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Why planning and execution are key to Ragsdale succeeding in naseba seven challenge

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 27 novembre 2011

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Umm Al Quwain. With two iron-distance triathlons out of seven behind him, today Scott Ragsdale is in Umm Al Quwain – the least populated of the United Arab Emirates – for day three of naseba seven. The challenge has received support from Government bodies including UAE General Authority of Youth and Sports Welfare, Abu Dhabi Municipality and Abu Dhabi Sports Council – and during his swim this morning, Scott was under the watchful eye of a large UAE Government coastguard vessel.So given that he wakes up while it is still dark, is swimming by daybreak, cycling in the midday heat and running by nightfall; what is it like to spend a day with Scott during his naseba seven challenge? With a strict routine devised by his coach Mario Huys, he is up at 5.30am in preparation for starting the swimming-leg of the triathlon by 7.00am. Before he hits the water, Scott devours a breakfast consisting of muesli with warm milk, toast with syrup, energy bars and coffee. In fact, during the whole day’s activity he’ll put away between 9,000 and 11,000 calories together with at least seven litres of water. All of this with extremely limited opportunities to stop for a ‘bathroom break’ during what could potentially be a period of 15 hours.Food and liquid intake has to be meticulously planned to ensure he is eating and drinking at the optimum times – and is overseen by coach Huys. This is particularly crucial given that despite the fact it is November, the UAE is still experiencing temperatures of in excess of 30 degrees. There is no stopping either – with everything being consumed on the move.Following the swim, Scott must cycle for 180 km along the UAE roads whilst confronting and negotiating everyday traffic, as well as some indifferent quality of road surface. Understandably it was just not feasible to close specific roads on each route of the seven-day challenge, and so from the morning rush hour and through the lunchtime heat he is on the road while all manner of vehicles are overtaking him.It is a similar situation for his run. Ragsdale could be on foot for up to six hours whilst people eager to get home after a day’s work are speeding past him. Despite having a motorcade consisting of three cars and a motorcycle, he is still exposed to the hindrance of the daily traffic. He must also cope with the dusty conditions and pounding of joints on the hard Emirati asphalt – this just a few months after a knee operation and following a spectacular crash during training on October 31st. Scott’s days end with an ice bath to stem the wear and tear of muscles, coupled with a massage if necessary. He finally has the opportunity to eat properly and spend time with his family around 10.00pm – with his wife and two daughters supporting him all the way.

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