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MEPs to Wojciechowski: EU farm policy must help improve animal welfare in transport

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 6 dicembre 2020

Bruxelles. Ways the EU farm policy can improve the welfare of transported animals and put an end to unnecessary transports were discussed with Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski, on Wednesday.The ambition of the EU Commission is to reduce the need to transport live animals and to use Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) instruments to this end, Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski told MEPs. He wants to incentivise local production to avoid long-distance transports and to introduce an animal welfare label covering all stages of the food supply chain from farm, through transport, up to the slaughterhouse.During the debate, many MEPs stated that when transports of live animals cannot be fully avoided, the EU farm policy should strive to improve their welfare during transportation. Some MEPs suggested that eco-schemes could be used to this end. They called on the Commission to support the shortening of supply chains, to encourage transport of meat instead of live animals, and to ensure the compliance of imports with EU animal welfare standards.MEPs want to have preventative sanctions in place and applied rigorously all over the Union when EU rules are breached. Some also called on the Commission to immediately initiate infringement procedures against member states that fail to enforce existing EU rules.Several MEPs called for boosting animal welfare checks at EU borders and beyond or to ban exports of live animals abroad if EU standards cannot be enforced outside the Union for transports that continue to non-EU countries. Some MEPs also called for a complete ban on the transport of live animals and for a reduction in livestock production.

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