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Why Macron gets our vote

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 15 aprile 2022

Ahead of the first round of the French presidential election on Sunday, this special newsletter pulls together highlights from our coverage of the campaign. In this week’s cover leader, we argue that Emmanuel Macron is still the best option for France. But we worry that he has failed to curb the rise of populist forces while in office, which should trouble champions of liberal centrist politics the world over. It has been a turbulent time to be president, and I have long thought that Mr Macron is one of the most misunderstood French leaders. After following him for three days in Marseille, a vibrant crossroads of cultures and tongues, I wrote this long profile to try to capture the contradictions and complexities of the man behind the suit. One theme running through this campaign has been that of a divided country. Many left-behind small towns and villages feel unrepresented, put off by politics and attracted by the extremes. I went with our film team to the country’s north for this report on Fractured France, and why it matters. Not far away is the cathedral city of Amiens, Mr Macron’s home town, and the place the then 38-year-old launched his post-partisan movement only six years ago. Our cover briefing this week reports from the city, looking at both the triumphs and disappointments of Mr Macron’s first term, and why the populist-nationalist Marine Le Pen is capturing the disillusioned mood. Don’t forget to check out our forecasting model, which is on our French election hub and is updated daily. It calculates the probability of each candidate making it through to the second round, and of winning the final run-off for the French presidency on April 24th. Bonne lecture! By Sophie Pedder Paris bureau chief and France correspondent The Economist

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The Economist: Our cover this week sets out why, if we had a vote, it would go to Joe Biden

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 30 ottobre 2020

The country that elected Donald Trump in 2016 was unhappy and divided. The country he is asking to re-elect him is more unhappy and more divided. After almost four years of his leadership, politics is even angrier than it was and partisanship even less constrained. Daily life is consumed by a pandemic that has caused almost 230,000 reported deaths amid bickering, buck-passing and lies. Much of that is Mr Trump’s doing and his victory on November 3rd would endorse it all. Mr Biden is Mr Trump’s antithesis. He is not a miracle cure for what ails America. But he is a good man who would restore steadiness and civility to the presidency. Were he to be elected, success would not be guaranteed—how could it be? But he would enter the White House promising the most precious gift that democracies can bestow: renewal. For more on our endorsement and Donald Trump’s record in office please sign up to Checks and Balance, our weekly newsletter on American politics. By Zanny Minton Beddoes Editor-In-Chief The Economist

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Vote on Own Resources: MEPs clear way for COVID-19 recovery plan

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 23 settembre 2020

Bruxelles. MEPs accelerate the procedure that will enable the EU to borrow €750 billion for the “Next Generation EU” recovery plan.MEPs have fast-tracked and voted already during the September plenary session on their legislative opinion on the Own Resources Decision (ORD). This removes an important barrier and speeds up the procedure to implement the key EU law to restart the economy, allowing the Commission to raise €750 billion on the markets for the recovery fund.
Wednesday’s vote makes it possible for the Council of the EU to swiftly adopt the ORD and start the ratification process in 27 EU countries – so that the recovery plan can be launched as soon as possible.In its opinion, adopted on Wednesday by 455 votes in favour, 146 against and 88 abstentions, Parliament upholds its position on the need to introduce new sources of revenue to the EU budget that should at least cover the costs related to the recovery plan.Parliament requests a legally binding calendar to introduce these new own resources. Financing the recovery must be sustainable through the introduction e.g. of taxes on transnational polluters and multinational corporations and not become a burden for the next generation, Parliament insists.

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Votes on EU Internal Security Strategy and EU approach to migration

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 30 novembre 2014

MAFIAWednesday 3 December – Committee of inquiry into mafia-related and other criminal organisations of the Italian Parliament – debate with the Chair, Rosy Bindi, and Members of the Parliamentary Antimafia Inquiry Committee (9.20 – 10.30, room PHS 3C050)
– Fundamental rights at airports (border checks at five international airports in the EU) and at land borders (findings from selected EU border crossing points) – presentation of the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) studies by Friso Roscam Abbing, Head of Department Communication and Outreach (10.30 – 11.30)

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Action needed to ensure that all people with disabilities can vote

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 29 aprile 2014

european votePeople with disabilities are active citizens keen to participate in political life given the right opportunities. However, legal, administrative and accessibility barriers can still prevent them from taking part in elections finds the latest research on the rights of people with disabilities from the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA).“Political participation is a basic right that everyone should enjoy equally,” says FRA Director Morten Kjaerum. “Yet, FRA’s report underlines that many barriers can undermine the democratic rights of people with disabilities. With European elections around the corner, it is timely reminder that across the EU change is needed to allow all people with disabilities to have an equal say in the political life of our society.”Together with the European Commission, FRA developed a set of human rights indicators on how the right to political participation, as described in the UN’s Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), is being respected, promoted and fulfilled across the EU. The data which populate these indicators show that given the opportunity people with disabilities actively participate in politics through voting, political meetings and engaging with elected officials. However, the data also reveal that significant challenges remain which affect some people with disabilities more than others.

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MEPs back deal on visa-free travel for Moldovan citizens

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 23 febbraio 2014

moldaviaMoldovan citizens should no longer need a visa to travel to the Schengen area, under an informal deal struck by Parliament and Council negotiators and endorsed by the Civil Liberties Committee on Thursday. The debate and vote in plenary on the draft regulation is expected to take place on 27 February.Moldova is the first East Partnership country to meet all the requirements of their Visa Liberalisation Action Plan allowing for visa-free travel to be put in place.

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Palestine bids for UN membership

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 20 settembre 2011

Cropped photo of Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas'...

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Palestine – President Mahmoud Abbas is preparing to bid for full UN membership this Friday during the UN’s 66th General Assembly session in New York.
• The vote would move Palestine from a nonvoting observer entity to observer state within the United Nations.
• More than 120 countries globally recognize Palestine as an independent state. To gain approval in its bid for full membership, at least 129 of the 193 members of the UN General Assembly must support the bid.
• Full membership would afford Palestine the right to sign certain international treaties.
• Israel does not support the bid under the argument that the Palestinian statehood drive violates the 1993 Oslo Accords, which stipulates that self-government was to be granted by Israel in phases.
Original sources: Reuters; AFP; CNN; BBC; Al Jazeera; CBS News; Mosaic News Link TV; Xinhua; The Guardian; Le Monde; Montreal Gazette; The New York Times; Seattle Post Intelligencer; People’s Daily; Tehran Times; Al-Arabiya; Jerusalem Post; Detroit Free Press; The National; Tico Times; Oman Tribune; Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

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MEPs decide to postpone the vote

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 17 febbraio 2011

The European Parliament decided on Wednesday to postpone the vote on the proposed “single permit” to live and work in the EU. The vote on the draft directive, which was expected to take place this week, was rescheduled due to procedural issues related to the interpretation of the EP’s rules of procedure. After approving a series of amendments to the Commission proposal on 14 December 2010, MEPs rejected the amended text in their final vote (306 votes in favour, 350 against and 25 abstentions). The key issues disputed among the political groups were the scope of the legislation, equal treatment of third-country nationals and EU citizens and whether Member States should be enabled to issue or require other documents, in addition to the permit. The Commission chose not to withdraw the proposal, so it was referred back to the Civil Liberties Committee, which would have two months to take the issue back to plenary. The Civil Liberties Committee decided to restrict the reopening of amendments to two parts of the draft directive, relating in particular to additional documents. The Employment Committee contested this decision, arguing that, as an associated committee, it should have been involved in it and should have had the possibility to retable amendments on the issues of its competence. The Constitutional Affairs Committee backed on Monday the Employment interpretation of the EP rules of procedure. Consequently, the political groups decided to extend the two-month deadline and postpone the vote to a forthcoming plenary session. The proposed “single permit” directive aims to streamline bureaucratic procedures for all potential immigrants applying to live and work in an EU Member State, by enabling them to obtain work and residence permits via a single procedure. The proposal would also confer a common set of rights to third-country workers comparable to those of EU citizens, such as minimum working conditions, recognition of diplomas and professional qualifications and access to social security

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