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Collisions with Vessels, the Deadliest Threat for Whales

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 10 giugno 2021

Friend of the Sea Launches the Whale-Safe Certification to Stop the Death of 20.000 Whales Every Year.It’s a silent massacre most people are unaware of. Every year, up to 20,000 whales die because of lethal collisions with vessels. The image of a dead whale stuck in the bow of a vast container symbolizes this tragedy. However, most of the time, their bodies sink without leaving a trace that could show the magnitude of this phenomenon. Whale ship strikes have now become a significant threat to big cetaceans. Collision skill 20 times more whales than the controversial practice of whale hunting or whaling.To stop this bleeding, Friend of the Sea, a program from the World Sustainability Organization, has created the Whale-Safe international certification standard to raise awareness of this problem, engage the world shipping industry and reduce lethal collisions.

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COA Formulates Regulations to Protect Rights of Foreign Crew of Fishing Vessels

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 26 dicembre 2018

To protect rights and interests of foreign crew of fishing vessels and enhance control of Taiwan’s distant water fisheries, the Council of Agriculture (COA) has been actively improving legal system.The COA has formulated the Act for Distant Water Fisheries and the National Plan of Control and Inspection for fisheries (NPCI), as well as improved the managing mechanism of monitoring, control and surveillance to improve management of distant water fisheries.
For instance, the COA has established Integrated Data System for Marine Fisheries and the 24-hour Fishing Monitoring Center (FMC), deployed more at-sea observers and staff for checking at harbors, and required distant water fishing fleets to install e-logbook.
The COA has also been actively pushing for building a tracking system for fisheries products and strengthening Taiwan’s collaboration with international fisheries to tackle illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing and make contributions to the sustainability of marine fisheries resources.Regarding the foreign worker rights, wage and benefits for foreign workers, on the other hand, will follow the international mechanism of labor market.According to current regulations, each foreign crew member and fisheries operator are obligate to sign the standardized contract respectively. The standardized contract not only regulates the minimum wage, minimum insured amount of life insurance, daily rest time, and monthly rest days, but also specifies provision that fisheries operators should comply.
Meanwhile, the COA will conduct visits to foreign workers hired by Taiwan’s fishing vessels more regularly to learn about and handle cases regarding their infringement on rights and interests.

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The launch of MACS3 E-Learning for container vessels

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 9 settembre 2018

Navis, the leading provider of maritime software solutions for cargo operations and vessel performance, today announced at SMM 2018 the launch of MACS3 E-Learning for container vessels. The web-based program provides hands-on MACS3 loading computer system training, delivering critical knowledge and technology experience nautical officers require during operations—anytime, anywhere. Once the training is complete, users earn a ‘MACS3 Ready’ certification, enabling them to put training concepts into practice immediately.With 65 percent of the container shipping market share and growing, MACS3 is the industry standard for safe and efficient loading operations. As loading computers evolve from a standalone solution to a more advanced data source capable of facilitating better communication and collaboration throughout the ocean shipping supply chain, on-demand training and education is essential for capitalizing on this technology.The MACS3 E-Learning program was developed in collaboration with academics from the University of Applied Sciences Flensburg, the Maritime Centre. It was created for experienced mariners and other individuals with responsibilities in cargo operations, as well as students working to obtain a certificate as a Navigational Watchkeeping Officer or higher. MACS3 E-Learning provides a story-based learning system, presenting tasks users may face during cargo operations. Additionally, it offers numerous tutorials and exercises to improve competency and skill sets including, strength, cargo handling, cargo stowage, cargo lashing and dangerous goods and design. The course is available as a B2B version targeting ship owners and ship managers to allow a seamless integration with existing crew training concepts, or as a single license.
“A quality training program to immerse nautical officers is of upmost importance for ship owners and crewing agencies,” said Gerald Lange, MACS3 Product Manager, Navis. “With MACS3 E-Learning, we have defined basic standards by which customers become qualified MACS3 users, providing valuable instruction on container vessel loading and stability concepts and offer a certification once the training is complete.”Additionally, Navis previews MACS3 Connected for the first time at SMM 2018. This next generation of MACS3 adds a wealth of vessel information to the cloud, giving ship owners, ship managers, liner operators, terminals and ports access to important data necessary to operate loading computers. MACS3 currently contains over 5,000 ship profiles, one of the most comprehensive ship libraries globally, which will now be more accessible than ever with MACS3 Connected.

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Nato warship destroys pirate vessels

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 20 aprile 2010

Turkish warship TCG GELIBOLU destroyed a group of pirate vessels over the weekend 280 miles North East of the Seychelles. The operation marked another success for NATO’s counter-piracy Operation Ocean Shield, and reflected the close co-operation that exists between the NATO Alliance and other international forces.  The pirate gang consisted of 13 pirates, in 3 vessels.  As well as weapons, in their boats they carried ladders, used to climb onboard vessels and other piracy related equipment. As the Turkish warship approached, the pirates threw their guns and ladders overboard and claimed they were innocent seafarers – although they were unable to explain what they were doing 820 miles from the Somali coast, with no fishing nets or legal cargo.
TCG GELIBOLU had sailed to the sea area having receiving maritime intelligence which indicated that pirate gangs were hunting for innocent merchant shipping.  Working closely with an EU Luxemburg maritime patrol aircraft, operating out of the Seychelles, they were able to locate the pirates and disrupt their illegal activity. The Commanding Officer of TCG GELIBOLU, Commander Baybars Kucukatay Turkish Navy said:  ‘The Turkish Navy working under NATO is proud to be able to save innocent merchant vessels from acts of piracy.  Despite a huge search area, we have shown there is no hiding place for pirates at sea. TCG GELIBOLU will eventually find them.’ (SNMG2 2010 14)

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Irish Need Not Apply

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 16 aprile 2010

New York until 15/5/2010 556 West 22nd Street Chelsea Art Museum The work of Irish art collective Grupat curated by Jennifer Walshe  Irish Need Not Apply features work by the notorious Irish art collective Grúpat. The collective’s work ranges from love letters written by teenage Dubliners to the costumes of drag flaneur The Dowager Marchylove and presentations of previously unexhibited 17th century Irish alchemical vessels. This exhibition is curated by internationally renowned composer Jennifer Walshe.  Grúpat is comprised mainly of artists living in the South Dublin County Council area, but has over the last few years grown to be international in scope and membership. While the group has a core roster, its affiliations and “temporary members” range widely. As well, many of the members of Grúpat, in line with their early pranksterish roots, exhibit and perform solely under pseudonyms. These facts sometimes make it difficult to determine exactly who or what is in Grúpat. Notable members include Bulletin M, The Parks Service, Detleva Verens, Ukeoirn O’Connor, Flor Hartigan and O’Brien Industries. This sub-set of Grúpat often exhibit under the name “6by4” a reference to the Parisian composers known as “Les Six” and the postcode Dublin 24, in which they all reside.  (Image: Film still from “The Faerie Queene” by Violetta Mahon)

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Gulf of Aden: Nato sailors reassure seafarers

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 26 marzo 2010

For NATO Commanders, their counter piracy mission, Operation Ocean Shield, is not just about deterring and preventing pirate attacks. It is increasingly about gathering piracy information and reassuring innocent seafarers that they can be safe on the high seas.   NATO boarding parties, made up of sailors and marines are routinely conducting maritime security assurance visits to small vessels operating in the Gulf of Aden.  These friendly meetings aim to allay concerns that local seafarers may have about their safety and to reassure them that naval vessels are patrolling in the area. Where necessary the navies will provide water and food to these small dhows.  NATO’s aim is that the assurance visits will help Somalis recognise that there is a viable employment alternative to piracy.   Royal Marine Boarding Team leader, Captain Chris Beesely RM said ‘Interacting with local seafarers not only help encourages them to get back to sea but it also helps us get a better understanding of their pattern of life.  That means we can quickly identify if something is different from the norm and react accordingly.’   The Commander of the NATO Task Group, Commodore Steve Chick of the UK Navy said,  “The combined efforts of NATO, other organisations such as the EU Naval Force, Combined Maritime Force, and not least, the Puntland authorities have led to a steady drop in piracy incidents in the Gulf of Aden over the last year.  We are keen to see innocent seafarers feeling safe enough to return to their trade at sea.  Many have been frightened away by the pirates and the boarding parties are doing much to provide a message of reassurance”. (nato)

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Shipbuilding equipment

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 12 luglio 2009

United Industrial Corporation (OPK) and Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (SHI, Korea) signed a memorandum for mutual business cooperation, during SHI representatives’ visit to St. Petersburg Baltiysky Zavod and Severnaya Verf. The main purpose of this memorandum is a cooperation to create a new shipbuilding complex at Severnaya Verf. Both companies show interest in participating in a tender for the construction of ships for transportation of natural gas and offshore equipment for Russian customers, as well as the development of new business projects. Particularly, both companies aim at an efficient discussion and a mutually beneficial cooperation, in line with the Gasprom PLC program for technological navy construction, favouring Russian shelf development with the construction of vessels and navy equipment. The signing parties have great experience in shipbuilding. Samsung Heavy Industries is using the most progressive technologies in shipbuilding and shipyard management. The company is interested in OPK for the development of business activities in Russia. OPK will modernize its shipbuilding assets and by means of it build a modern shipbuilding complex with large-capacity vessels, platforms, supplying dry dock vessels. Samsung Heavy Industries intends participating in the company’s shipbuilding program, in order to favor arctic shelf development.
About OPK United Industrial Corporation (OPK) is a diversified holding company with total value of assets of more than US$13 billion. OPK develops and manages an investment portfolio in major sectors of the Russian economy, including the financial sector, real estate development, shipbuilding, mining and media.

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Construction of two tankers to transport liquefied natural gas

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 10 luglio 2009

Alexander Ananenkov, vice-president of Gazprom PLC, announced that the company is considering the possibility to place an order for the construction of two tankers (to transport liquefied natural gas from Shtockmann gas-field) at Severnaya Verf plant, a part of United Industrial Corporation (OPK). According to Mr. Ananenkov, Severnaya Verf plant is the only enterprise in Russia, with the ability to build such particular vessels. The Vice-president of board of directors of Gazprom underlined the necessity to renovate the plant’s facilities and to build this type of vessels. According to him, Gazprom is also interested in the construction of 200-300 thousand ton vessels. The OPK press service declared that the company has already started the construction of a shipbuilding complex for large-capacity vessels (capacity of 300 thousand tons). “OPK shipyards are ready to execute the order of Gazprom in corpore”, OPK representative announced. Besides, Severnaya Verf plant has already an experienced in turnkey construction for foreign customers. Such particular vessels are needed for Russian shelf field development. Mr. Ananenkov reminded the necessity to construct 10 platforms, as well as 80 vessels for servicing of the platforms, meant for the transportation of liquefied natural gas. According to him, the Baltiysky plant, also a part of OPK, also has great chance in securing an order.
About OPK United Industrial Corporation (OPK) is a diversified holding company with total value of assets of more than US$13 billion. OPK develops and manages an investment portfolio in major sectors of the Russian economy, including the financial sector, real estate development, shipbuilding, mining and media. For more information please visit the OPK website

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NATO Task Force disrupts pirate attack

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 19 Maggio 2009

Gulf of Aden – The Canadian frigate, HMCS Winnipeg and her organic helicopter likely deterred a pirate attack against the Maltese cargo ship MV Sea Pride yesterday (17th May). She is part of the Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 (SNMG1) which is conducting the counter piracy mission, Operation Allied Protector in the Gulf of Aden.  Cdr Chris Davies, Chief Public Affairs Officer at MCC Northwood said, “This is a good example of NATO’s commitment to fight against the modern day cancer of piracy, ensuring shipping lanes are safe for mariners to go about their lawful business.”  Around noon local time, Winnipeg responded to distress calls from Sea Pride by dispatching her helicopter Palomino16 to the scene.  The suspected pirates broke off their approach and, ignoring warning shots, attempted to flee southward to the Somali Coast.  Winnipeg was able to close their position, stop and board the two skiffs in turn.  A search of the both skiffs revealed no firearms.  However, numerous knives, two cell phones, a GPS unit and 52 containers of petrol were found.  Items that were of potential use in future pirate activity were confiscated.  Actions indicated the skiffs’ occupants were probably about to engage in an act of piracy. However, as the attack had not yet occurred and there was insufficient proof to successfully prosecute the incident, the individuals involved were released once the search of their vessels was complete. The five ships participating are: NRP Côrte Real (Flagship, Portugal) HMCS Winnipeg (Canada) HNLMS De Zeven Provinciën (Netherlands) ESPS Blas de Lezo (Spain) USS Halyburton (USA)
The Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 (SNMG1) is one of four immediate maritime reaction Forces. It is a multinational seagoing force, on task continuously, giving NATO the ability to respond quickly as the spearhead of the NRF, with the flexibility to promote NATO’s interest anywhere in the world. The Force, previously known as Standing Naval Force Atlantic and Standing NATO Response Force Maritime Group 1, was officially renamed Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 in 2006.

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