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Exchange Traded Concepts Launches Uranium Mining ETF

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 8 dicembre 2019

Exchange Traded Concepts, LLC, (“ETC”), a leader in providing white label Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) solutions, in conjunction with North Shore Indices, Inc., today announced that it has launched the North Shore Global Uranium Mining ETF (NYSE ARCA: URNM).
URNM is a targeted play on the uranium mining sector, that offers efficient access to a global, basket of companies in the Uranium industry. This fund offers a thematic play on potential nuclear power demand growth and uranium supply deficits. The ETF tracks the The North Shore Global Uranium Mining Index which is a focused uranium mining index. The index holds both miners and holders of physical uranium. It is currently tilted towards junior miners.Uranium as a commodity has long been misunderstood due to the complexity and opacity of the nuclear fuel cycle. After experiencing a peak price of nearly $140/lb. in 2007, prices have declined by over 80%, mainly due to oversupply. According to Numerco, as of 12/2/2019 the spot price of physical uranium was approximately $26/lb.
Focused on companies with exposure to the uranium sector, this newly created Global Uranium Mining ETF should allow investors to benefit from potentially favorable uranium fundamentals. As the world’s thirst for clean, 24×7, emissions-free sources of alternative energy continue to grow, nuclear power is emerging as a potential means to meet this demand. According to the World Nuclear Association’s most recent Nuclear Fuel Report there are 444 operating nuclear reactors, with 54 under construction, 111 planned, and 349 proposed.

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Uranium Mining Company’s Production Continues to Grow

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 16 settembre 2011

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Late last year, Corpus Christi-based Uranium Energy Corp made a significant transition from uranium exploration company to uranium producer. Since the company began production at its South Texas facility in November 2010, it has produced over 120,000 pounds of uranium at a cost of about $15 per pound. In each successive quarter since November, production has more than doubled while production costs have declined. In recent months, some have questioned the future of the uranium market. But according to a report that was just issued by Agora Financial’s Outstanding Investments, this market is set to increase in value for investors—and UEC, the industry’s newest producer, is set to take full advantage of it. “The bottom line is that UEC is technically competent and well managed,” Outstanding Investments says. “It’s got great assets in Texas, the U.S. Southwest and overseas…despite the market gyrations, we have a great uranium play that fits into the present and future uranium story. [We] can’t say what the broad stock market is going to do, but the current troubles have handed us a great company at a deep discount.” What else is working in UEC’s advantage? According to the report, “The three key ingredients of a successful mining project are people, people and people. And it’s safe to say that UEC has people. UEC is the product of a sharp guy, [CEO] Amir Adnani, with whom [we’ve] had some great discussions over the past couple of years.” UEC’s most recent operating results, the report says, show an aggregate production at an average cost of about $15 per pound. By comparison, one industry giant has average production costs of over $32 per pound, while it costs another over $50 to deliver each pound. So even in the tightest of markets for uranium, says the report, UEC has a dramatic cost advantage over the competition. “The share price is simply not reflective of the value here, and in [our] view, this company is selling in the bargain-basement range…the share price is down while the stock has strong trading volume and a solid set of market makers,” the report continues. “Based on the company’s fundamentals, [we] believe that UEC is poised for a strong rebound when the markets settle down. There are handsome gains to be made here.”

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