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Relaxed testing and quarantine requirements reveal pent-up demand for business travel

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 23 marzo 2022

Minneapolis. CWT, the business-to-business-for-employees (B2B4E) travel management platform, has observed a significant increase in travel to and from several countries that have recently relaxed testing and quarantine requirements for international travel.In the United Kingdom (UK), CWT booking data shows weekly bookings for outbound international travel have increased 115% since the country announced on 24 January that it would scrap testing for fully vaccinated travelers from 11 February. Inbound bookings have soared 169% compared to the week before the announcement.It’s a similar story in India where outbound bookings climbed 64%, while inbound bookings are up 139%, following the announcement on 10 February that vaccinated travelers from 82 countries would no longer need to show a negative test result or isolate starting 14 February. In Norway, which went a step further and put an end to testing for all travelers—including those who are unvaccinated—with immediate effect on 12 February, weekly outbound and inbound bookings have risen as much as 72% and 67%, respectively.

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Why covid-19 will disrupt travel for years to come

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 20 agosto 2021

Covid-19 is set to disrupt travel for years to come. All around the world, a jumble of rules causes confusion, chokes tourism and leaves businesses struggling to work out who can do what and go where. The chaos is unlikely to subside soon, as new outbreaks emerge and governments struggle to co-ordinate policy. In a leader, we argue that most covid-19 travel restrictions should be scrapped—the rules are illiberal and often ineffective.In Bulgaria, after a summer lull, cases of covid-19 are rising again as the highly contagious Delta variant spreads. Hospitals are preparing for yet another onslaught. Only 15% of Bulgarians are fully vaccinated, the lowest rate in the European Union, where the overall share is 52%.A flood of vaccines has arrived in Tunisia, as foreigners vie for influence. Both Gulf states and western donors want to sway a beleaguered Arab democracy.In America, Texas offers a cautionary tale about the struggles that the country will face with children returning to classrooms amid a rising number of covid-19 cases and a more contagious variant. Already a standoff is escalating between public-school officials and Republican state politicians. A surge in covid-19 infections, along with stagnant vaccination rates, has prompted something else to spread across America: vaccine mandates. For months the country had seemed to be moving in the opposite direction. But fear of the Delta variant may do enough to raise vaccination rates without mandates.American biotechnology is booming. The pandemic has highlighted the promise of clever new drugs—and the firms developing them.Tech workers were already ditching the office before the pandemic—for programmers, it seems remote working is now becoming the norm. By Zanny Minton Beddoes Editor-In-Chief The Economist

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Which covid-19 vaccine is best for international travel?

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 27 luglio 2021

The Economist this week: Welcome to our weekly newsletter highlighting the best of our coverage of the pandemic and its effects.Perhaps the litmus test of the post-pandemic world will be how much international travel returns. But which covid-19 vaccine is the most widely accepted for international travel? A patchwork of complicated cross-border travel rules is causing confusion.England’s school year has staggered to a disappointing end. By the time schools began breaking up in mid-July, nearly a quarter of pupils were already absent, according to government figures.Meanwhile, the Delta covid-19 variant is ripping through Britain, with more than 40,000 cases reported a day (two-thirds of the peak in January). The decision by the prime minister, Boris Johnson, to end most mitigation measures in England will test the limits of its mass vaccination campaign.Kazakhstan is awash in fake vaccination passports. The country’s health-care system is one of its most corrupt sectors—a black market is thriving in fake exemption certificates and in forged covid-19 tests showing a negative result. Australia’s covid-19 strategy is being put under strain. Sydney, a city of 5m, is now recording just over 100 new infections a day. By Australia’s previously low rates, that is no joke. The Delta variant combined with a low vaccination rate is causing trouble.India’s economy is suffering from long covid. As a devastating wave of the virus recedes, the effects will linger for much longer.In the Business section, we report on how outbreaks of covid-19 have left South-East Asia with little policy room. A recent surge in cases has knocked economic activity in the region and the return to economic normality will be arduous.Does America face a similar slowdown in economic growth? We argue the Delta variant is by far the biggest of several risks to America’s economy.Our correspondents also discuss the Delta variant on “Money Talks”, our weekly podcast on business and finance. The variant has rattled financial markets but another threat also looms: the end of emergency stimulus. Can the economic recovery survive that? Meanwhile, our data journalists have been looking at what the right and wrong ways are to reduce vaccine hesitancy. It seems more people are willing to get jabbed amid speedy vaccination campaigns—or during surging covid-19 outbreaks.Zanny Minton Beddoes Editor-In-Chief The Economist

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Abu Dhabi nominata ‘Best Business Destination’ agli IMA 2020

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 20 settembre 2020

Abu Dhabi, Per il secondo anno di seguito, Abu Dhabi è stata premiata come Best Business Destination alla settima edizione degli Italian Mission Awards 2020 (IMA), che si è tenuta al Superstudio Più di Milano, lo scorso 14 settembre. Dedicato al business travel, l’evento IMA 2020 ha premiato 30 protagonisti del settore sulla base dei risultati conseguiti nel 2019.Abu Dhabi, la capitale degli Emirati Arabi Uniti, ha compiuto enormi progressi nel settore MICE negli ultimi dieci anni, offrendo ai professionisti del business una proposta unica e senza precedenti. Considerando vari fattori, come attività e servizi disponibili, nonché parametri chiave, Abu Dhabi si è guadagnata il titolo grazie alla sua ricchezza culturale, alla vasta gamma di offerte e all’ospitalità rinomata a livello mondiale, che si inseriscono perfettamente in un contesto aziendale avanzato.L’emirato inoltre, considerato una delle città più sicure al mondo, vanta la facoltà di ospitare qualsiasi tipologia di evento, rendendo la destinazione di grande appeal per gli event planner.In aggiunta, il programma Advantage Abu Dhabi, promosso dall’Abu Dhabi Convention & Exhibition Bureau (ADCEB), offre un notevole incentivo a tutti coloro che stanno pensando di pianificare il proprio evento nella capitale degli Emirati Arabi Uniti, grazie ad un supporto esclusivo completo di contributo economico.Rappresentando le tre regioni chiave che compongono Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi city, Al Ain, Al Dhafra), ADCEB guida lo sviluppo e la promozione di eventi aziendali in tutto l’emirato in modo efficiente, efficace e trasparente, supportando l’organizzazione di eventi di successo e promuovendo Abu Dhabi come una destinazione leader nel settore del turismo d’affari e MICE, in collaborazione con le eccellenze della filiera locale.

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CWT introduces new data-powered solutions to guide companies and traveling employees on resuming travel

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 20 luglio 2020

Minneapolis, CWT, the business-to-business-for-employees (B2B4E) travel management platform, today announces two new additions to its return to travel resources, which will further arm companies and their traveling employees with the information they need to make confident decisions in the rapidly evolving travel landscape:
1. Return to Travel dashboards: accessible to CWT clients in all markets, the dashboards amalgamate comprehensive global destination information to help travel managers assess risks and restrictions ahead of, during and after business trips; and
2. CWT Travel Essentials search: provides information on applicable restrictions, procedures and travel requirements based on specific travel itinerary details such as trip origin, destination, travel dates and traveler nationality. With rapidly changing circumstances across countries and an organization’s health and safety parameters, this helps business travelers and arrangers to make more informed and timely decisions. The tool is available on a publicly accessible page on the company’s website ( and via the myCWT mobile and web channels
“Central to CWT’s commitment to simplifying travel, these services augment the rich content we already provide customers and their employees, making it easier to assimilate their own risk and restrictions,” said Erica Antony, CWT’s Chief Product Officer. “Our new dashboards and search capability provide travel managers and travelers with curated information that is relevant to their individual programs and travel itineraries. We will continue to add to our resources to help support the wellbeing of our clients throughout the pandemic, and as they return to travel.” CWT’s return to travel information services are consolidated from multiple third-party sources including government and health advisory sites, travel providers and universities, to help keep companies and their traveling employees connected to timely and relevant information. The information is aggregated using API connections, enabled by CWT’s innovative partnership strategy with key data and travel technology providers.

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CWT to upgrade customer experience with Concur® Travel

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 31 Maggio 2020

Minneapolis. CWT, the B2B4E travel management platform, today announces an expanded integration with Concur Travel, the leading brand for expense, invoice, and travel management solutions. CWT clients using Concur Travel may select RoomIt by CWT™, the hotel distribution division of CWT, as their exclusive source of hotel content.Launching in late May 2020, with a phased roll-out through the end of the year, CWT clients using Concur Travel can have all hotel content from RoomIt. As and when clients begin to look to their future travel plans, they will be able to access even more savings as well as additional reporting capabilities. This initiative delivers an upgraded booking experience that includes enhanced rate descriptions across web and mobile, so travelers can view the source of the rate and loyalty eligibility. Virtual payment is also available for all types of rates, so travelers do not have to use their personal or corporate credit card.

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Tourism and travel plans: Committee welcomes Commission’s package to overcome COVID-19 crisis

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 18 Maggio 2020

The European Parliament’s Transport and Tourism Committee has been insisting since March on a strong and coordinated EU-wide action to overcome this crisis.On behalf of the Tourism Task Force, I would like to underline that the tabled proposals are necessary tools to relaunch tourism in Europe in a harmonised way. It is crucial to reassure citizens that tourism and travelling will be possible and safe this year.
The package presented today is historic: the Commission took the first steps towards a coordinated European approach on tourism – a real EU tourism strategy -, which is needed now more than ever. We need a long-term vision that is smart and sustainable, with a dedicated budget line as well as a mechanism to manage crises.Parliament’s Transport and Tourism Committee MEPs remain strongly committed to EU recovery plans and are happy to contribute to organising the European Tourism Summit in September. We should use this crisis to redesign tourism across the EU. Tourism must become sustainable and responsible. Supporting local tourism should be a matter of priority.On passenger rights, I welcome the recommendation on vouchers and reimbursements. Consumers cannot be doubly victimised by this crisis and have to be able to choose freely between reimbursements and attractive vouchers.Last but not least: reopening the borders should be possible only if the public authorities have made sure the risk of a new wave of COVID-19 cases is low. Once borders reopen, there cannot be any discrimination to free movement and the process has to be based on clear criteria. Reopening borders only between certain areas solely for economic gain will be unacceptable.”

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Opportunità e limiti nel percorso di miglioramento della sostenibilità nella travel industry

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 28 febbraio 2020

Minneapolis. CWT, la piattaforma di gestione dei viaggi B2B4E, e GBTA (Global Business Travel Association) hanno presentato oggi “The Big Idea: How Can We Make Business Travel More Sustainable?”. I risultati del rapporto su come rendere i viaggi di lavoro più sostenibili scaturiscono da una sessione di brainstorming su larga scala svoltasi nel corso della conferenza GBTA 2019 di Monaco di Baviera, che ha visto coinvolti, oltre alla comunità di corporate buyer provenienti da tutta Europa, professionisti ed esperti in rappresentanza di travel management company (TMC), hôtellerie, compagnie aeree, autonoleggi e servizi ancillari.Alla domanda su quanto siano ottimisti riguardo alla capacità del settore di rendere il futuro del business travel più sostenibile, il 65% dei delegati si è detto sostanzialmente oppure molto fiducioso. La percentuale è salita al 71% in risposta alla volontà di agire in tal senso.“In CWT lavoriamo con il massimo impegno per essere una forza positiva nel cambiamento globale e per questo motivo non abbiamo esitato a sponsorizzare questa importante sessione di GBTA, con l’obiettivo di ottenere un feedback di prima mano sul settore tanto riguardo alla domanda quanto sui driver per realizzare viaggi d’affari sostenibili”, afferma Françoise Grumberg, Vice President Global Responsible Business and Diversity & Inclusion di CWT. “Il nostro pianeta versa in condizioni ambientali critiche e CWT è in prima linea per contribuire fattivamente e condurre dibattiti e forum come questo, volti a promuovere il maggior numero possibile di azioni positive”.Il panel che ha guidato il dibattito era formato da quattro alti dirigenti provenienti da diversi segmenti del settore travel, tra cui Director e VP di CWT, Oakwood Worldwide, The LEGO Group e United Airlines[1]. Ai delegati è stato chiesto quali ritenevano fossero i driver fondamentali per il cambiamento, le opportunità chiave per migliorare la sostenibilità, i limiti che ne impediscono l’implementazione e il ruolo che viaggiatori, travel buyer, TMC, compagnie aeree e fornitori del settore ricettivo svolgono nel mettere in pratica le loro idee.

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«GAC-FLAG Isole di Sicilia» al «World Travel Market» di Londra

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 11 novembre 2019

Londra «Si è rivelata, ancora una volta, vincente la partnership tra il «GAC-FLAG Isole di Sicilia» e «Islands of Sicily», ovvero la DMO delle «Isole di Sicilia». Uno stand brandizzato con un’immagine coordinata che, già proposta lo scorso febbraio al «Free di Monaco» ed a marzo all’«ITB di Berlino», ha consentito di polarizzare l’attenzione sul prodotto «Isole di Sicilia» da parte di un buon numero di buyer internazionali. Il «GAC-FLAG Isole di Sicilia», che ha come obiettivo principale quello di valorizzare la piccola pesca costiera, ha registrato ottimi feedback, relativamente alle potenzialità, nella misura in cui queste rappresentano un importante fattore di attrazione, di diversificazione legate al turismo. Oltre alla pesca-turismo, sono risultate, infatti, di notevole interesse le tradizioni legate al mare ed alla pesca, ma anche il cibo e quindi le ricette ed i prodotti tipici che ne derivano. «Islands of Sicily», la DMO delle «Isole di Sicilia», ha presentato il «Grand Tour» delle «Isole di Sicilia», un prodotto su 14 notti (4 alle Eolie, 3 alle Egadi, 2 a Pantelleria, 2 a Ustica, 2 a Lampedusa ed 1 a Palermo) che si inserisce nel mercato di nicchia riservato proprio ai «Grand Tour». Questa proposta, oltre a declinare gli 8 temi scelti per promuovere il brand delle isole siciliane (mare e natura, storia e cultura, paesaggi e tradizioni e cibo e vino), permette di apprezzare alcune tra le più significative attrazioni dei territori micro insulari. I moduli del «Grand Tour» sono stati pensati per essere ulteriormente approfonditi e consentire lo sviluppo del cosiddetto tailor made tour (viaggio fatto su misura) da focalizzare anche sulle singole isole e da disegnare sulla base delle richieste dei buyer internazionali. La partecipazione si è conclusa con una conferenza stampa presso lo spazio ENIT, conclusa dal Presidente Giorgio Palmucci, che ha fatto gli onori di casa, e alla quale hanno partecipato Pietro La Porta (Direttore del GAC-FLAG Isole di Sicilia), Ignazio Galuppo (Presidente del Consiglio Comunale di Favignana), Ignazio Lucido (Presidente della Commissione Turismo del Comune di Favignana) e Christian Del Bono (Presidente di Islands of Sicily – DMO delle Isole di Sicilia). A margine della conferenza stampa è stato offerto un aperitivo a base di vini e prodotti tipici isolani. Nella circostanza Michele Ritunno e Giuseppe Campo, pescatori di Favignana, hanno avuto modo di presentare la bottarga di tonno e di raccontare la loro esperienza di pesca e le altre attività di diversificazione già avviate. Il colpo a sorpresa è stato, infine, l’intonazione del celebre canto di tonnara (la cialoma) che ha lasciato entusiasti i numerosi presenti.

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«World Travel Market» a Londra

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 3 novembre 2019

Londra. «Il «GAC-FLAG Isole di Sicilia» parteciperà, dal 4 al 6 novembre, al «World Travel Market» a Londra, che è considerato uno dei principali eventi mondiali per il settore turistico. Nel corso dell’evento fieristico, dedicato al turismo, vengono presentate numerose destinazioni davanti ad un pubblico specializzato di professionisti. Si tratta di una tra le più rilevanti opportunità per l’intera industria del turismo, per incontrarsi e confrontarsi sulle proprie esperienze, creando opportunità commerciali e fornendo contatti diretti con potenziali clienti. La manifestazione rappresenta, quindi, un vantaggio competitivo e la possibilità di essere continuamente aggiornato con le ultime notizie sullo sviluppo del settore. Il «WTM London», tra l’altro, è molto cresciuto negli ultimi anni ed i numeri parlano chiaro. Si è passati dalla prima edizione del 1980 con 40 paesi, 221 espositori e 9.000 visitatori alle ultime edizioni con circa 5.000 espositori provenienti da 182 paesi e regioni ed oltre 51.000 partecipanti e un giro d’affari di circa 2,8 miliardi di business nel settore. In definitiva con il «WTM London» si conclude un intero anno dove la partecipazione del «GAC-FLAG Isole di Sicilia» alle fiere turistiche internazionali ha sicuramente svolto un ruolo importante nelle attività dedite ad esaltare il ruolo delle tradizioni locali legate alla piccola pesca costiera, quali attrattori turistici e chiave di lettura in grado di valorizzare le nostre realtà micro-insulari. Dopo il «F.RE.E di Monaco» e l’«ITB di Berlino» adesso, anche a Londra, le Isole di Sicilia saranno presenti con un proprio stand, mentre il 6 novembre, presso lo spazio messo a disposizione dall’ENIT (nell’area denominata «Piazza Italia»), si terrà una conferenza stampa. Appare, pertanto, strategica la partnership con «Islands of Sicily», ovvero la DMO delle isole minori della Sicilia, che in queste occasioni fieristiche ha messo a disposizione sia il proprio know-how nelle attività di promozione turistica, che il brand «Islands of Sicily» ideato per promuovere il prodotto turistico isole di Sicilia proprio sui mercati internazionali».

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Roma è presente all’Italian Travel Workshop (ITW) 2019 di New York

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 28 ottobre 2019

New York. Lo fa con uno stand interamente dedicato alla promozione dell’offerta turistica cittadina. Sono 20 i rappresentanti della filiera capitolina di settore che incontreranno oltre 80 buyer interessati alla “Destinazione Italia”, allo scopo di polarizzare le preferenze di agenzie viaggi e tour operator americani.
“Rome, where everything begins” è il titolo evocativo del nostro stand nella Grande Mela, tutto centrato su un racconto di viaggio ben preciso: oltre alla presentazione della bellezza storica, artistica e culturale, si propone un focus specifico sul turismo del lusso, sull’entertainment e sulla dimensione convegnistica e congressuale.
“Hotel 4 e 5 stelle, poli del business e strutture votate al divertimento e al tempo libero: sono le caratteristiche più amate dagli statunitensi che vengono a visitarci e che si confermano primi in classifica fra gli stranieri che scelgono la ‘Destinazione Roma’. Dalle ultime analisi dei trend e delle presenze, sappiamo che gli americani sono interessati a soggiornare nelle strutture migliori, ad acquistare i nostri prodotti d’eccellenza e a godere appieno del lifestyle capitolino. Importantissimo per noi, quindi, essere a New York per promuovere un’offerta nuova, centrata sui percorsi avanguardistici dei musei moderni, dei parchi divertimento e della fascia business. Fidelizziamo i nostri turisti più affezionati, mostrando loro come Roma possa essere un’eterna scoperta, meritevole di una lunga permanenza e di una seconda visita. L’obiettivo è quello di orientare nella Capitale flussi sostenibili, ma anche significativi per l’economia romana”, dichiara Carlo Cafarotti, Assessore allo Sviluppo economico, Turismo e Lavoro di Roma Capitale.
Le diverse le alternative di “vacanze romane” protagoniste dell’ITW 2019, puntano i riflettori su tutte le potenzialità cittadine e rispondono all’esigenza di soddisfare una domanda turistica di qualità, con particolare riguardo per le preferenze espresse dal pubblico statunitense.“Roma offre l’occasione di trasformare un convegno, una trasferta lavorativa, in un viaggio eccezionale tra le meraviglie della storia e dell’archeologia, senza contare le mille possibilità di divertimento in città. Promuovere quest’unicità, significa mettere concretamente a sistema la filiera di settore, creare rimandi e sinergie tra strutture ricettive e operatori dell’accoglienza in senso lato. Sono le priorità cui stiamo lavorando quotidianamente con i tavoli tematici dei professionisti di settore, funzionali all’appuntamento con #FUTOUROMA, il Piano Strategico del Turismo per Roma 2019>2025, che vedrà una prima stesura il 13 novembre prossimo al Convention Center La Nuvola”, conclude Cafarotti.

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Mainland China and U.S. Continue to Drive Global Travel

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 24 luglio 2019

Mainland Chinese are traveling overseas for business and leisure in greater numbers than ever before, and Mastercard’s newest edition of its Global Destination Cities Index continues to bear this out. Special report Global Destination Cities Index: Origins, released today, turns its lens on where international travelers originate. Mainland China has jumped from No. 7 in 2009 to No. 2 today, behind only the United States in terms of the number of travelers to overseas destinations.Mastercard’s Global Destination Cities Index: Origins specifically ranks where the most people travel internationally from, and their top destinations. Globally, the industry contributed a record US$8.8 trillion and 319 million jobs in 2018, according to the World Travel & Tourism Council – and insights like these can help shape local decision-making on how to best attract and serve travellers from around the world.This year, the United States is the No. 1 origin market followed by mainland China, Germany, the United Kingdom and France. Travel from across Asia-Pacific also surged; the Republic of Korea and Taiwan, which were not in the top 10 a decade ago, rose to No. 6 and No. 10 respectively.

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Beyond the Horizon: The Mopelia Collection of Fine Atlases and Travel Books

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 7 marzo 2019

London – In anticipation of the Antiquarian Book Fair in New York, Christie’s is pleased to showcase highlights from Beyond the Horizon: The Mopelia Collection of Fine Atlases and Travel Books. This is an opportunity for explorers, sailors, distinguished collectors and all those who love global navigation, to view and acquire some of the most valuable maps and atlases of all time. Rare and in great condition, the collection contains nearly 200 lots of important travel books covering all corners of the globe with a strong emphasis on all matters maritime. Highlights include Orbis Terrarum Nova et Accurata Tabula, a striking map of the world surrounded by allegorical scenes of the four seasons, illustrated above, and Johannes van Keulen’s De Groote Nieuwe Vermeerder-de Zee-Atlas ofte Water-Werelt. Published in Amsterdam in 1688, the latter is a handsomely engraved and beautifully hand-coloured example with the frontispiece and maps highlighted in gold, perhaps one of the greatest 17th-century Dutch sea-atlases to come to the market in recent years.A global tour of the Mopelia Collection will begin in New York from 4-7 March, to be exhibited alongside Luca Pacioli’s Summa de Arithmetica (see separate press release here). Highlights will then be on view in Paris and London to coincide with international fairs for maps and atlases before being offered at auction in London on 5 June.

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Japan Outbound MICE Tourism Market

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 27 febbraio 2019

Traveler Flows, Spending Patterns, Main Destination Markets and Forecast to 2025 offers the most up-to-date industry data on the actual market situation and future outlook for Japan outbound MICE tourism market. The report offers an in-depth analysis of traveler flows, spending patterns, main destination markets and current and future opportunities for tourism businesses seeking to tap into the Japan outbound MICE tourism market. This report also provides readers with insight into MICE tourism, a rapidly growing segment within the travel industry. The report includes historical data from 2013 to 2018 and forecasts until 2025.This report provides clear insight into current and future tourism developments of the Japan outbound MICE tourism market. Furthermore, this report uses the main destination-focused analysis to explore Japan outbound MICE tourism market. A detailed main destination analysis of the market is provided, covering a total of 20 destinations. The report also explores detailed description of growth drivers and inhibitors of the Japan outbound MICE tourism market.The main MICE destinations for the Japanese travelers covered in the report are United States, Hawaii, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Macau, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand.

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OAG Recognizes Baarb for its Innovative Deployment of AI in Travel

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 17 novembre 2018

Baarb, an enterprise B2B platform helping global travel brands deliver hyper-relevant search results based on travelers’ preferences, has won the OAG Award for AI Innovation at the 2018 Phocuswright Conference. Presented by OAG, the world’s leading intelligence provider to the air travel ecosystem, the award recognizes Baarb’s innovative approach of leveraging AI to advance the travel industry. Each year, the OAG Award for AI Innovation is presented to the Phocuswright Summit company that delivers the most innovative customer-centric solution using artificial intelligence. Baarb’s solution, BaarbPro, uses AI to tailor search results based on consumer preferences, allowing travel brands to increase the probability of conversion by offering more relevant recommendations. OAG will provide Baarb with its Data Solutions Startup Package, which enables tech innovators to easily and seamlessly integrate OAG’s intelligence into applications and systems.“Billions of critical decisions are made across the travel ecosystem every single day – and they are all powered by information, intelligence and analytics,” said Vipul Nakum, CPO at OAG. “Baarb is a shining example of this in action. The solution leverages AI to create highly-relevant and personalized booking experiences that delight travelers and improve conversions. We’re thrilled to recognize their team and look forward to partnering to fuel their growth.”“We believe the greatest impact for AI going forward is in vertical specific applications, and we’re honored to be recognized by OAG for the innovation we’re bringing to the travel industry,” said Barbara Parshall, Co-Founder and CEO of Baarb. As the world’s leading intelligence provider to the air travel ecosystem, OAG helps travel and technology leaders grow their businesses, delight customers and streamline operations. For more information visit

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Kathmandu: Best in Travel 2019

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 30 ottobre 2018

Subito dopo il terremoto che l’ha colpita nell’aprile del 2015, Kathmandu era una città distrutta e sconvolta: ovunque monumenti collassati, macerie, polvere e un inevitabile velo di tristezza.A distanza di soli tre anni la città ha saputo dare una svolta e cambiare faccia: nonostante siano ancora visibili le ferite del sisma, la ricostruzione dei templi e dei monumenti danneggiati procede a ritmo sostenuto e i siti storici stanno tornando al loro antico splendore. Anche negli edifici che compongono l’intricato dedalo della città vecchia sono state apportate grandi migliorie e oggi Kathmandu può vantare una fornitura di luce elettrica affidabile e una buona connessione wi-fi, accessorio ormai indispensabile per ogni meta turistica.Inoltre, grazie alle recenti misure introdotte per ridurre smog, traffico e rumore, fra cui il divieto di circolazione delle auto nel centro storcio, Kathmandu è oggi più piacevole, vivibile e pulita che mai.La capitale nepalese si appresta anche ad ospitare, per la terza volta nella sua storia, l’edizione 2019 dei Giochi dell’Asia Meridionale: un’occasione unica per celebrare la sua rinascita!Lonely Planet ha stilato una lista di 3 esperienze imperdibili da vivere a Kathmandu:
1. Salire i gradini che portano sulla collina dove sorge il grande stupa bianco di Swayambhunath, recentemente restaurato, e osservare il panorama della città che si stende ai vostri piedi, magari al tramonto, quando la luce del sole calante tinge tutto d’oro.
2. Passeggiare nella Kathmandu meno conosciuta, fra le vie secondarie e i cortili interni (bahal), scoprendo ad ogni angolo statue e bassorilievi di pregevole fattura.
3. Assaggiare cibi e bevande da tutto il mondo nel quartiere preferito dai backpackers, Thamel: fra questi i momo, tradizionali ravioli ripieni di carne e spezie, il daiquiri al mango e la tongba, la birra di miglio dell’Himalaya.

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B-Rent al World Travel Market a Londra

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Londra dal 5 al 7 novembre 2018 B-Rent anche quest’anno al World Travel Market (WTM), la fiera-evento internazionale di riferimento per il settore del turismo. “Dopo il positivo esordio lo scorso anno, abbiamo deciso di rinnovare la nostra presenza al World Travel Market”, commenta il CEO e fondatore Vincenzo Brasiello, “in quanto questa fiera costituisce per noi un appuntamento di rilevanza strategica, fondamentale occasione per proseguire e rafforzare il dialogo con gli stakeholder del settore nazionali e internazionali e, in particolare, per presentare le nostre ultime novità rivolte a tour operator e intermediari, illustrando le linee di sviluppo sulla clientela corporate e consumer”.

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Men and women come from nowhere to travel into nothingness

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For years I have hoped and in the end I have almost reached the certainty that a movement like Five stars could perfectly embody the existential discomfort of a people like the Italian too long animated by a great hope that, despite the notices of the opposite sign, managed to end to feeling in tune with his political class. Without wanting to pretend to go back in time I think of the change in the change from the world scenarios resulting from the collapse of the “communist dream” and the awakening of “respectability” with clean hands in our house. We opened our credit line with berlusconism intercalating it with the groups that recalled the left center of Prodi and now of D’alema, now of Bersani and now of Renzi-Gentiloni but every time we came out disappointed but not defeated . Hope, we all know, is the last to die and ours is now octogenarian. But if the years pass and hope still remains strong and unshakable we owe it to the great desire that is in us in seeking not perfection, which is not of this world, but a political class that knows how to embody the dream of a people to be governed with wisdom and moral direction.
Now even the Pentastellati show signs of a worrying failure and leave us hopelessly orphans of a reference point that seemed to us to be going the right way. Because? Because it is not enough that the ideas are good, we need to find the right men and women. They eventually embody that ideal that we have made and must know how to represent it with strength and determination. And if today the political project wobbles is not the fault of the ideas but of those who can not express them concretely. There is also good that there are men and women come from nowhere on condition that their role is not humiliated by their lack of firmness, the emptiness of their ideals because they are cultivated on the surface and easily taken away by the first breath of wind. And this, unfortunately, is happening at home pentastellati. And the risk is that in the end even hope can no longer find shelter. (Riccardo Alfonso)

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Travel with your digital subscriptions: Joint statement by the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU

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From 1 April 2018 onwards, Europeans will be able to access the online content that they have subscribed to at home, wherever they are in the EU. Vice-President Ansip, Commissioner Gabriel, Bulgarian Minister Ivaylo Moskovski and Members of the European Parliament Pavel Svoboda and Jean-Marie Cavada said the following: “Citizens are at the core of all our digital initiatives. As of 1 April, wherever you are travelling to in the EU, you will no longer miss out on your favourite films, TV series, sports broadcasts, games or e-books, that you have digitally subscribed to at home. The rules will apply to paid-for services, but providers of free content may opt in.Providers of online content will also benefit from the new rules. They will no longer have to acquire licences for other territories where their subscribers are travelling to […]Today we have taken another concrete step towards building a true Digital Single Market and a united European digital society, accessible for all our citizens and profitable for our businesses.”The full text is available here. Watch the press statement by Commissioner Gabriel live on EbS. More details on the new rules are available in the Q&A and a factsheet, as well as a recent Facebook chat.

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Two Chinese tourism trade fairs are scheduled for 2018

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The 15th Shanghai World Travel Fair (SWTF) will take place May 24-27. With an expected attendance of more than 500 exhibitors from around the world and 13,000 buyers and visitors, mainly from east China, SWFT is a B2B and B2C event focusing on China’s growing outbound tourism market.
The Travel Trade Market (TTM) will take place September 5-7, in Chengdu, Sichuan. It is a B2B event for inbound and outbound Chinese tourism operators. TTM offers international exhibitors the opportunity of meeting tourism professionals from secondary and tertiary cities in the central and western regions of China. Before taking EAGLE into its operational phase, the joint venture partners conducted a survey during the Chengdu Travel Trade Market Business Forum 2017 to gauge market interest, and conducted 1,000 business meetings during the TTM preview, consulting with some 60 international buyers from more than 17 countries, as well as tourism companies. The new venture has already concluded an agreement with the European Tourism Association (ETOA), which is the leading association in Europe of tour operators and tourism industry suppliers, to explore and secure greater commercial opportunities in the Chinese market.
The World Tourism Organization reported that 135 million Chinese tourists travelled abroad in 2016, up 6% from the number registered a year earlier. The China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) estimated that the tourism sector grew by a further 4% in 2017. The amount spent during oversees travel by Chinese citizens exceeded 261 billion U.S. in 2016, representing a 12% increase from the previous year. A record 5.8 million Chinese tourists booked overnight stays in Italy in 2016, up 400,000 compared from 2015. According to the China Outbound Tourism Research Institute (COTRI), during the first 6 months of 2017, a 14% increase was recorded in the number of visa applications, with rise in applications for +22% for individual trips and +10% increase for group trips.

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