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The victims of Civita Giuliana: The last plaster casts of Pompeii

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 24 novembre 2020

During the current excavations at Civita Giuliana, around 700 metres northwest of Pompeii, in the area of the large suburban villa where, in 2017 – thanks to a joint operation with the Carabinieri and the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Torre Annunziata aimed at stopping the illegal trafficking carried out by grave robbers – the servile part of the villa had been discovered along with the stable containing the remains of three harnessed horses, two skeletons of individuals caught in the fury of the eruption have been found. Just as in the first excavation campaign when it was possible to crate plaster casts of the horses, today it has been possible to make casts of the two victims who were found near the cryptoporticus, in the noble part of the villa which the latest investigations have focused on. The bodies were found in a side room of the cryptoporticus, in the form of a passageway below the villa which led to the upper floor. This space, 2.2 metres wide but of a length which has yet to be determined, featured a wooden floor, as indicated by the presence of six holes in the walls for housing the beams which supported a gallery. The room was destroyed by the collapse of the highest parts of the masonry, beneath which was found a thick layer formed from the succession of pyroclastic currents that were typical of the eruption of AD 79. Inside the room, initially voids were discovered in the layer of hardened ash, below which the skeletons were encountered. Once the bones had been analysed – by the physical anthropologist of the Park, who removed most of them – plaster was poured in, according to the famous plaster casting technique developed by Giuseppe Fiorelli, who first invented and experimented with it in 1867. Both had died suddenly during the so-called second pyroclastic flow, which struck Pompeii and the surrounding area in the early hours of the 25th October, leading to the death of the survivors who were still present in the city and countryside. This second flow was preceded by a brief period of quiet, perhaps half an hour, during which the survivors both at Pompeii and probably at Civita left their dwellings in a vain attempt to save themselves.The flow that struck was however very fast and very violent, bringing down the first floors of the houses and surprising the victims as they attempted to escape across a few centimetres of ash, leading to their deaths. In this case it is probable that the pyroclastic flow flooded the room through several openings, entombing them in the ash Studies revealed that the first victim, with his head tilted, and his teeth and skull visible, was a young man, between 18 and 23/25 years of age, who was approximately 156cm tall. The presence of a series of vertebral compressions, unusual in a young man of his age, would suggest that he had carried out hard manual work. He could therefore have been a slave. He wore a short tunic, of which the imprint of the drapery is clearly visible on the lower part of the belly, with thick rich folds and traces of heavy fabric, of a consistency which suggests that it was made of wool fibres. Several fragments of white plaster were found next to the face, and fragments of the wall preparation layer of the room were found alongside the legs.The second victim was found in an attitude that was completely different to the first, but which is similar to that found in other plaster casts at Pompeii: the head has fallen backwards into the cinerite, at a lower level than the body, and the plaster cast has outlined the chin, lips and nose, while the skull is preserved. The arms are folded with the hands on the chest, similar to a position seen in other casts, whilst the legs are spread apart with the knees bent. The robust stature of the victim, particularly in the thorax area, suggests once again that this is a man, though older than the other victim, aged between 30 and 40 years and approximately 162cm tall. This victim wore more intricate clothing compared to the other, as he wore a tunic and mantle. Beneath the victim’s neck and close to his sternum, where the fabric formed clear and heavy folds, imprints of the fabric are preserved that are clearly visible and indicate a woollen mantle which stopped at the left shoulder. At the position of the upper left arm there is also an imprint of a different fabric pertaining to a tunic, which would seem to have extended to the pelvic area. Fragments of white plaster were found close to the face of the victim, which had probably collapsed from the upper floor. Roughly 1 metre east of the first victim, and 80cm east of the second, other holes were discovered during excavation works. Here too, plaster was poured in, revealing the presence not of victims but of objects which had perhaps been lost during the escape. Manual exploration of these ‘voids’, and the shape revealed by the plaster casts, revealed that these were heaps of cloth, with large and heavy folds; in particular the heap close to the first victim could be interpreted as a woollen mantle, which the young ‘slave’ had evidently taken with him during the escape.As regards the cause and time of death, those elements that may give general indications are summarised below. As is well known, the eruption began with a rain of pumice which poured down upon Pompeii from the eruptive column from 13:00 on the first day of the eruption (probably October 24th) until about 07:00 the following day. The sedimentation of the so-called white pumice lasted for about 7 hours (from 13:00 to 20:00); the sedimentation of grey pumice lasted about 11 hours (from 20:00 to 07:00 the following day). In total, the pumice fall phase lasted about 18/19 hours. After the rain of pumice ceased due to the collapse of the eruptive column, the first pyroclastic flow occurred, reaching Pompeii during the final phase of the sedimentation of the grey pumice, so at about 07:00 on October 25th. The other flows, starting with the second (which was more violent and energetic, and the cause of the greatest number of victims in Pompeii), followed one after the other throughout the early hours of the morning.The first pyroclastic flow to reach Pompeii deposited only a few centimetres of ash and, due to its low energy, did not cause much structural damage. Most Pompeiians who survived the first phase of the eruption, no doubt survived this first flow as well.The second pyroclastic flow was the most violent and energetic, capable of breaking down walls orientated at right angles to the direction of flow. The sediment deposited by this flow was a highly compact grey ash, well stratified and containing scattered pumice lapilli.The deposits filling the room in which the two plaster casts were made at the site of Civita Giuliana are entirely represented by grey ash showing the same characteristics as the cinerite deposits within which most of the victims inside the walls of Pompeii were found (deposits from the second pyroclastic flow). It is likely that the pyroclastic flow entered the room at several points, engulfing the victims and burying them in ashes. The thickness (at least 2m) is also consistent with the maximum thickness of this layer inside the buildings of Pompeii. The casts are embedded completely within the ash, hence the victims were killed and buried by the second pyroclastic flow that arrived in Pompeii.At the moment it is impossible to say whether below this deposit there are further stratigraphic units relating to other phases of the eruption, or whether the ash rests directly on the bottom of the room (floor, stairs or ramp). Continuation of the excavation will clarify the stratigraphy in detail.

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Opening – MEPs hold a minute of silence in memory of victims of terrorism

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 14 novembre 2020

President Sassoli led a minute of silence to pay tribute to all victims of terrorism, at the opening of the session.Expressing his condolences to the friends and families of the victims of the terrorist attacks in Dresden, Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, Nice and Vienna, President Sassoli stressed that every attack represents an attack on the EU’s fundamental values, freedom of expression, religion, and an open and inclusive society. It is our shared responsibility to fight all types of extremism, said the President, adding that MEPs stand united against violence and hate.

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Art Therapy Heals Immigrant Victims of War Prejudice and Sexual Exploitation

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 24 Maggio 2018

New York’s Battery Dance launched its Dancing to Connect programs in 2006. Since that time, the program has spread to 6 continents, 50 countries, 100 cities, and 1,000 schools. A powerful new documentary by Wilderness Films follows six dancers from the dance company from India to Eastern Europe to the Korean Peninsula to the Middle East as they support vulnerable youth helping them to express themselves through movement. The film focuses on the struggles, frustrations, resilience and ultimate transformation of the students and their dance teachers.
Producer Cornelia Ravenal says that as a trauma survivor she understood the power of art to “heal and transform.” Ravenal along with husband partner Mikael Södersten collaborated with Battery Dance Founder Jonathan Hollander to create the documentary because she believed this was a story that had to be told. As global populations continue to grow, migration and increasing social and cultural diversity are reshaping classrooms worldwide. Solutions for integrating and uniting peoples from diverse cultural backgrounds are now sought by schools and communities all over the globe. Hollander believes that “no divide has been too great for the art of dance, the primacy of movement, the common humanity, and expression, to span.”
Battery Dance performs on the world’s stages, teaches, presents, and advocates for the field of dance. The Company is dedicated to the pursuit of artistic excellence and the availability of the Arts to everyone. Battery Dance has produced over 100 original dance works choreographed by its founder and artistic director Jonathan Hollander, in collaboration with a diverse array of composers and designers, and its cast of outstanding dancers. CMRubinWorld launched in 2010 to explore what kind of education would prepare students to succeed in a rapidly changing globalized world. Its award-winning series, The Global Search for Education, is a celebrated trailblazer in the renaissance of the 21st century, and occupies a special place in the pulse of key issues facing every nation and the collective future of all children. It connects today’s top thought leaders with a diverse global audience of parents, students and educators. Its highly readable platform allows for discourse concerning our highest ideals and the sustainable solutions we must engineer to achieve them. C. M. Rubin has produced over 700 interviews and articles discussing an expansive array of topics under a singular vision: when it comes to the world of children, there is always more work to be done.

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Siblings of cot death victims have four-fold cot death risk

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 19 marzo 2018

Barcelona, Spain Siblings of cot death victims have a four-fold higher risk of cot death, according to research presented today at EHRA 2018, a European Society of Cardiology congress.1 The 38-year study in nearly 2.5 million infants suggests that autopsies should be carried out on SIDS victims and that family members should have cardiology tests.
The incidence of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), also known as cot death, has declined in the last 20 years following public health campaigns to avoid placing infants in the prone sleeping position and not to smoke during pregnancy or near infants. However, “SIDS remains a leading cause of death during the first year of life, affecting thousands of infants each year in Europe and the US,” noted study author Dr Charlotte Glinge, a physician and PhD student at The Heart Centre, University Hospital of Copenhagen, Denmark.
The exact cause of SIDS is unknown, but it is thought to be caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. The aim of this study was to determine whether siblings of SIDS victims have a higher risk of SIDS than the general population.The study used nationwide health and administrative registries in Denmark, where all residents are given a permanent and unique civil registration number at birth or immigration that enables linkage of individual registry data. The study included nearly 2.5 million infants under one year of age between 1978 and 2015.From the cause of death registry, the researchers identified 1,535 infants who were the first, or only, infant in a family to die of SIDS during the 38-year study period. From the Danish fertility registry, the researchers identified 2,373 younger brothers and sisters of the group of infants who died of SIDS. They were followed from the date of their elder sibling’s death from SIDS to whichever of the following outcomes came first: SIDS, death from another cause, emigration, age of one year, or study end on 31 December 2015.
The researchers calculated the incidence of SIDS in the younger siblings compared to the general population. After adjusting for sex, age, and calendar year, they found that the younger siblings of SIDS victims had a four-fold increased risk of SIDS compared to the general population.
Dr Glinge said that a post-mortem examination by a cardiac pathologist should be undertaken in all young victims of sudden death. Although SIDS is believed to be a combination of genetic and environmental factors, if a genetic mutation is identified that may have contributed to SIDS, siblings and parents should be tested for the mutation.All parents should be asked about family history of sudden cardiac death. Parents and siblings should be offered cardiology tests, including an electrocardiogram (ECG) and echocardiography, to provide the best chance of identifying an inherited cardiac condition. Management of surviving family members is complex and requires a multidisciplinary team.Dr Glinge said: “All parents should follow public health advice on how to prevent SIDS. But by screening families of SIDS victims, we can identify whether there are additional steps that can be taken to stop a sibling dying of SIDS.”

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Pets Are the Forgotten Victims of Deadly Storms

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 30 agosto 2017

Forces_of_Nature_wrapCvrSized.inddIn 2005, amid the devastation Hurricane Katrina wreaked on New Orleans, few observers thought not just of the human casualties of the disaster but also of the domestic pets separated from their owners, lost, stranded, drowned, or starving.While humans were ordered to evacuate New Orleans, no provision was made for the estimated 300,000 pets left behind with only a bowl of food and water. Owners, who expected to return soon, were devastated to learn that when the levees broke, they couldn’t return, leaving thousands of animals to sink or swim. Others, locked in homes, drowned as the raging waters burst through buildings, flooding rooms to the ceiling, or later perished drinking toxic water from ruptured sewers and petrochemical industries.Hearing the news, Joanne and Penny knew they had to get involved. Traveling from Chicago to the Lamar Dixon Animal Rescue Center in Gonzales, LA., the friends forayed into the wreckage of New Orleans to rescue sick and traumatized animals. Day after day, they waded through polluted waters, crawled under snake-infested homes, stepped on bodies and bones, and gagged on the stench of putrefying corpses. Their bravery and determination were matched by pets with the unconquerable will to survive.From this tragedy, Greene and Koncz knew that lessons could be learned for other’s facing similar emergencies. Their book, “Forces of Nature,” not only chronicles their inspiring work, but also is a vital record of best practices for domestic animal rescue in disaster zones. Their story will fascinate readers, pet-lovers, animal rescuers, and public policy makers. Even 12 years later, their story resonates with pet owners in locations susceptible to natural or man-made disasters. Their message is to plan ahead for their pets’ safety in the event of life-threatening danger. When natural disasters threaten, all life is precious. (photo. pets)

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Barcelona: Europe is united in sharing the sufferings of the innocent victims

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 18 agosto 2017

conference churchesThe Conference of European Churches strongly condemns the attacks in Barcelona, Spain that killed at least 13 people and injured several-dozen. Two separate attacks took place in the city centre on Thursday 17 and Friday 18 August.Hearing of the attacks while visiting CEC member churches in Estonia, the CEC President Rt Rev. Christopher Hill KCVO, DD, remarked:“Once again Europe is united in sharing the sufferings of the innocent victims of the Barcelona tragedy.”At the same time the work to tackle the underlying causes of the attack must continue.“We as a Churches in Europe must continue our work in promoting a society which is inclusive and safe for all its members regardless of background” said CEC General Secretary Fr Heikki Huttunen.The attack is one of a number of similar horrific incidents across Europe – in Brussels, Berlin, Paris, Stockholm, St. Petersburg, Istanbul, Nice and London.

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MEPs commemorate victims of 22 March Brussels attack and stress need to step up security

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 16 marzo 2017

Bruxelles. MEPs examined progress made in fighting terrorism since the 22 March 2016 attacks in Brussels in Wattentato aeroporto bruxellesednesday afternoon’s “topical debate”. They stressed the need to do more to ensure swift and efficient information sharing among member states and improve the interoperability of EU databases, as well as to prevent radicalization and help victims of terrorism.MEPs underlined the need for strong controls at the EU’s external borders in the debate with EU Commissioners Dimitris Avramopoulos and Sir Julian King, and Maltese Parliamentary Secretary Ian Borg for the Council Presidency. Several called for an assessment of existing counter-terrorism measures, to ensure that the right ones are taken and that they are properly implemented, and that they protect fundamental rights. Many also stressed the need to address the root causes of terrorism by creating inclusive societies to prevent radicalization.In the past year, the EU has approved important counter-terrorism measures such as a directive on the use of Passenger Name Records (PNR – which should help to trace terrorists), updated rules on combatting-terrorism and new requirements to check everyone crossing EU external borders as well as new rules on Europol to allow the agency to respond faster to terrorist threats.Further initiatives in the pipeline include reviewing the Schengen Information System and the European Criminal Records Information System and establishing a new European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) to pre-screen travelers entering the EU visa free.In September 2016, Sir Julian King was appointed as Commissioner for Security Union, a newly created portfolio.

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FRA calls for action to end widespread violence against women throughout the EU

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 16 gennaio 2016

istanbulFollowing the violent attacks that took place on 31 December, FRA calls for action to combat the violence against women that the Agency’s research has shown is prevalent across all ages and walks of life throughout the EU.
“The abuse that took place in Cologne and elsewhere on New Year’s Eve was appalling and a grave abuse of the victims. There is no hierarchy of rights holders: respect must be shown to everyone,” said FRA Director Michael O’Flaherty. “However, FRA research clearly demonstrates that the majority of perpetrators of violence against women are among the family or friends and acquaintances of the victim. The events of last month must not be used as an excuse to incite prejudice against migrants or any other groups.”
FRA’s ground breaking report on violence against women, which was based on a representative survey of 42,000 women throughout the EU, showed that women are at risk of gender-based violence in all areas of life, at home and at work, in public and online. At the same time, the majority of incidents are perpetrated by people known to the victim.22% of all women has suffered violence at the hands of a partner Of those who had been physically or sexually abused by someone other than a partner,30% identified a family member as the perpetrator, 22% a friend or acquaintance, and 22% somebody else known to the victim. A total of 30% of said the perpetrator of physical or sexual violence carried out against them was a stranger. Since the publication of the results, FRA has been active in engaging with EU institutions, national governments, international bodies and non-governmental organisations, as the findings make clear that action is needed by a wide variety of groups, from policy makers through health professionals to internet service providers.
In its analysis of the survey findings, FRA underlines the need for:
Campaigns to combat violence against women to be directed at men as well as women, as any solution to violence against women must include men.
EU Member States to ratify the Council of Europe’s ‘Istanbul Convention’ on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence
Police, healthcare professionals, employers and specialist victim support services to be well trained and equipped with the necessary resources and powers to assist victims
Internet and social media firms to proactively assist victims of cyberharassment to report abuse
Improved and harmonised data collection on violence against women in EU Member States.

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CEC Condemns Paris Shootings

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 7 gennaio 2015

Guy LiagreBruxelles. The Conference of European Churches condemns today’s deadly attacks on the offices of French magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris. The shootings have left a reported 12 people dead and another four seriously injured.The Conference of European Churches is dismayed by this atrocious act of violence and loss of human life. Our heartfelt prayers are with the victims of this tragedy, the survivors, and all their loved ones.Reacting to today’s events, CEC General Secretary Guy Liagre expressed his sorrow and hopes for peace in the aftermath. “We grieve for the victims and their families in the wake of irreparable loss,” Liagre said, “The churches of Europe join with all people of good will in a profound hope for justice and peace in the coming days.” The Conference of European Churches also rejects religious explanations for the violence and urges the European community to respond peacefully.

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World Jewish Congress head voices concern about neo-Nazi party in Argentina

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 15 giugno 2014

nazy partyBUENOS AIRES/NEW YORK – The World Jewish Congress today voiced its concern about the recent official registration in Argentina of a neo-Nazi party, Bandera Vecinal, a status that allows the party to compete in the 2015 presidential elections. “This ugly party espouses the ideology and revels in the trappings of the Hitler regime, and it should be banned, shunned and isolated, not accepted into politics,” said World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder. Claudio Epelman, Executive Director of the Latin American Jewish Congress, the Argentine-based arm of WJC, said that the organization views with great concern the official approval received by Bandera Vecinal, which translates to “Local Flag” in English. The party’s leader, Alejandro Biondini, has publicly and repeatedly praised Adolf Hitler and Nazism and is frequently pictured giving the Nazi salute surrounded by swastikas, Epelman said. “It is troubling that an openly neo-Nazi party can arise in this country. It’s inconsistent with the culture of acceptance and diversity among the Argentine people, whose country served as refuge for victims of the Nazi regime, a regime Biondini reveres,” Epelman said. “We will monitor the activities and discourse of Biondini’s party and will denounce any hate speech and incitement of violence against any minority groups in our country.”

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Protection for crime victims

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 24 settembre 2011

Crime victims who have been granted protection in one EU Member State will be able to get similar protection if they move to another, under a draft agreement on the European Protection Order struck by Parliament and Council representatives on Tuesday, after one and a half years of negotiations. This protection would cover, for instance, victims of gender violence, harassment, abduction, stalking or attempted murder. The deal is expected to be endorsed by EU justice ministers on Friday. Measures to protect crime victims already exist in all EU Member States but at present they cease to apply if the victim moves to another country. When it takes effect,the European Protection Order (EPO) would enable anyone protected under criminal law in one EU state to apply for the same protection if they move to another EU country.
MEPs sought from the outset to make it clearer that the rules should cover all victims of crime, not just victims of gender violence. Most protection measures are granted to female victims of gender violence but an EPO could cover victims of either sex and other crimes too.. The rules would apply to victims or possible victims who need protection “against a criminal act of another person which may, in any way, endanger his life, physical, psychological and sexual integrity […] as well as his dignity or personal liberty”. Such acts would include harassment, abduction, stalking and “other forms of indirect coercion”.
The compromise text is expected to be endorsed by EU justice ministers on Friday 23 September. It will then be put to votes in the Civil Liberties Committee and Women’s Rights Committee at the start of October and by the full Parliament shortly after.

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Victims of Church Carnage

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 3 novembre 2010

The Simon Wiesenthal Center is outraged by the carnage of Christians at Sunday prayers at a Baghdad church who were targeted by Islamic terrorists who called the Catholic Church, a “den of idolatry.”  “We are stunned by the barbarity of this onslaught. We share the grief of the survivors, the families of victims, and our many friends in Christian communities worldwide,” said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Assistant Dean of the Center. “But we are also outraged by the indifference of the international community. The only thing more outrageous than the systematic slaughter of families gathered in their place of worship is the overwhelming silence at this heinous act.”   “As Jews, over the course of history we have learned what it is like to a targeted and powerless minority. In 2010, Christians in their historical communities in Iraq and throughout much of the Middle East are victims of a pattern of incitement aimed at destroying or driving them out of societies they have contributed too for centuries,” added Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein, the Center’s director of Interfaith Affairs. “Americans should reflect on the pathological intolerance that too often targets Christians, Jews, Buddhists and Hindus. Turning a blind eye to such attacks will only mean the deaths of more innocents, and in many cases, the disappearance of  ancient communities.”
Terrorists from an Al Qaeda affiliate called the Islamic State of Iraq took a hundred hostages in a Catholic Church that had been the target of a bomb several years ago. It exploded devices packed with ball bearings and executed some surviving hostages before Iraqi counterterrorism troops stormed the building. The death toll among the parishioners and Iraqi forces who broke the siege stands at 52, with dozens more wounded. According to the group’s website, the terrorists were infuriated over the alleged actions of Egyptian Copts on behalf of two women who had converted to Christianity, and said it lit the fuse for a campaign against Iraqi Christians.

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National sexual assault

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 9 aprile 2009

The White House. Sexual assault scars the lives of millions in the United States. To increase awareness about this issue, prevent future crimes, and aid victims, this month we mark National Sexual Assault Awareness Month.  Sexual assault is pervasive in the United States. Study after study has shown that this crime impacts people at all age levels and in every part of this Nation. One recent study found that 18 percent of women in this country have been raped in their lifetime. In addition, rates of sexual assault remain startlingly high for students from high school to college. A 2005 survey of high school students found that 10.8 percent of girls and 4.2 percent of boys from grades nine to twelve were forced to have sexual intercourse at some time in their lives. A study of college women found that 13.7 percent of undergraduate women had been victims of at least one completed sexual assault since entering college. Unlike victims of sexual assault in the larger community, students victimized by other students often face additional challenges in a “closed” campus environment. For example, a victim may continue to live in danger if the perpetrator resides in the same dormitory or attends the same classes. These statistics are all the more alarming given that, according to recent research, a majority of victims do not report their attacks to police. Victims of all ages suffer from both the physical and emotional consequences of the attack. Sexual assault can lead to long-term health problems including chronic pain, stomach problems, and sexually transmitted diseases. It can also cause severe emotional harm that may be even more painful than the assault itself and resulting physical injuries. The effects of sexual assault go well beyond the direct victim: sexual assault also has a profound impact on a victim’s family, friends, neighbors, and workplace. Victims need an array of services to heal from the trauma of sexual assault, including crisis intervention, 24-hour sexual assault hotlines, medical and criminal justice accompaniment, advocacy, and counseling. Victim service providers are essential to this effort and work tirelessly to help victims cope with the trauma of sexual assault and transition from “victim” to “survivor.”  To make continued progress, my Administration supports efforts to help Americans better understand this issue. Working together, we can reduce the incidence of sexual assault and help all who have experienced this heinous crime.  I have hereunto set my hand this eighth day of April, in the year of our Lord two thousand nine, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-third. (Barack Obama)

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Statement from President Obama on the Tragic Shooting

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 3 aprile 2009

“Michelle and I were shocked and deeply saddened to learn about the act of senseless violence in Binghamton, NY today.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, their families and the people of Binghamton. We don’t yet know all the facts, but my administration is actively monitoring the situation and the Vice President is in touch with Governor Paterson and local officials to track developments.”

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