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Govplace Honored as Best Places to Work in Virginia

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 13 dicembre 2018

Govplace, a leading solutions provider for the public sector, was awarded the 2019 Best Places to Work in Virginia by Virginia Business and Best Companies Group. This award recognizes the best places of employment in Virginia, benefiting the state’s economy, workforce and businesses.“The people are the heart and soul of Govplace,” said Chief Executive Officer, Adam Robinson. “This team shows up with integrity, treats one another with respect, drives innovation every day and has fun doing it. I’m grateful and humbled that we, as a team, earned this recognition and look forward to working with these amazing folks to continue to enable mission transformation for the federal government.”Companies from across the state compete fiercely to determine the Best Places to Work in Virginia. Experts evaluate the companies nominated company’s policies, practices, philosophy, systems and demographics, and employees’ rate how well the employer delivers a great career experience.Robin Mastracco, Human Resource Manager for Govplace said, “Receiving the 2019 Best Places to Work in Virginia award is complimentary of the hard work our team has put in to making Govplace an employer of choice. Listening, evaluating and acting on feedback from our employees, responding to changes in our market, and bringing in the highest caliber of talent to our organization is what makes Govplace a great place to work – our People + Culture!”

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SAIC Selects CyrusOne as Preferred Data Center Provider in Virginia

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 28 agosto 2018

Science Applications International Corp. (NYSE: SAIC) announced today that it will relocate one of its two data centers to a CyrusOne data center in Northern Virginia by the first half of 2019. CyrusOne (NASDAQ: CONE) is a premier global data center real estate investment trust.
This new data center location opens the door for future data center or infrastructure consolidations that may provide facility cost savings to SAIC. Additionally, this move further supports the company’s goal to have its primary and secondary disaster recovery data centers be greater than 150 miles apart. “During the past seven years, CyrusOne and SAIC have developed a strong relationship that will continue to grow with our new long-term lease agreement,” said SAIC Chief Information Officer Bob Fecteau. “By widening the geographical distance between our data centers, we are improving business continuity and reducing risk.”“We are elated to utilize our knowledge of the federal contract landscape to provide SAIC and other members of the integrator community with data centers that meet the unique needs of the contracting landscape, such as FISMA high-compliance requirements,” said John Gould, executive vice president, global sales, CyrusOne. “While we provide the space, power and cooling required by our integrator partners, SAIC provides all the integration services required to meet agency needs. This unique model positions CyrusOne to support future, federal data center consolidation efforts for the entire integrator community.” SAIC developed a Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) architecture and completed the deployment of an active-active configuration across its data centers using VMware’s automated Deployment Tool Kit (DTK). This initial internal capability is directly applicable to customers looking to deploy SDDCs within their current and future data centers.“SAIC developed this SDDC for ourselves and our customers. Working together, we developed an architecture that helps us consolidate and streamline our data centers, resulting in cost savings over time while also demonstrating to customers our unique SDDC solution,” stated Fecteau.

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Frontier and CWA West Virginia Contract Expires

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 8 marzo 2018

Frontier Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: FTR) today announced the company’s contract with CWA Local 142, covering approximately 1,400 employees in West Virginia and Ashburn, Virginia expired at midnight on March 3, 2018. The company and the CWA have not been able to reach an agreement. Frontier will continue to provide the company’s West Virginia customers with quality customer service. Frontier’s goal is an agreement that is fair to all; one that enables employees to continue enjoying very generous wages and benefits while providing outstanding service to the company’s customers.“We want our customers to know they are our top priority,” said Greg Stephens, Senior Vice-President, Midwest Region, Frontier Communications. “Frontier is proud to be one of the top employers in the state, average annual wages for union employees exceed $64,500, and more than half of all union employees earn more than $75,000 per year. Including employee benefits, the Company’s average employee cost per CWA member is more than $100,000. We would like to continue to engage in constructive contract negotiations with CWA and resolve this matter quickly.”Residential customers with service questions may call 800-921-8101. Business customers with service questions may call 800-921-8102. Customers may also access Frontier’s Help Center to manage their accounts.

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The West Virginia Division of Labor Launches New Mobile-Friendly Website

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 27 agosto 2017

virginia usaThe West Virginia Division of Labor and the West Virginia Contractor Licensing Board recently launched a new website enabling users to access useful and relevant information quickly and easily.The new website was built using responsive design, adjusting to any size screen whether the user is accessing the site from a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Additionally, a new logo for the Division of Labor is spotlighted at the top of each page.“We are thrilled to have partnered with to design our new logo and launch the Division of Labor’s new website. Ultimately, the launch of our new mobile-friendly website demonstrates our ongoing efforts to make government more efficient and accessible, and more convenient for our customers,” said Mitchell E. Woodrum, Acting Commissioner. “We were also pleased to launch the new website and a redesigned logo simultaneously. The cog represents the Division of Labor as an essential part of the bigger machine of state government.” The Division of Labor is a multi-faceted state agency that touches nearly every aspect of the lives of consumers and businesses in West Virginia. The agency is responsible in part for the licensure of over 28,000 professionals as well as regulating the annual safety inspections of all elevators, boilers, and amusement rides in the state each year. Visit for more information.The new website was developed at no additional cost by the West Virginia Division of Labor and the West Virginia Contractor Licensing Board in partnership with

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La Darden School of Business apre un nuovo campus a Washington D.C.

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 5 febbraio 2016

darden schoolLa University of Virginia Darden School of Business ha annunciato che i prestigiosi programmi MBA for Executives (EMBA) e Global MBA for Executives (GEMBA) saranno offerti in una nuova location nell’area di Washington D.C., oltre che al campus storico di Charlottesville.
A partire da agosto 2016, gli executives intenzionati a conseguire un MBA presso la Darden School of Business mentre lavorano o perseguono altri interessi a tempo pieno potranno farlo in una nuova struttura all’avanguardia a Rosslyn, vicino a Washington D.C.
“Washington D.C. è un accesso globale, dove business e politica si intersecano” spiega Scott Beardsley, Dean della Darden School of Business. “Da sessant’anni, la Darden forma leader in campo economico, amministrativo e militare attraverso i suoi MBA e programmi executive. L’area della capitale è stata una scelta ovvia per la nostra nuova struttura, dato che la Virginia ha sempre avuto stretti legami con la capitale degli Stati Uniti. La prossimità della nuova struttura con la Union Station e gli aeroporti della regione, e la cadenza dei corsi che si terranno una volta al mese dal venerdì alla domenica, rendono il programma facilmente accessibile agli executives provenienti dalla maggior parte delle aree metropolitane degli Stati Uniti e dalle principali città internazionali”. L’Executive MBA ─ così come l’MBA residenziale ─ è impartito dai professori di alto livello della Darden School of Business e conferisce un MBA della University of Virginia. L’esperienza dell’Executive MBA di Washington D.C. rispecchierà quindi quella garantita presso la University of Virginia di Charlottesville.Il formato del programma è ideale per gli studenti internazionali che vogliono trasferirsi negli Stati Uniti e lanciarsi in esperienze diverse e varie durante gli studi, come l’imprenditorialità o il lavoro in organizzazioni non-profit.Il campus nell’area di Washington D.C. è il primo di una serie di potenziamenti che saranno attuati nel corso del 2016 e che consentiranno agli studenti di personalizzare e globalizzare ulteriormente la loro esperienza di studio nell’Executive MBA. Ai leader di impresa che saranno accolti nel programma verrà fornita la scelta tra due location di studio (quella di Washington D.C. o quella di Charlottesville) e due programmi (EMBA oppure l’opzione globale, GEMBA).Gli studenti dell’EMBA effettueranno una o più residencies in Brasile, Cina, Europa o India. Gli studenti del GEMBA effettuerano residencies in tutti questi paesi. In aggiunta ai viaggi in destinazioni come New York, Hong Kong, Londra e la Silicon Valley, gli studenti potranno modellare e accrescere ulteriormente la loro esperienza globale scegliendo tra insegnamenti a scelta e progetti di consulenza globali. La Darden offre opportunità in decine di paesi nel mondo, tra i quali Cuba, l’Uganda, la Francia, il Sudafrica, il Giappone, il Messico, ecc. Gli studenti possono inoltre creare il proprio progetto globale in accordo con il corpo professorale.
“La missione della nostra scuola è quella di migliorare il mondo creando leader responsabili, che abbiano anche competenze globali e imprenditoriali. La concentrazione di imprenditorialità e innovazione a Washington D.C., la sua influenza a livello internazionale e la sua tradizione di leadership sono in linea con i punti di forza della Darden School of Business” conclude Scott Beardsley.
Indipendentemente dalla sede di studio, tutti gli studenti trascorreranno del tempo a Charlottesville, alla University of Virginia (una delle più grandi università di ricerca al mondo e l’unica università negli Stati Uniti ad essere stata nominata patrimonio dell’umanità dall’UNESCO) e nella capitale degli Stati Uniti, Washington, D.C.L’MBA della Darden è classificato n° 2 nel mondo da The Economist.

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Greenpeace Rebuked by Virginia’s Lt. Governor Bill Bolling

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 4 novembre 2011

Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior arrives in Bali f...

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As Virginians look to celebrate “Job Creator Appreciation Month” in November, Greenpeace and other radical environmental activists are doing all that they can to undermine the state’s business environment by pressuring some of the country’s largest retailers to stop sourcing paper products from the Mercury Paper Company, a Strasburg, VA-based employer. Luckily, Mercury has a robust advocate in Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling, who has written to the CEO of Wal-Mart calling on his company to reject Greenpeace’s efforts to undermine a company that has invested $21 million in the state. In his letter, Bolling highlights the fact that Mercury’s “reputation has been unfairly and inaccurately attacked by Greenpeace. However, this is nothing new. Greenpeace has a well known reputation for providing misinformation in an effort to impose its ideological beliefs on the policies of a major American retailer.” This statement was later picked up by Trixie Averill, state director of Americans for Prosperity Virginia, who attacked Greenpeace’s “baseless smear campaigns everywhere in the world.”For those of us familiar with Greenpeace’s perpetual attempts to coerce the private sector and kill jobs, this is nothing new. But during a time when the economy is still extremely fragile, it’s nothing short of reckless for Greenpeace to attempt to destroy Mercury’s reputation and intimidate its clients. Mercury should be fighting and defending market share based on the quality of its products—not on the whims of irresponsible green campaigners. Virginia’s Governor Bob McDonnell has declared November “Job Creator Appreciation Month,” a fitting tribute to the “150,000 employers in Virginia responsible for 2,940,200 private sector jobs.” Since entering office in January 2010, Governor McDonnell has quickly gained a reputation as an individual who supports pro-growth policies as the most suitable measures to create jobs. These are views also held by Lt. Governor Bolling, who is a potential successor to Governor McDonnell when his term expires. The Lt. Governor’s recent demonstration of leadership to support Mercury Paper is a worthy example of Virginia’s goal to increase private sector jobs.

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