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Verint Announces Latest Version of Its Web and Social Intelligence Suite

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 27 agosto 2017

Online Banking ComputerVerint® Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: VRNT), a leading provider of security and intelligence data mining software, today announced the launch of the latest version of its Web and Social Intelligence Product Suite, deployed by security and intelligence government agencies, as well as enterprise and critical infrastructure organizations around the world. The new version, called Webint 7.0, includes enhanced real-time open source collection with advanced machine learning and data mining capabilities to help transform large volumes of web and social media content into insights, identify suspicious behavioral patterns and generate predictive intelligence. “Security organizations are struggling to hire qualified security analysts and data scientists to tackle the ever-increasing threats of terror, cybercrime and financial crimes. They need sophisticated data mining software that can simplify and automate the process of data collection and generate real-time insights,” says Elad Sharon, president, Verint Cyber Intelligence. “Our latest version, Webint 7.0, is based on deep domain expertise and incorporates unique intelligence methodologies to provide security organizations with the power to quickly and efficiently predict threats and perform comprehensive investigations.” Today, Verint’s Web and Social Intelligence Product Suite is being used by many security organizations globally to address a variety of security challenges, including drug trafficking, terrorist activities, illegal immigration, wildlife poaching, cyber threat intelligence, illegal use of crypto currencies, identity theft, credit cards trade, personnel vetting and more.“Verint’s Webint data mining software helped us dissolve a large drug cartel in our country,” explains the deputy head of the narcotics unit of a Western Europe country. “Leveraging the intelligence methodologies built into the product, we were able to configure the software to the specific mission of our organization in terms of intelligence-driven flows, language, and targets’ jargon and ontologies, and this became a major factor in identifying and tracking key members of the cartel, their network of production and distribution, and their means to sell drugs. We were able to achieve this success within a short period of time and with a small number of intelligence analysts.”The Verint Webint 7.0 data mining software now supports 60 languages. In addition, Verint offers web and social intelligence services, such as analyzing security organizations’ needs, defining analytics workflows, and training on intelligence methodology best practices to maximize operational value for specific security missions.

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Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 7 gennaio 2012

English: Lottery

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Leeds, England, which is a premium domain launched by Fortuna Management in November has now released a Spanish version of its website. This addition to means that all Spanish readers can view and enjoy all the features on in their own native tongue, without having to struggle to read the English version. Spanish users can view not only lotteries in their country, such as the El Gordo Navidad, but also others from around the globe which include the American Powerball, Italian SuperEnalotto and the Oz offers an online comprehensive guide to world lotteries and this new Spanish version of the site will allow its users to view the latest lotto results. To add to that, users can also view information such as the rules, game play, draws and jackpot amounts.As there are vast numbers of lotteries available to play worldwide, this Spanish version of will be adding new lotteries from across the globe on a regular basis. A spokesman for said:”We are really happy to be able to launch a Spanish version of Providing our users with a wealth of lottery knowledge is what we set out to do, so the more people that can benefit from the better.”Anyone can use this online lottery guide and in the not too distant future we hope to launch Italian, Russian and Chinese versions of”

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Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 15 aprile 2011, an online wellbeing service provider, and Preve Ltd, a Finnish subsidiary of Pfizer specialized in providing health coaching services for healthcare, have signed a service and license agreement concerning online corporate wellness services. As a result of the agreement, Preve’s customers will be able to use Preve’s health coaching concept also online. “Users of the integrated service will have access to a personal health coach for at least three months. In addition, they will be using a customized version of the HeiaHeia online service. In the online service, the participants will be able to set personal objectives related to lifestyle changes, report daily activities and receive support and encouragement from peers”, says Jari Turpeinen, Director, Preve Ltd.”The health coach assists the participant in setting realistic objectives that take into account personal motivation, abilities and resources. The coach also monitors the participant’s progress, motivating them to work for their goals. The coach and the participant stay in touch by regular phone calls as well as communicating via the online service”, says Turpeinen.
“This agreement is a significant step in our strategy to build an international leader in online wellbeing services. Through this partnership we gain a unique opportunity to combine our usability and online competence with the resources and research base of the leader in health and wellness industry”, says Jussi Räisänen, CEO and Co-Founder of partnership involves joint product development and several corporate pilots launched during spring 2011.

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Top Selling Rimless Frame for Coastal Contacts

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 7 gennaio 2010

Vancouver, British Columbia  the world’s largest online retailer of contact lenses and eyeglasses, announced that Sarah Palin 8001 eyeglasses have been the top selling design of rimless eyeglasses for the past year on the company’s website.  While Sarah Palin’s eyeglasses caught the world’s attention just over a year ago, consumers are still seeking the flattering style. The original glasses worn by Palin, created by Japanese designer Kazuo Kawasaki, became the most sought after eyeglasses frame in fall 2008 during the U.S. Presidential Election. Since the election many eyeglass frame designers have come out with their own version of the rimless style hit including Coastal Contacts own Sarah Palin 8001. The frame, which retails for $49.95 has been near the top of their best sellers list for over a year.  Coastal Contacts is the world’s fastest growing online vision care supplier. Providing contact lenses, eyeglasses and other complimentary vision care products to consumers worldwide, Coastal Contacts is proud to provide an affordable, convenient option for high quality vision care products. With its world class operations in North America, Europe and Asia, Coastal Contacts offers a unique blend of private label and branded products to over 150 countries across the globe. Already #1 in many of its markets, Coastal is rapidly advancing toward its goal of becoming the “World’s Vision Store.”

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“The Reconstruction of American Journalism”

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 21 ottobre 2009

It is an extraordinary report on the present and future of our profession, written by Leonard Downie, former editor of The Washington Post, and Michael Schudson, an author, teacher, and scholar on journalism and democracy. The report was commissioned by the Columbia Journalism School and the link below is to a shorter version edited by and for the Columbia Journalism Review.  Downie and Schudson’s assignment was to take a comprehensive, clearheaded look at the enormous changes taking place in American journalism, to assess them, and to make recommendations for the future. What is unusual about the report is that it focuses resolutely on a particular function of the press: what it calls “accountability journalism.” This, as the report points out, was not a part of the Founders’ original conception of the press as reflected in the First Amendment, but it has come to be a vital part of democratic life, and it is seriously threatened by the economic turmoil in the news business. The report does not envision newspapers disappearing, but it also does not regard restoring newspaper staffs to their former size as possible. It looks forward to a new, mostly digital, era of news production, in which newspapers will continue to have a leading role, but as part of a much larger cast of featured players, including nonprofit and public media.  The report ends with six specific recommendations for creating an ecosystem in which reporting and accountability journalism can thrive.  We also include a letter from Nicholas Lemann, dean of the J-school, about the project, and reactions from four  media thinkers who we asked to critique the report. Soon we’ll add a podcast Q&A with the authors.

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