association (EUA) is pleased to announce that it is launching a major new project – funded by the European Commission – designed to support European universities in implementing specific modernisation agenda objectives as outlined in the Lisbon Strategy. New challenges in education, research and innovation call for new tools and methodologies to keep the European higher education sector an essential player in global competition. Two key areas have been chosen as the focus of the project: establishing sustainable funding and financial management tools for universities, in particular the development of full costing in universities (their ability to better identify the costs of all their activities and projects); and also the need to promote successful collaborative research projects between universities and a wide range of external partners (including business, regional government etc.).  In terms of modernising financial management, EUA will support a series of workshops throughout Europe designed for university management, funders, research councils and governments etc to specifically increase the development of full costing initiatives within universities and also to support its development at the national level. This will support EUA’s current work on reinforcing the financial sustainability of Europe’s universities – which is being carried out through the EUDIS project (European Universities Diversifying Income Streams). The workshops will be supported by a series of study visits to universities that are more advanced in the domain of financial management – to enable practitioners to get hands on advice and training.

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Europe: On health and safety

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 22 luglio 2009

In the current economic downturn, European organisations cannot afford to forget workplace safety: that is the warning issued by the Director of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA).  EU-OSHA’s mission is to make Europe a safer, healthier and more productive place to work, by collecting and disseminating information on OSH, and examples of good practice. Its activities are guided by the EU Community Strategy for Health and Safety at Work, 2007-2012, which aims to bring about substantial reductions in work-related accidents and illness across Europe. Key achievements in 2008, highlighted in the report include the Agency’s Healthy Workplaces campaign on risk assessment, which is the cornerstone of health and safety management. The campaign has so far involved more than 7,000 participants in seminars, training events and workshops, with some 2 million print publications being distributed. The campaign is a good example of how EU-OSHA works with its partners to reach workers in Europe. With the launch of the European Survey of Enterprises on New and Emerging Risks (ESENER), EU-OSHA has begun to identify what is currently being done, both in private- and public sector workplaces, to deal with psychosocial and other risks. Another focus in 2008 were emerging chemical risks with a new report finalised, the last in a series of flagship reports which have also examined physical, psychosocial and biological risks. Together, they establish the state of knowledge in these fast-changing areas, and highlight particular subjects that need to be the focus of research or policy-making. Finally, the Agency’s Strategy for 2009-2013, which was agreed in 2008, sets out how EU-OSHA will work in the years ahead to reduce the high cost, both human and economic, of occupational accidents and work-related diseases. The Strategy sets out a clear role for EU-OSHA in co-ordinating the many different efforts that take place in OSH around Europe, helping to identify common problems, and sharing information and good practice.Further reading: Annual Report for 2008 (English)
The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work was set up by the European Union to help meet the information needs in the field of occupational safety and health. Based in Bilbao, Spain, the Agency aims to improve the lives of people at work by stimulating the flow of technical, scientific and economic information between all those involved in occupational safety and health issues.

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Performing Evidence

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 13 luglio 2009

performingAmsterdam until 25/8/2009Arie Biemondstraat 105-113 Smart Project Space Guy Ben-Ner, Anneke A. de Boer, Ian Charlesworth, Rod Dickinson, Harun Farocki curated by Anke Bangma Performing Evidence, guest curated by Anke Bangma, brings together (new) work by contemporary artists and visual documents from the history of psychology. The exhibition explores how the very making of pictures provides the conditions for the enactment of certain social scenarios. It is the effect of such representational practices upon our self-understanding and conduct that is negotiated by the contemporary works in the exhibition. The artists explore how different representational forms – press briefings, virtual reality exposure therapy, roleplay trainings, reality TV – make us feel and act in certain ways. Performing Evidence suggests that such shaping of sentiments, attitudes and actions can be traced back to the early twentieth century.
SMART Project Space is kindly supported by: Mondriaan Foundation; Municipality Amsterdam; Bureau Broedplaatsen; Stichting DOEN; The Netherlands Film Fund; Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds; VSBfonds; Amsterdam Fund for the Arts; Arts Council England; Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture; Municipality Rotterdam; National Academy of the Arts, Bergen (NO); The Research Council of Norway (performing)

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Africa begins clinical trial

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 2 luglio 2009

A clinical trial is being launched in three African countries of a drug that could eliminate onchocerciasis, or river blindness, one of the leading infectious causes of blindness across Africa. The drug, moxidectin, is being investigated for its potential to kill or sterilize the adult worms of Onchocerca volvulus, which cause onchocerciasis. Onchocerciasis is also called river blindness because the blackfly which transmits the disease breeds in fast flowing rivers, and blindness is the most incapacitating symptom of the disease which also causes debilitating skin disease.   The development of moxidectin for onchocerciasis is being conducted through a collaboration of the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases, which is executed by the World Health Organization (WHO/TDR), and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. The work ranges from the development of a formulation for human use and initial studies in healthy volunteers, to clinical studies and community studies in Africa. WHO/TDR, working in partnership with African investigators and institutions, is building the capacity and managing the conduct of the clinical trials conducted in Africa. If the development is successful and results in a positive scientific opinion from the European Medicines Evaluation Agency, Wyeth, with the assistance of WHO, will request approval by national regulatory authorities in the countries where onchocerciasis is endemic.
In conducting this trial, TDR will be working with African investigators and institutions. Fifteen hundred people at 4 sites in Ghana, Liberia and the Democratic Republic of Congo will be enrolled in the study. Preparation has been ongoing since 2007, and included building a clinical research centre in Lofa County, Liberia, and in Nord-Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Buildings not used since the war in Ituri, DRC, have been renovated. All centers have been provided with necessary equipment and the research teams trained on how to conduct the trial according to international standards.
About TDR The Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR) is a global programme of scientific collaboration established in 1975, sponsored by the United Nations Children’s Fund, United Nations Development Programme, World Bank and World Health Organization, and administered by WHO in Geneva, Switzerland. Its focus is on working with institutions in low and middle income countries on research into neglected diseases of the poor, with the goal of improving existing approaches and developing new ways to prevent, diagnose, treat and control these diseases. For more information, visit:
About APOC  The African Programme for Onchocerciasis Control (APOC) is a collaboration between governments, multilateral and bilateral agencies, foundations, non-governmental development organizations (NGDOs), affected communities, the scientific community and the private sector. The objective of the APOC Phase II and Phasing out Period (2008-2015) “is to establish, within a period of 12 to 15 years, effective, self-sustainable, community-directed treatment with ivermectin throughout the endemic areas within the geographic scope of the Programme, develop the evidence base and assist countries to determine when and where ivermectin treatment can be stopped, and, if possible, in selected and isolated foci, to eradicate the vector, by using environmentally safe methods. The World Bank is the fiscal agent and the World Health Organization (WHO) is the executing agency of APOC, providing administrative, technical and operational research support. For more information, visit:

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