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Travelers Joins Automated Vehicle Coalitions in Shaping the Future of Transportation

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 13 ottobre 2019

The Travelers Companies, Inc. (NYSE: TRV) today announced that it has joined the Advanced Vehicle Technology (AVT) Consortium at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Partners for Automated Vehicle Education (PAVE). Both organizations work to strategically advance research and public information about automated vehicle and driver assistance technologies.The AVT Consortium includes top U.S. auto manufacturers, insurance carriers and automated vehicle technology companies. The organization studies driver behavior, including how drivers respond to and interact with adaptive cruise control, semi-autonomous parking assistance, vehicle infotainment systems and smartphones. That data is shared with consortium members so they can identify how technology and other factors related to automation adoption can be improved.PAVE is made up of industry, nonprofit and academic institutions and aims to inform and educate consumers and policymakers about automated vehicles. The group creates consumer awareness campaigns, develops information for sales and customer service personnel and hosts hands-on demonstrations and public workshops. The goal of these efforts is to build consumer confidence in vehicle technology.Travelers’ white paper, titled Insuring Autonomy: How auto insurance can adapt to changing risks, offers the company’s assessment of the existing auto insurance structure, both personal and commercial, in the context of resolving claims and providing fair compensation to accident victims as vehicles become more autonomous. The white paper also describes how the development and rollout of this technology will help spur innovation, increase public safety, provide peace of mind and protect American drivers and consumers.

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CWT Research: Two-Thirds of Travelers Pick Window Over Aisle; 52% Prefer Missed Flight Over Lost Luggage

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 1 Maggio 2019

Minneapolis. Research by CWT, the B2B4E travel management platform, shows that two-thirds of business travelers prefer window seats over aisle seats. That rises to 71% in Asia Pacific, and falls to 59% in the Americas, with the Europeans in the middle at 65% window over aisle.Globally, a narrow majority of business travelers would prefer to miss their flight rather than be separated from their luggage – with travelers from the Americas showing the strongest preference at 54%, European travelers at 52%, and travelers from Asia Pacific split down the middle.When it comes to ground transportation, 54% of travelers still prefer traditional taxis over ridesharing services like Lyft or Uber. But there are strong regional differences. In Europe, a full 69% Europeans prefer taxis – almost exactly the reverse of American travelers, 63% of whom prefer rideshare services. Asia Pacific travelers are more evenly split, with 56% preferring taxis.
“These findings provide fascinating and sometimes counter-intuitive insights into how global business travelers approach their journeys,” said Niklas Andreen, Executive VP and Chief Traveler Experience Officer at CWT. “We see significant differences between regions – for example, in Asia, people are more likely to want a window seat, whereas in markets like the US, the view is less of a draw.”CWT’s research also shows that travelers are generally happy to share their travel preferences with both apps and travel industry staff – globally nine out of ten (89%) of travelers are “extremely or “somewhat” willing to do so. That applies equally to business travel and leisure travel, suggesting that travelers make little distinction between the two, at least when it comes to sharing information on their personal preferences.The data show that, overall, European travelers are least willing to share data: 14% of Europeans are “not willing” to share their preferences either with apps or people while traveling for business. That rises to 17% when traveling for leisure. Travelers from the Americas or Asia Pacific are much less likely to refuse to share their preferences, especially when traveling for leisure.

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Holiday highway travelers and truckers, don’t get too comfortable yet

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 24 dicembre 2018

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s are among the three deadliest highway traffic holidays of the year. While Thanksgiving has passed, holiday travelers and professional truck drivers still face the dangerous challenges of Christmas and New Year’s.
AAA predicts that 97 million Americans will hit the road this holiday season, and crashes involving large trucks are tragedies for everyone involved – professional drivers, the motoring public, and all of their families and loved ones.Road Safe America, a non-profit dedicated to improving highway safety for motorists and professional truck drivers, partnered with McLaughlin & Associates on a national survey that found broad support for requiring use of two existing safety technologies on large trucks: speed limiters and automatic emergency braking. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that more than 4,700 people died in truck crashes on U.S. highways in 2017, an increase of 41% since 2009.“Use of speed limiters and automatic emergency braking technology can help professional drivers to complete their job and get home safely without incident, avoiding injury or death to themselves or others,” said Steve Owings, co-founder along with his wife, Susan, of Road Safe America. “As our roads and highways become more and more clogged, professional drivers need all of the technology available to help keep them safe and avoid crashes that are frequently horrific in nature for everyone involved.”
Speed limiters use simple software to set the top speed the truck can achieve, which assists the professional driver in slowing or stopping when an emergency occurs. Many other nations have required their use for decades, as they also enhance fuel efficiency. For these reasons they have come standard in the heaviest commercial trucks built since the 1990s, and therefore require no capital expense to include them. NHTSA estimates that current automatic emergency braking systems can prevent more than 2,500 crashes annually. A proposed rule requiring use of speed limiters estimates as many as 498 lives could be saved annually by their use.

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New EU short-stay visas: more advantages for legitimate travellers

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 7 dicembre 2018

Civil Liberties Committee MEPs backed, on Monday, changes to the EU Visa Code which establishes the procedures and conditions for issuing visas to nationals of more than one hundred non-EU countries travelling to the EU for short periods (up to 90 days in any 180-day period). The draft law was passed with 27 to 15 and 4 abstentions.MEPs partially endorsed the Commission’s proposal, aimed at facilitating legitimate travel for tourism, trade and business, whilst preventing irregular immigration and contributing to internal security. They made additional changes to further simplify procedures for bona fide travellers and ensure a positive link between visa and migration policy.Among other changes:some applicants may not need to present their applications in person and processing periods will be reduced;
travellers will be able to hand in applications at the consulate of another EU member state if the one responsible is neither present nor represented in a given third country or if the competent one is more than 500 km away from their place of residence;
travel health insurance will not be a prerequisite for requesting a visa;
the general visa fee will increase from 60 to 80 euros, with exceptions for some travellers, while children under 12, family members of EU nationals, students and researchers will have the fee waived;
it will be possible to apply for a visa up to nine months before the intended journey (instead of six months proposed by the Commission), and additional facilities for artists and sports professionals touring in the EU and multiple entry visas for frequent travellers. Cooperation on readmission by third countries.
Some provisions, such as the visa fees, the time taken to issue decisions on applications, and the period of validity of multiple entry visas, may be adapted depending on whether a given non-EU country shows “sufficient”, or alternatively “insufficient”, cooperation on readmitting irregular migrants, following a full and objective assessment by the European Commission.
Once the Parliament’s position is confirmed by plenary, EP and Council negotiators will be able to start talks with a view to reaching an agreement on the legislation at the first reading.

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Travelers Europe Introduces Stand-Alone Cyber Product for Businesses in UK and Ireland

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 11 luglio 2018

Travelers Europe today announced the availability of Travelers CyberRisk, a new standalone cyber insurance product for organisations of all sizes in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Travelers CyberRisk provides liability and first-party cover for losses from cyber attacks. It also provides access to assistance that can help limit client exposures to cyber events, including breach coaches, forensic investigators, public relations support and credit monitoring services. “With cyber threats continuing to evolve, businesses without dedicated cover could find themselves insufficiently protected in the event of a breach,” said Davis Kessler, Head of Cyber at Travelers Europe. “Our global team has created a package designed to help companies navigate their cyber event response so they can return to normal as quickly as possible.”Travelers CyberRisk includes limits up to £10 million across liability, breach response, cyber crime and business loss covers. It is a standalone policy that can be purchased individually or as part of the Travelers Management Liability Package.Travelers has provided cyber-related insurance coverage with robust risk management services for more than 30 years and understands the importance of helping organisations work through an incident, from recovering after a breach to managing expenses associated with an attack. To learn more, contact your insurance broker, or visit has operated in Europe for decades in both the general insurance market and through Lloyd’s. Travelers Insurance Company Limited offers business insurance, bond and specialty insurance and risk management services. Travelers Syndicate 5000 at Lloyd’s underwrites specialist and complex business classes, including marine, global property, power and utilities, accident and special risks, aviation and energy. In addition to CyberRisk, Travelers can provide cover for Professional Indemnity, Directors and Officers, Employment Practices Liability, Pension Trustees Liability, Property, Casualty and Crime.

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A KLM assegnato il prestigioso “Travelers’ Choice Award”

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 20 aprile 2018

KLM risulta tra le prime 10 migliori compagnie aeree europee secondo il giudizio dei milioni di utenti al mondo del portale TripAdvisor che ha assegnato, alla compagnia aerea olandese, l’ambito “TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award 2018”. KLM è, inoltre, risultata tra le top 10 delle compagnie aeree europee nella classifica di migliore Business Class e migliore Classe Economica.
Gli award annuali assegnati dal portale TripAdvisor sono gli unici riconoscimenti nel settore dei viaggi basati su milioni di recensioni e opinioni dei viaggiatori. Rappresentano il giudizio dei passeggeri in base a criteri di miglior servizio, qualità e soddisfazione del cliente.“Siamo molto soddisfatti per questo riconoscimento” – dichiara Dimitry Huffnagel, Direttore Commerciale del Gruppo Air France-KLM East Mediterranean – “La community di TripAdvisor è animata da viaggiatori accorti, attenti ed esigenti: il Traverller’s Choice significa, per noi, che il nostro continuo impegno nell’offrire servizi puntuali e di qualità si traduce in momenti di concrete esperienze da ricordare””Siamo entusiasti di assegnare un riconoscimento alle compagnie aeree preferite dalla community globale di TripAdvisor accendendo i riflettori sui vettori di tutto il mondo che offrono le migliori esperienze di volo, incluso KLM.” – afferma Bryan Saltzburg, Senior Vicepresident e Direttore Generale di TripAdvisor Flights – “In un contesto in cui l’industria aerea introduce nuovi prodotti tariffari e una gamma sempre più ampia di offerte di volo, i viaggiatori dimostrano che sono costantemente alla ricerca di una reale esperienza di qualità. I premi Travellers’ Choice assegnati alle compagnie aeree sono un riconoscimento a quei vettori che superano le aspettative dei passeggeri e che ricevono il massimo dei voti dai viaggiatori”.

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“Enjoy my Japan” Global Campaign Targets Long-haul Travellers

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 7 febbraio 2018

Enjoy my JapanJapan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) has today inaugurated a global-scale, multilingual campaign entitled “Enjoy my Japan.” The campaign seeks to entice long-haul travelers to visit Japan and explore the country beyond the well-known popular attractions, and immerse themselves more fully in the rich depths of Japanese nature and culture that exist off the beaten tourist path. This extensive, multifaceted promotion involves a broad variety of initiatives, including the launch of a dedicated website ( featuring video clips that show a broad range of activities and scenes not typically associated with Japan, strategically targeted digital advertisements, and television commercials to be aired in multiple markets.The campaign is a major addition to efforts made in recent years by both public and private sectors in Japan to attract more visitors from overseas. Since 2000, the number of travelers from abroad has soared by 500 percent, from 4.76 million to an estimated 28.7 million in 2017. “Enjoy my Japan” has been targeted especially for travelers from Europe, North America, and Australia. Long a popular destination for regional travelers from Asia Pacific nations, who comprise some 85 percent of visitors at present, there is plenty of room for growth with travelers from the West, who currently make up 11 percent.A cornerstone of the campaign is the message that Japan literally has something for everyone, and that whatever it is a long-haul traveler goes to an overseas destination for, Japan is ready, willing, and waiting to fulfill their passions. In addition to satisfying visitors from abroad with the familiar, iconic sites and things to see and do the country has long been known for, there is also a desire to foster a richer and more personal experience by making lesser-known places and activities more accessible, especially to entire families and those with an adventurous spirit.
The campaign theme, “Enjoy my Japan,” expresses the interaction of the international traveler with the Japanese people themselves, in addition to inviting visitors to create their own personal relationship with the country as a preferred destination. An intrinsic component of the campaign is to motivate the Japanese people to open their arms to visitors from abroad, and to show and tell them just what it is that’s so special about their country.In constructing and honing the focus of the campaign, avid travelers were surveyed to identify the things they find most alluring when choosing a destination abroad. Survey results revealed a series of commonly recurring “passion points” that make up a satisfying trip. In turn, these were categorized and compiled into a list of locations and experiences designed to fulfill a traveler’s passions—cuisine, tradition, nature, city, relaxation, art, outdoor—and a series of brief video clips, available for viewing at, were produced to bring them all to life.Website visitors also have the option of crafting their own “virtual tour” of Japan by answering a few quick questions about their interests, which then serves up a “personalized movie” with scenes that show the types of sites and experiences on offer from one end of Japan to the other. “One’s personal engagement with Japan starts at the website,” said JNTO president Ryoichi Matsuyama. “It continues with enriching experiences like summer and winter adventure sports, spring and autumn mountain treks and steam train rides, and seaside cycling excursions. Any time of year, Japan offers fine dining and mouthwatering street fare, vibrant night life in safe and spectacular cities, virtually unlimited shopping and entertainment options, exposure to ancient traditions that still exist side-by-side with emerging pop cultural trends, and physical and spiritual rejuvenation at remote hot springs, spas, and Zen Buddhist retreats,” he said. (photo: Enjoy my Japan)

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Hotel Technology Summit opens with reaffirming commitment to next-gen travellers experience

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 17 novembre 2016

nasebaAt a time when many hospitality brands in the Middle East are dealing with economic uncertainty, it is vital to turn to innovation and technology adoption in order to maintain healthy profit margins and even continue to stimulate growth.Today, hospitality leaders from the Middle East gathered at the Park Hyatt in Dubai for the 20th edition of Hotel Technology Summit, organised by business facilitation company Naseba, in partnership with Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals (HFTP) – the leading global hospitality association and organisers of HITEC, the world’s largest hospitality technology show.
Nancy Wolff, Vice President – Hotel Systems at Jumeirah Group, opened the tech talk discussing the latest technology trends and the need for hoteliers to carefully evaluate upcoming technical opportunities and choose only those that will guarantee an increase in market share and guest experience.As the summit was chaired by Lyle Worthington, CHTP, Global President at Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP), he also moderated a panel discussion on “Smart hospitality solutions to increase profitability in turbulent times”, and noted that as occupancy rates are decreasing, hoteliers are on the lookout for the most effective tools to increase market share, cut costs and acquire and retain guests.After a strong panel discussion, a talk show highlighted the latest technologies to wow guests, improve customer experience and reduce costs while increasing efficiency with the help of Prashant Dutta, Vice President of Information Technology at Mövenpick Hotels and Resorts, and John Rees, Senior Director of Operations MENA at Marriott International. Questions were fired back and forth between the audience and speakers as the attendees tried to understand some of the major trends that are having a large impact on the hospitality industry in the Middle East by making technology infrastructure more flexible and improving overall guest experience.The second panel discussed the most effective practices to secure hotels from cyber threats, featuring contributions from Jeroen Wisse, IT Director Middle East at Accor Hotels Middle East; Nigel Hattersley, Regional Director of IT at Starwood Hotels & Resorts; Roy Verrips, Area Director of Information Systems at Hyatt Hotels; and Mahmoud Kamal, Chief Information Officer at Al Habtoor Hotels.Wisse noted “As in any sector, cyber security within hotels and hospitality businesses is no longer the sole responsibility of IT departments. Cyber security awareness and the mitigation of cyber threats is now, at least in part, the responsibility of every department, and of each individual who handles data as part of their duties. Guests trust us with their private information, and the protection of that information is vitally important in order to maintain that trust.” The interactive panel discussion was followed by a networking business lunch and open business meetings which incorporated live product demonstrations by leading technology solution providers. Attendees concluded the day with a series of interactive round tables and departed with a real sense of progress. They delved into key topics for today’s hoteliers, including hotel asset and inventory management using RFID; innovations in data storage and processing to boost revenue; mobility and cloud computing; and how smart networks can streamline hospitality supply chains. The roundtables benefited from the input of seasoned hospitality leaders like Dimitris Petinos, VP Marketing and International Sales at MCOM Media Communications, Ismail AlKamal, Chief Executive Officer of Nawatt, Emmanuel Clavé, VP GCC & India, Product Director Mobile App / EPOS at Xn protel Systems, Mohammed Ayaz, Division Manager ELV Systems at Ateco.The 20th Hotel Technology Summit was supported by leading sponsors including Ateco, Nawatt, Xn protel Systems, Akamai Technologies, Idiso, Al Maria, MCOM Media Communications, Network International, Pagero and Infor. (photo: naseba)

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Nuova frontiera del lavoro globalizzato

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 10 Maggio 2010

Regus, leader mondiale di soluzioni per gli spazi di lavoro, comunica che le adesioni al programma Businessworld nel corso del 2009 sono aumentate dell’ 82%. Si prevede che questo dato cresca ulteriormente nei prossimi anni, per la capacità del programma Businessworld di supportare concretamente le tendenze dettate dal lavoro flessibile e globale.  Businessworld  è il programma Regus  dedicato  a tutte le tipologie di “professionisti mobili”. Imprenditori, manager, dipendenti e collaboratori che operano fuori ufficio o in viaggio, grazie a Businessworld hanno la possibilità di accedere alle soluzioni e ai servizi offerti da Regus in ogni principale città del mondo. I “business travellers” possono quindi disporre in oltre mille location in ogni parte del mondo di uffici, sale riunioni, connessioni Internet veloci, servizi di segreteria e tutto quanto necessario per lavorare in ambienti riservati e professionali con efficacia e produttività. Il programma Business world è declinato in 4 pacchetti: Blu, Gold, Platinum e Platinumplus e offre la possibilità di disporre di un ufficio in qualsiasi parte del mondo a partire da 7 euro al giorno.  Il Dottor Gianni Simonato, fondatore della Simonato&Partners e utilizzatore Businessworld, afferma: “Sono un Manager della Comunicazione, quindi aiuto imprese e professionisti a far conoscere i loro prodotti e servizi nel mondo.”
Il gruppo Regus è leader mondiale di soluzioni per gli spazi di lavoro, con prodotti e servizi su misura che comprendono ambienti professionali completamente attrezzati: uffici, sale riunioni, spazi business e un network di sale per videoconferenze. Il gruppo Regus offre un nuovo modo di lavorare da casa, in viaggio o da un ufficio. Clienti come Google, GlaxoSmithKline e Nokia, così come migliaia di altre piccole e medie aziende, sfruttano i vantaggi derivanti dall’outsourcing delle proprie esigenze di uffici e spazi di lavoro rivolgendosi al gruppo Regus, potendo così dedicarsi interamente al loro core business. Più di 500.000 clienti ogni giorno  si avvalgono delle oltre 1.000 location Regus in 450 città e 80 nazioni. Regus è quotato al London Stock Exchange (LSE:RGU).
In Italia Regus dispone complessivamente di 10 business centre dislocati a Milano, Roma e Torino.

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