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TTP plc Desktop Biology Enables Development and Manufacture of DnaNudge Technology

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 14 novembre 2019

TTP plc (TTP), a leading independent technology and product development company, today announced that its Desktop Biology™ service has enabled the fast-track development of a novel technology in partnership with DnaNudge Ltd, the developer of the world’s first DNA-based service to “nudge” consumers towards genetically optimal buying behaviour. The technology is designed to help consumers make healthier food and drink choices based on their unique genetic profile.The DnaNudge experience provides the consumer with personalised product recommendations suited to their individual genetic makeup, delivered through a wearable device or a mobile app, to enable the individual to choose between options from a specific product family (e.g. biscuits) resulting in a “nudge” towards a heathier lifestyle. A key enabler of this is the NudgeBox and DnaCartridge, which extracts and amplifies DNA from a customer cheek swab, providing an individual genetic report based on assessment of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). The genetic information is subsequently cross-referenced against a database that matches the nutritional values of manufactured food products with genetic characteristics.TTP, in partnership with DnaNudge Ltd, played a key role in the development of the NudgeBox and DNA Cartridge from the initial market vision through to feasibility, prototyping and small-scale manufacture. The NudgeBox enables a complex biological workflow and analysis to be undertaken in a consumer environment. TTP has manufactured an early run of instruments and has established a small-scale production line for cartridge assembly and biology integration, and is now working with DnaNudge to transfer to the high-volume manufacturing partners. The TTP Desktop Biology team converted a genomic DNA extraction protocol and multiplex real-time PCR amplification into an elegant simple-to-use instrument and low-cost single-use cartridge. The protocol required accurate control of a number of key factors to help ensure a high-quality result. The core lysis and solid phase DNA extraction protocol is integrated in the core of the cartridge and purified material passed to an array where 72 independent DNA amplification reactions are very carefully controlled and monitored to determine particular genetic variants (SNPs) that help guide nutrition (and in the future – other) purchasing decisions. The development itself has engaged a team at TTP that extends from cloud communication expertise to biological assay development as well as system engineering, thermal control and optics and design to manufacture.

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TTP Ventus Introduces New High-performance Micropumps for Medical and Life Science Markets

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 7 novembre 2019

TTP Ventus Ltd, a manufacturer of high-performance, silent micropumps for medical and life science markets, has announced the introduction of a range of new pumps that extend performance, delivering higher flow rates, higher pressures, and longer lifetimes. This opens up new product innovation possibilities for applications including microfluidics research, medical diagnostics, therapeutic devices and wearables.Among the pumps to be displayed at COMPAMED, the new HP Series has been designed for applications requiring high pressure, with the first model delivering in excess of 800 mBar, doubling what was available with previous models. The ability to generate such high pressures from a small, controllable, and non-pulsatile pump opens up exciting opportunities in microfluidics, particularly in so-called pressure-driven-flow or air-over-liquid systems. By moving the pump close to where the pressure or vacuum is needed, system complexity and size can be reduced significantly.The new LT Series was developed for applications requiring long lifetimes, typically 5,000 hours or more. These models offer increased pneumatic performance combined with long lifetime. TTP Ventus plans to extend pump lifetime even further in the near future, and expects to announce its first 10,000-hour pump in 2020. In addition to these offerings, TTP Ventus has extended its BL and XP Series with four additional pumps. These provide increased flow rates of up to 2.1 litres per minute, enabling faster inflation with blood pressure cuffs or therapeutic cushions for example. The new pumps maintain the small size and silent operation of existing models, enabling discrete, wearable products which were not previously possible. Their increased efficiency is valuable for battery-powered products, while precise controllability means that components such as proportional valves can be made redundant.

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TTP plc Collaborates with Quotient Ltd to Transform Transfusion Diagnostics and Beyond

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 22 maggio 2019

TTP plc (TTP), a leading independent technology and product development company, has announced today that it has partnered with Quotient Ltd (NASDAQ:QTNT), a commercial-stage diagnostics company committed to transforming transfusion diagnostics and beyond – to develop and implement a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for Quotient’s proprietary MosaiQ™ system.MosaiQ, Quotient’s proprietary multiplex microarray technology, offers the world’s first fully automated, consolidated testing platform, allowing for multiple tests across different modalities. The instrument is designed to be a game-changing solution, which Quotient believes will increase efficiencies, improve clinical practice, deliver significant workflow improvements and operational cost savings to laboratories around the world.
TTP has been an integral development partner for MosaiQ, providing extensive technology, science and engineering input to make possible Quotient’s vision to develop a multiplexed testing platform based on a custom consumable, including a microarray, and a custom instrument.
TTP initially undertook a product feasibility study and carried this through to the conception and delivery of a high-volume, consumable-manufacturing facility. This included the design and manufacture of a low-cost consumable, development of robust manufacturing systems, and several bespoke high-volume manufacturing processes, including microarray printing, array processing and high-speed assembly, as well as the use of ‘User Centred Design’ research to specify the user requirements of the processing instruments. Key to the printing of microarrays for this pre-transfusion blood testing, which includes printed blood cells and antibodies, is SureDrop, TTP’s bespoke microarray printing technology that has a unique capability to print a broad range of materials, including cells, proteins, DNA, and polymers. The SureDrop print module forms part of the MosaiQ system. To facilitate Quotient’s requirements, TTP developed a custom-made print module, incorporating improvements to the technology necessary for this application, and a high-volume manufacturing line, operating within its own quality management system, was established at TTP’s Melbourn Science Park headquarters to ensure the successful delivery of production print modules.

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