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Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 25 Maggio 2022

Collana le Onde, trad. Sergio Arecco, pp. 192, 15 euro Postfazione di Maurizio Molinari Uscita in contemporanea mondiale. Unica edizione autorizzata dalle autorità ucraine. Per l’Ucraina costituisce la prima edizione mondiale dei discorsi del presidente Zelensky. Tutti i proventi della vendita di questo libro saranno devoluti al popolo ucraino.Per l’Ucraina è la raccolta dei discorsi più significativi del presidente Volodymyr Zelensky, sin da quando invitò solennemente il suo popolo all’unità di fronte all’imminente invasione russa. Dalle parole drammatiche del primo giorno di conflitto a quelle pronunciate davanti al Parlamento italiano, al Congresso americano e nelle più alte sedi europee, fino ai discorsi rivolti alla popolazione pubblicati sui social network, Zelensky è in prima linea. Difensore del suo paese e della libertà messi in pericolo dalla guerra, ci avverte: se cade l’Ucraina, cade l’Europa. VOLODYMYR ZELENSKY è nato a Kryvyj Rih, in Ucraina, e si è laureato in giurisprudenza all’Università Economica Nazionale di Kiev. Attore e sceneggiatore per la serie tv Kvartal 95 dal 1997 al 2003, in seguito diventa produttore esecutivo dell’omonima casa di produzione. Ha ricevuto numerosi riconoscimenti in patria e all’estero per la sua attività artistica. Dall’inizio delle ostilità nel Donbass nel 2014, ha sostenuto le forze armate del suo paese con fondi ed equipaggiamento, e organizzato spettacoli al fronte. Nell’aprile 2019 è stato eletto sesto presidente dell’Ucraina.

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An exclusive interview with Volodymyr Zelensky

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 30 marzo 2022

On Friday three of our journalists, including our editor-in-chief, Zanny Minton Beddoes, travelled to Kyiv where they sat down with Volodymyr Zelensky at his headquarters. Together they spoke at length about the state of the war and Ukraine’s future. The conversation was frank and honest. It hopped between three languages. Mr Zelensky used the interview to explain why Ukraine must defeat Vladimir Putin. Mr Zelensky—as is set out in our detailed interview with him—is a study in contrast to Russia’s belligerent dictator. The Ukrainian president, a television actor who was propelled into politics, has grown into a successful wartime leader. He leads a motivated population that dares to defy what military experts had judged to be a more powerful invasive force. Mr Zelensky’s decision not to run from Kyiv early in the war, and his role since in sending a signal of hope to his fellow people, has been inspiring. By contrast Mr Putin’s stock has tumbled fast. He and his generals badly miscalculated in launching this bloody war. They are responsible for the deaths of many thousands of people in the past month and for the harm they are inflicting on Russia itself.In addition to our main interview, we publish an article that explains how we came to spend time with Mr Zelensky in his operations centre, which his staff like to joke is their “fortress”. Although Ukraine’s leader has spoken to America’s Congress, Britain’s Parliament and many others remotely, this was an unusual, in-person encounter. We are also publishing a transcript of our conversation with him. This has been translated (and edited for length and clarity). I am most struck by the Ukrainian president’s description of Mr Putin casually throwing away the lives of his fellow humans like “logs into a train’s furnace”. A video version of the encounter will be made available shortly.Will this week prove decisive in the conflict? Some indications, such as reports that as many as seven Russian generals have been killed, including one by his own men, suggest Russia is at last recognising that much has gone wrong with its invasion. In the coming days yet more resources will be brought to bear against Russia. Look, for example, to Joe Biden demanding a substantial increase in America’s military budget this week in the face of Russian aggression. In addition, sadly, expect more suffering by civilians. Russian forces could finally take Mariupol after its siege and shelling have killed thousands of people. The flow of refugees, meanwhile, could pass 4m this week.As always, we greatly welcome your comments and feedback. Mr Biden’s blunt speaking continued during his trip to Europe in recent days. This weekend the American president seemed to suggest Mr Putin should be removed from office, before the White House clarified that isn’t official American policy. Dr Jiri S Melich, a retired professor, welcomes some direct talk: the time for diplomatic language towards Mr Putin is long gone because “he only understands sheer force”. Barry Boulton, in contrast, argues that the West should treat the Russian leader with care and find a way out from the war for him, for “there is no honour in backing the Russian Bear into a corner with the people of the Ukraine at his mercy”. By Adam Roberts

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How Ukraine’s leader, Volodymyr Zelensky, found his roar

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 27 febbraio 2022

On the morning of February 26th Volodymyr Zelensky posted a video of himself on Twitter. After a night of the worst fighting Kyiv had seen since the second world war, and of propaganda from Moscow claiming that he had fled the capital in fear, Ukraine’s president emerged from his office red-eyed and unshaven. He was holding a smartphone in his right hand as he filmed himself walking past the House with Chimaeras, a famous Kyiv landmark that serves as the presidential residence. He smiled at the camera and declared: “Good morning to all Ukrainians! There are a lot of fakes out there…[but] I am here.”Mr Zelensky looked exhausted, but happy: happy to be alive, happy that Kyiv had not fallen and happy to play the role of a national leader, holding his nerve and his country together in the darkest hour of its 30-year history as an independent state. That was not the role he had chosen, but the one that was thrust upon him when Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24th. He has carried it off with dignity, strength and a dash of humour. When America offered to airlift him to safety, he retorted: “The fight is here; I need anti-tank ammo, not a ride.”The night before, speaking in Moscow, Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, had pledged to rub out Mr Zelensky. Ukraine’s president is a native Russian-speaker of Jewish heritage. Nonetheless, seething with hatred, Mr Putin had branded him and his government “drug-taking Nazis”.If fortune favours Mr Zelensky, it is because he carries the virtue that Mr Putin lacks: he speaks the truth for his people. By Arkady Ostrovsky Russia and eastern Europe editor The economist

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